Elizabeth To Beth-Chapter 4


Elizabeth to Beth-Chapter 4
April 2014

“Am I your captive? Are you going to have your way with me?” I asked tugging against the handcuffs “I thought we had a date for ice cream?”

Richard’s hands were around my waist as he gently pulled me to him to nuzzle his face against mine.

I felt his warm breath tickle my face and listened to his heart beating in his chest as he hugged me. This always makes me tingle all over because Richard loves me and I love him with a passion deeper than the seven seas.

I felt my man’s hard cock pressed up against my ass and the ensuing moistness of arousal between my legs.

“I’m in the mood for both, Beth” he replied, kissing my cheek and blowing on my neck behind my ears “Ice cream is the perfect opportunity to taste your strawberry and chocolate enhanced kisses.”

“Are you open for further negotiations, sweetheart?” I asked, adoring the playful back and forth.

Our private, sometimes silly banter comes so naturally to us; naturally as when we dance about the kitchen while doing dishes to soft music on the radio. I can’t remember the last time we ran the dishwasher. Richard’s friends and colleagues see him as responsible and reliable; a force to reckon with; never silly; he’s only silly with me.

“I am baby. What do you wish to negotiate?” he asked.

“I propose we go for ice cream first. I’ll change into an old dress that I don’t care about…..if you know what I mean.

“Hot stuff” Richard replied kissing my cheek and whispering “rip, tear, ravish; don’t forget mad passionate love making.

We will finish our evening by cuddling until we fall asleep. We will sleep in late the next morning if you wish. I love you Beth, more than our fields of yellow daffodils.”

“I love you too. I love you more than roasted walnuts and apple cider” being assured in my heart of hearts he is mine forever.

“What about ice cream, Beth” he asked rubbing my taut tummy “do you love me more than ice cream?”

“Well, chocolate or strawberry ice cream is a hard act to follow sweetheart” I replied teasingly.

“That’s not an answer, Elizabeth Susan; yes or no; do you love me more than ice cream?”

“Kiss me, sweetheart. I need to taste you. We haven’t kissed in almost an hour” I continued teasingly.

I turned to face him and Richard took my face in his hands to kiss me long and deep, our lips lingering before I put my head against his chest.

“Well?” He asked.

“What were we talking about, sweetheart?” I asked innocently.

“Ice cream, so please answer the question.”

“Do you want my answer now? Can’t it wait until we have ice cream so that I have something to compare you with?”

“No it can’t wait. I’ll not play second fiddle to a frozen dairy confection.”

“I love you more than chocolate ice cream!”

“Good answer….what about strawberry ice cream?”

“I’m thinking……”

“Beth, you do realize I might forget where I put the handcuff keys. Coincidently I might not remember where I misplaced them until tomorrow morning.”

“They’re in your pocket.”

“My pocket might suddenly develop a small black hole vortex and the keys will be sucked into another dimension never to be found again.”

“Oh….. Well then, if that’s the case, I definitely love you more than strawberry ice cream.”

“Thank goodness, I was starting to develop a complex. The black hole just collapsed upon itself.”

“Let me surprise you sweetheart; I promise you’ll like what I’m thinking because I know what you’re thinking; you can’t hide those erotic thoughts from me.”

I absolutely know what my sweetheart Richard is thinking; he loves me and will forsake all others and everything he owns to make me happy. He says it with his eyes, always. He is so incredibly gentle with me.

My surrogate husband doesn’t hesitate to tell me out loud that he loves me and I him. We may as well be married.

We will be married in September with our reception held under our black walnut trees.

My big sweetheart shows me his love in all the little things such as a gentle touch as he passes; a hug or merely a glance and a smile.

One thing of many I find most endearing about my love is when Richard takes my small hands in his large callused ones and kisses them…..he smiles and waits for me to kiss his lips.

“What a marvelous negotiator you are, baby” said Richard removing the handcuffs “I’ll be waiting for you in the truck…….”

Richard was listening to a Rock & Roll radio station with the inside cab nice and warm for me that chilly evening.

He jumped out of the truck to greet me by the passenger door to kiss my hands. He then picked me up and spun me around laughing “I love you Elizabeth Susan!”

When Richard gently put me down I put my arms around his neck to kiss his lips before he opened the door to help me in.

I messed up his thick blonde hair and said, “I love you more than strawberry or chocolate ice cream” and I kissed him again before he closed my door.

