Field of Blooms: The Beginning


After much consideration I have decided to do a prequel to Now or Never. Field of Blooms is going to tell the back story of Austin and Eric starting with the summer before they enter their senior year of high school and ending where Now and Never starts off.

I would like to thank my dearest friend Ti for everything she has done for me. She is more than a Beta reader/Editor; she is my friend and confidant that I will forever hold dear to my heart. She has given me words of encouragement and every so often a kick in the butt to keep on writing. I want to thank her from the bottom of heart for looking over my work and being able to see inside me head and for a wonderful friendship I am glad to have.

All my stories are long, full of detail and dialog. So if you are looking for a quick read then this is not a story that’s for you. This is a gay romance story so if that is not your cup of tea then turn away now. This chapter is the founding brick for this series of Now or Never so there is going to be a lot of plot building. Everyone in this story is 18 years or older and any likeness to any persons, places, or events is strictly coincidental. Now sit back, relax, grab a drink and enjoy the first chapter of Field of Blooms: The Beginning.

This story takes place in the summer of 2007 in a little town called Upper Deerfield, New Jersey.

It was the second week of June and school had just let out for the summer. The summer heat was in full blast and by eight in the morning the temperature had already reached eighty-eight. Austin, still being used to getting up early for school, had already gotten most of his chores done by the time his mom called around eleven.

“Hey Austin.”

“Hi mom. How’s work?” Austin asked as he poured a glass of cold water.

“It’s very busy but I wanted to call and make sure that you are doing okay. The heat index today is supposed to be over one-hundred and ten.”

“I had seen that on the news this morning. I have almost all my chores done and the only thing left to do is vacuum the pool.”

“You can do that later in the day when it’s cooler. It’s too hot out and I don’t want you to get heat stroke.”

“Are you sure? It wouldn’t take me long at all.”

“I’m sure Austin. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids and try to stay out of the sun.”

“I will mom, I promise. Oh did you and dad talk about me going to that party tonight?”

“Yes we did. We think you are old enough to go. Austin, just please be careful.”

“Thanks mom you guys are the greatest.” Austin said as he hung up the phone.

The party Austin was going to was thrown by Eric Mason. The Mason family was very rich and predominate in the community; Eric was the most popular guy in the school. All the girls wanted him and guys wanted to be him. Austin was kind of surprised when Eric had invited him, even though they had been secretly dating for the past six months. Austin was out but Eric was not and with his status in the community he wasn’t ready to make the grand exit out of the closet. At first Austin was hesitant about dating someone who was so deep into the closet but he really liked Eric and wanted to give it a try. Granted Eric’s looks was what really caught Austin’s eye at first. Eric was a football player for the school team and he stood 6’2″ with broad shoulders, dark auburn hair, silvery grey eyes and a perfectly chiseled body that would make any guy jealous. Eric seemed like a hard ass in school but he was always nice to Austin anytime their paths crossed.

Even though his mother told him not to vacuum the pool, Austin would have felt bad going to the party and not finishing all his chores. He should have listened to her because soon after he started the heat became too much for him and he started to get dizzy but, not so wisely, soldiered on until the job was done. As he walked up the steps he could feel the world start to spin and just as he thought he was going to pass out he flopped on his bed. He turned his fan on, closed his eyes and let the humming of the fan blades calm him. It must have relaxed him more than he realized because when he opened his eyes he saw that it was much later in the day. He looked over at the clock and noticed it was almost four and the party was to start at six. Since Austin didn’t have a car and his parents had to work late he was going to have to ride his bike. Austin knew that it would take him about a half hour to get there and he still needed to bathe and pick out clothes. After a quick shower he tried to figure out what to wear. He had never been to one of Eric’s parties and wasn’t sure what would be considered appropriate attire. Even though it was a pool party he didn’t know if he should wear his bathing suit there or bring it and change into it later. He figured it would be easier if he just wore it. So he slipped on his red and white striped suit, white tank top and his favorite pair of red converse high tops. As he was walking out the door he left his parents a note letting them know he wouldn’t be too late and that he did vacuum the pool.

It was only a few minutes into his ride that the sweat started dripping Fatih Escort from Austin’s forehead, so much for looking nice for Eric he thought as he peddled on. Relief washed over him as he turned onto Eric’s road. Only five more minutes and he would be there. As he rode up to the driveway he noticed it was already lined with nice expensive cars and SUVs’. He really felt out of place as he walked his twelve speed past a few Mercedes and BMW’s. After he propped his bike up he knocked on the door and waited, and waited. He knocked again. This time Mrs. Mason answered the door.

