DJ Pt. 11


As I’ve stated before, I tend to write more from the heart and less from the genitals. It’s easier for me to write love and emotions, than to detail a lot of hot and steamy gay eroticism, but I try to spice it up where I can. Comments are always appreciated. If Literotica had a Gay Male Romance category, I would place my stories there. (complete with a few cum shots, we have to have a little protein, don’t we?)

It’s going to be a fun episode…

DJ’s 20th Birthday, and his first ever Birthday Party

Thanksgiving shows how close knit a family can really be

DJ receives his own ride (Smile)

Joe moves in with Doug and DJ

DJ Part 11

The week of November 13th went pretty much normal, and nothing special really happened. On Tuesday, while DJ was working his shift, both Jamie and I did some sneaky chores. Jamie visited Game Stop and purchased some PS3 games that he hopes DJ will like. I took my camera to Walgreen’s and had the photo of the Tracker for DJ made into a couple of prints, one that I could show to a few people when DJ wasn’t around and one to put in with the card I had purchased for DJ. While at Walgreen’s I got another house key made, as Joe will need one. This is Joe’s first week on the afternoon shift.

Wednesday morning I received a phone call from Annie, Matt’s mom.

“Doug,” she asked, are you in a position to talk, or is DJ close by?”

“Annie,” I replied, “DJ is in classes today, isn’t Matt in school also?”

“Yes, he is, I should have known DJ would be there also. Matt’s all bent out of shape. DJ’s birthday is a week from tomorrow, and Matt has no clue as to what to give him, and that is why I’m calling. Actually, I don’t either. Has DJ even mentioned anything he would like, for his Birthday?”

“To be honest, Annie, I don’t think DJ is even aware that it IS his birthday. You know that his former family never acknowledged it. I’ve purchased a used Geo Tracker, for him, but of course he doesn’t know about it. We’re picking it up at the dealership the day after Thanksgiving. Jamie helped me pick it out, and I think he probably knows DJ’s likes better than anyone. We wished it was red, but he’s going to have to settle for orange.”

“Doug, what kind of music does DJ usually listen to?”

“Annie, I’ve never heard him play any music. He doesn’t have a radio or a CD player, and he never has adjusted the radio in my car. He took Jamie, well, Jamie drove, but they went to the Water Hole Saturday night, and the band played some oldies. Sunday he asked if I had ‘sleepwalk’, I pulled it out and he put it on the old CD player I have in the den. He and Jamie started slow dancing to it, and, just got lost in each other. Annie, it was beautiful to watch them, those two are so much in love with each other.”

“Wait a minute, Doug, you just said that DJ didn’t have a CD player or Radio, do you think he would like a CD player?”

“He probably would. He just discovered Sunday that I have over 400 CD’s, but they’re all from the 60, 70 and 80’s. I think they might want to check out more of that music.”

“Thanks, Doug, I think we just solved Matt’s dilemma. Actually, it’s our dilemma, I didn’t know what to get him either. Is there anything else you want to talk about?”

“Not that I can think of, Annie, I was good to hear from you, and I guess we’ll see you and Matt on Thanksgiving morning?” WAIT! There is something. Do you have a descent camera?”

“Yes I do, Doug, do you need to borrow it?”

“It and you. I have a camera, but Joe and I will be bringing DJ in for the party, and won’t be in a position to grab some, likely, awesome photos. I’d love to see his face when we all shock him that morning, and have some memorable photos of the occasion.”

“I will be prepared, Doug, and try to capture some great memories. See you Thanksgiving morning, and thanks for the helpful information.”

After we hung up, it occurred to me that I do think Annie is an angel in disguise. She is rescuing me again, as I was trying to figure out a way to get pictures. Joe will be with us, so he wouldn’t be able to do it. Just a few minutes after Annie and I finished our conversation, I received a call from Joe.

“Hi Joe,” I answered cheerfully.

“Good morning, baby,” Joe responded, “I wanted to check and see of you are going to be home today.”

“I have to be to work at Three, so I will be home until about 2:30, what’s up?”

“Mike and I were planning to drop something off at your house, and we both have to be on duty at 3:00 also. Can we drop by, say around 1:00 or 1:30?”

“Sure, Joe, I guess Mike is your new partner?”

“You guessed right, Doug, he’s a nice kid, you’ll like him. He’s picking me up at the apartment about noon, then we have to stop at Gun World, and we should be at your house a little after 1:00, you might want to be dressed.”

“Ok, Joe, see you then.”

About 1:00 I saw a patrol car pull into my drive, and two officers got out and headed toward the back door. Joe opened it and they both gaziantep escort stepped inside, Joe stepped in front of me, wrapped his arms around me and kissed me lovingly. Mike watched us, smiling. I guess he knows about Joe and me.

