Damon and Em – The Mother/Son Story Pt. 02



I don’t see my Mom as Mom, I see her as my lover. After our intense fuck session, lovemaking and out of this world explosions — we play in my room.

I really love Crystal, but this with my Mom is at another level of passion entirely. I am blinded by my actions and how my heart is beating like a raging monster destroying the land.

I am hoping to tell Crystall all about this and try and get Crystal involved. My horny girlfriend will love licking the sweet pussy of my Mom’s.

I first make love to Mom on my bed.

I want it to be soft, inviting, and purely passionate. Mom drives her tongue down my throat while I am slowly thrusting inside her. Her legs are neatly tucked around my steel arms. I nibble on both her breasts, sucking and biting, then kissing her and doing the whole thing again.

Her moans start to increase. She starts thrusting back, arching her body at my cock.

“Goddamn it, Damon, fuck me, I can’t stand it anymore.”

She is so wet. So desirable. So mine.

“You want it rough?”

“Yes, fucking give it to me!”

Greenlight — GO!

I flip her over and slap her right ass cheek.

She yelps.


I slap her again.

“Oh, yes!”

She loves it. Just like Crystal. Holy fuck!

“Bad Mommy! Such a bad slut!”



She screams out. “Uhhhh!”


Then I coat my finger with my salvia and slide my index finger into her ass, up to the knuckle.

Three WHACKS! I thrust three times with my finger.

“Damon, I am cumming!”

I start WHACKING hard and thrusting my finger into my Mom’s ass. She bucks back, shudders, yells out my name and collapses face down on the bed.

I lean down, push her hair aside, and kiss her neck.

“Are you trying to kill me? That was fucking unbelievable, Damon. Mommy has been a bad woman.”

I whisper in her ear, “You have, leading me on like that. Mommy is going to get creamed by my monster cock right now!”

I grab the back of her head and push my big cock into her cunt. She groans. She is absolutely soaking wet from the spanking.

“You want more?”

“Pin me down, oh fucking hell, fuck me hard!”

That’s my ticket to pleasure right there. I start slamming my cock into my Mom with huge hammer bangs. I push my feel up, so I am on my toes, I put my hands into fists, and my cock is the piston to fuck drunk my beautiful Mom.


And again.


Guttural groans from my Mom.

I give her everything I have.


As I call out, I start pumping my love juice into her hot snatch. I feel like I am a fucking fire hose filling up a long lost hole that just happens to be my hot as fuck Mom.

I grab her hair and pull her to me. She twists her body, and I fist my cock at her face. A nice stream of hot cum oozes out of my huge cock head. She immediately starts licking up the remainder of my love juice.

“Oh, God Mom, I fucking love you.”

She giggles and licks her lips. I fall down beside her and caress her face.

“It’s two powerful sexual energies crashing into each other when we fuck, Son. It’s completely out of this world. I feel I have died and we are in some sort of pleasure dome, just us, no one else to do whatever the fuck we want to do.”

I laugh and run my fingers around her right nipple and tweak it. She slaps my hand away.

“Down boy. I need recovering time. Plus, we have all day to have fun.”

“What about your work?”

She brushes the hair from her eyes. “All my clients are caught up. With the massive orders I did last week, I can afford a couple of days off. I need to ask you something?”


“Did you want me before?”

My cock starts growing. Shit. I whisper. “Yes. And No. I mean that barrier that you are my Mom, you gave birth to me, you raised me up, and you are all I got, and Aunty Brooke, of course. I masturbated when I saw you in the shower rubbing your body down like two years ago and then from then on, I just tried to hide my hard-on. Losing my virginity and having Etiler Escort sex with other girls helped, especially my hot sex with Crystal.”

“But you wanted more.”


“Best answer I have heard all day.”

Mom jumps up and spins around, so her ass is facing my face. She starts stroking my big cock with both of her hands. Her tight ass is so fucking hot. I just lie down and enjoy the ride. She strokes fast and slow and rubs my balls several times. Then she gets up and slides my cock all the way inside her womb. Oh my fucking god!

My cock is big enough so she can position herself on all fours — hands down on my legs and knees slightly up to fuck me reverse cowgirl.

She starts making noises I have not heard before. It is like I am hitting her G-spot.

“Rock on me, Damon!”

I am not sure what my Mom means, but I put my hand against my hard shaft, so it pushes to a more 45-degree angle. She just erupts. Her juices go off the charts.

She starts screaming as she rocks, pumps, and rides my cock. I am holding her right ass cheek in my hand, and that’s it. The sensation is incredible.

My mother shoots off my cock and squirts all over the bed. She is rubbing her clit like a wild woman without a thought in the world.

“Oh, God Damon.”

It’s magical. It’s intimate. It’s off the charts crazy in this world, but so fucking hot I think I will just pass out.

My Mom gets off the bed with shaky legs. She rubs her breasts and looks at me. Her black hair looks so fucking sexy now that we have fucked like crazy.

