First time_(16)


Me and Andrew had been friends since we were children and from the start of puberty we had always talked about sex and girls together. We used to share naked pictures of each other with girls and alone and wank on webcam for each other now and then. We always talked about doing more but never actually done it.
I was 18 slim about 5’10 with an athletic build and blonde hair with blue eyes. My cock was 3 inches soft and 5 inches hard.
Andrew was 17 and similar build to me he also had the same colour hair as me bit green eyes and was a little taller. His cock was 3 1/2 inches soft and 6 inches hard.
One night we were talking on msn and he asked me if i wanted to go to his for a few drinks. I instantly replied as i knew he would have the house to himself because his mum was out with my mum.
When i got to his we had a few drinks downstairs then we went upstairs on the computer after about half an hour we started to watch porn as we both got hard we stripped off and started to stroke our hard cocks. I paid more attention şişli escort to his body than to the porn and i was sure he was doing the same. We had talked before about wanking each other and imagining it was a girl. As it was only a free porn it didn’t last for long so when it was finished we went over to his bed and continued massaging our rock hard cocks, we discussed for a few seconds what we were going to do and who would do it first we were both nervous as neither of us had been with another boy before.
I then decided to reach over and take over his cock and he done the same to mine. He then asked if he could suck my dick i didn’t refuse. He took my cock and stuck it in his mouth he paid full attention to the whole length of my cock and at the same time caressed my legs i could not keep still as the magical feelings flew through my body. I accepted that it was my turn to return the favour and could not wait to get his cock in my mouth. I withdrew my throbbing dick from his mouth pulled him up on top of me after a quick smile and a kiss which i wished would go on forever i flipped him onto his back and then started to make my way down to his cock. I licked the full length of it and use my hands to massage his balls. He then asked me to turn my body so he could get my cock in his mouth. As he slowly sucked i moved my attention to his ass he knew what i was doing and pushed me from on top of him laughing as he done it. He went in his drawer and pulled out two condoms and a tube of ky jelly as he walked back towards me i pulled his hot sweaty body on top of me and we wrestled for a bit and jokingly asked him what the condoms were for he said he wasn’t sure but he had a pretty good idea what they could be used for i said show me then. He then ripped open one of the packets and grabbed my dick and slip the condom down my shaft and the same time i squeezed the lube onto my hand and as he finished hooding me up i told him to get on all fours i then lubed his hole up cheekily sliding one finger in rubbing the excess onto my member. I then rubbed my cock against his ass then slowly slid inside. He moaned with pleasure as i slowly pumped in and out of him. The feeling was unbelievable and i knew he was enjoying it from the way he was moaning and bucking back. I knew i was going to come if i kept this up so i pulled out and lubed myself up as he slid a condom onto his rock hard cock. i couldn’t wait to have him inside of me and as soon as he was ready i jumped on top of him and he spanked me and told me to climb aboard facing him i took hold of his gorgeous cock and slowly sat on it. I could not help but moan as i slid up and down him. He took hold of my cock and pumped this made the feeling of pleasure triple. He then pushed me into the doggy style position and began to fuck me harder and harder. As he warned me he was about to cum i told him to pull out and pull the condom off he did so and i swallowed his cock once again and sucked until he blew his load into my mouth i then stuck my dick in his mouth and did the same we kissed for 5 minutes after that then cuddled up and went to sleep for an hour.