As he got in the truck next to me, “Do you like?” I asked shaking my head from side to side for my long brown ponytail to flounce about my shoulders and back.

My ponytail was tied with a bright yellow ribbon and my love nodded and smiled as we pulled out of the driveway onto the County Road 69.

About 2 miles from home, Richard pulled over along side of the road. He jumped out of the truck like a scorched cat that got too close to the fireplace and lifted the hood as if something was terribly wrong with the engine.

After several seconds of listening to his muffled cursing and swearing; his head under the hood and he completely out of my sight, I got out too see what was wrong. Richard caught me completely by surprise.

Before I could think he quickly snapped the handcuffs back in place only this time my hands were secured in the front.

“I thought we negotiated ice cream first!” I exclaimed.

“We are going to get ice cream first, Beth my love” he calmly explained while removing my red silk shawl/scarf I had around my neck for a splash of color and tying it over my eyes like a blindfold; he kissed my lips “Shall we continue?” he asked, giving me an out.

“Yes Sir” I replied in my meekest voice, going along with the erotic game, “I want to suck on your cock, Sir” I teased pursing my lips for Richard to kiss and he did.

“Now you’re talking baby; what a convincing little actress you are and you’ll get your chance to come if you please me. Our erotic fantasy officially begins. You may not speak without permission and we’ll see from there……..”

My mind was racing as we drove to get our ice cream. I was squirming in my seat imagining all the different naughty scenarios that might occur to me this evening.

Richard had secured my arms with the seat belt and shoulder harness in such a way to make it almost impossible to lift my hands and shift my blindfold. I couldn’t see where he was taking me.

When we finally stopped it seemed Richard was gone forever. I wondered if anyone we know noticed me sitting in the parking lot alone.

Would they stop to talk to me? Granted this was only a harmless game and I love and trust Richard implicitly.

But how will I explain it? What if Margaret sees me sitting here like this, God forbid; that would be so embarrassing even though I’m grown adult. What have I gotten myself into?

Although somewhat apprehensive, I was aroused at the prospect of being discovered as I tugged to get my hands free to get a peek of where we were. It was no use; Richard knew exactly what he was doing.

This is what I get for encouraging my love to use his imagination and suggesting that I might enjoy such things……

When we finally arrived home Richard got out of the truck and said “I’ll be gorukle escort back for you shortly. I want everything to be perfect” he left me handcuffed and seat-buckled it place wondering what he meant by “perfect”.

True to his word, his word being everything to him aside from me, Richard helped me out of the truck and escorted me still handcuffed and blindfold into the house via the front door where we stopped in the foyer.

He kissed my lips lightly and said “remember no talking”.

While I waited I pushed off my shoes with my feet. I soon felt something cold pressed up against my cheek followed by his fingers with something cold and creamy parting my lips…..chocolate ice cream.

I accepted the creamy goodness hungrily, licking and sucking it off his fingers; followed by his kisses, our tongues intertwining and caressing; tasting our strawberry and chocolate ice cream with more yet to come.

My big strong sweetheart did promise we’d have our ice cream first and my lover tasted chocolaty-strawberry delicious.

I felt his powerful hands on my shoulders before they shifted to the collar of my white cotton dress; making me gasp as he ripped the material from my throat to the bottom of my hips as if my dress were made of tissue paper.

I was wearing nothing underneath and although I couldn’t see through my blindfold, I’m sure he was smiling “What a naughty girl you are, Beth” he remarked as he finished destroying my dress and leaving me completely naked and at his mercy.

“Goodness gracious; look how hard and swollen your nipples are…..the better to lick them my dear….. But first.”

Richard removed my handcuffs from the front and relocked them, this time my arms were behind my back.

“Let me see; first chocolate and then strawberry” he said contemplating making me wait until I felt a silky coldness as he painted my areola and nipples; I was squeezing my legs together moaning with pleasure as he licked and sucked the ice cream off… desperate to taste his lips.

“You’re one hot little bitch, Beth. Say it or I won’t let you come.”

“I’m a hot little bitch, Sir” I repeated “and I’m so fucking horny; please Sir, I want to come now!” I pleaded and meaning every word as I pulled against the handcuffs.

“All in good time” he said removing my blindfold and then completely undressing.

Richard closed his eyes and gathered up my ponytail twisting it up into a loose bun and then let it drop down.

He then traced the length down with his fingers touching the blunt cut bottom to memorize where it ended on what he describes as my curvaceous body.

