E064:Preparing Emma at the Salon


After a wonderful night sleeping together, Friday morning as they awoke, Donald told her to go tan again.  This is interesting to Emma as he had cut back on how much she did lay in the bed, but it seems he wants her now tanner and tanner.She follows his directions, and after, a short massage today from Julie who talks to Emma about her day as a dog, and how she liked doing it.  From each of Emma’s responses about it, she sighs deeply.  When finished, Emma moves off the bed, she now does not have any problem being nude in front of Julie and Karen.  As she moves from the table Julie confesses that she would like to play that role with Karen one day. Emma laughs and tells her she should admit this to Karen and see where it leads.  Karen gives a little yelp in reply.Emma goes back into the bathroom and sees that Donald has been warming up the shower for them.  He helps her in it and begins to wash her.  His attention this way over all her erogenous areas always makes her squirm and titillate.As he washes her, he tells her, that for today’s spa appointment, after her mani and pedi, Sasha will be taking care of her, to be absolutely sure she is fully sheened for tomorrow. But, he will be there to watch all that goes on. “Sasha knows this already, when I talked with her she promised she would try her best to refrain herself,” Donald tells Emma.While the idea of Sasha’s of attention to her makes Emma start to drip, and the idea of Donald being there to watch drip, even more, the thought that she would not feel Sasha’s breath, fingers, love on her makes her rather sad.Donald can feel, first Emma’s enthrallment of the idea, and then her sadness from what he told her, as he shampoos her hair he leans and whispers in her ear, “If you are good, I might enjoy seeing how Sasha can make you so happy.”Emma gushes at that and turns to him, and with a soapy head, kneels in front of him and takes his semi-hard cock in her mouth.  As the water flows over them, she sucks more and more of his prick into her mouth.  Her hands are squeezing his balls and running up and down his crack, until with a loud moan from him he feels her fingers press into his asshole.He could explode at that second, but he holds himself back so to enjoy this attention as long as he can.  Donald leans his shoulders on the shower wall for support, as this treatment from Emma is making him weak in the knees.  He groans and whines and ever yelps some as she presses further in him and takes all of his cock in her mouth now.  He is down in her throat as she sucks over and over, only pulling back out to catch her breath before taking him all in again.His level of delight is skyrocketing.  Donald feels Emma remove her finger from his ass, and he sighs in disappointment, only to shout out a second later as she now presses two fingers up in him. She lubricates them both by running them through her dripping slit some.Donald tries to hold back as long as he can, but as the two fingers now dance well up in his ass, and Emma keeps pulling back and then sucking him all in her mouth and throat, it does not take long for him to explode.Emma swallows almost all of it, as she sucks him dry as he deflates.  Her fingers slow in his ass, and he again laments as she removes them.Donald pulls her to her feet and wraps his arms around her and kisses her deeply, tasting his cum on her tongue still.“Emma, that was wonderful.  Sit and spread your legs so I can return the pleasure,” Donald tells her.Emma giggles as she sits on the bench ankara escort she feels the nice warm water washing over them and spreads her thighs wide apart.  It is a good thing that Donald has an extremely large water heater for these long showers and baths they so enjoy taking. Donald sits on the shower floor between her legs and begins to suck and lick her inner thighs, warming her to what will soon come.  After that sweet teasing, and him seeing how soaked her slit now is, he moves and takes one of lower lips in his mouth and starts to suck on it.  As he does, he squeezed the other lip to help it begin to swell also.Emma whimpers in pleasure as he moves back and forth between the two lips.  Sucking on one while pinching and massaging the other.  Her loud sighs let him know she is enjoying this.  When both are rosy and double in size, he moves to lick up and down her slit.  Today, after he has run his tongue up and down her a few times, He starts at the top, her clit and sucks and licks it until he feels her start to tremble and he knows she is about to have her first orgasm from this.  