Daddy’s Slave


Daddy’s Slave.
I am standing here at my computer as I write this prelude to my story. I thought that daddy would be pleased when I tried to upload it but he was furious as he hadn’t had a chance to read it himself. He caned my arse so badly that I cant sit down and even standing is pure agony. I”m hoping that he will allow me to have a bath later so that I can soak the welts and relieve some of the pain. This is what I can now expect if I break the rules and it’s a lesson well learnt…………………………………….
Dear Diary- It was about 8.30am and I was lying in bed smelling my fingers and stroking my dick remembering the game of stink finger I had played with my girlfriend, Angie, at her house last night. For some reason she would let me play as much as I wanted but stopped at actually letting me fuck her. She did give me a half hearted blow job, ahh, any blowjob is better than none. Wouldn’t swallow but made me come into some tissues so I wouldn’t get her messed up, crap.
Any way as I was lying there the phone rang and I got a call from Mum telling me it was my girlfriends mother who wanted some work done around the house, mowing and trimming and whatever. Not thinking anything of it but needing the money I had some breakfast and headed over there ready to start work. When I arrived I went to the back door and called out for Mrs. Forsyth and heard her say come in she was in the lounge room. I trotted in and nearly fell over my feet as there on the flat screen was my girlfriend, Lucy, and myself with Lucy’s head buried in my crotch giving me a blowie whilst I fingered her cunt. Mrs Forsyth was sitting on the couch and I could only see the top of her head and she motioned me to come closer and the sight that greeted me caused an immediate hard on. There she was, nude with her legs spread wide and pushing a dildo in and out of her hairless cunt as she watched her daughter give me a blowie.
I was shocked, scared, aroused and confused as Joan, that’s Mrs Forsyth started moan and thrash about as she came, juices squirting out of her cunt and running down between the crack of her arse.. I stood there frozen with my 8 incher making a tent in my boardies watching this mature woman come and come and come. She finally stopped coming and turned to me with a wicked smile on her face and asked what the fuck did I think I was doing trying to fuck her underage daughter in her home. I didn’t know what to say except to point to the screen and ask how.
Joan said that her husband had just installed security cameras in the house and we were caught on them. I asked if Mr. Forsyth had seen this and Joan said no, not yet and I breathed a sigh of relief until she said that she would show him and the police if I didn’t do exactly what she wanted when she wanted. I was stumped and knew she had the upper hand so I said that I would do what she wanted. Joan then ordered me to remove my clothes and come and stand in front of her, I balked but she reminded me of my agreement and I slowly stripped and stood in front of her with my hands hiding my dick. She ordered me to start stroking my dick and I slowly started move my hand up and down my dick whilst perving on Joan’s body. Joan was about 40 years old and a brunette, creamy skin, rich red lips, slender neck, nice 36 breasts that needed no support, a flat stomach and a hairless pussy with the neatest lips I’ve ever seen and a set of the longest legs to top it all off.
I could feel my spunk rising and my breathing became quicker and Joan told me to stop whilst she leaned forward and sucked first one ball and then the other into her mouth, pulling back so the sac was stretched to breaking and then letting the ball pop from her mouth back into its place. She then wrapped her thumb and forefinger around my sac above the balls and took both balls into her mouth rolling them together, leaning back again so that I thought she would rip them off before once again letting them go with a pop. The pain was intense but surprisingly erotic and my cock twitched and throbbed with anticipation of her lips on it. She then sat back and told me to start jerking my cock again and I went at it with relish but just before I came she again stopped me, grabbed my cock at the base and squeezed to stop me coming, something I had never felt before.
I stood there wanting to shoot my load all over her when she told me to get on my hands and knees and lick her cunt and arse slowly. I feel to my knees and inched forward with my tongue out until I felt it touch her outer lips and I began licking up and down in slow movement savouring the smell and taste of this woman. It was unlike anything I had ever tasted before and before long my face was coated with her juices as she oozed continually and started to make a big wet spot on the coach. She then grabbed the dildo she had been using earlier and inserted it into her cunt and told me to lick the juices off it as she plunged it in and out of her cunt going deeper and deeper with every stroke. I couldn’t keep up with the amount of fluid that was being produced but tried as best I could. My cock was aching and throbbing and I wanted nothing more than to stroke it to orgasm but as I reached down she told me not to touch myself or she would tell her hubby.
