Big Tits

 It all happened so fast. One day me and my friend John were skateboarding. I heard him scream “DAN, LOOK OUT” and the next thing I knew  people are screaming for an ambulance. From what I heard I had been hit by a bus, and my friend didn’t seem to be alive. I layed there in pain, wondering if I was going to die, when suddenly a bright light appeared. After that I woke up. What I woke up to wasn’t a hospital. It wasn’t heaven. And it certainly wasn’t hell. It was the street me and my friend had been skateboarding on previously. But it was empty. No cars, no people, nothing. I wondered around the city for hours, wondering what was going on. If this was all a sick joke I was not amused.  After several desperate hours the sun began to set, and the realization of what was going on sank in. I was all alone. Where did everyone go? Was I dead? So many questions, and no answers. I walked back to my home and slept. I had nothing else to do. I wondered throughout the night if I would ever see anyone again. If I would ever see my family? Mom….Dad… Steph, my little angel. At 17 she would never see her big brother again.  The next day I woke up, and got some food from the cupboard. I searched the house, to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, but no one was there. I grabbed a pack and walked to the store. I needed to stock up on supplies, I mean, who knows how long this is going to go on. Maybe I’m not the only one left? I took everything I could. Books, food, clothes. Everything I thought necessary. For the next few months I spent my time reading. I would read through all the books I could find. I noticed something curious though. If I picked up a book I had never read before, it would be filled with blank pages. Strange. Food would always be restocked on the shelves of the store, and it would never run out. This world I was in was getting weirder and weirder every day. I would listen to the radio and television to keep myself sane. After 11 months of isolation my mind was beginning to break down. I finally had enough. I walked to the lake, carrying nothing but a cement block and a rope. I was going to end this nightmare. istanbul travesti There was obviously no one coming to rescue me. Everyone was dead. I tied the rope around my ankles and to the cinder block. “Here goes nothing,” I said as I threw the block deep into the lake.   I sank, deeper and deeper, and as I reached the bottom I realized something was wrong. I could breath. I could breath air, underwater. After a minute I untied the rope and drifted to the top. Crawling out of the water I punched a tree, kicking and screaming I wondered why I couldn’t end it all. This MUST be hell. Eternal loneliness, and after only 11 months its already gotten to my head. I returned home, angry and confused. What did I do to deserve this punishment? I contemplated all the wrong things I had ever done. I thought of all the people I had ignored. All the “losers” I had made fun of in high-school. The more I thought about all those poor kids, the more I thought ‘I deserve this’. I took for granted all those wonderful people in my life. After a month of sulking, I awoke to a major change. Outside of my house was a moving truck. I circled around it, almost too afraid to look inside. After a half hour of staring at this amusing new development I opened it. The inside of the truck was larger than the outside. It was filled with books, movies, clothes, and all sorts of random things. I scanned over the books. I found all sorts of things I had never seen before. One book stood out, Robin Hood, my sisters favorite. I had never read it, and as I thought of my sister I opened it. All the pages were filled. I had never in my life read it before, but all the pages were there.  I looked through everything in the truck and decided to leave it all as it was. As I closed the door to the truck I noticed something stranger then the contents. All over the outside of the truck were these words, WAKE UP. I walked back to the house and saw the words, I’M COMING, burned into the lawn. This was getting stranger by the minute. I ran to the door, but was stopped at the sound of a card in bicycle spokes. I wirled around to istanbul travestileri see Timmy, the newspaper delivery boy speeding towards my house. With little effort, he threw a paper at me, and sped away. I ran after him but couldn’t get him to stop. I ran back to see what was in the paper and my jaw dropped. The main article was about a boy who died after a bus accident. His friend was in intensive care. Which was I? Most of the paper was gibberish, but bits and peaces made sense. There was an article about scientist making a machine to connect to peoples brain waves together, some comics, a few adverts, and finally in the way back an article mourning the loss of the Belmonts daughter. Stephanie Belmont.  None of the article made sense. It was written as if it was her in the accident. SHE was the one who was hit, not me. It mentioned her funeral, and where she was buried at. My mind must have been playing tricks on me. After a year, my mind had collapsed. I dropped the paper and fell to my knees crying. This wasn’t fair! I die, AND my sister is killed.  I stood to go into the house and saw a shovel, planted in the ground, blocking my path. My mind went to the paper, and the burial lot. I grabbed the shovel and ran as fast as my legs could carry me. After a year of being trapped here I realized I couldn’t die, so I ran without regard to my lungs or anything else. Sweat pored off of my body as I ran. I finally made it to the graveyard, and I raced to her plot. I dug as fast as I could, my hands bleeding from such a tight grip on the shovel.  hours passed by and I finally reached the casket. I opened it to find my sister sleeping.  Her eyes opened with a start and she hugged me tightly. “Oh brother its really you! Is it you?””What are you doing here?” I asked her. I had so many questions. Was this my mind? Was this real? How did she get here? Is there a way to escape?”Let me explain everything, but get me out of this dirt hole first” she said reaching out for my hand.  I picked her up and began to walk towards the house. She explained everything on the way there. The bus had hit Tim travesti head on, killing him instantly. It slowed down enough to just give me a bad hit on the head. They rushed me to the hospital, but I was in a coma. The doctors didn’t know how long I would be in the coma for, but they heard of this new machine that could sync peoples brainwaves, allowing them to enter each others dreams. They hooked her up to the machine and here she was. I listened to all that, not knowing if I should believer her or not. “So this is all a dream?””Yes, none of this is real, but it does look fairly realistic” she said, looking around at the world around her.”You haven’t really changed much in a year,” I laughed at her. She was always a slow developer physically. She was 5-3 and 109 pounds. She had pale skin, which was smooth and blemish free. Her eyes were a glowing green, the type that oozed charisma. Her brown hair went a little past her shoulders, to the small of her back. her ass was kind of flat, but still cute. Her tits were of an average size, not huge, but not tiny. After a year of being alone I wasn’t suprized that I noticed all of this. I drank her in with my eyes. But it was still wrong, she was my sister. “What are you talking about? Its only been 3 days. The doctors said the time might be messed up, but they thought it would be the opposite. They thought you would feel like no time had passed.””So this whole time I’ve only been in the hospital for 3 days?” I was shocked. All this time in my head, and it’s been only 3 days. I tried to take it all in when we reached the house.  The truck had disappeared, and all its contents had been moved into the house. “Wow, this place sure is different” she exclaimed. The house was littered with books. I had nothing to do but read, so I read everything I could get my hands on. “Yah, haha I like to read, what can I say?” I watched her as she slowly walked around the house, looking everything over. She went up to her room to find all of her stuff in order. She ran back down and said, “okay, now lets try to get you out of here.” “How are we supposed to do that?” I asked. I didn’t know, and by the look on her face neither did she. “The doctor said that seeing someone familiar should be enough to trigger you into waking up.” she said, trying to calm herself.”Well its not working. And I’m not so sure this is all a coma dream anyways.