Darlene , Gerre


Darlene and Gerre – Preparing for The First Meeting

It wasn’t exactly an earth-shattering phone call. Just the usual mid-week ‘how ya doin’ while phone call. This one, however, had a slight twist to it, and Gerre (short for Gerrald) had a nice “you’re the prize catch” feeling in his mind. He was replaying the call in his head.

“Gerrald, it’s not a major problem,” said his sister Susan, “Darlene’s your niece, and she is right there in town near you.”

“I understand that, but ….. I haven’t seen nor talked with her in over 2 years. I think your family reunion was the last time I saw Darlene.”

“Probably,” said Susan, “and now she’s a almost a sophomore in college, living literally right down the street.” You could be courteous enough to sometimes take her out to dinner.”

“I guess so,” replied Gerre. “I could work something in as long as no one expects too much. I don’t want to impose by just showing up.”

Gerre stood for a moment, just staring at the phone. He said something exceedingly raunchy to himself, and then laughed while putting the cordless phone back in its base. He headed on over to the apartment complex gym center to work out while thinking over what his wife had called to tell him. He didn’t miss a chance to do some type of hard workout 3-4 times a week. Gerre had spent nearly 30 years in Navy Seal Teams before he retired. He worked out because he liked being exceptionally fit, and the workout routines gave him time to relax and focus.

Not that he disliked his niece; he only remembered her as a pretty, petite young girl. His military career had managed to keep him far away from most of the family for years. And, her parents were capital letter BIBLE THUMPERS, which didn’t sit well with Gerre’s more diverse, open-minded views on life. His new career as a computer consultant and technical editor was pretty damn dull shit to most outsiders. He knew he’d have to find out what his niece liked or disliked, or face a lot of shit from his sister on his next trip home.

Damn, he thought, what if she’s turned into a self-sacrificing, whiny ass bible thumper like her mother Rachel, his other sister,? Remembering certain events during the last time they’d been around each other, Gerre chuckled between breaths on the free weights. The bible thumper part he truly doubted He recalled rebellious attitudes, innate curiosity, and a minor incident that was really pretty funny afterward. It could have started a fight with his bible-thumping brother-in-law had he known what was happening.

The clothing fad at the time of the reunion had been those baggy sweater tops with huge sleeves. He recalled his niece constantly wore one. She was playing music and doing some kind of routine. As he watched her, he realized he could see through the top when she had both arms extended and leaned forward a little. She had no bra or chemise on. From his vantage point, he could clearly see all of her chest and her small, perky breasts. Her taut nipples stood right out like darkened, pink berries on a scoop of vanilla ice cream. He could see a light sheen on her skin, indicating she’d been working out enough to sweat. The view was stunning and entertaining at the same moment.

Gerre stood, intending to go quietly tell her she was “flashing” so no shit would happen with her mother. As he approached, his niece turned toward him and put her arm around his waist. As he reached to return the motion, his hand went right inside her loose top. Habit took over; he naturally curved his hand and softly cupped her right breast, the nipple resting on the upper edge of his hand. The touch was pure electricity for him. She looked at him but didn’t say a word or appear to Avrupa Yakası Escort object being touched. She did blush a little, giggled, and told him all her bras were in the laundry. She asked him to please not tell her mom she wasn’t wearing one. Gerre was still holding her small, warm breast in his hand when her father walked in. Darlene clamped her arm down, effectively trapping the hand cupped to her breast between them but well hidden from her father. She slipped her free arm around her uncle’s waist, hooked her fingers in a belt loop, and pulled him into a slow twirl while remarking this was a new step she’d learned in her dance class. Doing this allowed Gerre to free his hand and move away without being seen.

Her father made some comment about getting busy with dinner and left. As soon as he left, Darlene quickly kissed her uncle on the cheek, thanked him for not ratting her out, told him she liked his hands, and then ran upstairs. Gerre made no big deal of what had happened. To him, it was just a normal ‘oops, aw shit, thing’, nothing more. Nudity, bare skin, and any inhibitions associated with those behaviors had been happily, and soundly, routed out of his system years ago. After 30 years in the Navy, all the different duty stations across the globe had broadened his opinions and behaviors considerably. His own learned inner quiet nature, and his fortune in meeting unique people had changed him in ways only he needed to know.