I concentrated on licking and then she removed the dildo from her cunt and placed the head of it against she arse and slowly pushed it in until the head disappeared , she paused for a moment and told me to lick her cunt again as she started to push the dildo deeper and deeper into herself. She had about 4inches in when she started to buck and writhe on the couch and she held the dildo with one hand and my head with the other pushing me further into the folds of her cunt as she came and I was nearly chocked on the amount of fluid that shot from her hole. I was covered from the face to the chest with this woman’s fluid and I loved it and stated to lick every drop from her body that I could find. It was then that I heard a slow clapping from behind me and it took a couple of seconds for it to register that there was someone else in the room. I looked behind me a and there stood Mr Forsyth, Brad, completely nude with a boner a little smaller than mine, which by the way had taken a sudden sabbatical and gone as soft as a wet sponge, smiling at his wife and stoking his hard on.
To say that this was unexpected was an understatement and I just wanted to shrink down to molecular size and fade away. Joan looked up and asked how long he had been standing there and brad said long enough to see that his wife was a slut and enjoyed a dildo up the arse. She smiled at him and explained what was going on and put the tape back on to show what had started it and he sat on the couch next to his wife and she started to stroke his cock and he finger her pussy. I was still on my hands and knees with my face only inches away from his wife’s cunt and didn’t know what was to happen from then on. That was soon answered when Joan told Brad about the deal we had made and Brad told her he had always fantasised about getting his cock sucked by a bloke and this was a golden opportunity too good to miss. Joan then told me to move over to between her husbands legs and suck his cock. I started to protest and she slapped me and warned me about the consequences of not doing what I was told so I moved over and rested my mouth on the top of Brads cock before slowly opening it and taking the knob in. Brad gasped and put his hands on the back of my head and slowly pushed my head and mouth down and I could feel his cock filling my mouth until it hit the back of my throat and I nearly choked as he tried to force it further. I struggled to lift my head but his hands were too strong and slowly the knob was forced down my throat for the first time until it was all the way in then he released my head and I came up for air. He then again put his hands on my head and pushed me down again and repeated this several times until that although I should have been disgusted I found it exciting and took all I could of his cock without hesitation tasting the pre come that dribbled out of his cock head and feeling the veins throb along the shaft . I felt movement and saw Joan moved onto the couch straddling her husbands face and pushing her cunt against his mouth and I had a ring side seat watching his tongue licking and penetrating his wife’s cunt in unison to my head bobbing. I could feel his cock getting larger and suddenly he released a load of spunk into my mouth, spurt after spurt filling me up as I swallowed as quickly as I could to take it all. Joan screamed and came and her juices flowed once again and dribbled down Brads chest and onto his pubic area and I swallowed his now softening cock and used my tongue to lap at his Joan’s escaping fluids that had collected there in his pubes. Joan moved back to her original position on the couch and I knelt there with Brad’s now soft cock still in my mouth savouring the last of his spunk until he straightened up and his cock slipped from my mouth.
My need to spunk was critical and my balls were now in extreme pain as I sat back down on my haunches, small drops of escaped man juice on my lips and chin as I wondered what was next. Brad got up and made a few drinks and they both relaxed on the couch with Joan using her foot to jostle my aching balls and slide her foot over my now painful cock. After about 5 minutes Joan left the room and returned with a studded dog collar and lead and fixed the collar around my neck and took me for a walk through the house. When we got back to the lounge room I stopped dead as there was my girlfriend on the couch with her naked father kissing him like she did me. She looked up at me and then told her mother that wasn’t she right that I would make a good slave to have around the house, all they needed was an excuse and she had provided it. I had been set up well and truly but I didn’t really care as this type of scenario was something I had wanked off to for years. Brad had his hand in Angie’s blouse and I could see he was tweaking her nipple and making her squirm on his lap which was causing his cock to harden once again. Angie reached down and lovingly stroked her father’s cock all the while looking me in the eyes with a smile on her face. Joan related what had gone on earlier and when she told of me sucking her husbands cock and drinking the spunk Angie said she wanted to see that next time. Joan moved over to Angie and pushed her cunt up to her daughters lips and Angie started to lick the folds and dart her tongue in and out as she increased her speed of her hand on hers fathers cock while I stood there longing to join in and have someone relieve my aching gebze escort balls. Brad took his daughters hand and removed it from his cock and told her to get undressed and then we would have some more fun. Angie was quick to comply and for the first time I saw her completely naked, a carbon copy of her mother with slightly smaller breast. Angie then dropped to her knees and took my cock into her mouth and preceded to deep throat me as I had never been done before and I could feel the spunk rising and she stopped, took my cock in her hand and squeezed to stop me coming. I was on the verge but the pressure of her hand stopped it once gain and the pain continued as both mother and daughter laughed at my predicament.
