Danielle and the Love Shack


Have you ever been asked to describe what you look like before? Not just a basic description; I mean, a full-on, detailed description of every aspect of your body. I’ve gotta say, it’s pretty freaking weird. But I know that’s a huge part of these sorts of stories, so I’m gonna do my best.

So, I’m Danielle, I’m well and truly in a sexual relationship with my father, and I was 18 years and 3 months old when this story is set, in my final year of high school. I’m Australian, and my family and I live in a fairly large town in Victoria. My voice is on the huskier side of the feminine spectrum, but it seems a lot of guys like that. I’m about 5’7″ tall, weighing a little under 60kg, so yeah, I’m quite thin. I’m quite light-skinned, bordering on pale, so I always have to wear a ridiculous amount of sunscreen in the summer. I’ve got blonde hair that goes just past my shoulder blades, with a couple inches of brown regrowth most noticeable where I part my hair (usually “wherever”, but usually a bit off to my right side). I have bright green eyes that I’m told are a bit bigger than average, and I have to wear glasses thanks to my shortsightedness; as I’m a slave to fashion, you’ve probably already guessed that my glasses have a thick black “hipster” frame. But even I think they suit me. They also help to disguise my freckly nose, though it seems they’re also fading with age; a fact that the 10-year old me would love to hear. I’m fortunate enough to have never needed braces, and because my parents were almost OCD about tooth-brushing, I’ve never had a cavity and my teeth are quite white.

I usually wear red or pink lipsticks or lip glosses, and a bit of eye makeup – black mascara and usually a dark eyeshadow); Mum says it looks “too dramatic”, but I just think it looks bold and highlights my naturally large eyes. I also wear a boring deodorant, but my favourite perfume is mainly vanilla scented, for anyone that cares about how I smell. Anyway, I also work hard at maintaining my bubbly personality, which is pretty damn hard at times, especially since I work in a restaurant, where people seem to want to be rude to the staff.

And don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten the “naughty” details. I’ve been shaving my pubes for almost as long as they’ve been growing, and I like to think my “lips” are quite tidy, no big flaps or anything downstairs for me. I wear a C cup bra, though I really think I’m sort of between a B and C cup. I’ve been told my nipples are a “normal” shade of pink, and are a “good” size – apparently not too big, and not tiny either. I don’t swallow cum, partly because I don’t like the salty-sour taste, and also because one of my exes said he didn’t like to kiss me after I’d swallowed because of the taste as well, so that ended up working in my favour; I haven’t swallowed since. Oh, and speaking of exes, one (really weird) ex boyfriend of mine said that I’d be “great in porn”… I assume he meant it as a compliment, like maybe I’m good to look at while having sex, or I look like I’m enjoying it? Anyway, yeah, I enjoy sex and apparently look good enough during that I could do it professionally, apparently.

I can honestly say that I don’t have an incest fetish; there’s no way I’d touch anyone I’m related to (or let them touch me). I really just love my father; I’m attracted to him as a person, not as an abstract, taboo concept. Sure, the fact he’s married to my mother and that society would object to our relationship if they found out does add a bit of a forbidden/naughty flavour to our relationship, but it doesn’t define it for me or for Dad. Let me put it another way: I fell in love with a man who happens to be my father; I didn’t fuck him simply because he was my father. Does that make any more sense? I’ll try to stop rambling now; it’s probably for the best. But hopefully I’ve been able to paint a fairly detailed description of myself in your mind. If not, I guess you’ll just have to accept my most humble apologies, my dear reader.

There’s probably not too many people interested in hearing what Dad looks like, but just in case there are any girls with minds as dirty as mine and like reading a dirty incest story, here goes. He’s 53 years old, and is also quite thin (must be where I get it from), though he stands a bit above me at 5’11”. His skin tone isn’t as light as mine, but he’s still noticeably white, as his 9-5 office job doesn’t let him get too much sun. He’s still married to my Mum, and I’m not their only child – I have 2 younger siblings, one boy and one girl. Dad went grey fairly early in life, and now wears it spiked up in a style that almost looks too young for him, but somehow he manages to pull it off. His office uniform is a dressy, long-sleeve shirt and black pants, so that’s mainly what I see him wearing (y’know, when I see him wearing clothes).

