ENM Intertwined – Jack Pt. 04


Apart from being almost naked, I was having one of the best days of my life. I once took a yacht out on the Caribbean for one of my father’s parties and met a celebrity from my favorite movie while eating lobster at the buffet. That time couldn’t compare to how I felt when I was with Zayne just doing ordinary things. He showed me how to cook microwavable pizza rolls. We played video games where he beat me at everything in player versus player. Then we settled in to watch a movie I haven’t seen before. Though there was plenty of room on the couch, Zayne saw fit to sit in my lap. I didn’t object. I just cradled his lithe frame into my arms breathing in his scent. He put a cozy blanket over us so we could cuddle all nice and warm…wait a minute…if he had this blanket, why didn’t he give it to me earlier to cover myself? I shrugged off the idea. All I cared about now was living up this tender moment with the adorable man on my lap. His supple bottom pressed into my crotch and I began to feel a warm stirring beneath my briefs.

Uh oh.

Before I had a chance to embarrass myself again by getting a stiffy, there came a knock at the door.

“Aw man, it was just gettin’ good.” Zayne rubbed his booty into my steadily growing boner before leaping off my lap and pausing the film. Was he talking about the plot to the movie or the tent I was pitching in my underwear?

Zayne let the blanket we were snuggling in fall to the floor as he walked to the door to see who knocked. His cheery expression became cold as he saw Beşiktaş Escort who it was. “Lucien,” Zayne frowned. “What are you doing here?”

Covering up with the blanket, I craned my neck forward from the couch to get a better look at our visitor. It was a spiky-haired individual with a handsome face and a jean jacket that made him like he was some 80’s star.

“I heard you have and opening at that restaurant of yours. Put in a good word for me and I might consider taking you out on a date.” Something about this Lucien fellow’s tone made me feel uneasy about him. Zayne must have felt the same way since he just rolled his eyes at his visitor’s statement.

“You and me are ancient history. Go back to that skank who thinks she’s better than everyone else and I will try to forget that you had the nerve to come crawling back.” Zayne crossed his arms.

“Hey, no need to be so hostile.” Lucien placed a hand on Zayne’s shoulder and something in me got fired up. Lucien’s touch was light but it was enough to set off an unexpected form of possessiveness within me.

Don’t you touch Zayne! It’s bad enough that you get to interrupt our time alone together, now you think you can just lay your filthy hands on him?!

Tying the blanket around my waist, I stomped towards the front door gaining Lucien’s attention. His eyes went wide when he saw how tall I was. His hand flinched away from Zayne and for the first time in a long time, I was angry.

I took a step towards Lucien and stumbled Beşiktaş Escort Bayan over the hem of the blanket causing it to fall right off me. Both boys blinked at me at the sight of the six foot eight man in his black briefs. The spiky-haired boy let out a laugh.

“Dude, nice manties. Trying to look all intimidating in nothing but…” Before he could utter another word my fist just shot out at his face without my thinking. Lucien flew against the wall of the hallway and then laid there shocked. He wasn’t the only one surprised, not at the force of my punch but at the fact that I actually hit someone. I am most definitely not a violent person. Did all this new hostility come from the fact that he was upsetting my poor Zayne?

Lucien sat up from the floor to look up to both of us with a terrified look on his face. “Who…who are you!?”

“My new and improved boyfriend.” Zayne sidled up to me and my eyebrow shot up at him. “Just play along, he’ll go away if he thinks I’m taken.” he whispered to me. I nodded in understanding and threw my arm around Zayne’s shoulders pulling him closer. “This is Jacobee Wendell, his friends call him Jack but I like to call him: ‘Jack-my-bee’. As you can see he gets very jealous, so stay away from me unless you want to get stung!” Zayne had a smug look on his face while Lucien darted his panicked look frantically between the both of us.

I placed my free hand on my hip and tried to looked as imposing as any man in his underwear could possibly be. “You Escort Beşiktaş know how us bees feel about our honey?” I gestured my chin towards Zayne then glared ferociously at Lucien. “STAY AWAY FROM MY HONEY.”

Just like that, Lucien was gone. He picked himself up and dashed down the hall never to be seen again.

Zayne let out an amused laugh. “Wow! thanks for playing along with me Jack. You really saved my ass there.” He looked up at me straight in the eye.

“I’m happy to help, but did you really used to date that guy?”

“Is that a problem?”

“Nope. Not at all. I just don’t see why you would go for that guy when you could do so much better.” I bunched up Zayne in my arms returning his dreamy look.

Zayne placed a hand on my cheek. “Do you now?” He smiled and stretched his legs up to lean in closer to my face.

He lured me down to give me a soft and inviting kiss. I didn’t even think at that moment, I simply held him as our lips parted and tongues met. the feeling left me in a daze. Zayne’s hands traveled down across my eager body until they finally rested at the waist of my underwear. As my own hand slid up the back of his shirt he snaked his fingers into my black briefs grabbing hold of my penis. Stroking me vigorously, the last of my clothing fell to the floor from all the motion. With our kissing becoming more amorous, I lifted Zayne off the ground so he could wrap his legs around my waist.

He was so light.

I took a step forward to bring Zayne to the bedroom forgetting my underwear was still around my ankles. We both stumbled forward landing on the couch.

We broke apart our kiss only for a moment to see if the other was alright then laughed in delight. I pulled him down to kiss him again as my hands went under his shirt.

To be continued…