I begged them to allow me to spunk and they said all in good time they weren’t finished with me yet and started to kiss and caress each other like wanton sluts while Brad slowly stroked his cock to keep it hard. Angie had left the room and returned with a box which the family eagerly opened and sorted through the contents. Joan turned to Angie and told her to grab my balls and stretch them down and while she was doing it Joan took a leather sleeve out of the box and wrapped it around my sack and started to clip it together with 3 press studs but my balls wouldn’t stretch far enough so Angie pulled them down further causing me to scream in pain and Joan at last got the snaps shut and Angie released my balls but because of the length of the stretcher they stayed down where they were, then bought a single smaller strap from underneath my sack and divided my balls with it as she snapped that in place causing me more pain as my balls where stretching my sack to breaking point. The girls sat back and surveyed their handiwork and satisfied they returned to the box of goodies and produced a couple of fishing sinkers, the long and heavy ones connected with a clip, which they clipped to the strap that divided my balls causing more weight to be placed on my sack. Giggling they then came up with 2 clamps which they proceeded to clamp onto my nipple which wasn’t too bad at first until they screwed the adjustment down and the clamps got tighter and tighter causing tears to well in my eyes. I felt shivers down my body as the clamps were tightened radiating from my nipples as though some one had given me mild electric shocks, every nerve ending in my body was alive and registering a mixture of pain and enjoyment mixed so carefully that neither one nor the other could claim dominance. My cock throbbed and ached and I was almost delirious with pain and pleasure and completely helpless and made more so when a pair of handcuffs was produced and my hands were cuffed behind my back.
At this point Brad declared that I should be made up like a little girl so the women got their makeup bags and started to make me up. Eye shadow, mascara, rouge, powder, lipstick and a blond wig were all applied and then I was shown the result and saw a feminine face looking back at me in the mirror. I was shocked at the transformation and realised then and there that this was the real me, not the macho man that I tried to be in school but a female slave to serve who ever I could. Brad was impressed as he immediately kissed me full on the lips and I could feel his tongue working inside my mouth so I returned the favour with gusto. All this while my cock was leaking pre come like a tap and I was making little pools wherever I stood, every now and then one of the Forsyth’s would lean down and take my knob in his or her mouth and savour the taste but not enough to make me come, it was heaven and hell in one and I was loving it. Angie took out a small mini skirt and made me step into it and hoisted it up to my waist which made my cock stand out against the material, not quite covered but not quite open. I felt like a slut and my cock was throbbing with the knowledge that this was now my life. Brad took out a camera and started taking photos of me in various poses, sucking his cock, licking out his wife or daughter crawling around the floor on my knees trying to hold myself upright as my hands were behind me, leaning over the edge of the couch with my arse bare to all and my cock and balls hanging down but seemed to grow weary of this and declared it was fucking time. He positioned Angie on the couch on her back with her arse resting on the edge and legs spread wide and had Joan on all fours with her mouth and face in Angie’s crotch and then I was led in and placed behind his wife and my swollen prick was placed at the opening of her arse and told to push the knob in until she got used to the feel of it and then do what she wanted from there. I glanced sideways and saw Brad with the camera taking photos and then he set the camera up on a tripod and set it at record and moved behind me. I felt his manhood rub against my balls and then a cold sensation as something was rubbed into my arse. I tensed and was told to relax as this was all part of my new me as I felt his knob start to push into my arse. It hurt and I moved forward pushing my cock further into Joan’s arse and her face deeper into Angie’s cunt. Brad stopped for a moment to allow my virgin arse to get used to this intruder and then slowly pushed again and I felt more slip into my arse and I again slipped more into Joan’s arse. Slowly he worked his cock into my arse until both he and I were in as far as we could go. Brad then started to withdraw and thrust, withdraw and thrust and he started fucking my arse for real and I reciprocated by driving my cock up Joan’s arse in time with his lunges. It didn’t take me long to lose it and I pumped my spunk into Joan’s arse, spurt after spurt after spurt until full it started to leak out over her cunt and onto the floor. Brad knew what has happened and this drove him on at a faster pace as my arse received a good fucking and finally I felt him get bigger and then he filled my arse with his spunk and it was hot and oh so nice as he continued to ram my arse unloading each time until he collapsed on my back and his softening cock slipped out of my arse and the spunk followed, leaving a trail down my leg to the floor. I was still hard in his wife although I had already shot my load and started to hump her again as my spunk provided a suitable lubricant to allow me to ram up into her arse further and further. Joan was screaming through her daughter’s cunt as I drove my cock as deep as possible and felt another load building up and then shot that into the far reaches of her bowels bellowing like a animal.