He took my face in his hands and kissed my mouth long and deep for a second time; our tongues entwined and we both sighed with contentment.

He put his hands at the back of my nape and let his fingers follow the shape of my head and face while kissing my mouth long and deep….how I crave his passion laden kisses of love.

He kissed my forehead, my cheeks; my ears and neck; behind my ears… everywhere and I was tingling all over thinking about of all that I had been missing until I finally made him mine. My sweetheart was kissing me as if I were the most precious thing in the cosmos and his mouth was a erotic black hole intent on consuming me.

Richard worked his way down my neck and shoulders kissing and lightly licking but lingered at the base of my throat by taking in the scent of my perfume. I intuitively sensed what he was doing and smiled to myself thinking ‘he notices all the little details.’ I was absolutely dripping with my sweet juices of arousal.

Richard’s hands and fingers were everywhere touching probing lingering on my shoulders, on the small of my back; my ass, rubbing and teasing and squeezing with his hands. Richard’s lips and mouth were kissing and licking me in places I have never been kissed or licked before.

Richard gradually worked his way down until he was on his knees, kissing and caressing before he stood up to study me with his bold yet kind eyes, I was thinking ‘I can’t see through my blindfold but he is devouring me with his eyes…such wonderfully loving eyes looking at me.’

Richard smiled and removed the handcuffs. He took my hands and kissed them both. He then picked me up as would a groom carrying a new bride over a threshold upstairs to our bedroom and put me gently on our bed saying “The blindfold stays on for now, you hot little bitch.”

Richard went into the hallway to get the small cooler. He took a single rose from it and held it underneath my nose for me to smell. He then slowly caressed my face and neck working his way to my breasts stroking my nipples with the flower, sending shivers of pleasure up and down my spine.

I could hardly contain myself, I wanted to orgasm so, so, bad that I could hardly stand it……I was damn near panting such was my arousal.

“You have beautiful breasts my love and they were meant to be licked and touched and so I shall.”

Richard lay down beside me and started licking and sucking on my breasts while I was caressing his head and face my hands moaning and gasping with pleasure.

I was pushing my cunt into his hand as he was stroking me, as he parted my pussy lips to get at my sweet, swollen clitoris making me gasp and pant and moan louder.

“Please Richard, I want to come, I want you to kiss me…oh god that feels so good and I want to suck on your big cock.”

Richard shifted to get up to kiss my lips long and deep before he reached again into the small cooler to the strawberry ice cream and using his two fingers put a generous dollop into his mouth.

He then pushed it up against his lips up to mine and pushed the ice cream into my mouth to taste.

I returned his strawberry ice cream kisses while licking the spilt creaminess from our lips and faces.

Richard continued stroking my swollen clitoris. I was thinking about sucking on his big cock as Richard brought me to the peak of orgasm and stopped.

Richard put a dollop of cold ice cream on my bald pussy and went down on me, licking and sucking and teasing while I lay there squirming and thrusting my dripping wet strawberry delicious pussy into his face for him to lick harder.

My hands were above my head and in my hair and I was rolling my head to from side to side moaning and practically screaming as my first orgasm washed over me and yet he was still not finished with me.

“My favorite dessert is my Beth and she tastes sweeter than the finest strawberry ice cream anywhere in the world.”

Richard rolled me over onto my stomach and then had me get up on my hands and knees; his dam was about to burst and now that I was satisfied….he rammed his rock hard cock into my still dripping pussy while holding onto my hips. He pounded me relentlessly his balls slapping against me as he fucked me hard.

I was getting aroused a second time, another orgasm was starting to build and I was thinking

‘It’s like I’m the filly mare being fucked by that stallion we saw last Wednesday evening, wow, now there is a thought, but my god it feels so good and’……

Richard’s lustful thrusts increased in speed and in power as he reached forward to grab my ponytail. He twisted my ponytail around his hand and pulled my head back as he continued pounding me while holding me in place with my hair which only heightened my arousal as he fucked me. I’m so glad that my hair is long for him.

Blindfolded, I was bucking and panting and moaning as my second orgasm washed over me; it was better than the first.

I could feel his hot thick and rich stallion semen being pumped into my dripping and swollen ravaged cunt as he came.

Richard was breathing in and out deeply while softly moaning. I was determined not to waste a single drop. I would lick his cock clean with my mouth when he rolled off.

