Danny and Jenny chapter ten


“Wow.” I lay back feeling like the cat who’d got the cream, on each side of me, a naked woman lay curled up in my arms, their heads on my chest gently kissing each other, their passion for each other still to be assuaged.”You’re not so bad yourself Danny.” Karen laughed as Jenny got up to see if the champagne was cool enough to drink yet.”Thank you sweet lady.” I caressed a breast as she stroked my still limp penis and she said quietly.”I think you are both very, very lucky to have found a love like yours, she’s crazy about you, you know.””Yes, I know and it’s mutual.”My cock was beginning to stir again in her hand and Jenny laughed as she bought the champagne in for me to open.”Hey save some for me Karen, I’ve not finished with him yet.””And I’ve not finished with you either.” Karen laughed.The rest of the night was spent in what can only be described as a voyeur’s dream, I watched the girls make love to each other, I watched as they explored, teased and tasted each other. I listened while they talked of old times and felt guilty when they remembered shared moments of intimacies only they could recall.Later, as the champagne weaved it’s spell on us, I told them to sleep in my bed, our escort beylikdüzü bed, the bed I shared with my sister, my lover and I waved away their protestations.I was tired and still quite weak, but more than that, I wanted Jenny to enjoy her lover, I needed the reassurance of her kiss in the morning, I needed her to tell me she’d enjoyed it with Karen and that she’d come back to me.Almost ashamed of what I was doing, I masturbated to their moans, their cries of pleasure and the rhythmic movements of the bed above me, I heard a squeal that was Jenny, the scream became a low moan and I ejaculated to the silence, to the unknown.I awoke to Jenny lying in my arms, her head on my chest and Karen shaking us both gently.”Come on you two,” she said gently, “I’m going to cry in a minute.”It was a spontaneous reaction as we reached out and pulled her into our embrace.”Jenny, you left Karen upstairs?””She told me to come down here after we made love.”I didn’t speak, I didn’t trust myself to speak, I just played my part by holding both girls tightly until the three of us got the better of our emotions and then I got up, refusing their offers of help to get me up escort akbatı to the bathroom.As I washed and shaved, I heard them moving about in the bedroom, more giggles and more stage whispers, but I wasn’t unsure any more, I knew I wasn’t threatened.After slipping into the clean set of tee shirt and shorts she’d laid out for me, I bounced my way painfully downstairs again and found them both in the kitchen, going over our claim dressed almost identically in short black skirts and white blouses, it seemed that bra’s had been dispensed with, at least for the day anyway.Jenny got up and made me some breakfast while Karen went over the figures with me, but to be honest there were two other figures that I found far more fascinating than the ones on paper in front of me.Jenny whooped with joy when I related my conversation with Pete of the night before and Karen said there was no reason why we shouldn’t buy the pub as long as the price was right. It was lunchtime before we’d finished with all the documents and Karen announced it was time for her to leave. Tactfully I suggested that Jenny helped her pack the little overnight case she’d brought with her and once again escort beylikdüzü I endured the long wait for them to reappear whilst my imagination went into overdrive.A long lingering kiss in the doorway was as much for my benefit as theirs and then Karen walked over to where I sat at the table.”Just a little something for you to remember me by Danny.” she said softly and slowly raised the hem of her skirt exposing her beautiful long legs encased in black stockings and little black panties clinging jealously to the pouting mound of her sex.Not once did her eyes leave mine as she eased the sexy little garment down over her thighs and handed it to me, a sigh escaped her lips as I leaned forward and tenderly kissed the top of her naked slit before she giggled and smoothed the skirt back into place.”Well that’s a goodbye kiss I shan’t forget in a hurry.”I took my sister into my arms as Karen drove away with a wave, even the smile on her pretty face couldn’t hide her sadness though.”She’s quite a girl.” I said and Jenny could only nod in agreement.The plasters came off four weeks later, leaving just a support bandage on my right kneecap (or what was left of it) and the first thing Jenny did when we got home was to run me a bath, it was absolute heaven.Things had been moving along nicely in the meantime, the German company had offered a substantial out of court settlement, which Karen had recommended that we accept and we’d agreed a price with Peter for the pub.