As for Dad’s naughty bits… he doesn’t have too much body hair – mainly just some hair around his nipples, a tiny tuft in the middle of his chest, and a reasonably dark snail trail starting from his belly button and leads straight down to his hairy crotch. He doesn’t bother trimming or otherwise maintaining his pubes, but that’s fine by me; we both think Taksim Escort it looks better hairy down there on guys. When hard, my father’s circumcised dick measures about 8 inches, and is quite thick – I can wrap my hand around it, but I don’t really have too much room to spare. To be honest, I don’t pay much attention to his ball sack – once you’ve seen one, you’ve kinda seen them all, right? But for completion’s sake, he’s got slightly larger than average balls compared to what I’ve seen, it normally hangs fairly loose between his legs, and it’s sparsely covered in dark curly pubic hairs, and doesn’t really have a distinct taste, unlike his sweet-warm-salt flavoured cock head.

The story of how we first got together is a fairly boring one, so I shan’t be telling you that one here today. But here are the main details for the curious: I made the first move, kind of taking advantage of the fact he was going through a fairly obvious mid-life crisis. That was not long after I turned 18, and after that, we’d sneak a chance to fuck any time we could, but that wasn’t nearly enough for me. Have you ever tried having sex (nevermind good, long sex) with someone in a house with 3 other people without risking getting caught? “Almost impossible” is an understatement. So, in around 3 months of being active with my Dad, I swear we’d only been able to fuck properly around 3 or 4 times, with probably another 10 opportunities for quickies. As I’m sure you can understand, I was anxious to find a way to get a chance to fuck Dad without any chance of being found out, where we could take our time and be as loud as we want.


The plan started to form one day when I was in the car with Mum and she was taking one of my brother’s friends back home. His friend lives a few kilometres out of town, and on the way to his house is this little abandoned house in the middle of a paddock (or field, if you’d prefer). It looks like it had been neglected for years, if not decades – broken windows, tiles missing off the roof, the paddock was all overgrown – it was beautiful. I guess I’m a romantic at heart, always seeing the inner beauty of things and people that everyone else just dismiss without thinking. But once I saw that sad little house sitting all alone in that paddock, off the side of that quiet road out of town, my mind instantly started picturing me bringing Dad there, where we could finally be free to do whatever we wanted with each other. All I needed to do was figure out a way to get us there without acting suspicious or risking being found out by anyone.

That night, it dawned on me: One day next week, I’d get Dad to drive me to school, and he’d call in sick from work that day. It was so simple I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it earlier. So, that Tuesday – a lovely, mid-Autumn day – I got dressed for school as usual – a low-cut, long-sleeve black top, a cheap-but-nice costume jewellery necklace, a casual-but-warm grey cardigan, a black scarf, my leggings with a purple galaxy print that do wonders for my legs and bum, and my favourite pair of black boots. It’s rare in Australia, but holy hell is it good to go to a school that doesn’t have a uniform. Anyway, I chose that outfit for a few reasons. First, it’s pretty much what I usually wear; second, I didn’t want to wear anything too overtly sexy because I’m very careful about getting Mum suspicious; and third, because I knew Dad would have fun stripping me of all my layers. I contemplated wearing a skirt over the leggings, but eventually decided that was overkill; best keep it simple, just in case he couldn’t do it today.

Once I’d showered, dressed and put my face on, I headed out to the kitchen, where Mum was just leaving to wake up my siblings, but thankfully Dad hadn’t long started his breakfast. He was dressed in his usual black dress pants, with a nice pastel green long-sleeved shirt and a black tie. My parents and I exchanged brief “Good morning”s and I started getting my cereal. Once I was sure Mum was out of earshot, I casually remarked to Dad, “I had this weird dream last night.”

He looked up from his toast. “Oh yeah? What was it, Dani?”

I lowered my voice, just in case. “I dreamt about your cock, deep inside me. And I want you to help me make that dream come true, Dad.” Hey, I never said I wasn’t a tease.

Dad coughed, almost choking on his piece of toast. Once he’d washed down his coughing fit with his pineapple juice, he asked me in a hushed voice, “And how can I do that? I don’t need to remind you that you’ve got school and I’ve got work, do I?”

I poured my milk into my cereal. “Jeez, Dad. Just take the day off, call in sick. I honestly can’t remember the last time you had a day away from that stupid office. And then you can tell Mum that you want to drive me to school because, I dunno, you haven’t spent much time with me lately? And that wouldn’t exactly be lying, would it?” I smirked and started eating my boring old Corn Flakes. “I’ve even found the perfect deserted little place where we definitely won’t be caught.”