Such eskort bursa was Richard’s orgasm that he rolled off of me onto his back to get his thoughts together before speaking.

“For such a proper public lady Beth, you’re so damn hot and if you’ll excuse the expression a great fuck…..wow. You’re so beautiful and sexy both ways that I can hardly stand it.

I never expected you to go along with this; let alone not wearing a bra and panties underneath your dress” and he lay there with his eyes closed.

Richard’s after-orgasm daydream allowed me the opening to see if I could get him hard again to brand him with my mouth and tongue.

After removing the blindfold, I put a dollop of strawberry ice cream on his stomach and started licking and kissing, working my way down to his cock and started licking and sucking on the tip, adding ice cream as needed.

Richard reached up and gathered up my ponytail and then twisted it up in a bun as I knew he would to keep it out of my mouth and he was instantly hard again.

I was thinking ‘He tastes delicious and he belongs to me now. If I do say so myself I’m not doing badly for my first time acting out our fantasy and it’s not like we got caught; his big cock belongs in my mouth as his tongue belongs in my pussy’.

I mentally hugged myself with these new thoughts as I continued licking and sucking.

It is Margaret’s contention that a wife who gives a dynamite blow will always keep her man from straying, particularly if she loves him and swallows. What better way to stroke a man’s ego than to swallow; that is my motto now, with or without ice cream and I continued to sucking, completely sated.

Richard is the one…of course he is, but I’m in charge now.

He tasted my ice cream pussy and my orgasm was like nirvana and Shangri-La all rolled into one. I’m going to suck cock to get a load of his rich, creamy semen squirted into my mouth just like whipped cream from a pressurized can.

I’ve been doing that since I was a little girl much to my mother’s indignant displeasure, squirting the whipped cream that comes in a pressurized can into my mouth, that being one of life’s simple but naughty pleasures.

I could tell Richard was trying to hold back and prolong his blowjob but the first clear pre-cum escaped despite his best efforts.

I stopped and looked at him smiling and licking my lips and teeth to tease him before putting another dollop of ice cream on his cock to suck and lick it off.

‘It tastes delicious so far and there is more to come out of his big thick cock, his testosterone laden whipped cream… isn’t it wonderful?’ I was thinking.

Richard let go of my bun and took my hair out of the ponytail just before his orgasm washed over him letting my hair drop onto his stomach and chest like a silky brown waterfall.

He pulled my hair forward from the back and arranged it to cover his chest and stomach and then buried his hands in my hair to hold me in place while filling my mouth with gobs of his thick, creamy semen. I tasted and savored every bit before swallowing while wishing for more thinking

‘His seed tastes so complex. It’s a little hard to describe actually…hmm… a little salty and a little sweet but creamy and rich with hints of testosterone but mostly it tastes like my Richard” I was thinking.

“Ding-ding, ice cream round three, stud” I said straddling his hips with my knees and throwing my head back to arrange most of my hair over my back and shoulders while letting the front fall forward to do a sexy peek-a-boo eyes; that’s what Richard says when I look through my hair like that.

“Peek-a-boo eyes, you’re spoiling me” he said putting his hands behind his head and sighing contentedly “I just can’t get enough of you.”

“What else do you have in the cooler, sweetheart?” I asked, running my hands up and down his bare chest.

“There’s nothing left in the cooler, however there’s four ½ pints of ice cream; strawberry, chocolate, maple walnut and vanilla in the freezer downstairs for dessert.”

“We’ve already had our dessert, sweetheart” I replied.

“We merely had a little taste. I’m thinking that we should change the sheets and then shower to get the sticky off.

I propose we have a nice soak together with strawberry for you and of maple walnut for me. There’s plenty of room in our old claw footed bathtub for the two of us.”

“That sounds like a plan” I agreed getting off of him “you get the ice cream and I’ll change the sheets…..may I add some vanilla scented bath oil?”


“May I light some vanilla candles for soft soothing light?”

“Vanilla candles sound most appropriate to set the mood.”

“I thoroughly agree, sweetheart” and I adore calling him that…sweetheart as I adore when he calls me Beth, or simply baby.

By the way, baby” he said sitting up and swinging his legs over the side of the bed “there’s another surprise for you in fridge. Something your cousin told me about while we were playing chess the week I received my Catechism classes; something you used to do to annoy your mother to distraction bordering on self righteous indignation….Margret used to give me hell for that too.”

“You eat whipped cream from the can?”


