Daddy’s Shed Ch. 04


Amy liked their new home; it was more of a cabin than a house and the rustic appealed to her. When Don and she saw the place, they both fell in love with it. They had a few improvements made before the winter storms set in. With the deep snow outside at this time of year, she felt safe, warm and content.

Don always got home about four in the evening so he was due any time now. She went into the kitchen to start dinner. Shortly, the front door opened and shut with a bang and Amy went into the living room. Don was pounding the snow from his boots and hanging his coat on a peg. Amy came over and gave him a hug, “Missed you Daddy; been thinking about you all day.”

Don laughed; every time she called him ‘Daddy’ is because she had been looking through the porn magazines again. “And Daddy missed his Sweetie too. What have you been up to today as if I didn’t already know?” Don hugged her back squeezing her ass and kissing her deeply.

Amy got a mischievous grin on her face, “Oh just something I’d like to try later if you’re up to it,” she laughed. “I just started dinner. Would you like me fix you a drink?”

“I’ll get the drink and join you in the kitchen. You go back to what you were doing,” said Don as he crossed over to the bar in the living room.

“Okay Daddy; I love you,” and she gave him another hug then headed back to the kitchen.

Amy finished making the Lasagna and stuck it in the oven. She was just finishing making the salad when Don came in and sat at the table. “Did you have a hard day today Daddy?”

“Today went pretty well; got a lot of work completed,” he said and took another swallow of his drink.

Amy came over and kissed him deeply tasting the bourbon. She smiled and laid her hands on the inside of Don’s thighs. “Would you like a massage Daddy?” she asked as she slowly rubbed the inside of his thighs and trailed her finger up to his crotch. She stood up and removed her top expose her bare breasts and cuddled in his lap; she could feel his hard cock.

Don removed her from his lap and undid her jeans. She smiled and removed them and her underwear so she stood naked. He removed his clothes releasing his hard cock and then sat back down. “Straddle my lap Sweetie and let Daddy feel those nipples and suck on them.”

Amy straddled his lap with his hard cock pointing up against her belly.

“Now Daddy will make them feel all better,” Don said as his mouth hungrily sucked and bit on her sensitive nipples. Amy was moaning and holding Don’s head tightly to her chest.

Amy pressed against his cock making it rub her clit. Don spread his legs to give his fingers access to her pussy. He slipped in two fingers and began to slowly fuck them in and out of her tight hole. He İstanbul Escort trailed them up to insert in her ass, but was surprised.

“And what’s this?” he asked as he pressed hard against the butt plug she had inserted.

Amy moaned and arched her back; she gasped “Surprise Daddy.”

Don lifted her up and bent her over the table, “Well since you have that hole plugged, I’ll just have to fuck this one,” and he plunged his hard cock deep into her pussy.

Amy let out a loud moan of pleasure and pushed back against his cock. She had been worked up all afternoon looking at pictures. “Fuck me hard Daddy!” she screamed.

Don grabbed her hips and started to plunge into her hard and fast. The only sounds that could be heard were the grunts, groans and moans emanating between the two of them.

“Almost there Daddy … harder … yes, Daddy!!!!” screamed Amy as she started into her orgasm. Afterward, it was more of a continuous moan while Don still plowed into her cunt.

Don felt his release building and shut his eyes. He loved the way Amy’s cunt clung to his cock. He felt his balls tighten and then his load release. He leaned over her on the table; both breathing hard.

The timer on the stove went off and Amy tried to get up. She laughed, “Daddy; the food will burn.”

“Let it,” he said. “This feels too good.”

Don could feel his cock starting to get hard again; the pressure from the butt plug excited him. He pushed his hand hard against it causing Amy to moan. “You like that Sweetie; don’t you? You like when Daddy plays with you?” and he pushed against the plug harder as he kept his cock pushed hard into her pussy feeling her vaginal contract and release around him; milking him back into hardness. Amy moaned again.

Don reached around, placed his hand over her smooth pussy and slipped a finger between her lips; her clit was hard and extended. He pinched it causing her pussy to once again contract around him; she arched and thrust back at him. “What does Daddy’s Sweetie want?” and he pinched it again.

He pushed hard again on the butt plug; then twisted and rotated it in her. Amy still hadn’t answered his questions, but her breathing was labored. “Should Daddy just stop?” and he stilled.

“God no Daddy!!!” screamed Amy.

“Tell Daddy what you want Sweetie?” said Don again.

“Fuck my ass Daddy; please fuck my ass!!!” screamed Amy.

Don removed his now hard cock from its warm resting place and removed her butt plug. Her asshole gaped open invitingly and he pushed his cock inside and felt her muscles clinch around his shaft. “Is this what my Sweetie wants?”

“Yes Daddy!!! Yes!!!” cried Amy.