I finally went soft and slipped out of Joan’s arse with a plop and watched as my spunk dribbled out of her and onto a small pool on the floor. I was told to lie on my back on the floor and Joan moved over me with her arse level with my mouth and Brad held her arsehole open and she used her muscles to force my spunk to come out of her and into my mouth and onto my face. Brad thought this was great and when no more spunk was offered her moved Joan away and forced his soft cock into my mouth and told me to clean him up and not leave any spunk behind. I swirled my tongue around his knob, licking underneath the knob at the sensitive part and I could feel him becoming hard again so I quickly finished cleaning him before he decide to fuck me again.
I was surprised when Joan announced that it was after 5.00pm and that we had better clean up as they had to get ready for the party tomorrow night and that I must attend and was told to be at the Forsyth’s house at 7.00pm sharp with all my hair removed from my body including my cock and balls or there would be hell to pay.
I arrived home with a sore arse, sore balls but with $50.00 in my pocket to show my mother that I had done my work over at the house and went upstairs to take a hot bath and try and work out how to remove all the hair from my body. I lay in the bath for an hour and then decided to tell my mother that I was trying out for the swim team and needed to have all my body hair removed. I went downstairs and told her and she agreed to do as much as she could but that some of it would need a professionals help and that my dad might come to the party with the money as he was once a champion swimmer. Dad arrived home later from work and mum asked him if he would advance the money against my allowance and he agreed so an appointment was made to get the job done the next day. I had a restless sleep remembering the trials and the ups and owns of the past few hours and wondering what lay ahead for me. I must have dozed off as I was awoken by my mother next morning stating it was time for my appointment so off I went. Hell, it hurt, why do women put themselves though this torture time and time again but I must admit that it gave my body a whole new feel and it looked great and sexy. I came home and Mum told me that my pubes had to be hairless to and that she had decided that she would do the honours for me. I tried to think of an excuse not to have my mother touching my cock and balls but at the same time was excited by the prospect but couldn’t for the life of me work out why my pubes had to be bare for swimming. Mum said not to be silly as she had seen me naked before and this was no different. She left the room and I relaxed but the next minute she was back with wax strips and tweezers for those pesky ones that wouldn’t budge as she said. I lowered my shorts and lay back on the bed hoping against hope that my cock wouldn’t react to my mum’s touch but as soon as she took my cock in her warm hand it started to grow and mum giggled like a little school girl and gave it a little squeeze which made it grow bigger. I wanted to both die and continue and mum said that was better as now she could get the wax strips all over my cock and balls without missing any spots. Mum started to apply the strips and rip them off one after the other and although painful the thought that my mother was fondling my cock and balls made me inadvertently cum in her hand. I was embarrassed as hell and tried to pull away but she held me firm and using some tissues wiped my cock clean and just smiled at me as she lifted her hand to her mouth and licked my cum from her fingers like an ice cream cone. This was nuts, here I was being man handled by my mum, my cock and balls being stripped of all hair and there was mum calmly licking my cum, I couldn’t believe it but she just smiled and continued to remove the hair from my body. When she was certain that it had all been removed she rubbed some light oil onto my nether regions and told me it was a good time to have a soothing bath while she got tea ready. I went and ran a bath but this time with bubbles and all kinds of softening darıca escort things and I lay in it trying to get my head around what had happened last night and what had just happened with mum. To say that I was aroused was an understatement and I lay there for a while until I got out and my body glowed, I was right for anything, or so I thought.