“I’ll be right back.”

“No; whipped cream in the can is not allowed out of the kitchen, Beth” he jumping up and blocking the door to me from leaving.

“Are you kidding?” I asked putting my arms around his neck to kiss his lips “There’s already ice cream on the sheets and in my hair.”

“That’s dancing while doing the dishes whipped cream; we’re adults now and we should act responsibly and with dignity” and we started dancing naked about our bedroom “it’s in the fine print on the pressurized cans just below the ingredients.”

“Now you’re being silly, Richard; dancing while doing the dishes whipped cream?”

“Yes, a creamy squirt here and a creamy squirt there; it’s the house rule baby.”

“Well, it’s my house too you know. Don’t we have to negotiate all new rules?”

“Perhaps; do you want to negotiate?”

“Always” I replied affectionately patting his tight butt “didn’t you tell me marriage is all about compromise and negotiation?”

“I did….therefore and forth with I’ll help you change the sheets, baby. After we shower please fill the tub with vanilla scent bath oil and set the romantic mood with soft candle while I get our ice cream.

We’ll negotiate the whipped cream rule in the tub….”

We got in and I slid the shower curtain around the elongated circumference of the tub. Richard washed and conditioned my hair followed by the rest of me and after that it was my turn.

I took my time soaping him, an excuse to feel his hard muscular body.

I shaved his cock and balls and although my sex really didn’t need it, my fiancé’ and lover shaved my pussy. I shave for him once a day and for myself because I like the clean fresh feeling.

After I toweled him off my blonde Tarzan went downstairs with a towel wrapped around is middle like a loin cloth to get everything ready in the kitchen while I took care of everything up here.

The vanilla bath oil and vanilla candles were intended to be a surprise for him and now was a perfect time.

I was waiting in the tub when he returned. Richard handed me a long spoon and my strawberry ice cream still in the carton topped with a swirl of whipped cream and a maraschino cherry.

Getting into the tub Richard put his spoon in his mouth and chewed and swallowed “I just popped my first cherry…..well in the bathtub anyway.”

Very funny Tarzan, I call this first vanilla scented water bathtub meeting of to order. The first item on the agenda is pressurized whipped cream in the can and the proposed venue change…….

The warm hazy days of summer with karacabey escort its gentle breezes arrived with butterflies’ kisses as they fluttered from flower to flower in the fields of forget-me-nots near the creek by our swimming hole. Richard told me he can’t remember such a cornucopia year of butterflies, neither can Margaret.

Our butterflies are a vista of natures’ glorious flashes of color as they dance from flower to flower, resting briefly to sip the nectar before moving to the next. My big sweetheart knows the name of every single butterfly; as he does every plant, tree, mammal, bird, fish, insect; rock or mineral on our property. My love has one shelf dedicated to Field Guides in his bookcase.

We have our playful discussions; the delightful back and forth that always result in compromise. I want Richard to wear a black tuxedo at our wedding. He reluctantly agreed if I learned the names of the butterflies. Margret said he would have worn it for me regardless since he is smitten with me.

I already knew that and our wedding is fast approaching on September 8th.

One lazy late afternoon in August, out of the clear blue, my love shared a very tender private thought from a secret place in his heart. We were lying in the sun on a cotton blanket after a cooling swim in the creek to get dry.

We were watching our butterflies when Richard put his arms around me to kiss my lips; this kiss was different from every kiss before.

I sensed something very protective and paternal. I also experienced a feeling of maternal instinctual longing………glowing warmth in my womb when my love kissed me….followed by a realization I wanted to have babies with him.

“Goodness what a passionate kiss” I said hugging him back and returning his kisses. I was wondering if Richard was feeling what I was feeling….thinking what I was thinking. I’ve never had such feeling before in my life…..a fleeting experience of the overwhelming glow of motherhood “You’ve never kissed me like that before.”

“I kissed you because I love you. I kissed because we’re going to be married, Beth” and the warmth in his eyes rivaled the warm sunshine caressing our bodies us as we cuddled close on the sun kissed grass.

“Beth…..I……..I must….it has never happened to me before; not even with Bea. I had a waking dream that is so real. I felt a warm gentle prodding touch….followed by an ardent thought because you’re my inspiration.