“What do you want?” She asked as she gave Austin a disgusted look.

“Hello Mrs. Mason. Eric invited me to the party.

She rolled her eyes. “It’s around back, but you are not walking though my house. You are all sweaty and dirty.”

“Sorry I had to ride my bike here.” Austin said as he took a step back.

“I don’t care.” She said as she closed the door in his face.

Austin thought for a moment maybe he would just get back on his bike and go home but, before he could do anything, Eric came walking around the corner.

“Where do you think you are going?” He asked as he walked over to Austin.

Eric looked amazing. His tan skin looked perfect under a sheer white button down shirt paired with cream colored shorts and a pair of brown Calvin Klein flips flops. He had run some product through his hair giving it that messy but not too messy look.

“I’ve changed my mind. I don’t think I should have come.” Austin said as he started walking back to his bike.

“Why not?” Eric said as he stopped him flashing his perfect smile.

“Because this isn’t the type of party I belong at.”

Eric gave a confused looked.

“Eric, look at these cars and then look at what I have.” Austin pointed to his bike.

“Austin it’s a very nice bike.” Eric tried to reassure him.

“Yeah but it’s not a Benz or Beamer.” Austin replied in a fake snooty voice.

“Why do you care so much about what other people drive? I didn’t think you were all about material things.”

“I’m not but I’m sure everyone is going to think I’m hanging out with you for your money.”

“Does it really matter what everyone else thinks?” Eric asked as he placed his hand on Austin’s shoulder.

Austin rolled his eyes. “No.”

“Okay then. Come on and let’s have a good time.” Eric said as he started walking around the house towards the gate.

Just before they entered the gate leading to the backyard, Eric grabbed Austin, pushed him up against the wall and landed a passionate kiss on him. The heat of the kiss and the risk of being caught sent shivers down Austin’s spine, causing his member to slowly wake up.

“Eric, stop before I get fully hard.” Austin said as he broke the kiss.

Eric reached down and grabbed Austin’s semi-erect cock. “Mmm. I’m going to have a taste of that before the night is over.”

Austin loved when Eric would take control; nothing turned him on more. Austin had to fix himself before he entered the pool area. The last thing he needed was to walk into the party with a noticeable erection. Things were in full swing we he entered the backyard. There were people already in the water, lounging on pool floats while others were walking around with plates of food and red solo cups. As Austin looked around he noticed everyone else’s attire, he was the only one who had on a red bathing suit. He was a little embarrassed feeling like he was sticking out like a sore thumb. Eric must have sensed it because he told Austin that he looked great and not to worry.

They both walked over to the buffet table to get something to eat and when Eric’s jock friends came over, Austin slipped off to the side. Austin decided to play it low key and not hang around Eric too much. The last thing he wanted was anyone to start rumors that the queer was trying to seduce Eric. He found an empty chair and took his food over. From his safe vantage point, he watched the party goers as he ate some bland macaroni and cheese. For being a richy-rich party Austin expected the food to taste a lot better. Whenever his family had a BBQ his dad would always man the grill and everyone would bring a side of homemade food. He sat thinking that he couldn’t wait for their 4th of July BBQ and hoped Eric would come.

While he was scanning the crowd he noticed Jennifer McCloud walk through the gate and his heart began to race. Jennifer was Eric’s latest girlfriend. A small part of Austin had hoped that she wasn’t going to show up but the rest of him knew better. He watched as she made her way over to Eric and wrap her bronzed, skinny arms around him. Austin’s stomach sank as he watched her kiss him, Eric obviously had no intention of pulling back. Witnessing that little display, he had lost his appetite and Austin threw his food away. It was only moments before that Eric had him pressed up against a wall and was making out, but now he was watching him kiss that snooty, stuck-up Jennifer who had about as much personality as a snail.

Austin walked over to the drink table and poured some kind of red punch Fatih Escort Bayan into a red solo cup. He glanced over and saw that Jennifer was still hanging all over Eric. “That slut,” he thought to himself as he took a drink. The punch wasn’t as bland as the food but it could have been way better. He needed something to calm him down. While he was glaring at Jennifer, wishing she would just shrivel up and blow away, a tall brunette girl walked over to him and introduced herself.