Those thoughts, and the memory of how cute she was, how soft and warm she felt had stuck in Gerre’s mind as he headed into the shower. He realized his cock had thickened some while thinking about that day from the past and was about half erect. Well, sport, he thought, I’ll just have to help you along. It had been almost 3 weeks since he had been able to “work on his attitude” as he called it. A well-drained man with empty balls is a happy man, Gerre thought in an old ancient Chinese philosopher mentality, as the showerhead sprayed hot water all over him.

The slow, massage-like ‘squeeze and release’ motion he applied to his cock produced results in just a few moments. He was almost erect at 7 ½ inches, and the more he stroked, the more intense the feelings became. Using a waterproof lotion, Gerre stroked and squeezed his cock and teased his nuts until his cock was rock hard. The head was bright red with blood and heat from the effort as he picked up the speed of his hand on the shaft of his cock. He knew, thanks to an old girlfriend, that his cock would reach 8 ½ inches and nearly 2 inches across before it was fully aroused.

The familiar tingle started in the fine hairs as his nut sack tightened signaled tat the pressure in his balls to let loose was almost there. His hand was a blur when he felt the start of that wonderful “kick in the ass” jump-start through the back of his balls. He read once a guy could feel the urge to shoot his load coming all the way down from his toes during good sex.

The memories, his nut sack getting tighter still, the sensitivity in his cock head going up rapidly, and his furious jacking himself into cumming were becoming the same emotion. The first spurt of cum came rocketing free of his cock as he clinched his ass muscles. Ropes of hot cum splattered against the shower wall. The first spurts were so intense his knees almost buckled from the muscle spasms in his legs and crotch muscles. He was literally pulling his body forward with the intense strokes on his dick.

Everything focused on getting that load out of his balls and past his dick head. The first spurt of his cum shot nearly 2 feet out before hitting the shower wall. Gerre thought, as he finished his Avrupa Yakası Bayan shower, if for no other reason, thinking about his niece’s tits could certainly made for a decent visual to masturbate himself to success. He had used other visual aids in his life; why not use such a cute image to ‘bust his nut’.

Just 3 miles away in a dorm on the local university campus, Darlene was wondering how much her uncle had changed since she had last seen him. She hadn’t seen him in over 2 years. Not since the family reunion when she had been stupid to enough to work out in that baggy top and no bra. She knew her uncle had no intention of sticking his hand inside her sleeve that day when he put his arm around her. It went in because she raised her arm up to hug him; the angle was, well, just there. The feel of his hand on her small breast had left her speechless. She couldn’t tell him no, and she didn’t want him to let go, either. She had felt him gently hold, and then cup her right breast. He didn’t squeeze her breast, or pinch her like the asshole kid next door used to do when he tried to feel her up. His hand was warm and soft; his finger lightly rubbing against her nipple was absolutely the most thrilling thing she had ever known in months. It was certainly more entertaining than doing her nipples herself!

She recalled looking up at her uncle’s face when she realized he was holding her right breast. The smile on his face was one of genuine surprise but she could tell he liked holding her as he was doing. She remembered trapping his arm in her sleeve when her dad walked in the room. He would’ve shit a brick had if he known where her uncle’s hand was at right about then.

All things considered, Darlene decided she liked her uncle a lot. A damn much a lot! He always seemed calm, didn’t take shit from anyone, for any reason, ever. He was usually quiet and that truly irritated her mother. She wanted people to spill their guts to her, blah, blah, etc. She could definitely tell he worked out. It showed in the tailored clothes he wore, how he walked and moved, and how he handled himself with people. Taking with him always made her feel he was treating her like an older adult. Older than the almost 19 years old she was soon to celebrate.

Her grandma had told her that her uncle was in the Navy for about 30 years. He had spent more than 3 years inside Vietnam, which he didn’t discuss with anyone in the family. The best part to Darlene ? her mother didn’t “trust” sailors, and her father wasn’t fond of anyone he couldn’t bully into submission. With each thought, her uncle gained points in the “how to piss off parents” mentality contest.