Maybe our butterflies are really unborn babies in disguise visiting from heaven and asking to be born. For a brief millisecond or what might have been an eternity in heaven, our butterflies were babies with wings….wings with all the colors of the rainbow and colors that can only be found in heaven…..one of the babies smiled at me and then……”

“Was the baby was a butterfly again?” I offered, finishing for him.

“Did you see them?” Richard asked, hugging me tighter.

“No, but I was thinking about babies when you kissed me” while wondering if this conservation was another waking dream within a dream. There are little miracles surrounding us every day if we’re aware and open to the possibilities.

Margaret told me in the strictest of confidence Beatrice was sterile, adding dire consequences if I betrayed her confidence. She told me how he took the news…..Richard was devastated.

Richard supported his wife, pushing his feelings aside; locking them away. He never told Bea how he felt, assuring her it was God’s will and everything will be fine; our love will see us through; Beatrice eventually moved on assuming he had….except the ache in his heart never completely went away.

“Do you realize what this means Sweetheart? It means our souls touched after you saw our first child and then kissed me. I meant every syllable as I touched his face gently “You will be a wonderful father to our children.”

“How many children are you thinking, Beth?” Richard asked; a mixture of pure joy and incredulity on his handsome face.

“I’ll accept as many children as God blesses us with……”

My Mother experienced these same feelings when she learned she was with child; me. She never shared these thoughts with me directly, face to face, because of her upbringing and the ways of her generation…..although I do know my Mother’s deepest and most intimate thoughts. I understood my mother’s feelings for me, her daughter, more clearly since the time of our little miracle.

After my Mom’s passing, Kathy, Mom’s closest friend gave me a key to a bank safety deposit box and said “I made a solemn promise to your Mother, Elizabeth. As you know Anna was my dearest friend.

Anna told me she was blessed with you before she told your father. Your dear Mother kept a special diary about you from your conception to your birth; the white one with the angels and butterflies. Her others are in the box too. Anna stopped writing after your father died. She gave them to me for safe keeping.”

“Did you read them, Kathy?”

“There was no need for I knew your mother’s thoughts and feeling.

Your father never read her diaries. He didn’t know they existed and wouldn’t have approved. The white diary with the butterflies and angels was written to you…one mother to another to guide you when you are blessed with a child.”

We spent the rest of the afternoon under our black walnut trees talking about our future family. I told him about my Mother’s secret diaries and Richard told me about his secret blueprint and patterns.

Richard went to his woodshop in the barn and returned with a plastic insulated picnic cooler. He removed something wrapped carefully with a waterproof tarp; a small cedar chest he made with his strong skilled hands.

“I’ve keep it hidden under the floorboards of barn” he said unlocking it “You’re the first person who has ever seen it or knows about it, my love.”

Richard showed me patterns for cradles, for cribs and highchairs; there were patterns for mechanical baby swings, for changing tables and for playpens.

There were patterns for blocks, for tops, for pull toys of almost every animal imaginable. There were patterns for puzzles and rubber band guns and pop guns.

There were patterns for doll beds, doll houses and doll carriages; child size furniture such as tables and chairs including rocking chairs; hobby horses and sleds.

There were patterns for riding toys such as cars and scooters; airplanes, cranes, wagons and fire trucks, and patterns everything for children to numerous to mention that could made of wood.

There was a detailed blueprint for a fairy tale tree house suitable for a boy, for a girl, or both; depending what color or stain and varnish were used. My soon to be husband even showed me the trees where it would now be built and explained how he shaped and trimmed them over the years so they would be safe, secure and strong.

Richard’s chest of dreams and wishes is the only secret besides the ache in his heart he kept from his wife.

Around supper time, we telephoned Margaret to tell her she was going to be a grandmother. We then invited her over for steaks on the grill.

Of course Margaret accepted the dinner invitation and practically rushed right over thinking I was pregnant. She didn’t know Richard and I had a friendly bet guessing how she would react when we explained she must wait at least a year’s time.

If I’m right, Richard will pay for two massage sessions at the spa. He agreed to join me and give it a try.

If he’s right I’ll make an appointment with Linda at her salon for big spiral curls.

Afterwards we’re going to play out a little harmless sexual fantasy of mine were I arrive first at popular bar suggesting I might be available; such naughty thoughts. I’ve never dreamed anything like this before. I will wear a sexy short dress and I won’t be wearing panties but a red lace thong instead. My makeup will be sultry and suggestive.

Richard is going to meet me there eventually and….

We’ll then go to the spa the next day for our massages. It’s a win-win outcome for us both……….