“Damon. Listen to me. If you fuck me again, I will pass out. I need tenderness. Let’s get lunch and hit the hot tub. Plus you need to cum again.”

“Sounds like a plan, Mom. Have I done something wrong?”

“Baby, no, God no. It’s we’ve gone into the Twilight Zone. We need some reality here.”

I smile. My Mom is so grounded and so alive. She licks her lips when she is trying to sort out shit.

“So how about we shower and go downstairs and prepare lunch together?”

My Mom ties up her hair in a messy bun. Fuck it’s so hot. She gets on her knees and slaps her thighs.

“Sounds like the rest of the day is going to rock.”

I lie back and push a couple of pillows behind my head. My cock is lying sideways on my left thigh. My Mom looks so cute.

“You look cute, Em.”

She smiles and pats my left leg. “Thanks, baby. I really think we should go down to have lunch, you know, re-charge the batteries.” She rubs my thigh and looks at my cock with hunger in her hazel eyes.

My cock starts rising. I cannot help you want to fuck my Mom. She licks her lips and plays with her perfect 36C breasts.

My cock is full now. I look at my cock and grab it. “Mom, are we able to um, actually get out of bed?”

She shakes her head. “Oh fuck your cock is so wonderful, Damon.”

I smile. I slowly keep fisting it.

“So did I hit your G-spot earlier?”

“God, yes. It was so fucking intense, Damon. I want to do that again and again and again.”

“So how about you straddle your legs like you do tribbing with Ginger, but my cock is your toy, and we fuck each other like that?”

My mom rubs the side of her face and adjusts some of her black hair. I am so ready to fuck my Mom that I think I am losing control. “Yes. I love tribbing. That sounds hot, Damon.”

“Then mount me, Mom. Give me your fucking hot pussy and let’s fuck slowly.”

“How are you able to keep getting hard and cum so much?”

I laugh. “Funny you say that. Crystal reckons I am a cum machine. I get turned on, and I just want to keep going and going. So you have your own fuck machine, Emmaline.”

“That my son is music to my ears.”

“Plus you are the sexiest, most fucking unbelievable woman a man like me could possibly ever want.”

“God, Damon you say so much it makes me horny. God, I don’t know where this will go but fuck me, I want to keep you fucking me, no matter what.”

She playfully swats my cock and gives it a big lick. She giggles.

“Plus, I have a surprise for you.”


“Yeah, so you are going Etiler Escort Bayan to need to re-charge the batteries for later on.”

My Mom straddles me after she says the most insane and awesome words in the world. What in the world has she got planned for us or more importantly me? God only knows.

Her hot, bare cunt slides up to my monster cock, and I let her guide it in. I hold her legs outside my chest, and she knows what to do. She starts thrusting and playing with my cock. I groan. Her pussy is tight yet so slick. I know now this will be my last time before passing out. I cannot keep fucking with her. I need to re-charge. God, I need to. Maybe the feelings I am having are not real. Keep going. Fuck your Mom until she cannot walk straight. Oh my, that is the best thing to think about.

We fuck each other, but I take a passive role like I did earlier. My Mom throws herself around and buck and fucks me like she is going to die. I start rubbing her clit, and she groans. She starts grinding up and down like with such crazy abandon I cannot handle it.

“Mom, I am going to cum.”

“Cum inside me baby.”

I start shooting my load inside my Mom with lustful insanity. I throw my head back and cannot help myself. My Mom jumps up and impales herself on me and starts to cum in buckets. She grips my neck and grinds herself against me with such intensity I let massive load after load into her cunt.

I feel like I am totally crazy.

“I want to taste you so fucking much.”

I roll her to her side, grab her legs, and push them up so she is in an S, lying on her back, cunt up and me holding on to her legs. I bend her legs back a bit more, so I can have total access to her pussy. I start using my own cum and her pussy juice to rub her labia.

“Oh Damon, that’s hot!”

I keep rubbing fast then slow, fast then slow, fast then slow and on the fourth time I slide a finger inside her, deep down and pull out. I do this around ten times. Then I grab her ankles with one hand, and with my other, I put three fingers into her pussy. I spread her cunt walls up and start fucking her with downward strokes.

“Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, I am … close … baby … so close …”

That’s my lead. I lean down and start flicking her clit as fast as I can.

“I’m cumming!”

My Mom explodes, more beautiful juice flows out, and her legs buckle, and I ease her down. She grabs a pillow and yells into it and wiggles her toned legs.

It’s the most gorgeous sight, my Mom completely spent.

She throws the pillow away. “You’re going to have to carry me to the shower.

I scoop her up and take her to our large circular shower and turn on the two big showerheads. It always reminds me of not showering but washing in the rain.

We wash each other’s backs and the rest of our bodies. She washes my cock, and I get hard again.

She giggles. “We are not doing anything, got that, mister!”

I smile. “I am not the one stroking it.”

She lets go only to give me a fucking hot as hell kiss. My cock gets harder, and she starts stroking it. I pull her mouth to mine again, taking away her breath. She starts jerking my cock like crazy using some conditioner as a lubricant. I lean back against the wall as she has me under the fucking spell.