She thrashes from side to side, holding his head firmly in place, and the orgasmic cry from her lips is immense as her whole-body shutters.Donald kisses her clit gently several times before he moves his tongue down to play in her vag.  Pressing in as far as he can, while his fingers softly caress her clit.  Again, Emma is soon moaning over and over.  It only takes a few minutes for her to start to shake and shutter again.  This time as she arches her back and cries out she clamps her thighs together hold his head firmly in place as she rides this second crashing wave out.The shower bench is deep enough that he helps her move back some and bend her knees up on the seat and lean back.  Yes, now he has the right angle to bend and lick from her vag to her booty hole. As he begins to lick around the rim, making her drip more and more, he moves his hand, so three fingers are pressing in her vag, while his thumb is rubbing her love pearl.He presses his tongue in her starfish which he has just cleaned so well as they showered.  He thrusts as much as he can up in her, bring it out to lick around her before pressing in again.  Over and over as he feels her cunt throbbing against his fingers, which in kind makes her anus clench also. Emma is beyond the edge now, ready to crash for the third time in minutes.  She shrieks with total joy as she cums hard and strong.  Donald feels the sides of her vag holding his fingers captive in her.  He is glad at that moment he pulls back and is just rimming her, his tongue might have been trapped too.Emma falls forward towards him, panting trying to steady her breathing, putting her head on his shoulder.  When somewhat calm, she starts kissing his neck, face, and then mouth deeply.  It is her turn to now taste her juices on Donald’s lips and tongue.“I think we both need a little more of a shower after all that,” Donald tells her.Emma just nods, and they stand under the water spraying on them and wash each other with soapy hands again.Dried and seated for her hair to be done, Donald styles it in a simple way, the henna highlight do give such a glow to her.  He plainly does her makeup, and then takes her to the bedroom to dress her.  Her bra and panties are of a pale yellow which shows off her tan so nicely.  Then he chooses a sleeveless summer dress with large pink and blue flower print over a yellow background.  She looks marvelous to him.She slips ankara escort bayan on yellow heels, and she is dressed for the day.  No need for stockings today.He hurries and dresses for the day, and they have a quick breakfast, realizing that after all the time they took in the shower they need to be at the spa shortly.Emma is taken in for her manicure and pedicure.  Donald goes with her and picks out a medium brownish shade for her, to match her tan and hair.  He sits in a chair reading a scholarly journal as she is primped and pampered.When she is finished, she feels shivers running through her body as she thinks about what is ahead and seeing Sasha.  How will it be between them, with Donald there watching?  Will he allow Sasha to touch and play with her how she did last time?She walks down the hall barefoot as Donald carries her shoes.  Making sure the polish dries completely and is not smeared.Sasha is waiting in the open doorway with a large smile on her face.  She shakes hands with Donald as Emma introduces them, and Sasha tells him, “It is so nice to meet you finally.  You seem to be doing a wonderful job of helping Emma explore new dimensions.  And Emma, you look even lovelier and more radiant today.  I love the colors in your hair.”Sasha while being so open and friendly maintains a professional demeanor.  Donald greets her and tells her it is nice to meet her too finally.  “Emma, don’t you think you should give Sasha a better greeting than this?”Emma looks at him and he winks at her letting her know she has his permission.  Sasha sees the wink too, so when Emma steps closer to her and takes the initiative to lean in to kiss her, Sasha wraps her arms around Emma’s waist to hold her as they kiss each other on the lips.“I am so glad to see you again, Emma,” Sasha tells her.  “And I am sorry, Professor Ryan, for going too far the last time I was with her.”Donald is feeling buoyant from the shower time with Emma this morning. He seems to now be open to watching the two women together.  He sees that there is a second rolling stool at the head of the massage table.  He goes to it and sits, turns to the women and says, “Show me how you helped Emma the last time you trimmed and shaved her.  From the beginning.”Both look rather wide-eyed at him at his casual manner about this now.  There is a large smile on his face now as he looks at them.  Emma asks him if he is sure?  