The Party.
I didn’t have a great time for the rest of the day as my mind wandered back to the night before and my cock desperately wanted me to have a wank but I was too afraid as this might not be what Joan or Brad wanted. I slept for about an hour, had a quick shower and made my way to the Forsyth’s house at the appointed time and on arrival was ordered upstairs to Angie’s room where I was told I would be made ready for the party. Angie and Joan were both there and immediately checked me over to see if I had carried out their orders and found that only my eyebrows needed plucking and set about doing it. They then applied makeup to me and selected a brunette wig this time and fitted it on. I was then given a short skirt like last night and told to put that on and then the leather sleeve was produced and again my balls were stretched and separated with some difficulty. This time a short leash was attached and left to dangle between my legs. I was then handed a pair of black stockings and a black garter belt and the girls helped me put them on to their satisfaction and then a sheer nylon blouse was also put on me and only buttoned up half way. I was feeling that I shouldn’t have agreed but my musings were interrupted by the nipple clamps once again being fitted and tightened. I was led to a full length mirror and gazed at the pretty girl staring back at me and couldn’t believe that this was actually me and I was born to be this slut in front of me. A black velvet ribbon was tied around my throat in place of the dog collar that I was forced to wear last night and the transformation was complete. I was then given a small pill to take with a glass of water and told to wait until I was sent for. I sat on the small stool near the mirror and studied myself in the mirror and I felt my cock start to harden as I took in the view. I tried in vain to stop my cock but it kept growing and growing and reached a size that I had never seen it before. I desperately wanted to touch my cock but realised that if I did I probably wouldn’t be able to stop and might ruin the whole evening by coming early.
I must have sat there for an hour with this massive hard on and then I heard someone enter the room and saw Joan, dressed in a quarter cup black bra, black suspenders and net stockings, black long gloves and five inch high heels moving towards me. She grabbed the leash that dangled between my legs and pulled on it forcing me to follow her into a second room where Brad was setting up a bed of some kind and told me to lie face down on it with my head at a certain end. The bed was narrow and my legs fell over the sides and were then clamped to the legs whilst my arms were also clamped to the front legs. My cock and balls hung through an opening in the bed and the leash was then clipped onto a small device in the base that was wound tighter and tighter until my balls were well and truly stretched to their limit. The nipple clamps were similarly pulled down through other holes in the bed. I was in agony with my balls and nipples feeling like they would be ripped off and my cock straining to break out of its skin. A small container was then place on short straps under my cock so that my cock head was just in the top of it. My head was elevated somewhat by the design of the bed which allowed me to see straight ahead but be able to open my mouth which I was to find was going to be very useful that evening. Brad warned me not to say anything to anybody but to do whatever anyone asked of me or I would be flogged and gave my arse a good whack with a stick of some kind that I am sure left a welt on me. He then inserted a freezing tube into my arse which caused my sphincter to contract but soon the heat of my body melted the object and felt a lubricant of some sort oozing out and over my poor stretched balls. Without further ado I was pushed into the next room on this bed device and was greeted to cheers of the twenty or so people who were there. Some I recognised from school P and C meetings or businesses around town but some were strangers. Then another bed similar to mine was wheeled out from another room and I was appalled to see my mother stretched out as I was, dressed as I was with her tits stretched by the rings through her nipples tied to the same sort of device that my balls were tied to. They rotated her bed and I could see her cunt and arse were well lubricated, her labia stretched down her legs by rings that pierced them and tied to her feet. I was shocked and dazed and a further shock waited as I heard my father’s voice calling for all and sundry to take advantage of the offerings on show in whatever fashion they wanted.