“Hi, I’m Becka.” She said clearly trying to flirt with him.

“Hi, I’m Austin. Nice to meet you.” He said, oblivious to her flirtatious attempts.

“I haven’t seen you at these parties before. Are you new to the neighborhood?”

“I’m not from this neighborhood. I live over on Seeley road.”

“Oh.” Becka said realizing that Austin was from the country. “Well are you having a good time?”

“Just grand.” Austin replied with a sarcastic smile.

“Is your last name Montgomery?”

“Yes it is. Why?” Austin asked trying not to sound cold.

“Oh so you are the one who’s the queer!”

Austin broke his gaze and glared at Becka. “Yes that’s right I’m the big queer that everyone talks about.”

“I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to offend you. I guess there really is no nice way to say you’re the gay guy everyone talks about.”

“I’m sure they call me a lot worse names than queer.”

“People can be dumb and cruel. Don’t let it bother you. To be honest if you didn’t tell me I wouldn’t know. You don’t come across as gay at all. I mean you don’t even really sound it. You have a little lisp but nothing that shouts hey I’m gay.” She smiled.

“I think I’ll take that as a compliment.” Austin smiled.

“It was meant as one. I used to have a gay best friend before I moved up from South Carolina. God I miss him so much. Oh my god! You could be my new gay best friend.”

“I could be but are you sure you really want to be friends with me? I am like the social outcast.”

“You can’t be that much of an outcast since you are at Eric Mason’s party.”

Austin smiled to himself knowing the real reason he was there. “I guess you are right. Maybe Eric just feels sorry for the poor, pathetic, school queer.”

“Or maybe he thinks you are good looking.” Becka smiled. “I mean look at you! You have that gorgeous dirty blonde hair and your eyes look like two emeralds. Damn why are all the good looking guys gay or taken.”

Austin was very flattered by Becka’s compliments. “Oh please Eric isn’t gay. Just look at the way he and his girlfriend are acting.”

“You never know it could be a cover.”

“Doubt it.” Austin smiled.

“Let’s go take a dip. This is a pool party after all.”

Austin had reservations about taking his shirt off around other people. He had a biking accident a few years ago that left a scar running from the middle of his chest across his left peck. He always made sure that if he had to change in front of anyone that they never got to see it.

“Eh, I have this scar on my chest that I’m really embarrassed about.”

“Oh please. Let me take a look?”

Austin pulled his tank top aside to show her.

“That’s not bad at all. Besides I doubt anyone will notice since they are all in their own little worlds.” Becka laughed sarcastically.

Austin reluctantly agreed and pulled the tank top off. He quickly jumped in the pool and let the cool water cover his body. When he surfaced he made sure that the scar stayed below the surface of the water. He and Becka floated around in the pool and got to know each other better. She told him all about her gay best friend and he told her about his life. Soon he forgot all about Jennifer hanging all over Eric.

“Okay I think the ice has been broken so I’m going to cut to the chase. Do you have a boyfriend?” Becka asked as she slipped off of a pool float.

“I….um…well….” Austin was hesitant to answer that.

“Ah let me take a guess. You do but he isn’t out so you guys pretend y’all are just friends. Am I right?” she smiled.

“Yeah you are.” Austin said rolling his eyes.

“Oh I so want to know who it is. Can I guess?”

“No because, if you guess right, I can’t lie to you. I don’t want to start off a new friendship with lies.”

“Okay, okay. But you know I’m going to try and figure it out in my head anyway.” She gave an impish grin.

“I figured as much. You want to go get some bland tasting food?”

“I am kind of hungry. I guess bland food is better than nothing at all.”

Austin had been having such a good time he forgot all about his scar until he got out of the pool and Jennifer pointed it out.

“That is hideous looking. Cover that thing up before you make everyone lose their appetite.”

Austin flushed red with embracement and quickly put his tank top back on.

“I don’t even know why you invited the school queer. Our type of people don’t mingle with low class, trash like him.” Jennifer commented as she looked him up a down.

Austin looked at Eric for him to come to his defense but he didn’t say a word. As Escort Fatih shame and embarrassment washed over Austin, he turned beet red when he realized that Eric wasn’t going to defend him.

“Knock it off Jennifer,” Becka glared at her and then turned to Austin, “Come on, let’s take a walk.”