And when he nods in response, she goes to him and kisses him profoundly and thanks him and takes her shoes from him.She goes back and stands in front of the chair which always holds her clothes.  She places the shoes on the floor, and Sasha as she did last time, steps close to her and says, “Let me help you undress.”Her arms go around Emma, and begins to unzip her dress slowly, and then slides it down off her.  Leaning to pick it up, Sasha pauses for a moment to breathe in Emma’s wonderful pussy scent.  Donald can see her doing this.  He realizes he is already starting to harden in his pants watching this.  He wonders how long he can last?Sasha reaches behind Emma and unclips her bra and slowly lowers it off her arms.  After putting the bra on top of the dress, Sasha just gently strokes Emma’s breasts and pinches her nipples.  Emma gasps in enjoyment.  She realizes that Donald watching this time is so much different than when Connie was with her while he watched.  She knows that Connie lusts for her, but Sasha has a warmer feeling for her.And then she feels Sasha’s fingers moving under escort ankara the elastic of her panties and sliding down to caress her ass cheeks.  A sigh escapes her lips, and Sasha kneels again as she pulls them down her legs and off.  Still kneeling in front of her, Sasha leans close to her again to sniff that musky scent, she runs her fingers up and down Emma’s legs and between her thighs as she does.In a husky voice, Sasha says, “Well you do have a bit of growth on your legs, and your mons needs a good clipping.”  She stands and tells Emma to raise her arms and Sasha licks at each armpit, saying, “Checking to see how much growth there is there.”Emma feels a little unsteady on her feet as such an examination.Sasha turns to Donald and says, “This happens when someone doesn’t do a thorough job of clipping, waxing, and after lotion.  At first, it feels that everything is smooth and cleared, but in days growth is back heavier almost.  I am sorry Emma did not get the service she should have last week.”Donald replies, “I can see how that might happen, please make sure she is completely clipped and shaved today, and whatever is needed to protect against this in the future.”Sasha nods in response as she helps Emma up on the table.  Today, they do not bother with a towel, they are now past that.  Emma looks up at Donald watching down on her as she scoots herself into the stirrups and up close to Sasha.Sasha tells Donald to move his stool where ever he wants for the best view.  She does have a bright light shining down on Emma’s cunt from the rolling table she has next to her with her instruments, but on the other side, Donald can roll to watch close up what Sasha is doing. He watches in awe as Sasha carefully lifts Emma’s mons hair and clips them as close as she can.  She gently blows on Emma’s cunt to get the hairs away after each clip.  She leans in close to inspect her work, but only when Emma is completely sheared does she look up at Donald and ask if she might?Donald knows what she is asking and tells her she may, and watches Emma’s face and body as Sasha leans and begins to lick Emma’s slit up and down, cleaning away all her sticky juices.  Emma moans now feeling Sasha soft tongue on her again, playing at her pearl, pressing into her just a bit.  Emma lifts herself some to feel her closer.Donald watches and then leans and kisses Emma and ask if she is enjoying this.  Emma grins and nods in response.  Sasha returns to the work at hand and rubs the warm special oil she has over Emma’s mons and pussy.  She gently finger-fucks Emma a little to press oil in there too. She has Emma roll over on her stomach, which Donald helps her do.  She clips and trims around Emma’s asshole; making sure all hair is so short it is hardly noticeable.  Then she again asks Donald if she may. Donald is now getting rather hard, pressing against his zipper croaks out, “Yes, please.”This is new for Emma, as Sasha has never done this to her before, but she moans with pleasure as Sasha rims her some.  Then the feel of the warm oil up and down her crack and around and in her back hole where Donald just this morning so pleased her.  This is delightful. It was fun when she had felt Connie do it, but this way is almost better, laying on her stomach with her legs spread.  She finds herself panting a little and knows that she is soaking the sheet under her.Then Emma is rolled on her back again and her legs one at a time lifted to wax them.  As Sasha does, she suggests Donald gets one of the warm clothes on the counter to begin to wipe Emma some.  He hurries to comply.  While Emma winches some from the wax being torn from her legs, Donald rubbing the warm rag back and forth between her legs, make her forget about it.