Dorm Deal

Big Tits

I slowly sank to my knees between Derek’s legs, wondering if it were really going to happen. Wondering if everyone were serious and actually going to go through with it.

Were the four of us seriously going to suck each other’s cocks?

I looked over at Adam, on his knees between Barron’s legs. His wide eyes stared back at me full of the same question I was asking myself, but with a wry grin on his lips. A gangbang played on the big screen behind us. That’s how all of this started: four drunk, horny college guys and a porno…

It was about the seventh straight weekend our sorry asses had gone out in search of some skirt and come home empty-handed to the man. We’re not a bad looking crew, but hot college girls have their preferences and college guys that aren’t rich or Abercrombie models aren’t usually it.

So there we were, the four of us, sitting in our beatdown dorm, finishing the end of our drinks and wishing pussy would somehow fall from the sky.

“You’d think the law of averages would get at least one of us laid by now,” I said, staring up at the ceiling.

Next to me on the couch, Derek tipped back the end of his drink and tossed the empty Solo cup aside. “Chris is right. How are we not knee deep in it right now. For fuck’s sake, I’m the only black dude on this campus! That alone oughta do it!”

Barron rummaged through the console. “Movie?”

“Fine, but nothing dirty or my nuts are gonna explode,” I said.

“Guess that rules out the circle jerk,” Adam said, smiling, lanky form heading for the fridge. He jingled an empty can. “Anyone else?”

I had a nice little buzz working and didn’t dig the idea of nursing a record number of consecutive hangovers. “I’m straight.”

“Me too,” Derek said. He looked at me through the corner of his eye. “But I’ve seen this fag’s browsing history, and he’s anything but straight.”

I felt my face flush and burn. I was busted and had to act quick. I punched Derek in the arm. “Fuck you, asshole! What were you doing on my computer again?”

Barron looked up from his burrowing. “Yeah, Dee. What were you doing looking at Chris’s gay porn?”

“You know what? Fuck you too, Barron.” The harder I fought, the more they got their digs in, and laughed hysterically. I fumbled for excuses. “I was just looking at regular shit, and I must’ve clicked on a bi site accidentally.”

“What’s so funny?” Adam asked. He had changed into sweats and plopped back into his seat. He lazily fondled his nuts through his pants.

“Chris has gay porn on his computer,” Derek said, motioning with his hands as though he were sucking a pair of invisible dicks.

“So? If that’s his thing, who cares? We’ve seen the type of tail he’s pulled. Who cares how he preps for game time?” Adam replied.

It was nice to have someone draw fire. I should’ve guessed he’d wind up being the other guy to go first with me later on.

“Hey guys, check this shit out!” Barron reappeared from inside the console. His face was practically gaziantep escort torn in half with a grin. He proudly held a DVD out as an offering to the group. It was marked in Sharpie.


“I remember this disc. It was Sean’s. He must’ve left it behind when he moved in with Tiffany,” Barron said.

“You know the rule,” Derek said. He lowered his voice to a rumble. “Found porn is a gift. Found porn must be watched.”

At first, I figured no big deal. We’d all watched porn together in our three years at the dorms. Fifteen minutes later, we were all “adjusting” ourselves through our pants every other minute. Barron was the first to pull out his dick. No one was shocked. We’d all walked in on each other with a girl and seen it all in the gym showers.

Adam immediately followed suit, pulling out his nine inch cock and giving it a few slow strokes before declaring, “Alright. Circle jerk on.”

I hated Adam for having such a big piece. It made my own four inches feel well below average. I stole a few fascinated looks at his meat, wondering what it would be like to have a dick that big. To stroke it maybe. To shove it down a willing throat. By the end of the first scene, we all had our cocks out and at attention.

Fast forward about an hour and it had been decided… We were all sick and tired of going to bed drunk and horny every Saturday night. We agreed to “take care of each other”. To take turns getting each other off in plain view. And to keep the secret forever. A simple coin flip meant Adam and I had to go first.

Derek eagerly looked at me. His hand was wrapped around the base of his thick cock, leaving an easy four inches visible. The swollen tip eased a bit of pre-cum. “Well? We all agreed. First you guys do us then we switch. And then nobody fucking mentions this ever. Agreed?”

“Agreed,” Barron managed to croak. His pants were around his ankles, and Adam was slowly stroking his friend’s thin, but ample manhood. “Agreed,” Adam said, before lowering his mouth onto Barron’s flesh.

Derek let his hand fall from his cock. It pointed at the ceiling like an onyx tower. “Well?” he repeated.

I took a final look at our housemates. Adam slowly sucked Barron’s cock. He was nervous: every few sucks and strokes he’d stop and look up for reassurance. Each time Barron just nodded rapidly. And each time Adam smiled and returned to the cock in his face.

I sidled closer to the couch. Unsure where to put my hands, I let them sit in my lap. Derek’s cock was three feet from changing my outlook on life. I’m not going to lie. I’d thought about it in the past. Derek had found the proof on my computer.

But watching and doing were two different things. I’m not gay. Hell I’m not even bi. I’d never be taking a guy home to mom and dad. I knelt there on the floor, my own cock solid as granite beneath my hands. I leaned in closer, until I felt the warmth radiating from Derek’s groin.

To my right, Adam seemed to have figured things out. His hand was wrapped tight around Barron’s slick-with-saliva cock, twisting and stroking its fleshy length while Adam dutifully swallowed every inch he could.

