Fifty Shades of Brown Pt. 21


Morning surprise

Because I am snoring a lot lately Mieke mostly sleeps in another room. Just to catch up her much needed sleep. In the beginning I was not very happy with that and did my best to prevent snoring with all kinds of methods. But unfortunately to no avail.

Now she sets the alarm around 7 am and joins me in bed for an hour and we sleep some more cuddling. I love that.

Today was no different. That is until she does something very naughty while spooning. I am lying with my crotch against her bottom and have my arm around her. Usually she is also naked but this time I notice that she is wearing panties. I thought nothing of it at that moment but that changed fast.

She told me not to move. I felt her stumach pull tight and hear her heavy breathing. Pushing, she produces a little and very nice fart. She does this more often and as usual I put my head under the blankets so I can smell.

Now she keeps on pushing and again she tells me not to move and hold her tight and push my crotch more firmly to her buttocks.

Suddenly I feel something against my cock. A growing bulge in her panties. She is shitting in her panties! Again she says that I shouldn’t move and lay there bursa escort like this for the rest of the hour that we usualy cuddle.

The smell of her fresh shit reaches my nose and my cock is rockhard and I am pushing a little tighter to her bottom. Mieke moans and tells me to push some harder. I can feel her soft poo spreading a little out of her butt crack ad onto het buttocks. This is gonna be some messy panties and bottom too.

She tells me that when the 8 am alarm rings I will have to strip het panties carefully form her bottom and over her legs. Then I will have to lick her buttocks clean. My dick is even harder now and I can’t wait to start cleaning.

Then the alarm rings and she pulls away the blankets and tell me to lay on my back. She stands on the bed with her feet beside me and her shit filled panties right above me. I pull the panties down gently not to smear too much on her legs as well.

I think that is a job well done and only a little bit of her poo is on her inside left thigh.

I put the panties aside and Mieke lowers herself onto me so that her bottom is over my face and she bends done with her upper body over mine and puts my swollen dick in her bursa escort bayan mouth.

At that moment I burry my face in het butt crack and ferociously start to lick. The taste is bitter but wonderful and I keep licking her but till that is all clean.

Then I start with her left butt cheek followed by the other. There is a lot of her shit on her right cheek but I have no trouble licking it off.

She will need only a damp wash cloth to completely clean her self because I cannot do it perfectly. My saliva is mixed with her shit so a little brown wet residu still remains.

Then she picks up the panties and pushes them shit first in my longing face. Slowly she smears the contents of her panties making slow circles in my face and then leaves it there.

She tells me to lay still and hear her open a drawer. I can’t see because the shit is also in my eyes.

I have to open my mouth and she puts in the large funnel we often use. Again she lowers herself over me and begins to piss. I will have to swallow it all and swallow fast because she is not stopping for me. No drop shall be wasted!

I oblige and when all is done she continues giving me a hell of a blow job escort bursa and not much later I cum violently.

And am I done for the day? Not by far. My face is still a mess. Mieke tells me I will have to do my daily routine like that. I am not allowed to clean up.

Even better, she tells me I will have to drink her piss all day!

Meanwhile she rubs her fingers over my face so they get very dirty. Not to my surprise I have to lick them clean.

Having just cum this is a bit difficult for me but I oblige and feel good anyway.

My face is still a mess so any zoom meetings I will have for work will have to be with the webcam turned off. No problem but I will have to think of an excuse for this. I will just tell my coworkers that I have pink eye and don’t want them to see that.

An hour or so later Mieke comes in and brings a large beer glass filled with her “beer”. It looks like that anyway. I feel my cock growing again and I am really getting very horny again. I am not allowed to cum however.

I drink her wonderful juice again and after emptying it I feel a bit nauseous. But not too much.

That day she brings me two more full glasses of piss. The feeling of submission is great an makes me really happy.

Before going to bed I clean up and have a hard time with that because the shit has all dried up and stick to my face like a hard crust. But with enough water and a soft wash cloth I manage.

What a great day and surprise!