Darlene kept trying to recall things she knew, or had heard, about her uncle as she stripped off her leotards and sweats. She still danced for exercise to keep her own body trim and firm. Standing nude in front of her full-length mirror, she checked herself out. She measured just over the 5′ 2″ inch mark in height, maybe 105 pounds, and had matured into a nicely shaped 34C chest, with a 22-inch waist above smooth 33-inch hips. Lots more “tit” she thought than the breast her uncle had held about 2 years ago. Her trim belly was flat from the lower swell of her breasts to the beginning of her pubic mound. She kept her pubic area trimmed and neat for wearing her mini bikinis, and just because she liked it that way.

She enjoyed how she looked, and she knew guys liked how she was built. Trim, tight, and still a virgin. Well, virgin as far as her pussy and ass were concerned, anyway. Some day, she thought, she’d decide who would be the first man up inside her, but no hurry. She knew how to give her boyfriends decent Escort Avrupa Yakası hand jobs, and let them occasionally feel her breasts when she didn’t wear a bra. But, no fingers but her own inside her pussy, and only one “technical” blowjob. Technical in that her former boyfriend had forcibly held her, he was drunk at the time, while he forced her down on him and humped her face until he shot his load. She had gagged on his cum when he shot it into her throat but he made her swallow most of it. The rest he shot all over her face and chest when she pulled back. He made her get out of the car and walk home. End of that relationship right then. So, that wasn’t her favorite sexual activity. Not yet, anyway. It was a possibility she wanted to learn more about, but in the future.

For now, Darlene thought as she stepped into the shower, her own nimble fingers were plenty for her needs. The warmth of the shower felt superb on her body as she slowly soaped herself all over. She liked feeling the pulsating spray of hot water from the showerhead as it beat on her nipples and breasts. She alternated side-to-side, nipple-to-nipple, until she was warm and wet between her legs. Then, slowly sliding a finger lightly on her outer pussy lips, she was teasing herself into more excitement, causing the inner lips of her young pussy to swell and puff outward. She could feel her clit begin to enlarge and slide from under it’s hood. Delicious was her word for being so sensitive where it mattered.

She started easy, with one fingertip just barely touching the end of her clit. She’d already checked the communal shower area that no one else was around; so pleasing herself was truly a private affair. The focused rush, the awareness of her sexual senses nearly made her cum right then. She spread her feet apart some more, and supported herself at an angle against the shower with her free hand.

More comfortable, she used the fingernail on her index finger to softly stroke her pussy lips, tease the fine hair along the edges, and finally move her clit around, up and down, back and forth. Sometimes she’d put one finger almost inside her vaginal opening but she’d stop. She wanted to savor the other feelings and save real first time penetration for a guy with a really stick cock. She knew her hymen was still there, still in place; her recent physical confirmed she hadn’t broken it herself dancing or in sports.

The teasing became more aimed to the places on her cunt lips that sent waves of pleasure throughout her body. She was flicking her clit back and forth faster, squeezing it and pulling on it like a miniature dick. It stuck out like a sore thumb when she was excited but didn’t want to be. Now, she wanted it out there like a railroad signal flag to satisfy her desire, her hunger for the heat she needed, no wanted to achieve to burn off in orgasmic happiness.

Creeping up the back of her mind, suddenly she peaked and went over the edge. Squeezing her thighs tightly together to intensify the sexual surge and pressure on her clit, she continued to furiously masturbate her pussy and clit until she was almost on her knees in the shower. Wet hair, dripping shower water, hung down around her face in soggy strings as her breath came in ragged starts and stops. Her nipples were hard, like small hot rocks when she touched them, sending yet another sensual thrill into her mind and body, triggering yet another orgasm. Her leg muscles almost cramped from the constant squeeze she had exerted on herself when she had hit her orgasmic peaks.

No matter; she thought as stood up slowly to finish her shower, she’d be dancing again tomorrow afternoon; that would limber her body again. I wonder if my uncle still likes watching modern dance, Darlene thought, as she headed back to her room to change and go to dinner. Her aunt said he had learned how to do a massage that would just melt you into a puddle of pleasure while he was in Japan years ago. I’ll just have to find out if and when we ever get together…