Danny The Dominant One


Danny was in a hearty spanking mood when he came to see me on Sunday. He had that certain look about his as soon as he arrived. As usual as soon as I opened the front door there he was, standing there with a lusty look of anticipation and his huge bulge moving underneath his black jeans.

That was the Danny I had come to adore and expect. If he arrived minus the proverbial bulge I would have been concerned that he may be going off me.

But he showed all the signs of expectancy and it wasn’t long before, having freshened himself in the bathroom, that he was in the lounge wearing only his very sexy tight blue briefs which did him proud.

He had all I wanted beneath and more and I knew we were in for a morning of luxurious indulgence.

But what I didn’t know that morning was his thoughts to try his latest thing which we had practiced a little the Sunday before; when he had gloriously spanked me over his knee with gusto whilst was still wearing my skin tight jeans , he loved me to wear.

It was all very stimulating if not painful to a degree. But the sexual aspect made it pleasant and I loved the way Danny like to role play and experiment with different things which always make for a fresh and new thrill being with him.

His usual mode after the bathroom was to show me his masterpiece and present it to me in such a way that he knew I would want to play and suck it.

He would say “Here it is Alex” and I soon instinctively kneeled down between his open thighs as he sat neatly on the edge of an armchair so that his balls would gorgeously slip over the edge with that gorgeous cock of his stood up for a real good seeing to before we fucked for the first time.

The pattern was then to have coffee and start all over.

The second time was equally as thrilling because it was different. With all that pent up passion which had been cooped up for a week, the first was frantic and rough but gaziantep escort lovely. Puffing and panting; he drilled himself deep up my ass and I was like his rag doll, to be enjoyed to his desire. Immediately he was about to climax he’d unplug and drive his throbbing cock into my mouth and let go, and I was soon experiencing the delight of his hot fresh spunk spurting into my face.

Immediately he’d suck me off, still with his cock in my mouth, my face sticky with his spunk and we were in a sexual frenzy as I felt the buildup in my groin and the feeling of delivering my all into his mouth was so wonderful.

We aimed to be deliberately filthy in our sexual exploits and I loved it. He could say what he liked and do what he liked as far as I was concerned and he certainly made the best of it in every way. I adored the tenderness of his lips indulging in a real heated French kiss before he went down and spread my ass cheeks apart so that his mouth connected with my hole and sent me into a wondrous sensual experience that only Danny could give me. There was no messing, he’d go the whole hog and really give my hole the works. And it was simply out of this world. When I am with Danny all my passion explodes and I am what he wants me to be. All ass when he wants all ass and all fingers and mouth when he wants me to suck him and take him as deep into my throat as possible. That came with a lot of practice and gentle sucking and balling him simultaneously I loved the pliable feel of his strong cock enter my mouth as I teased its knob with my tongue until I got that first drip of pre-cum, a sample of what was to cum!

It was lovely but now, having made a commitment telling him that I was all ass for him no matter how he wanted to use me and take me.

I could tell from the look on his face that he wanted to experiment more with the spanking mode.

During the week he said he had been thinking a lot about it. That I had a very spankable ass which should not be neglected and he wanted to make it as pleasant for me as it would be for him.

Sitting there to one side, to give him access to my ass he stroked and lightly scratched both cheeks and indulged in a little rimming which I loved, because it always stirred me up for his fucking later, when we had finished all the foreplay after the first fucking.

But today the foreplay was to be different. It was going to be painful at first but we had spoken a lot about how pain and sex can combine to make for a really intimate and passionate indulgence with a submissive theme.

So Danny wanted us to continue where we had left off the week before, and that meant me placing myself astride his lap and pushing my ass up to entice Danny to spank me.

That felt nice and I touched the floor with my hands, my head hanging downwards as I awaited his first slap across my tight jeans.

Starting with one, then two, three and several more for starters and I was initiated in the practice of spanking for a very enthused spankee. My ass tingled some and felt very tender, but Danny carefully spanked one cheek and then the other alternately and occasionally both together, sometimes firming his slap. I closed my eyes and took each slap knowing how much pleasure it was giving to Danny, and feeling very good that I could give him that pleasure.

The spanking became regular each time we met and Danny researched how bruising could be prevented with the applications of various lubricants and substances that made for an absolutely electrifying experience, feeling Danny indulge in his very kinky ways.

He’d spend ages after each spanking indulging in lots of nudging and playful touching and teasing and of course a lot of ass licking and sucking to show his appreciation.

He had me on all fours, on my back with my legs raised and held with my hands clasped beneath my knees to let him indulge me from the back. Which would entice him to tease and touch me in different ways with just the suggestion of the back of a hair brush rather than his hand across my well spanked ass.

The way he talked I just knew this was going to be the start when he mentioned purchasing some specialist spanking gear and ‘would I Mind being tied up and gagged’ and all that sort of thing.

But that is what I adored about Danny, he loved to experiment sexually but always with the proviso that it was done with deep affection.

I told him I would love to share with him all his needs and we could slowly indulge in those delights when I could adjust the pain with the pleasure until it hurt no more, when the glorious numbness set in and I could feel the heat rise into my whole being looking forward to the ultimate feel of his fuck inside my well spanked ass which made it all complete and so very, very intimate.

He tried me with a bamboo cane after he had stuffed my mouth with his briefs, so I had the taste and smell of him as he worked on ,my rear, touching and teasing with the cane initially and then came the first of several swishes over my ass as I bent steeply over the back of the settee for maximum presentation and afterwards a wonderfully penetrating deep fucking, my ass still stinging but soon numbing with the enthused massage of coconut cream, Danny would like to use after a spanking/caning session so that he could lick it all off and then, with his tongue, indulge in some oral penetration, working the oil into me ready for his pending fuck

It was nice; I felt the sheer pleasure of being subservient for Danny. It added to the depth of our relationship and it is what I wanted. I felt the need to be mastered and used by an older guy and Danny was just that.

I feel I shall never tire of him and look forward to every session to see what he comes up with next.

Afterwards, meant sharing a shower which was absolutely sublime and a perfect way to end our session.