Dirty Talkin’ Daisy


Dirty Talkin’ DaisyDaisy says:heres me with my dirty mind againSteve says:s’ok…I’d love to explode all over you!!!Daisy says:love u to do so, not just all over me, but in my mouth too so i could swallowSteve says:mmmmmDaisy says:m bet u taste goodSteve says:I cum a lot hon…..Daisy says:the more the better. u not only one who cums alotDaisy says:i cum so much u can hear itDaisy says:it runs out of meSteve says:ah man….throbbing again now…..Steve says:wowDaisy says:throb away babySteve says:let me try then….. [:)]Daisy says:be my guestSteve says:awwww I’d love to fuck you ‘Daisy….make you cum all over me again and again….Daisy says:my pussy is so big u can fit 4 fingers inside meSteve says:mmmmmmmDaisy says:believe me, i’d cum again and again.Steve says:I’d want you to cum all over my face sweetie….Daisy says:all over your faceSteve says:ha haSteve says:[:)]Daisy says:i’d want u to put your big hard cock inside me and fuck me till i screamDaisy says:hard and fastSteve says:fuckDaisy says:changing positionsDaisy says:take me from behind,Daisy says:let Batıkent travesti me ride uDaisy says:take me up the assSteve says:fuck meSteve says:you’re fuckin hotDaisy says:let me bounce my big tits in your faceDaisy says:let me put your cock in my mouth and suck really hard till you screamDaisy says:let me spank uSteve says:oh god…..you could do anything you wantedDaisy says:let me bite your nipplesDaisy says:u bite my nipples and make em really hardDaisy says:i’d give u a tit wankDaisy says:i’d be your SEX SLAVE. i’d do ANYTHING u wantedSteve says:fuckDaisy says:u like?Steve says:fuck me yeah.,.,,Daisy says:u hard?Steve says:Yeah, rock hard……my balls are really tight…Daisy says:i’m really really wet. it tastes goodDaisy says:lickin my pussy soaked fingersDaisy says:mmmmmmmSteve says:oh i wanna taste youDaisy says:imagining its u inside me, going deeper and deeperDaisy says:cummin again, aahhhh, yeahSteve says:i wanna fuck your mouth while you finger fuck yourself D…Daisy says:god that sounds good.Steve says:fuck fuck fuck….Daisy says:put it Çankaya travesti really far back in my mouthSteve says:ahhhhhh fuck………….Daisy says:DEEP THROATSteve says:yeahSteve says:so fastDaisy says:i’ll swallow all u gotDaisy says:want u to cum like meSteve says:fuck, you ready, i’m gonna cum…..Daisy says:i’m soakedDaisy says:readySteve says:oh fuck!!!!! fuck me…….Daisy says:i’ve cum really hard, all over my handSteve says:oh man….Daisy says:licking it off nowDaisy says:u cum?Steve says:oh my god Daisy….Steve says:uckin LOADSDaisy says:was it good?Steve says:I’m drenched….yeah….god…..Steve says:fuckDaisy says:mmmmm u r a dirty boy!!!!!!!!!!!!! love itDaisy says:u feel good now?Steve says:ah thanks honey….you know how to press my buttonsDaisy says:i doSteve says:yeah….so relieved!Steve says:I thought I was gonna burst….Daisy says:anytime baby, anytime.Steve says:ha haSteve says:I DID!!Daisy says:i really enjoyed thatSteve says:man. me too….Steve says:think i need a bathtowel.,,,,Daisy says:would love for it to happen in personDaisy Cebeci travesti says:hahaSteve says:me too!!!Steve says:I’d fuckin tie you to the bed and fuck you for hoursSteve says:make you screamDaisy says:if it was that good over the net, how fuckin good would it be in personDaisy says:sounds goodSteve says:fuck your big tits, fuck your mouth, fuck your ass….Daisy says:u r deliciousSteve says:so are you!!!Daisy says:u did make me screamSteve says:[:D]Steve says:ha ha….GOOD!Daisy says:u can fuck any part of mre u want, as long as we both enjoy itDaisy says:told u i had a dirty mind and that i was hornySteve says:you weren’t k**ding!Steve says:God I’d love to see you out of those clothes!Daisy says:nopeDaisy says:sorry, lost u for a secDaisy says:over sensetive mouse!!!Steve says:I just said I’d ‘d love to see you out of those clothes!Daisy says:u there?Steve says:yeahDaisy says:dittoSteve says:god I wanna ride your soft body all night…..Daisy says:god, don’t get me goin again. would love for that to happenSteve says:ha haSteve says:[:D]Daisy says:that was a long few mins b4 u went for a kip!!Steve says:lolSteve says:yeah, but I’ll sleep well now! [:)]Daisy says:listen, i’ll let u get sorted and get some sleep.Steve says:thanks sexy! and hey! PLEASE hurry up and fall out of that top ok? [:)] xxx