It was actually pretty cute watching him try to think of an excuse not to act on his urges. What is Taksim Escort Bayan it with the older generations? It’s like, they’ll try to find any excuse not to do something that’ll make them happy. My philosophy is, do what makes you happy and anyone who tries to stop you from being happy can go fuck themselves. I’m still hoping that I can teach it to Dad. After about 20 seconds, it was obvious he couldn’t think of an excuse to turn me down, and in the end he looked relieved – no, downright gleeful is probably closer. “Okay, Dani, I can give you a ride today.” He wouldn’t be my Dad if he didn’t make dad jokes. “But don’t think I’m going to do this every day or anything, this is only because-” he lowered his voice again “-because I’ve been thinking about fucking you for over a week now and it was starting to drive me crazy.”

Hearing my father speak so dirty and so frankly filled my nether regions with a warm tingling sensation that made me positive I was doing the right thing for both of us today. God, I couldn’t wait to feel Dad’s nice warm tongue down there again.

Dad finished his breakfast in a hurry, then went off to their ensuite to talk to Mum about the plan – instead of catching the bus, Dad would be driving me to school, since we haven’t spent much time together lately and it was starting to get to him. Mum would still drive my brother and sister, since their school is quite close to Mum’s work. She was fine with that, and he said Mum thought it was sweet I was keen to spend some “private time” with Dad. Little did she know, huh?


So, by 8:30 we were ready and out the driveway. Once we were out of our neighbourhood, Dad called his office on his mobile (while I’d normally not condone Dad using the phone while driving, I let him do it since I’d already talked him into doing it. Once he was finished, I started directing Dad to the house I’d spotted. It was a bit of a drive – more than 20 minutes, so I decided to make it interesting. I reached over to Dad’s seat and immediately started fondling his crotch through his pants. I rubbed his crotch until I could feel the outline of his dick, which I then focused my attention on. It was still soft, but I could tell that was only temporary; since I’d started stroking him, his dick was already more than twice its soft size. “Can’t wait till he’s inside me again, Dad.”

Dad was trying his best to just concentrate on driving, but he couldn’t help groaning in approval once I picked up in speed. I don’t know whether he shifted because he needed to, or to give me better access to his cock, but shortly after his happy groan, Dad shifted backwards in his seat, making it a lot easier for me to reach underneath his belt. Whether it was intentional or not, I took the opportunity and slipped my hand under the waistband of Dad’s trousers to where I could feel his wiry forest of pubic hair, and rested my hand there. I lazily swept my fingers back and forth through his pubes, deliberately not touching his dick. “Come on, Dani, don’t stop, what you were doing felt so good.”

“I’m sure it did, but I really just want to wait till I can see him properly. Oh, and turn right here. Anyway, I don’t want to get him too excited just yet, do I?”

Dad had to admit that was true. “But I still get to do this, because you’re a such a damn tease.” Before I could ask what “this” was, Dad reached an arm across to my side of the car. Without taking his eyes off the road, he grabbed one of my boobs and squeezed it not gently a few times, adding “Honk, honk” as he did so. Then he returned both hands to the steering wheel.

I gasped in mock horror at Dad’s honking hand. “Well, I never! How dare you treat me that way; I’m a lady!” Ignoring the fact that my fingers were still absently playing with my Dad’s pubic hair.

Dad chuckled sarcastically. “Okay, fine, my lady. But how far is it to this magical mystery fucking location?”

I figured now was as good a time as any to start describing the place, adding that it was probably less than five minutes from where we were.

“And you’re not concerned about the car being parked on the road in front of this derelict, possibly condemned building?”

“It’s a quiet road that leads to some boring old properties in middle of nowhere; you know how often you see an empty car on roads like these. We’ll be fine, nobody’s going to recognise your car, Dad.” The place I’d already started calling The Love Shack in my head soon came into our sights as Dad came around a bend in the road. I couldn’t contain my excitement. “Oh! There it is, on the right! Quick, Dad, stop!”

I think my excitement was finally starting to catch on with Dad. He brought the car to an abrupt stop, skidding a little on the dirt on the road shoulder. Dad parked, we got out and climbed the fence, and I did all I could to keep from sprinting to the front door of the run-down house that, on closer inspection, was really more of a cottage. Still, it was neglected, alone, empty and beautiful. My found Love Shack was everything I wanted it to be, and I couldn’t wait to fuck Dad inside it. After making our way through the knee-high grass and Escort Taksim weeds, we arrived at the door, unlocked, and swollen from years of rain. The windows had all been broken – whether maliciously or naturally, I can only guess. Dust caked the cement floor around the front. I pushed the door open reverently, just enjoying the serenity that seemed to radiate from the poor old building. I stepped inside, tossed my schoolbag aside in the hallway and walked to what I decided was once the combined lounge/dining room. “Wow, I love it, it’s so beautiful and sad,” I sighed.