Suddenly a large cock appeared in my field of vision and pushed towards my mouth and I was forced to open my mouth and accept this rather large intruder. The knob went into my mouth and I swirled my tongue around it and it was slowly pushed further into my mouth until it hit the back of my throat, the cock paused for a second and then shoved forward again pushing the knob into my throat and making me gag. It was quickly withdrawn and the process started all over again and kept up until I was able to take it all in and not gag. I could taste the pre come that oozed out of the slit and my tongue pushed into the slit trying to tongue fuck this cock that I was sucking like a madman. Soon the cock started a rhythm of in and out and I was delirious with pleasure at the thought of this strangers cock fucking my throat for the first time. It was then that I felt a pressure against my sphincter and I realised that someone wanted to fuck my arse so with what little movement I had I thrust back and felt the knob enter me and move slowly deeper into my arse until I felt some balls slapping against my own and realise that whoever it was was right up as far as he could go. I was full both ends and the sawing began with the man in my mouth withdrawing as the man in my arse pushed in. Faster and faster they went and I felt the cock in my mouth harden and grow and stream after stream of come splash into my mouth and throat and I tried valiantly to swallow it all as the man moaned and pushed into my throat for the last time before pulling his cock out and walking away. The cock in my arse stopped and swelled and my arse filled with spunk as the man came and grunted and came again with some of it dribbling out down the crack and onto my balls and prick. It was then that I realised what the container was for as the spunk dripped off my cock into the container and the pre come from my own cock mixed with it. I looked over at my mother and saw that she was also being fucked in the arse and had a cock in her mouth and I wondered how long this had been going on. Next thing I knew was a wet sensation at arse and discovered that someone was licking the spunk that came out of me to the applause of the audience. The licking stopped and I felt another cock at my arse but this one seemed huge and it took quite a while for the knob to enter me causing me extreme pain and pleasure at the same time. The owner must have realised the pain I was in because he just waited there until he felt my muscles loosen and then pushed a bit more in, waited a while and then more and more and more until I felt the rasp of his pubic hair against my arse cheeks. The earlier load of spunk made it a bit easier but the man was huge and I felt like he had penetrated my stomach. He gradually pulled back about half way then pushed forward again and repeated this several times until he seemed satisfied that it was right then proceeded to fuck my arse with long slow stokes as his cock came almost out then thrust back in all the way, I was in heaven and it was only then that I saw a chair being placed in front of me and a cunt and arse presented to my mouth by the woman who sat in the chair. I licked at her cunt and arse and tasted her juices mixed with the spunk of some man who has obviously just fucked her and filled her, this was nectar and I tried to drive my tongue deeper into her cunt to get more and more whilst occasionally flicking my tongue across her arsehole and breathing in the perfume of fucking. I must have been doing something right as she started to moan and pulled herself closer to my face and then cried out as she released a stream of come, both hers and the males into my waiting mouth. It took several minutes for this woman to move and all the while the monster cock in my arse continued to fuck me into seventh heaven until with a final heave I felt my bowels well and truly coated in a massive amount of spunk as the cock inside me pulsated and throbbed and pushed deeper into me that I thought possible. With a groan he pulled his quickly softening cock out and the spunk flowed adding to the collection in the container below me.
There was a lull in the proceedings and I watched as my mother was arse fucked by Brad and when he had pulled out I was wheeled between her legs and told to clean her up with my mouth. I dove in with relish and licked and sucked at her cunt and arse trying to get every bit of spunk that she had in her while someone force fed his cock into her mouth and fucked her mouth and throat violently, pushing her further back into my mouth. I hadn’t seen my father since I arrived but I had heard him and as I was wheeled away from my chore I saw him sitting on a chair with Angie easing herself down onto his cock which was in her arse. He was larger than just about every other man that I had seen and the look of pleasure on my girlfriends face made me realise that she had had him before. Finally he was all the way in and she leaned back and Brad moved in front of her and fed his cock into her cunt, there she was full of cock and loving it all the while looking me straight in the eyes with a look of triumph. My father lifted her up and down and Brad moved in and out as both men strove to drive their cocks further into her body and it wasn’t long before Brad shuddered and unloaded into her cunt and withdrew allowing my father to up the tempo and give her arse a good reaming and I saw his monster cock throbbing as it drove deeper and deeper until he stopped and jerked and cried out and I could see spunk being forced out of her arse by the volume that he was pumping in. They both relaxed and dad stayed connected to Angie izmit yürüyüş yolu escort for about five minutes before allowing his cock to pull out of her and I was amazed to see that he was still fully erect. He then walked over to mum and shoved his spunk and arse covered cock into her mouth and throat fucked her for several minutes before pulling out and heading for the bar. Angie walked over to me and presented her arse and cunt for cleaning and I licked and sucked as much as I could before she to moved away.