“Let me cum in your mouth, I’m close.

She keeps stroking and moves down to take my cock into her mouth. As soon as she sucks, I start shooting.

Not as much as the other times but enough for Mom to swallow.

“Oh, God Mom that was hot.”

“Seriously we are going to not fuck for at least an hour!”

I laugh and turn off the showerheads. I slap her ass.

“I really do doubt that, but have it your way.”

She giggles and grabs a towel, her amazing ass jiggles a little. I groan.

Fuck me can I really keep this going?


Damon and his Mother fuck after lunch in the pool area standing up in the shallow end exactly fifty-five minutes after the shower. One hour later in the Steam Room Damon and Mom fuck for over an hour, slowly teasing each other to a massive climax.

After the Steam Room, Escort Etiler Emmaline says she needs to run some errands so takes off for a couple of hours. Damon hits the gym, another shower and goes online to play Battlebeast Union.

Emmaline comes home and goes down to the gym for a workout.

Damon gets a text. He takes his headphones off.

Crystal: Gotta call me, shit in the fan


Crystal: Call!!

Damon rings Crystal. Damon finds out Crystal has been kicked out of home because someone sent photos of Crystal kissing, in sexy clothes and holding hands with a boy. Damon gets all confused. Crystal cries and Damon goes and picks her up at a Taco Bell where she is waiting for him.

Two things freak him out — 1. When he picks up Crystal, she is in white hotpants and pink singlet he gave her that says C Bucket! Her hair is not the normal straight hair down her back but all wavy and sexy. She has on glossy lipstick and looks hot as fuck. She has a big duffle bag and is grinning from ear to ear. If she just got kicked out what the fuck!!?? 2. She is wearing his Mom’s Chuck Taylors and is texting someone furiously.

Damon pulls up in his truck. He looks at his phone. A text from his Mom.

M: Check her shoes out!

D: What is going on?

M: Just ask her!

D: This is weird.

M: Smell her and taste her too.

D: Have your gone nuts.

M: Do it!!

Damon gets out of the truck and Crystal runs to him. She jumps on him, and they kiss. Damon puts her down and looks at her. She smells like Mom! What is going on here?

“Crystal you smell like my Mom, and why are you in her Chuck Taylors?”

“She gave them to me dumbass. Aren’t you happy to see me?”

“Yes, of course, I am. Are you wearing any panties?”

“Horny already. I love your style, Damon, wanna check?”

Damon slides his hand down her hot pants and yup, no panties, he decides to go further down and slides his finger over her clit and into her pussy. She gasps. She is soaking wet. He pulls away and puts his finger to his mouth.

Holy mother of God! Damon tastes his Mother!

“Like what you taste, big boy!”

Crystal rubs a Damon’s already hard as a rock cock. Damon jumps back and stares at his girlfriend.

“Explain, or we are not going anywhere.”

“Surprise big boy!”

“What the fuck?”

“Your Mom and I decided that you need two of the best, hottest women on the planet servicing that massive cock of yours and two of the hottest, wildest women who love you to bits and pieces. So we fucked. And fucked and fucked. She is so hot, your Mom. I passed the test, of course, and now I am moving in, and we are going to fuck morning, noon and night. All three of us. How does that sound?”

Damon’s jaw drops. His phone rings. He puts it on speaker. It’s his Mom.

“Surprise, honey! Crystal, Me, and you. The hottest fucking threesome in history of threesomes. Now hurry up and get that tight snatch of Crystal’s over here so we ALL can christen my bed, your bed (I put new sheets on honey) and let’s say, the Steam Room, for now! Hurry, scoot. Bye.”

Damon looks at his girlfriend. “You are okay, I am you know with my Mom?”

Crystal punches his arm. “You are such a boy. We talked about this a few days ago. We set it all up. Your Mom has seen us fucking so much it was doing her head in, so she said she would send some pictures to my dad, he’ll get pissed and kick me out, and I have my freedom and you — and your Mom.”

“Your Mom is hot! I don’t care if it’s taboo. Fuck it. We’re horny Damon so let’s enjoy it while we can!”

“You make it sound so fucking hot and easy.”

Crystal holds out her hand. “Take my hand, let’s get in the truck and go home.”

“Sure thing, baby!”

They reach the truck, and Damon smiles. He whacks the tight ass of Crystal. She wiggles her ass. “Mmmm. I hope there is more of that later.”

“You know I think I have died and gone to heaven.”

Crystal laughs. “No way. We have all died and gone to Fuckland.”

Damon laughs too. “Sounds hot. Let’s go.” Damon starts the truck. Crystal leans over and kisses him on the cheek and squeezes his cock.

“By the way, your Mom and I want to set up a Pornhub page, so we need to buy cameras and shit.”

Damon chuckles as he turns out of the parking lot. “Let’s call the page, CrysEmDam in Fuckland.”

Crystal and Damon fist pump and laugh.