Fanning The Embers: Part 2


After she’d kissed Matt, swapping cum and spit, she rose from between us and stood looking at our wilting cocks as cum dribbled out of her and ran down her leg.“I hope we’re not done.” That was my Jeanie, a couple of orgasms and a few splashes of warm cum just getting her heated up. She looked at me and raised her eyebrows in a silent question; I knew she was asking if I was okay with it and wanted to continue. Matt hadn’t fucked her, so that boundary remained unbroken, but I knew she wanted it and was curious and excited to know how he’d feel inside of her, how she’d respond. Plus, Jeanie just loves to fuck and treasures every orgasm, so I wanted it for her.The problem was that I didn’t know how I felt about it, especially after the way it had hit me when they’d kissed. If seeing them lock lips and tangle tongues had been so achingly emotional to observe, I couldn’t imagine what seeing him slip that big cock inside of her would feel like – to me, not to her. I was pretty sure she’d enjoy it, given that she had a toy roughly his length, though not as thick, and always came quite magnificently and repeatedly when we played with it. Seeing her come like that with another man inside of her could be brutal; of course, thinking about it was also launching fireworks in my groin and making me rock hard, so there was something perverse and cognitively dissonant going on with me that I just couldn’t figure out.Before I could voice either agreement or objection, Matt reached out and grabbed her arm, pulling her onto his lap so that she straddled his hips, facing him. “Well, I’m certainly not done, not if you two want to continue. I just need a few minutes to recharge my batteries.”Jeanie tried to pull away, but he held her to him. She stopped and looked down at where their bodies touched before she said, “You’re getting Sean’s cum all over you.”He grinned and held her down, gripping her hips as he ground his thick, flaccid cock against her. “That’s because I have Sean’s sexy wife all over me; goes with the territory.”She seemed surprised. “You don’t mind?”He shrugged. “If sex ain’t messy, you’re doing it wrong.”We both laughed, and Jeanie said, “I’d have to agree, and I happen to know that Sean loves playing in his mess and getting sloppy seconds, so I know he’s on board that train too.”She was right, I did. I also enjoyed going down on her after I’d filled her, mostly because it seemed to almost make the top of her head blow off, her orgasms so intense. I loved when she came so hard she was transported, utterly out of control, and that was one way almost guaranteed to accomplish that feat. Of course, I’d only ever followed myself, because we’d never had another player on the team before. We had pretended, fantasized, and role-played with it a few times, which was always exciting for both of us, however, so maybe…I just didn’t know. The idea of seeing and hearing my wife with Matt was intensely arousing, but almost as intensely terrifying. What if it was too good and she didn’t want to quit after this week? What if it was so good that she left me for him? They were friends, after all, and shared a very close and warm relationship, albeit non-sexual until now.What if she discovered she was missing something and wanted to fuck around a lot with other guys, or merely wanted a steady poly-amorous relationship with Matt, or decided big cocks are better? None of those things sounded like my Jeanie – and I truly was quite secure in my knowledge of our love for each other – but what if we opened a door I decided I wanted closed and she didn’t?We’d already opened a Pandora’s Box, and now I was plagued by doubt; unfortunately, my mind playing its perverse game, I was also plagued by a renewed rigid, rock-hard and wholly incongruous erection. My doubts were invisible, but my upright, throbbing cock was not, and Jeanie took that as a positive sign and seized my balls, pulling me forward to take my cock in her mouth. It’s a very desirable destination, and not something I would have resisted in any event, but when someone is guiding you with a firm grip on the boys you’re pretty much going to go where you’re directed.Matt watched as she took me into her mouth and down bursa escort her throat, swallowing my length to the root, something she’d taught herself to do – and been quite proud of, I might add.With me deep, she used her tongue to tickle the front of my sack, and Matt grinned. “Fuck, that’s hot! I love watching women take a cock like that – and I can’t believe you’re so fucking hard already! I guess that explains the marathon sex session you entertained me with last night.”Jeanie slowly withdrew from my cock, leaving my stiff length glistening with saliva. She licked her lips and then smiled at him. “Sean’s a stud, Matt. You made some crack last night about us not being teenagers anymore, but don’t tell him that; he still thinks he’s sixteen!”That wasn’t entirely true, but I didn’t disabuse him of the notion. I’m always good for twice, often three times, and occasionally four or even five over a couple of hours with the right stimulation, but when I was sixteen, I was the Energizer Bunny of horny young males, a walking, talking erection.Of course, it helped that the first time or two (sometimes three) rarely took more than a couple of minutes each back then. It wasn’t necessarily something to brag about, but it conserved energy, and sometimes I didn’t even go limp between rounds. That part no longer held true, and I now needed at least a few minutes of downtime. I was a veritable fountain of cum once upon a time… unfortunately my