“Doug, this is my new partner, Mike Smith, and Mike, my fiancé, Doug Kendall. As I have told you, we’re getting married on January 14th.”

Mike, shaking my hand, “I’m glad to meet you, Doug, I’ve heard a lot about you, and I’m happy for the both of you.” He actually even gave me a hug.

“I think, Mike, ” Joe stated, “that it will be easier to bring it in through the front door and take it back to the bedroom on the left. We’ll be right back.”

Joe and Mike went to the patrol car and slid a fairly large box out of the back seat, and carried it to my bedroom. I didn’t know what it was. I watched, as Joe and Mike removed the box and packing material, and placed it, vertically, next to the tall chest of draws.

“Joe,” I asked, “What is that?”

“Doug, law requires law enforcement to keep weapons secured in a safe when we’re off duty, if others live in the same household. It’s protection for us, and for everyone else that lives here.” I understood.

Mike, looking at DJ’s picture on my dresser, “Doug, who is this?”

I answered, smiling proudly, “That, is my son, Douglas Joseph Kendall, aka DJ!””

“He’s black, like me. Joe, you never told me DJ was black!”

“I didn’t? It really doesn’t make any difference, does it? He is one of the most captivating and loveable young men I’ve ever met. He will steal your heart, in a heartbeat!”

Mike responded, “Doug, he’s handsome, I want to meet him. I think it’s pretty awesome that a white man like you, would take a black kid like DJ under his wing, and even adopt him.”

“It’s not hard at all, Mike, when you grow to love him as much as I do. He’s my pride and joy!”

“Mike,” Joe stated, “Now that we are partners, you will meet him soon, and he’ll steal your heart too, just like he has ours. I can’t wait to make him my step-son.”

“Doug,” Joe stated, “now that I have that safe here, I can stay over anytime. I don’t need to go to the apartment much, except to pack my shit, and get ready to vacate it. By the way, I do have Thanksgiving off, so I will be here next Wednesday night, when I get off duty.”

“Oh, Joe!” I exclaimed, “I have something for you, and something to show you.”

I reached into my top draw, under my underwear, and pulled out the photo of the Tracker and showed it to Joe and Mike. They both agreed that DJ is going to love it. I told them that Jamie helped me pick it out, and we are to pick it up the day after his birthday.

“Now who is Jamie?” Mike asked.

“Jamie,” Joe answered, “is DJ’s boyfriend, and he is a sweetheart too.”

“Now wait just a damn minute!” Mike exclaimed, “You and Doug are gay, Doug adopted DJ, and he’s gay, and DJ’s got a boyfriend, probably gay, right?”

“Yep,” Joe said, smiling, “you got it straight, pun intended”

“Well, I am straight,” Mike responded, smiling, “and I guess this is a whole gay household. That’s really cool! Society has changed a lot, in attitudes at least. I’m really pleased that folks like you can live and love how you feel comfortable. Most of the time, nobody really cares. I was cautioned before we became partners, that you were gay. I said that I didn’t really care, as long as you kept your hands to yourself, and I don’t. You’re an experienced police officer and I’m sure I can learn much from you.”

“I’m not trying to push you guys out, but it’s 2:00 PM and I have to get shaved, changed and be at work in an hour. Hold tight a sec,” I said, as I went over to the computer desk and got the spare key I’d had made and handed it to Joe, “Now you can get in, even if nobody’s home, it fits both doors.”

“No problem,” Joe said, “I think we’ll grab a burger, and we’re on duty at 3:00, I love you baby.” Joe shared a passionate kiss with me while Mike looked on, and then both police officers headed out, got into the patrol car and took off.

“I’m wondering,” Mike commented, “how long Doug and DJ have known each other?”

“Not even a year, they met in the early spring…” Joe told Mike the whole story, from DJ cutting Doug’s grass to DJ’s adoption.

“So,” Mike inquired, “was Doug drawn to DJ or DJ drawn to Doug?”

“I really think that they were drawn to each other. Doug saw something in DJ that no one else saw, He gave DJ a sense if worthiness, value, love, and made DJ feel wanted. Doug let DJ know that he cared about him, and for him. As much as Doug and I love and care for each other, I think the love between Doug and DJ is stronger, not as lovers, but as a father and son.”

“I noticed, when Doug told me that young man in the picture was his son, you could hear the love in Doug’s voice and see it on his face. I’m so looking forward to meeting that young man, Joe, thank you for your part in rescuing DJ from that terrible home life.”

“Mike, in all my 23 years of being a police officer, that was my best day.”

The following Tuesday night, Jamie and DJ spent the night at Jamie’s, mostly out of habit. They didn’t have classes this Wednesday because the school was on Thanksgiving break, until the following Monday. They are both scheduled to work Wednesday afternoon.

