First Time Sissy Sub


My first time was in a booth at an adult video store with an older guy. This is a work of fiction, but if it came true…

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I had placed an ad on Craigslist while on vacation alone in another town. It said: “Submissive sissy bottom seeks older dominant top to service. Teach me how to be a bottom”.

I wasn’t even sure if I’d go through with it but I got a reply from an older man that got me kind of hot: “Older dom with 9″ cock here. No kissing, no hugging, just looking for a sub bitch to service my cock. You provide the holes, the lube I provide the cock. I also decide when, where & how I cum & you will take it. If you don’t want this, don’t reply”.

I had sent him pics of my ass & butthole. He sent me pics of his huge cock. Just looking at that thick, veiny shaft made my little dick hard so I responded and we set up a meeting. Ben told me to meet him at an adult bookstore in town in the gay section one night. He told me to wear short shorts, a girly shirt & be looking at large butt plugs at 8:00 so he’d know it was me.

I got there early & nervously looked at the butt plugs for 15 minutes, wondering if he was going to show. Finally, someone walked up behind me & said, a bit too loud, “I got something right here that’ll plug your ass if that’s what you’re after” as he put his hand on my butt. I blushed, looked down at the floor, and stammered “so… you… want to uh, go to my… hotel room?”.

“Not yet. A lot of you little bitches are all talk & flake on me when the moment arises. I need to know I’m not wasting my time here tonight. I’ve got a five day load of cum in my balls that needs to end up in someone’s Fulya Escort holes, either you or some other faggot.”

“So… what does that mean?” I asked, nervously & blushing.

“Come to the video booths in the back with me. If you suck my cock to completion & swallow my cum, I’ll go back to your hotel room, let you suck my cock some more & fuck you. You gonna do it or should I move on?” He asked, rubbing his crotch.

“Um… yeah, I… I guess.”

“We’ll see. Follow me back here in a minute; I’ll be in the last booth on the left. Just come inside”.

I waited for a couple of minutes, wondering what in the hell I was doing. Should I just leave? I mean, what was this guy going to do to me? But something made me stay, & I headed back to the video booths. There were other guys back there hanging around, watching, & I heard whimpers & groans in some of the booths. I found my way to the back booth & opened the door.

Ben was in there, a smile on his face. “Good girl,” he grinned. I looked up at the video screen, & saw he was just starting a movie called “Faggot Cum Pigs”. He stood there, watching me as the video started playing. A 19 year old guy was giving some older bear a blowjob as he knelt in a pair of pink panties that were around his ankles. Ben grabbed my hand & placed it on his crotch.

“Yeah, that’s what you want, isn’t it slut? Take care of this load for me I fuck little sissies like you however I want to fuck. You got that? If you’re still interested, get down on your knees & make me cum with your mouth. If not, get the fuck out & I’ll find another bitch to take my cock.

“No, I’ll… I’ll… do it” I stammered. Touching his cock, even through his pants, made me hungry for it.

“Good girl,” he said, grinning. Fulya Escort Bayan He knew that he had me when I said that & began to unfasten his pants as I stood before him, my eyes locked on his crotch. I gasped as he whipped out his bare cock. Even soft, it was huge.”

“Now you strip for me, bitch. I like my bitches naked when they suck my cock to remind them of their place,” he said.

Nervously, I began removing my clothes until I was completely naked before him, my tiny cock standing at attention.

“Looks like someone’s little clit is hard, eh girl? I’ll bet it won’t stay hard once this cock is up your ass,” he grinned, pinching my nipples he smiled in response. As he fingered my hole like a pussy, he made me look into his eyes. “Grab my cock girl. Feel it.”

I reached out, finding his member and grasped it with my hand. Smiling again at my reaction, he said “this is going to be in your rectum later, bitch. After you swallow my cum, I’m going back to your hotel room with you. I’m going to bend you over, spread those ass cheeks open wide & fuck you like a girl until you squeal like a little girl. Feel my balls,” he said. My hand moved down & I grasped his huge balls gently. “These balls are full of cum, slut. All of it is going to end up in you & on your face until my balls are drained. On your knees, bitch, let’s see how bad you want this cock. Get down there & suck me. Show me what a good girl you are.”

Never letting go of his cock, I got down onto my knees on the dirty floor & grasped his dick. I’d practiced on my dildo so many times & watched so much porn that I sort of knew what to do with his cock. I held it gently, stuck out my tongue & began to lick all over it, tasking his meaty member as I slobbered on it. Escort Fulya When his whole shaft was glistening wet with my saliva, I opened my mouth & wrapped my lips around his cock. I did what I had seen girls do to guys’ cocks on porn videos, massaging his balls with one hand while I worked the shaft with the other, my head bobbing up & down over his pole. He was moaning, so I knew that I was making his cock feel good.

He pulled it out of my mouth & wiped it all over my face, smearing it with spit & precum before jamming it back into my mouth. As I sucked him, I saw a flash & looked up to see him taking pics of me blowing him! I backed away for a second, terrified. “Wh… what are you doing???” I asked, horrified.

“Just some insurance to make sure that you do exactly what I want tonight. If you give me what I want, I’ll delete the pics. If not…” he grinned. “Just be a good girl & suck me.”

I picked up the pace, sucking him as hard & as fast as I could, really working his shaft. He was moaning louder now & his cock was rock hard. When his balls began to tighten against his body, I knew he was about to ejaculate.

“Fuck yeah, bitch, just like that, don’t stop now. You’re about to get a mouthful of cum. Do not take your mouth off of my cock until you’ve swallowed every drop, you got that? Fuck… get ready bitch… here it… cums…”

With that, Ben’s thick cock began to throb in my mouth as it blasted gobs of cum inside. His load splashed against the roof of my mouth, my throat & onto my tongue as I sealed my lips around his convulsing shaft & struggled to swallow all of his load. Finally, his cock was done squirting & I began to milk him dry, sucking the last bit of cum out of his shaft until it was empty. I gasped for air & he chuckled.

“Yeah, now that’s a good girl. You passed the test. Now we can go & haves some real fun. Let’s get out of here. Get dressed,” he said, “but leave your underwear here. Put these on” he said, handing me a pair of lacy pink panties. “I like fucking sissies in panties.”