My cock all this time was still hard and straining and I was leaking like a sieve filling the container more and more by the minute. I saw some of the men take the same pills that I had been given and suddenly realised that it must have been a Viagra of similar. My balls were now stretched so far that they started to go numb and I was in considerable pain but could say nothing. Was the pain worth it, I wondered but my wonderings were cut short by my fathers voice from behind me asking Brad what my arse was like. Brad replied that he was the first to fuck me but that I had never had a cock as big as my fathers. Dad laughed and said that they would soon remedy that and I felt hands on my arse, spreading the cheeks and the tip of a cock nudging against my hole. My arse contracted and a sharp hit with some kind of strap made me flinch and the head popped into me, stretching me beyond anything I had ever felt and a steady pressure insured that this monster cock moved into me at a steady pace without let up. I cried out in pain and received another hit as the cock finally stopped moving forward and started to move back out again. It got to the knob and then plunged into my arse quickly, lubricated by the loads of spunk that I had already received and then my father just went on fucking me faster and faster with his enormous cock and I started to push back on him as he moved in to get more into me. He roared with laughter and moved faster and faster until he just stopped, fully in me, cock growing in size and the knob throbbing and then with a howl he released a torrent of spunk into me that felt like someone had turned a fire hose on in my arse. It seemed like minutes that this torrent continued and I felt his cock slowly start to soften and it started slip out of my arse as he and I tried to hold it in. At last it plopped out and I was spurting spunk out of my arse as I farted and farted with relief. I felt a tongue starting to lick my arse and knew that it was my mother who had been wheeled into position for this act and I pushed more and more spunk out just knowing that my mother was drinking it all down.
Someone yelled out that the food was on and most of the people left except for Brad and Angie who first went to my mother and pushed an electric butt plug up her arse and switched it in and then an electric dildo up her cunt and tied it in place and switched that on then moved to me and pushed another butt plug up my arse and switched it on and then left us both squirming on our respective beds.
We must have been there for about an hour before the people again moved back into the room and the butt plug although at first stimulating was now causing distress and pain like nothing I had ever experienced. My mother seemed to have passed out and I nearly did the same as the butt plug was pulled out with some force. They removed the plug and dildo from my mother and untied her and made sure she was okay. This huge black person, Negro I think came into the room and the people moved aside as he moved to the centre of the room and turned around for all to see. He was hung like a horse with a cock as thick as a forearm and about 12 inches long whilst partly erect. He stroked his cock and offered it to several of the ladies to have a stroke or a fondle and then moved to me and rubbed it across my lips. Instinctively I opened my mouth but the knob just wouldn’t fit in my mouth so I swirled my tongue around the knob and savoured the aroma of his sex. His cock was allowing a small amount of clear liquid to flow out and I licked at it and swallowed it all the time wishing I could actually suck that magnificent cock. His cock started to stiffen at my ministrations and soon was sticking out in front like a battering ram and he waved it like a sword of power at all and sundry. He then lay back on the bed that my mother had been tied to and motioned to the waiting crowd that he was ready. At this point four men took hold of my mother and with one man on each extremity lifted her up and lowered her down onto his cock with Joan guiding it into her cunt. I wasn’t going in but with a little help from some of the women who stretched mums cunt with their fingers the head went in and a cry and intake of breath was heard in the room. Slowly the men lowered mum onto this massive cock and more and more disappeared into her with each moment until finally she was sitting on his pubes with no space between them. The men then lifted her up again and lowered her several times making sure his cock was lubricated with the copious amounts of spunk that had gone before and my mums juices which we could all see running down onto his balls. The men then started to lift and drop her at a faster rate and this huge cock pumped into her cunt and cervix time and time again until with a word from the man mum was lifted right off and Joan directed his cock towards her arse. Mum screamed as this monster penetrated her arse for the first time and seemed to faint away as the cock head was buried in her arse. Smelling salts were called for and she was revived only to have another inch pushed into her before being lifted up and then pushed down gain until another inch has disappeared and this was repeated until all the cock was buried in her arse. Mum had passed out this time for sure and the men waited for her to come around but when she didn’t they removed her and lay her on the floor to recuperate. The man wasn’t happy and stood up with his monster waving around in front of him and then he spied me and grinned an evil grin and had the bed swivelled around so that my arse was pointing at him and I felt this huge object against my arse trying to push into me. I knew it wouldn’t fit but the people started chanting for him to fuck my arse and he pushed harder and harder until his knob pushed into me. It was like a thousand wasp stings in the same place and my mind refused to believe that this was happening and only the pain reminded me that this was real. Suddenly his knob dropped out and I thought I was safe but then I felt more lube being applied to my arse and his knob once again was violating me. I tried to relax and as I did he moved forward and pushed a bit more into me, someone was calling out the inches that were going in and at around five inches I lost consciousness.