DJ had worked his normal 10 to 6 shift on Tuesday, and one of the night clerks was sick and had called out, so Justin asked DJ if he could work over to closing, and, of course, DJ said he would. Justin released him at 9:00 PM, and he went to the pizzeria to wait for Jamie, who got off at 10:00. They told Karen, before retiring, that they were planning to sleep in the next morning, as they didn’t have classes. The two boys went to their bedroom and quickly stripped and went to bed. They shared a passionate goodnight kiss, and Jamie wrapped his arms around DJ.

Jamie, his fingers wrapped around DJ’s BBC, “Can I get a little late night snack?” (Understand, BBC means Beautiful Black Cock in this case)

“Jamie, I just worked an 11 hour shift, and I’m beat. I just want to crash!”

“Okay, Sweetie, I understand, maybe in the morning.”

Even as tired as DJ was, he always feels so secure, and loved, when he is in Jamie’s arms, much like he has felt in his father’s arms. DJ was asleep in about 2 minutes, Jamie lost his erection and drifted off soon after. Both of these young men sleep very well, when they sleep together.

It was Wednesday morning, November 22, at about 9:00 AM, and Jamie woke up to the beautiful sensation of DJ’s lips on his own, and he responded instantly. Both boys started to make out, and both quickly grew erections, and started to fondle each other. Their fingers were playing with the precum that both had leaking from the tips of their cocks.

DJ, adjusting his position, “Baby, I want you!” and lowered his mouth over Jamie’s stiff penis.

“DJ, I gotta pee!” Jamie stated, and DJ ignored, continuing his oral assault on Jamie’s cock. Jamie feels he is close.

“Baby, I can’t hold off, I gotta pee too bad!” DJ is looking for Jamie’s load, and is feeling Jamie’s cock starting to pulse, taking 2, 3, 4 spurts of Jamie’s tasty cum into his mouth, and swallowing. He finally released Jamie’s cock, and Jamie slipped out of bed, pulling on his boxer-briefs, and headed to the bathroom. DJ seriously wanted to rub his own penis to ejaculation, but out of consideration for his boyfriend, kept his hands off his cock.

Jamie, coming back into the room, “My turn!” He pounced onto the bed, and in one quick motion had DJ’s BBC in his mouth. DJ was so aroused, also needing to piss, he was afraid he might cum in seconds, but he really wanted to hold off as long as possible.

Karen, knocking on the door, “Are you guys ready for some breakfast?”

Jamie, pulling off DJ for a few seconds, “Give us a few minutes, Mom.”

Karen walked beck to the kitchen, smiling. She had a strong feeling that she might have interrupted something, unintentionally. She started to fry up some pancakes.

“Jamie,” DJ gasped, “I’m gonna cum already!”

Jamie slowed his mouth’s action just a little, and DJ relaxed, or at least tried to, but his orgasm continued to push on, exploding into Jamie’s mouth and throat. Jamie swallowed, and then milked the last couple of squirts from DJ’s BBC. Oh, how Jamie loves the taste of DJ, cumming in his mouth! As DJ started to deflate, Jamie pulled off, and DJ quickly slid off the bed and quickly pulled on his boxer-briefs and headed to the bathroom to empty his bladder.

DJ, returning from the bathroom, “The problem I see, with getting a blowjob when I have to pee, is that I cum too fast.”

“I don’t see that as a problem,” Jamie responded, “What is the primary goal in sucking your man off?”

“I guess, to take that tasty load in your mouth, and swallow it.”

“Exactly!” Jamie exclaimed, “I enjoy the feeling of your cock in my mouth, but the real pleasure is in bringing you to an orgasm and getting your tasty cum.”

“I think you may be right, Jamie, why spend 15 or 20 minutes sucking, if you can get the prize in 5 minutes, I wonder why we cum faster if we have to pee?”

“I think it may be because we have a tendency to hold back, to keep from peeing, and it puts more pressure on the prostate, just my opinion. I sure do love the taste of you, when you cum!”

“Me too,” DJ said, “I probably wouldn’t be so willing to give you a blowjob, if I didn’t look forward to that reward at the end. I love you so much!”

“DJ, I think, if you pull on your boxer-briefs, we maybe should make ourselves visible to the world outside.”

Jamie and DJ headed to the kitchen, where Karen was frying pancakes and Carl was sipping coffee with a smirk on his face.

Carl queried, “So what have you boys been doing for the last hour?”

Jamie replied, “We’ve just been laying around, and chatting.”

“Right!” Carl said, grinning, “I’m certain you guys don’t just sleep together, night after night, and never touch each other!” Both DJ and Jamie felt blood rushing to their faces, and Carl noticed the redness.

