E008:Emma’s appointment


Emma smoothed the dress over her hips and felt a rush of excitement from doing it.  Immediately she felt guilty that she had done something which she enjoyed without the Professor’s permission. She hadn’t meant to, so she hoped it was a misdemeanor, and not something she needed to report. She looked at the clock and realized the morning was slipping away and she did need to get to this appointment right away.  Coming down her stairs she did feel a little shaky on the high heels but by the time she got to the bottom of the steps she had steadied herself.Driving to the salon she wondered what was ahead for her.  Donald had been vague in his outline of what was to happen, but she knew whatever it was she would submit herself to it, for him. Arriving at the place she had been directed to she parked, went into the waiting room, and up to the receptionist.  She gave her name in not much more than a whisper.  There were all these other people here and did she really want any of them to know who she was?But, the receptionist was so loud in her response saying she was expected, and they would be ready for her in just a minute or two.  Emma cringed as she took a seat to wait.  Someone came into the lobby and announced her name.  Thank goodness it was only her first name.  The woman told escort izmit Emma to come with her.Emma was taken to a room with a table in the middle of it. It had stirrups at the end, like her GYN’s office really.  A couple of chairs, a counter with all sorts of strange things on it, and cabinets above and below it.On the table was a large cloth sheet. Emma’s guide told her to undress completely, and then get on the table on her back.  The sheet was to cover herself with. The room was shaded and dimly lit.  There were some candles around the room burning, giving off a different but enjoyable scent. Left alone, she went to the chair and slowly lifted her dress off her, enjoying feeling the softness of the fabric run over her body.  Then she unhooked her beautiful new bra and laid it on the dress, then she slid her panties down her legs and stepped out of them, and her shoes. She climbed on the table, laid how instructed, her head on a small pillow, and placed the sheet over her, just from her knees to above her breasts.She did not have to wait long.  There was a small knock at the door, and it opened and a small beautiful woman walked in. “Hello Emma, I am Sasha and I will be taking care of you today.  I have the instructions sent as to what is to be done. Please believe me, izmit escort I will be careful with you and not hurt you too much.  I promise.” There was a nervous look on Emma’s face as she just nodded her head. “We will start with your legs first.”Sasha lifted the sheet up Emma’s legs, just covering her crotch. She brought over a pot of wax and began to spread it on Emma’s calves.  Then over her knees and all over her thighs, lifting each leg to get the backsides.  The warm wax felt nice, and how Sasha applied it was so soothing. But did Sasha really have to go so high up, especially on her inner thighs? Emma was not that hairy, especially up that high. Emma’s laid there as the wax cooled just a little. Then the pain did begin. Sasha gently pressed small strips of cloth against her calves first and then ripped it away taking all the hair on her legs with it.  Then the same to each thigh.  Oh, when Sasha got to the inner thigh so high up the rip-away did hurt a good bit.  But she was so thorough – she even waxed some places again, and a second rip. Sasha seemed to be a perfectionist.  Leaning close to Emma she looked for any stray hairs, then lifted her legs again to inspect the back. Sasha had Emma roll over on her stomach and lifted the sheet up to her back, izmit kendi evi olan escort exposing Emma’s ass.  She turned the stirrups and placed Emma’s feet in them, which made her spread wide open.  Emma blushed brightly, as she felt Sasha’s gloved fingers spread her cheeks and begin to apply wax along her crack and gently around her back hole. “You do not have much hair here Emma, not like some people, but my instructions are to clean this well also.”And rip, it was pulled along the crack, then another cloth was pressed firmly around her hole and ripped away there. At that, though she had been trying to be still and not make a sound at each rip, this one was a bit much and Emma cried out.  Sasha then quickly poured some warm oil down her crack and softly rubbed it in up and down her crack, and then circled her hole.  That did feel rather nice. Then the oil was dripped down over her cheeks, thighs, and calves and Sasha worked it in well all down her backside, almost like a massage as she did.  Sasha lifted Emma’s feet out of the stirrups and quietly told her to roll over.  Holding the sheet up for her, Emma did.  Sasha placed the sheet back over Emma again, just barely covering her as she rubbed oil onto the fronts of Emma’s legs.She then continued to oil up Emma’s arms, which she raised over Emma’s head, telling her to hold her hands together there.  Sasha then returned with the warm wax and applied it to each of Emma’s armpits.  And then rip, rip, rip cleared all the hair away there.  Followed by the oil.