The buzzer was insistent on the oven. “Walk İstanbul Escort Bayan over with me Sweetie; let’s take dinner out of the oven.”

It was a new sensation for both of them; walking with his cock in her ass. Amy enjoyed the way it rubbed and touched at different areas within her. She managed to finally get to the stove, turn off the oven and removed the Lasagna. “Just move over to the sink Sweetie and let Daddy fuck your sweet ass,” said Don.

As soon as the both made it over, Don grabbed her hips and started to pound his cock in and out of her ass. He once again took pleasure in how hot and willing Amy was; enjoying sex as much as he did. By the time Don felt his release nearing, Amy already had two more orgasms and was now continuously moaning. He shot his cum hard into her depths and he felt his own legs shaking from the exertion. He held her tightly more afraid he was going to collapse.

When he finally pulled out, he almost staggered back to his chair. “I think I’m done for tonight Amy; sorry Sweetie.”

“That’s okay Daddy; that’s what I had planned for later. Why don’t we just take a hot bath, eat and cuddle,” said Amy.

Don smiled at her; he loved her so much. “That sounds great. Let me catch my breath and finish my drink first.”

Amy came over and kissed him again, “You do that and I’ll run us a nice bath.” She left and he watched her firm ass as she walked away. His cock twitched and he looked down at his flaccid member surprised that he even had any strength left for a twitch.


Don was leaning back in the tub with Amy resting on his chest letting the jets ease his sore muscles. Amy gave a sigh of contentment and Don gave her a gentle hug.

“Daddy?” said Amy.

“Yes Sweetie,” he said.

“Would you like to have a baby sometime?” she asked.

Don’s eyes flew open. He had not considered having a baby; he felt his life very content the way it was.

“I’ll have to give it some thought Sweetie. Your mom changed after she had you. I don’t know if I could go through that again if you changed too,” he said with some sadness in his tone. “I love you so much Sweetie; it would just hurt too much if that happened.”

Amy was crushed, “I — Ah … I don’t think that could ever happen Don. I love you too much and I don’t think I could go without having sex with you.” He couldn’t see her tears, but felt when she tensed up. Then he felt her shaking and knew she was crying.

“Shhhh Sweetie,” he said. “Here; turn around and straddle Daddy so I have hold you.”

Amy turned around and wrapped her legs around Don and laid her head against his strong chest; her tears still flowing down her face. Don wrapped his arms around Escort İstanbul her and his heart hurt knowing he had caused her anguish.

Don sighed heavily, “Tell you what; give me a month to think about it. Will you do that Sweetie?”

Amy looked up into his eyes and smiled.

Don looked into hers and saw how much she loved him. “But, I want you to think if you’re really ready to take care of a baby 24/7 Sweetie. There’s a lot of work involved in raising a child. It isn’t something you can just ignore or put aside because it’s too much of a hassle.”

He gave a huge sigh, “You’ll be here with the baby all alone while I’m at work. They’ll be times when you won’t even want me to touch you or be with you because you’re too tired or the baby was cranky all day and such. That’s when your mom started to change. We grew less and less intimate and finally she grew bitter.”

Amy saw the deep hurt in Don’s eyes when he spoke; understood now that her birth had caused her mom to change. “Daddy; do you ever wish I hadn’t been born? You and mom would still have been together,” she asked.

Don held her tightly, “No Sweetie; you’re the best thing in my life. I was so proud and happy when you were born. I loved you then and even more now. I had such conflict about loving you as I do now, but you kept making all those subtle hints that you wanted me too.”

Amy blushed and looked into Don’s eyes, “You knew?” and then she laughed. “I thought I was being cleaver.”

Don laughed lightly, “I think you’re mom suspected when she saw you sitting on my lap cuddling up next to me watching TV. That’s when she wanted to move and told me to get rid of all my magazines; which I wouldn’t. That’s what caused that big fight just before we moved.”

“What did she say?” asked Amy.

Don sighed, “Told me they were bad and didn’t want you to be around a bad influence. That’s when I knew she was planning on taking you away from me. I told her I needed something to jerk off to since her cunt was off limits. I had to avoid you after that so she would think that it was all an infatuation on your part. I kept watching you and the day you finally went into the shed, I knew it might be the only chance we got.”

“I’m glad you did Daddy; that’s why I had the shed built onto this house the way I did. Do you think we can play there Saturday? It was gives me extra excitement to be there with you,” said Amy and she felt that tingle start in her pussy.

Don laughed, “Yes; we can play. Now; before we start on a different subject, I want your answer.”

Amy kissed Don passionately, broke away and smiled, “Why don’t we think about it for another year or two then Daddy. Maybe you’ll feel differently and in the meantime, I’ll see what I can do to change your mind. I know I won’t stop loving you or stop having sex with you. I just love you too much.” She leaned in a kissed him again before cuddling up on his chest.


*****To Be Continued

Question: Should mom find them?