Carl, continuing his picking, “Guys, I was young once, and I know first hand what havoc hormones can raise in young men. I’d be naïve to think that all you ever do in bed is sleep!” Then, laughing, “You both wear red quite well, but seriously, I’m just picking, not criticizing. What you guys do with each other, behind closed doors, is your business, we love you guys, more than you could possibly know! You can wipe the red off your faces and let’s eat.”

Jamie, smiling and looking at DJ, “I think we’ve been discovered, baby, I guess our secrets aren’t so secret.” DJ just smiled back.

Karen, placing a platter of pancakes on the table, “Jamie, you received a small package yesterday, in the mail.”

“Thanks, Mom, I’ll check it out later.”

“What time are you boys working today?” Karen asked.

“We’re both 3 to 9,” Jamie answered, “usually on Wednesday I’m 4 to 10, but Anthony is closing early tonight, but expects to be extra busy on carryout. He says a lot of people are cooking for Thanksgiving tomorrow, and will order pizza for tonight.”

“I can understand that,” Karen replied, “I’m going to thaw the Turkey, and cook cranberries and make pecan pies today.”

“Mom, can I talk to you, alone?”

“Sure, honey.” Karen answered, and they both went into the living room.

“Where is that package?” Karen picked it up off the bookcase and handed it to Jamie. Jamie opened it immediately, pulling out two Pride rings, one of them labeled 9 and the other labeled 10, and showed them to Karen.

“They’re pretty, Jamie,” Karen spoke, “Those aren’t engagement rings, are they?”

“No Mom, they’re Pride rings. See all the rainbow colors? The size 10 is a birthday gift for DJ. The 9 is mine, but I don’t want to wear it until DJ has his tomorrow. Other LGBT people will know the meaning of the rainbow colors, and both of us wearing identical rings will solidify our love for each other. Can I ask you to wrap it up and,” grinning, “put it in a large box that will throw him off?”

“Sure, honey,” Karen said, smiling, “I need to wrap up the play station and the games you bought, also, I’ll do that after you boys go to work. Are you sleeping at DJ’s tonight?”

“As far as I know, thanks, Mom, you’re the greatest, I love you, we both love you!” Jamie and Karen hugged and kissed each other on the lips. It’s OK, they’re Mother and Son. Karen is comfortable even kissing DJ on the lips now, as she considers them both her ‘sons’.

They returned to the kitchen, Carl picked up the dirty dishes and placed them in the dishwasher and Karen tended to the beef stew she was preparing for lunch. Jamie and DJ, with no school today, decided to go back into the bedroom and play some games, while they had some time to kill before work.

“Jamie, when I can save up some money, I’m going to get a play station, and then we can play at our house too.”

“That’ll be cool,” Jamie responded, trying to hide the grin, as he knew that one of DJ’s birthday presents is a play station PS3, and some games. Jamie is so excited about his boyfriend’s birthday tomorrow, much more excited than for his own birthday, coming on Christmas Day. He is having a tough time, trying to hide his excitement.

At 1:00 PM they shut down the play station, and both boys went to the bathroom and shared a shower together, then dried and went back to the bedroom to dress for work. At about 2:00 PM, they both ate a bowl of Karen’s beef stew before they left sharing lunch with Carl as he would need to leave about 3:30, his shift starting at 4:00 PM to midnight. His plant was to shut down at the end of his shift tonight, and re-open Sunday night with the graveyard shift, to give all the workers a long weekend for Thanksgiving.

DJ and I both clocked out at 9:00 PM Wednesday night, and as we got to my car, Jamie pulled up next to us. Jamie mentioned that he and DJ were planning to stop at WAWA and pick up subs and asked what kind of sub I would like.

“Hold on, guys,” I said, “Joe gets off at 11:00 and is spending the night at our house.” Then, pulling out a $20, “Take this, and get a giant Club Sub that Joe and I can share, plus whatever you guys want, will a twenty cover?”

“It should,” Jamie replied, “If it doesn’t we do have some money, Dad you don’t have to do this.”

“You guys are always treating me,” I said, “I think it’s my turn to treat you. I’ll buy if you fly! I’ll go home and wait for you. I’m going to wait up for Joe, anyway.”

The boys took off for WAWA, and I placed a quick call to Joe, letting him know we would have subs to eat when he got home. He told me that he would be in uniform, but had brought clothes with him for tomorrow, and he should be there about 11:00 or very shortly after.

I went on home and the boys came in just about 9:45 and lay the bag with the subs down on the table. DJ suggested that we wait for Joe and we could eat together, as a family. Jamie and I both agreed. DJ slipped into the den and opened the doors to the CD’s, and pulled one off the shelf.