When I finally revived the pain was unbelievable and I heard someone say that he had it all in my arse and I felt like my entire body was hinged on this cock as I lay there trying to adjust my insides to this intrusion. No matter what I did it was no good and then when he started to withdraw I realised just how far his cock was in me and how my arse would have been stretched but my thought s were again interrupted when he pushed it in again to the hilt and he just kept fucking my arse slowly pulling almost all the way out and then pushing all the way in. The tempo increased as he felt me loosen up and then he started to plunge in as hard a possible and withdraw as far as possible without giving me a break. I could feel his balls slapping against my swollen balls and then I felt a hand massaging his balls as he fucked into me over and over again. This sent him over the top and with one mighty plunge I felt his cock grow even bigger and fill me up with what must have been a mother load of spunk time and time again whilst he pushed harder and harder into me making sure that his spunk reached all the recesses of my bowels. I came myself with his letting go of his spunk and my own cock received some relief from the pain that is had been subjected to but my cock still wouldn’t go soft. He started to withdraw amid cheers and backslaps and I lay there completely fucked in every sense of the word and he moved around to the front and presented his cock to me for cleaning which I carried out and even managed to get his knob in my mouth once he had softened enough and gave it a good suck and clean.
The night was almost finished and the hosts invited one an all to partake once again of the slaves on show and it was a conga line of cocks in arse and mouth and cunts and arse full of spunk to be cleaned for the next hour and I lost count of the number of cocks I had sucked and taken up the arse and how many cunts I had licked clean but finally I was untied and the highlight of the night was to take place. The container which had been hung under my cock and balls was retrieved and the contents poured into two wine glasses filling them to the top. Angie then came forward and said that because I had provided such a great service to one and all I would get to fuck my mother in the cunt or arse or both and then we must both drink the contents of the glasses. I looked at my mother and my cock was rampant with desire and pain and I bent her over a chair, spread her legs and drove my cock into her cunt for the first time right to the hilt and fucked her for all I was worth until I came in her. I pulled out and using that spunk placed my cock at her arse and pushed it in and just fucked and fucked and fucked not caring if she was liking it just trying to make my spunk rise once again to relieve the relentless pressure. She pushed back at me and we settled in to a fast movement until I felt the mother of all orgasms coming and pushing harder, grabbing her by the hair and pulling her back I pounded into her as hard as I could until at last I spurted into her arse with my last load of the night. I couldn’t believe how depraved I had become and how turned on I was by the thought of fucking my own mother and held my cock in her arse for as long as I could savouring every moment and for a little while forgetting the pain and humiliation that I had just suffered over the last few hours and days. The thought that my mother had also been used and abused and allowed to do so by my father also excited me and my cock stayed hard for longer than anyone expected. Mum was moaning and then all of a sudden I felt a torrent of her juices spurt out of her cunt and over my balls as she came just from the fact that my cock was in her arse. My cock softened and it plopped out of her arse and we stood there drained and completely fucked and Angie handed us each a glass of spunk and pre come and more spunk and we clinked glasses and in one go emptied them to the cheers of one and all.
I collapsed into a chair and the last thing I remember is Joan sucking my cock and Angie licking out my mother as I drifted off into a well deserved sleep…………………………………………………..