Just then, Austin turned and headed towards the side of the house.

“I’m done with this party.” Austin said as a single tear began to fill in the corner of his eyes.

When she saw his eyes begin to mist, she realized who Austin’s secret boyfriend was. “Come with me, now.”

The both of them walked to the front where all the cars were parked. Austin followed her over to an older red and silver Ford F-250. She opened the passenger side door, reached in the glove box and pulled out a pack of cigarettes.

“You want one?” She asked as she lit one up.

“I don’t smoke.” Austin replied as he wiped his eyes.

“So, I have a feeling I know who your secret boyfriend is.”

Austin sat silent for a moment. “Was it that obvious?”

“Not until his bitch of girlfriend made that comment about your scar and I saw the look you gave him. I might be over stepping here but I don’t care, why would you put up with that?”

Austin took a deep calming breath. “I love him. He is the first guy that has ever shown me love and treated me right. When all the other kids in school would call me queer he was the only one who stepped in and stopped it.”

“Treated you right? What I just saw was not treating you right! Look if he wants to be in the closet then that’s fine but letting his “girlfriend” treat you that way is beyond wrong.”

“Eric comes from a well to do and very well known family. He is expected to live his life a certain way and I knew that when we started dating. So I can’t be mad at anyone but myself.”

“Oh bull shit. That’s still not a reason for him to let that bitch talk to you like that. If ya’ll are pretending to be friends then he still should have defended you on the friend basis.”

“I just don’t want to cause a scene that will have people really start talking about me.”

Just then Eric came walking up to the truck. “Thank god I thought you left.”

“I forgot something. I’ll be right back.” Becka excused herself.

“I’m sorry for what Jennifer said to you, it wasn’t right.” Eric offered.

“Then why didn’t you say something to her. You just let her say all of those nasty things about me in front of everyone.”

“If I had then she would have really made a scene.” Eric tried to put his hand on Austin’s shoulder.

Austin pushed his hand off of him. “You know, I said I was fine with you staying in the closet but I never agreed to let your girlfriend treat me like shit! I deserve better than that Eric! I will support you staying in the closet and pretending to just be friends in public, I’ll even go as far as pretending to be the poor little queer you feel sorry for. But if you think for one minute that I am going to let her talk to me like that again you are sadly mistaken!” Still glaring at Eric, Austin turned to walk away.

“Wait! I’m sorry Austin. I promise I will make it up to you.” Eric placed his hand on Austin’s crotch.

“Sex doesn’t fix everything Eric.”

“No but it sure can help.” He grinned impishly.

“Not here and not now.” Austin pushed his hand away but Eric slid it up Austin’s shorts this time and grabbed his cock.

“I can have that dick anytime and anywhere I want.” Eric felt Austin’s dick jump in his hand. “You think I don’t know your little secret?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” Austin’s voice caught in his throat.

“Yes you do. You think I don’t notice how turned on you get when I get dominant and take control. I’ve just never said anything about it.”

“Eric, please stop. Someone might see.” Austin blushed crimson as he protested.

“I know your weakness superman.”

Eric started tugging on Austin’s dick making it quickly grow to full salute. Austin tried to push Eric’s hand away but Eric just tightened his grip. With his free hand Eric untied the string on Austin’s bathing suit and pulled out his confined dick.

“Eric, you have to stop.” Austin said as he tried to put his member away.

Eric grabbed both of Austin’s writs and forced them to the side. He lowered his mouth and licked the tip of Austin’s dick sending shivers all over his body. Austin was quickly losing to the power Eric had over him. Eric teased the head of his dick a few more times before he took Austin’s entire eight and a half inches in his mouth. The hot and wet feeling of Eric’s mouth almost caused Austin to cum right there but Eric pulled back. He knew all too well how to tease Austin and how exactly to keep him on the edge. He teased him by alternating between sucking and licking his dick. Austin was writhing around in pleasure begging Eric to finish him off. When Eric felt that it was time to give Austin total pleasure, he licked his middle finger and shoved it into Austin. Lightning bolts flooded his body as the pleasure of his dick being sucked and his prostate played with was more than his body could take. His dick got rock solid and he shot down the back of Eric’s throat, who took every last drop. Austin collapsed back on the seat trying to catch his breath. Eric had a grin of satisfaction on his face when Austin looked at him.