I turned to face Dad, who was barely 3 footsteps behind me. He didn’t have quite the same romantic fascination with the Love Shack as I did; no, his mind seemed focused solely on commencing what I’d promised him less than an hour ago. Without a word, he wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me close to him, effortlessly guiding his lips to mine. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth, letting him kiss me as hard and furiously as he wanted to; I completely sympathised with his uncontrollable need to express his horniness. His hot tongue pushed into my mouth, the tip of his tongue flicking against mine, and I could still taste the toothpaste he used. I wrapped my arms around him and soon my tongue started dancing with his, a passionate tango performed in our mouths. He moaned with desire and pushed me backwards against the closest wall. Our kisses became more fast, less controlled as we soon began to realise there was absolutely no way we’d be caught in this place. We could just succumb to our urges and fully give ourselves to each other. Dad freed his arm from being pinched between my back and the wall and soon both his hands were running up and down my sides, searching for the waistband of my pants. Still kissing me like his life depended on it, Dad pulled them down faster than I’d ever pulled them down myself, and without skipping a beat, he was pulling my top up, clawing at my breasts over my bra, then he pushed it away too, pulling it up almost to my chin, exposing my breasts to the world. My nipples reacted to the cold autumn air instantly, getting as hard as pebbles within seconds of Dad’s hasty, lazy removal of my bra. He grabbed my boobs with each hand, squeezing and releasing them rhythmically, his thumbs playing with my hard pink nipples, rubbing them back and forth.

I let him keep fondling me for a little while longer before I decided I’d had enough, and I put my hands to his chest and pushed him away. “Your turn,” I informed him breathlessly. I grabbed his tie and spun him around, careful not to trip on my leggings which were now bunched up just below my knees. Now that Dad was against the wall, I took the chance to put myself back into my bra and pulled my top back down properly. I stepped forward, our bodies less than an inch away from each other. I undid his tie slowly, tossing it aside without a second thought. Next, I unbuttoned his shirt from the top, gradually exposing his thin, sexy chest and flat stomach.

Next, of course, I unbuckled Dad’s belt and undid the button on his pants, then the fly. He pushed his hips away from the wall, and his pants did as commanded – they fell in a heap around his ankles, his hairy legs instantly getting goosebumps from the cool Love Shack air. He stepped out of his pants and kicked them aside. Dad was wearing a black pair of cotton briefs, and his hard cock was obviously straining to be liberated from their fabric prison. Being the loving daughter that I am, I pulled Dad’s underwear down, and tried to suppress a giggle when his hard dick sprung out and bounced up and down for a little bit. Despite the cold, Dad’s cock still looked impressive – thick and hard, his purple tip already moist and glistening with precum.

“Well, someone’s certainly ready,” I teased. Continuing from where I’d left him in the car, I grabbed Dad’s cock in one hand and started stroking it gently, loving the feeling of his warmth in the cold air. He moaned my name and closed his eyes, tilting his head back. I built up a steady rhythm, tugging at my father’s cock, and I started kissing his chest and neck. For once, it was great to not have to worry about the fact I was leaving lipstick stains on his body, so I might have gone a little overboard, kissing him and leaving a glossy pair of red lips behind, all over his neck and most of his upper chest. Dad reached out and started fondling my breasts again, this time seeming content to just grab my boobs over my clothes.

I’d say less than two minutes had passed before Dad started moaning more intensely, in time with my strokes. He did that for about five seconds before he groaned loudly, too late for me to realise what was happening. His body jerked hard once, shooting cum past my arm and across the room a few feet, where it landed on the floor with a hard, wet splat. By that time I’d realised I’d managed to bring Dad to orgasm without really trying, and so I moved so I could watch the rest of his cum shoot out of his dick. I kept up my jacking pace, having been previously instructed it makes the orgasm feel better than if I stop jacking once he starts cumming. Dad moaned “Oh God” a few times, and cum shot out in spurts, falling to the floor at our feet and pooling on my hand. When I was sure he’d finished, I flicked my father’s cum off my hand, letting it fall wherever it landed. Now quite short of breath, he started to whisper, “Dani, I’m sor-“