hand had too often been the sole beneficiary, so it wasn’t entirely nostalgic thinking about the “good old days”.Matt said, “Yeah, I guess. I’ll be ready to go soon, but I can’t get it up that fast.”Jeanie reached down and lifted his mostly flaccid cock between them the pressed her pussy to it, trapping him between her sloppy sex and his tummy. “Well, you have a bit more cock to get up, so no wonder it takes longer!”That his manhood was larger was obviously true and we all knew it, but it still stung that she’d so cavalierly pointed it out. It bothered me, but when she began to do her patented ‘cameltoe slide’ on his cock, rubbing herself against it and slathering his length with my semen, I watched. She very much wanted him hard again, that I could tell, and if this didn’t work nothing would.She’d taken me back into her mouth and was now multi-tasking very efficiently, sucking my hard cock as she rubbed on his, which was gradually growing. She will often get herself off while doing her slide on me, the position ideal for stimulating her clit, and when her breathing quickened and her movements became erratic and less coordinated, I knew she was close.Sure enough, less than a minute later she let me slip from her lips so that she could gasp and moan and verbalize her orgasm, and she mashed herself to him, pumping her hips wildly and grinding her slippery sex on his hardening length as she came, crying out, “Oh god, fuck, fuck, I’m coming! Ohhh, my god!”We’d have known even without the announcement; my wife’s orgasms are not subtle and there is no mistaking them, but expressing it in that way works for her – and who am I to do anything but appreciate her powerful sexuality? What I didn’t anticipate (and should have, knowing Jeanie) was that at the height of her orgasm she’d want his cock inside of her. It was something that she almost always transitioned to, taking me deep in the midst of a cameltoe slide orgasm, to take it to the next level, but when she raised up and reached for him to guide his now rock-hard cock into her, I was unprepared.I had time to say no, stop, or call a timeout, but I didn’t. Instead, I split my vision between watching her mount his cock and the expression on her face. As he first penetrated her, she had a look of concentration on her face, almost a frown, but her mouth quickly opened in a surprised “Oh!” as his swollen head spread her wide and slid in. I was merely a spectator now, Jeanie ignoring me and leaving me waving stiff and wet in the air as she took Matt.She was the one in control, and as she slowly impaled herself more deeply on his thick shaft her grimace could have been pain or pleasure. Whatever it was, it was intense because she closed her eyes and bit her lower lip as bursa escort bayan she felt him penetrate deeper. If there was pain, there must also have been pleasure, because she continued to take him, lowering herself to drive his cock more deeply into her while making a sound somewhere between a moan and a groan.My gut was in a knot and I felt like steam might come out of my ears I was so intensely jealous of what they were doing. Still, while she’d left me hard and ready, seeing her mounting Matt and the expression of pure lust on her face, her desire to have him deep inside of her despite what must be at least some discomfort at his size, had me achingly, throbbingly hard. It was one of the most erotic and arousing things I’d ever seen. I was so intensely aroused, despite being as intensely jealous, that I felt like I might have an orgasm spontaneously, my cock untouched, something that would surely add to the humiliation I already felt as I watched my wife eagerly accept his huge phallus, taking him deep.She rode about halfway down his length, gasping as she rose partway and then down again, to my utter shock slipping fully down his shaft, her wet, slippery pussy taking all of him, her pink lips stretched wide around the thick base of his cock.She’d had her eyes closed as she took him deep, her thoughts and attention focused inward, but when she felt herself settle onto his pubic bone, all of him inside of her, her eyes opened wide as she gasped. She was staring directly at me, but I wasn’t sure she was seeing me until she said, “Oh, Sean, my god!”I was unable to reply, momentarily rendered mute by my churning emotions as well as simply at a loss for words. Finally, I managed, “Baby… honey, are you okay?”“Y… uh, god yeah, I’m fine, but oh my god!”“That’s good, I guess?”“It’s amazing. It feels fucking huge inside of me.”“Is it hurting you?”“Nooo… god. Well, no, not really, it’s just… oh god, so good!”Matt remained silent, letting me and Jeanie come to grips with what we’d done; it showed good instincts and uncharacteristic restraint on his part, and some small part of me appreciated it. Still, he had his very large and extremely hard cock buried inside of my wife’s tight, wet, warm pussy and wanted to get on with it; he gripped her waist and began to slowly, gently move his hips, pumping his cock in and out of her with short strokes.He was sliding less than two inches of his length in and out of Jeanie, but it was enough, combined with the way she was stretched to accommodate his girth, to trigger a sudden, intense orgasm, and she cried out and shuddered with the power of it. She came as she often does when it’s a particularly good orgasm, with urgency and strength, enthusiasm and passion and complete abandon, her sounds and expressions and the movements of her body all about the pleasure she ultimately surrendered to as her climax took her, shattered her.It had been very quick but was otherwise