Derek shifted his hips. His signal was loud and clear. I lowered my head. My lips parted. I inhaled his musk.

My mouth sealed around Derek’s cock and he groaned. I froze for a moment, mouth full of throbbing meat. Could I really do this?

My hand brushed against a wet spot on my shorts. I had my answer. My heart pounded as I slowly rocked my head back and forth, testing my limits on Derek’s black cock, inch by inch. He moaned and tilted his head back.

I can’t even begin to describe how that made me feel. As my head bobbed on Derek’s cock, I became suddenly obsessed with making sure he enjoyed my work. I would not, could not be happy unless he was thoroughly satisfied with getting his big dick sucked and drained.

I didn’t care about my status as ‘straight’. I was just a guy doing a buddy a friendly favor… by sucking his cock.

Derek reached for the back of my head and gently urged my mouth down farther. I gagged a bit, but I won’t lie, I liked the feeling of being forced a little. I came up for air and looked to Adam and Barron. Adam had pulled his own veiny cock back out and was furiously stroking away, while he worked Barron’s pole.

He’s really going to town, I thought. I felt a tinge of bravery come on. I let Derek’s cock flop onto his stomach. For the first time, I wrapped a tentative hand around the black pillar. My tongue flicked over his plum-sized nuts.

“That’s right, fag. Lick my balls,” Derek groaned in a raspy voice. “Mmm. That’s a good cocksucker.”

A flush of embarrassment rushed through me. And disappeared just as quickly. He was right. I was a cocksucker. I was sucking a cock at that very moment and hoping to God I was doing it better than anyone ever had. I gave each of his balls a nibble before sucking them into my mouth.

“I’m gonna cum soon,” Barron said in a hush.

Adam peeled his shirt off. “Let me know. I’m game for sucking dick, but I ain’t swallowing shit.”

Barron just nodded. I swirled my tongue around Derek’s cock while watching Adam pick up his pace. Barron’s hips started bucking.

“I’m cumming,” Barron said.

Adam peeled his mouth from his prize, and cupped the tip of Barron’s dick with the discarded shirt. Barron growled as he shot his wad. He slunk deeper into the chair and exhaled.

So that was that.

I turned my focus back to the throbbing black cock in my mouth. I wondered if i should do the same as Adam. But then I wondered if I could do more.

“I’m gonna cum too, Chris,” Derek said. He looked eagerly at me. “You want to use your shirt?”

I knew the shirt wouldn’t be good enough. I felt like Adam: I’d suck my friend’s dick but I wasn’t about to swallow his cum. But I was well into cock-whore territory. I stopped sucking and told Derek to stand, still pumping his cock with my fist.

I felt his thick member pulsating in my hand and knew it wouldn’t be long. I swallowed his cock again, pulling against the back of Derek’s legs for leverage. Beside me, Adam was standing and letting Barron have a taste of his massive cock. It wasn’t long before Adam pushed Barron’s mouth away.

“Must’ve been all that jerking I did,” Adam said. He aimed his massive cock at Barron’s chest. He bit his lower lip and came on Barron’s t-shirt. Barron helped him squeeze out the last few drops of salty cum.

The pair disappeared from the living room, leaving me on my knees, inhaling Derek’s black cock nearly to the base. His dropped his hands on my shoulders and gently fucked my mouth.

‘Now’ was all he managed to say. I pulled my mouth away and began pumping. His body stiffened as he let the orgasm take him. The first two spurts of cum hit my cheeks. I quickly sealed my lips, unwilling to taste my reward. Too much, too soon.

Several more sticky jets painted my forehead and chin. When he was finished, Derek fell back in his chair to admire his handiwork.

“Damn. That’s a lot of cum. Sorry,” he said.

I feigned a bit of anger, spitting away the cum dripping from my lips. The truth was I had loved every minute. I loved sucking his cock. I loved people watching me do it. And i loved being glazed in his jizz.

My own bare cock, all proud four inches, strained for the ceiling. True to the deal, Derek pulled his jeans back up and then offered me his seat.

“Fair’s fair. Bring that little dick over here,” Derek said, kneeling.

“That’s ok, you don’t have too.”

“A deal’s a deal,” Derek replied.

I started stroking my cock. “Just watch me cum.”

Derek looked down the hall. “Ok. But shoot it on my hands so they don’t think I backed out.”

I nodded and worked my cock faster. He watched me stroke it for a minute and then said snickering, “Dude, your dick is so small. Mine’s bigger and I’m completely soft.”

My face flushed again. But he was right. Compared to his, my cock bordered on childlike. Derek snickered again, but it only made me harder. Only made me stroke it faster.

Two minutes later I coated Derek’s hands. My chest heaved with aftershock waves of pleasure. Derek gave my softening dick a few strokes for good measure.

Just then, Adam and Barron walked back in. Adam pointed at the cum on Derek’s hands. “Looks like everyone finished.”

Barron chuckled and nodded toward the sheet of Derek’s cum drying on my face. “Holy hell! What the hell happened?”

Derek jumped to my rescue. “I guess I got a little carried away. Couldn’t get it pointed away quick enough.”

I thanked him with a glance, suddenly very embarrassed by the extra mile I’d gone. Everyone else had gotten dressed and there I was on my knees naked from the waist down, face covered in cum.

It was exhilarating.

“So, everyone’s cool? We don’t speak of this to anyone?” Barron asked.

We all nodded and agreed. We were all in it as deep as the next guy.

“Good,” Barron said. “Because I have a proposition for you guys.”

–To be continued…