Dave’s Awakening Ch. 02


Dave dozed off being cradled in Paul’s arms. He felt content, happy, and satisfied for the first time in a long time. He hadn’t had to worry about reciprocating, he hadn’t needed to worry if Paul wanted him to cum in his mouth, he just let go and let the experience overwhelm him. So, he rested comfortably and contentedly.

He awoke a short time later and felt better than ever. He was still cradled in Paul’s arms when he said, “That was amazing. The most intense orgasm I’ve had in years.”

Paul smile and said, “I’m glad.”

Dave said, “I believe it’s your turn.” As he said this he leaned into Paul and gave him a soft sweet kiss on the lips. The men kissed for a while and then Paul said, “Let’s go to my bedroom.”

Paul stood and Dave followed. Walking through the house together Dave noticed how nicely furnished the house was. He didn’t even feel awkward with his nudity. It seemed natural and normal. When they got into the bedroom Paul quickly undressed as Dave got in bed. In moments Paul climbed in nest to Dave and the two men began to kiss.

Arms and legs entwined as tongues probed each other’s mouths. Dave began to caress Paul up from this ass to his neck. Dave then move to kissing Paul’s ears, neck, and throat. Now id was Paul’s turn to lie back and enjoy.

Dave kissed down Paul’s chest until he got to Paul’s left nipple. His tongue circled round and round the hardening bud. He flicked his tongue up and back and Paul moaned. Dave then moved to Paul’s right nipple. Circling gaziantep escort and licking it, Paul’s moans became louder. As Dave alternated between Paul’s nipples his hand made larger and larger circles around Paul’s stomach. Each time Dave’s hand came nearer to Paul erection. Finally Dave moved his fingers through Paul’s salt and pepper curly hairs and then he began to lightly caress Paul’s cock.

Paul’s cock jumped at the touch and Dave smiled to himself. He wrapped his hand around the older man’s cock and then began to stroke up and down on the shaft. Paul moaned even more. As Dave fell into a steady rhythm stroking Paul’s cock Dave moved his head back up and the two men kissed passionately once again.

It was now or never for Dave as he began to slowly kiss his way down Paul’s body. He kissed his way through the curly short hair and then came eye to “eye” with Paul’s cock. He stroked it up and down and just looked at it for a while. He had become transfixed with the hardening erection. He saw a clear drop appear at the eye and with one quick motion Dave licked the drop of the head of Paul’s cock.

Paul shuddered and moaned and then Dave’s mouth close around Paul’s erection. Dave just held the rigid member in his mouth for a few moments, getting used to the girth, the length, and the feel of it. His tongue moved around the cock and Paul sighed. Dave felt good about making Paul sigh. He felt even better than he did not gag on the cock. He really wasn’t sure what would happen as he closed his mouth around Paul’s cock.

Slowly Dave began to move his head up and down on Paul’s cock. As his head bobbed up and down he saw Paul’s legs part and took that as an invitation to begin to caress Paul’s balls. He cupped the balls in his hand and as his eyes closed he began to slowly move his heads up and down Paul’s cock.

Dave wasn’t sure if he was doing it right but Paul’s deep breathing, soft sighs and moans, and caresses on his back from Paul seemed to indicate that he was doing it just right. He wanted to make Paul feel as good as he had. In order to do that he changed things up.

He would take long deep strokes, and then a series of short rapid ones. Then he would stop altogether and just run his tongue around the swollen head. Then long slow strokes, to be followed by short rapid ones. Paul was moaning almost non-stop now as Dave brought him to ever greater pleasure.

As Dave massaged Paul’s balls with his left hand, and sucked up and down his cock, his right hand was caressing Paul’s left nipple. Paul was moaning and caressing his own right nipple and the feeling was fantastic. It felt that there was a direct current between cock, balls, and nipples.

Paul was moving closer and closer to orgasm and Dave was moving closer and closer to the moment of truth. Would he let Paul cum in his mouth and swallow or would he pull away at the last second and finish the older man by hand.

As his head and hands moved, as he debated what he was going to do, he heard Paul say, “Soon.” Paul was being the gentleman in giving Dave a chance to quit and finish him by hand. Dave was still debating when he felt Paul’s balls lift and tighten. He felt Paul’s cock twitch and he knew it was now or never. He was just about ready to pull away when he willed himself to stay affixed to Paul’s spewing cock.

The first drop of cum appeared, followed quickly by the first powerful spurt. Paul moaned and it was hard to tell if it was agony or ecstasy. Dave swallowed the slightly salty load and then received another spurt, and then another, and another. As Dave kept swallowing and sucking he wondered if Paul was ever going to run out of cum. Then the contractions began to dissipate. Slowly Paul began to slow down. His cock dribbled it’s late little ejaculate into Dave’s waiting mouth.

Dave just held Paul’s softening member in his mouth until it became flaccid. Dave then slowly kissed his way back up Paul’s body until the two men kissed again. Dave broke the kiss and the two men looked into each other’s eyes and a smile care to both of their faces. “How did I do?” asked Dave.

Paul replied, “If I didn’t know better I would swear you have been sucking cocks for years.”

Both men laughed and then they cuddled up on the bed. Paul glanced at the clock and new they had over three hours before his wife came home. Paul said unless you want to rush off we can relax here and see what cums up.

Dave laughed and the two men relaxed. Dave felt very comfortable with his new older friend and both men felt they had acquired someone they could depend on.