familiar to me, and I knew that I could make her come as well, that despite his large cock, he wasn’t doing anything I couldn’t do – indeed, that I hadn’t done before, many times by various methods. That knowledge helped to quell my agony and allowed me to be a part of her pleasure as a voyeur, to absorb every nuance of her beauty and sensuality as she came, something I was unable to do when I was equally involved.Always involved in the act, I’d never had the opportunity to simply watch before, to see her utterly wrapped up in the joy of sex and orgasms and take in every detail, and it was stunningly powerful, intensely erotic. She was still my wife, and she was so beautiful, breathtaking, so astonishing in her raw sexuality that I knew I was seeing something I’d never fully witnessed before.I thought of the way her pussy would be squeezing and milking him with each spasm of her body – something with which I was very familiar – and I almost came. I was leaking madly already, a stream of clear precum running down my cock and dripping from my sack, but when I looked down at myself I saw that a small gush of creamy white cum had joined the flow. I hadn’t come, hadn’t felt the series of powerful contractions and the tightening in my balls that escort bursa accompany an orgasm, but it had been that close, a pulse away. I felt like if I tensed my pelvic muscles I would lose control and knew that the touch of a single finger to my rigid erection would have me spurting like an inexperienced teenager.Jeanie had survived her monster orgasm and was beginning to get fully involved in fucking Matt, giving as much as receiving. She was moving up and down, getting in sync with his thrusts and utilizing more of his big cock for her pleasure while also focused on making him come. She was moaning and vocalizing almost constantly, likely building to another huge climax, but I knew she wanted to feel him spurting inside of her, the spasms of ejaculation something which she loves to feel while also deriving the pleasure of knowing what she’s done for her partner.She’d told me in the past that there is always a sense of power, of satisfaction, and pride that she can make me lose control and come even when I’m trying to hold off, and that she can give me that pleasure. I told her that making me lose control and do geyser imitations was no big trick, but that I always appreciated it! As I recall, she’d laughed.She was using all of his length now, rising almost free of him and exposing the ridge at the edge of his corona before again descending and taking him balls-deep inside of her. His long, thick shaft, slick with her juices and with the pink ring of her sex stretched tight around it seemed too much for her to take, especially the huge girth at the base of his shaft. Yet she did, again and again, and each time she bottomed out he’d flex his hips up, jamming himself as deep as possible, stretching her open, his balls crushed to her ass.It was like the best porno I’d ever seen, except it was my wife and included sounds and scents and genuine, unabashed arousal and pleasure, no fakery, and I had a front-row seat. I kneeled between Matt’s feet, wanting the best vantage point possible, and if she’d been turned around the other way, I swear I would have been on her clit like a calf at the teat even as he slid in and out of her.I continued to throb, my cock upright and like iron, the veins bulging along my shaft as they do only when I’m at peak arousal and on the verge of coming, something I still felt could happen any moment. Jeanie came again, shuddering and crying out, and I reached out and laid my hand on her back, wanting to be a part of it. I don’t know if she even felt my hand, but I could feel the heat and tension in her body and the shudders of her orgasm thrumming through her.I softly stroked her back with my fingertips, her skin slick with a dewy film of sex sweat, and allowed my hand to drift lower until I was tracing the curve of her ass. I slid my fingers into the groove of her upper ass, right at the base of her spine, my hand sideways so that all four fingers traced down the valley between her firm cheeks.When my middle finger gently probed her tight star, she moaned, “Ohh, god, Sean… yes!”I bent forward and kissed her neck, then said, “Yes?”“Yes, do it! Don’t tease, just do it!”When Jeanie is in the mood for ass play, she’s really in the mood and likes a good, hard ass fuck with fingers, cock, or toys, and right now she was in the mood for anything. I quickly spit on my fingers and stroked them over her tight hole and then slowly pushed my middle finger into her. I could feel him moving inside her and the hardness of his cock through the thin membrane between, and the backs of my ring and index fingers were pressed against the thick ridge on the underside of his shaft, being greased by my wife’s juices as it rubbed from his penile skin onto my fingers with his thrusts.Perversely, although I was still experiencing considerable angst at my wife fucking him – and enjoying it so much – I was further aroused by the way his cock felt, hard and huge as it slid along my fingers, and I tilted my hand to press harder against him.He hesitated for a moment, I think until he realized what was touching him, then groaned and jammed deep, my fingers now against his balls as much as his cock. Jeanie cried out when he did, surprised by how hard and deep he’d suddenly taken her, and, emboldened by their actions in response to my touch, I cupped his balls in my other hand, gently squeezing and kneading them while I thrust my finger in and out of my wife’s tight little asshole.