Enjoying Myself Again


After jumping offline and getting in the shower I was off, off to meet a guy I had just met online so I could suck him off. I was SOOOO horny and this was just what I needed. I jumped in my car and pulled out the directions to his house and jumped on the freeway. I was a little nervous as I drove over. After all I had only ever had contact with another man once in my life, and while I enjoyed it I was still nervous.

I was glad that we had decided on me coming over and taking it from there. He had invited me over to soak in the jacuzzi with him and have a few beers. When I asked him if I should bring swim trunks he said it was up to me. I made it to his house and parked.

I walked up to the door and rang the doorbell, after a few seconds the door opened and there he was, Much HOTTER than his picture revealed. He was just wearing his swim trunks at the moment. He invited me in and asked me if I wanted a beer, to which I replied yes. As he turned to go get the beer he brought his arm around my shoulder and brought me into him, lifting my chin up and kissing me. I faded into the moment and kissed him back hungrily. We made out for a few minutes right there by his front door. then he went and got me that beer and we walked out the door tot he jacuzzi.

“I see you didnt bring swim trunks…ready to get into the jacuzzi?” he asked as he stripped down to nothing, showing me a nice sized cock about 5 inches flaccid. “yeah im ready” I said as I stared at Bayrampaşa Escort him then started to take off my clothes as he climbed into the jacuzzi. I climbed in and sat down slowly letting the heat wash over my body. he asked me if i wanted massage and I said I did. He came over and set himself behind me and started massaging my back. After a little bit of back massage he started to run his hands over my chest. As he got to my nipples he stopped and chuckled a little. “I see your enjoying this, or at least your nipples are telling me that”. I jsut let out a little moan as he played with my nipples.

After a little bit of this I leaned my head back and looked up at him smiling, he leaned down and gave me a long french kiss which I responded to hungrily. After he broke the kiss I turned around a bit and just looked at him as my hands moved to his crotch. I took him in my hands and started to fondle him. he leaned back and his head fell back and jacked him off slowly. I was so aroused right now. I leaned in and licked the head of his cock enjoying the spongey feeling of the tip. I licked him some more and worked my way all the way down his shaft licking every inch of it then licking my way back to the tip.

Once I got back to the tip I took him in my mouth and sucked him in greedily. I worked my way all over his cock taking him as far as I could then coming back to the tip, sometimes letting it slip out so I could lick the pre Bayrampaşa Escort cum off of it and savor the taste. After a few minutes of this he pulled me up and kissed me again, bringing me out of the jacuzzi so I was sitting on the edge where he was. Once I was there he moved in and took me in his mouth immediately then stopped, looked up at me and then moved so he was licking the tip of my cock he played with me like this for a few minutes then he took me all the way in again and his hands came up and started to play with my nipples again. After a few more minutes he suggested we go into his bedroom and continue. who was I to argue, I WANTED him and I WANTED him NOW.

When we got into his bedroom I climbed up on the bed laid back. He climbed on after me but not facing me, immediately starting to work on my cock, massaging my balls as he licked me. I moved around so I could get at his cock and started doing to him what he was doing to me, lost in the pleasure I was recieving and the pleasure I was having sucking his cock. He reached into his dressing table drawer and pulled out some lubrication jelly and put some on his finger and started massaging my ass, slowly pushing his finger into me. I had NEVER had this done to me before and the feeling was so intense I couldnt stand it, moaning my pleasure at what he was doing. he msut have taken the hint becuase he moved himself around and poulled me so I was halfway laying on him. I could Escort Bayrampaşa feel him pressing himself into me.

“FUCK ME” I begged him, he just continued teasing me with the head of his dick at the entrance. I wanted him inside me so badly I pushed down on him and felt the head of his cock enter into me. He must have been close becuase he slowed down and barely fucked me at all, but I could feel him inside me and it felt so DAMNED GOOD. He pulled out after a minute and went back to sucking my cock. I was close and I let him know. He kept sucking me until I came. I came so hard I was shaking. He let me recover a bit then slowly put himself inside me again, and started to give me slow shallow thrust, not really entering too far. He quickly sped up but still barely penetrated me. He asked me if I wanted him to cum inside me or if I wanted him to cum in my face so I coud taste him. I told him to cum on my face so I could taste him.

He pulled out and came up to my face jacking himself off until he came. I had my tongue out and the first blast hit me straight on, the rest of the blast went all over my face and tongue some more. I swallowed what I had caught and tried to get the rest off my face with my tongue. He tasted so good I had to get all I could of him.

After resting for a few minutes he brought me a towel so I could clean myself off. I went and took a shower and then got dressed again. We bullshitted some and then I left, saying I would call him again.

I never did call him again, somehow I lost his number and I think I left the directions to his house AT his house. I wish I hadnt done that becuase I really wanted him to fuck me some more. And thats my second time with another guy. More stories to follow. Stay tuned.