Daddy’s Little Stripper Ch. 02

Big Tits

I thought I was going to die when my father told me that he’d seen me at my new job. Two weeks after I turned 18 I was hired at the local strip joint to dance and give a ‘show’ to the vip’s private boxes. I never dreamed one of those vips would be my own daddy. To think I gyrated and masturbated for my dad without even knowing it. You see the audience space is dark and the lights are on you, so you don’t see who you are performing for, and honestly sometimes it’s better that you don’t know.

But it’s true, that’s exactly what happened. When dad told me he saw me ‘perform’ I thought for sure I was dead meat, who would have thought that instead he would make me his little slut? My dad’s nice looking for an older man and he keeps his body in shape. I don’t know why I hadn’t noticed before the incident, but I guess I was just so busy getting my kicks out of making other men blow their load that it never occurred to me I was living under the same roof with a very virile man.

I’m well aware of it now and would do anything to make sure I am always daddy’s little slut. So when he came to me one day with a proposition, I just couldn’t say no.

“Daddy’s home.” He had called as he walked in, just getting home from work.

“In here Daddy!” I called from the living room where I was watching one of his porns and fingering my pussy.

“Mmm. Something smells good for dinner.” His eyes lit up as he saw my wet pussy.

I chuckled. “It’s all yours daddy.” I spread myself apart so he could get a good look at my dripping pussy.

He loosened his tie as he dropped to his knees in front of me. “Oh, what a good little whore you are Becca.” He immediately started licking up my pussy juices. “You taste so good!”

“Yes, daddy!! Make me cum!! Make your little whore cum for her daddy!! Lick my cunt!!”

“You like it when daddy licks your pussy don’t you, you nasty little whore.”

I loved it when daddy talked to me like a dirty whore. “Yes daddy. I want you to eat my pussy out. Make your little girl cum in your mouth. I want you to taste my pussy juice!” His tongue darted in and out of my cunt, Bakırköy Escort sliding up and down my slit, tickling my clit before darting back inside my tight wet hole. “Oh, fuck daddy, you’re gonna make your little girl cum!!!”

“That’s a good girl. Cum for daddy, sweetheart. Let daddy taste your juice. You taste so good! Yes!! Fuck daddy’s face!!” I had started humping daddy’s face. I couldn’t take anymore. I was cumming and hard!!! Daddy licked every bit of pussy juice and sucked my clit clean. “Oh, I am so glad I caught you at your ‘job’.”

“So am I daddy!!” I gasped catching my breath after that awesome orgasm.

“Speaking of which I need to speak to you.”

“Okay. Why?”

“Well, I know that you must have been making good money and I thought maybe you’d like to make even more.”

“Doing what, daddy?” I had a feeling my life was about to change.

“Well, I have a few friends that I know would pay a good penny for a couple hours with a beautiful school girl such as yourself.”

My eyes grew wide. “You want to pimp me out?” I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. I know I loved getting men off, but I wasn’t sure if I liked the fact that my dad wanted me to.

“Only if you want, sweetheart. I just thought that you’d make good money and I’d be there to make sure they didn’t get any rougher than you wanted it…”

“You’d be there?” That thought had my pussy pulsing again.

“Of course. I’d want to make sure they weren’t mistreating you, plus I think it’d be great to watch another fat cock plunging your tight little hole.” He tugged on my nipple making it harden immediately. “What do you think?”

“I think you are making me fucking hornier than hell, and I want your fat cock in me right now!! Of course I’ll do it. I’d do anything you wanted me too.”

“Good, but I think before we ‘loan’ you out, there’s some things that I need to introduce you to.”

“Like what?”

“Oh, toys, maybe a little domination and of course anal sex. Have you ever been fucked up the ass?”

“No daddy.” The idea always made me squirm.

“Then Bakırköy Escort Bayan I guess we’ll start there. Daddy is going to fuck your tight little ass and show you how to please a man in many ways. Now, go get on Daddy’s bed and I’ll be right there.”

I did as daddy said and waited for him on his bed. My hand stroked my pussy as I thought about daddy watching one of his friends fuck me. It had me soaking wet. Even the thought of daddy fucking my ass was starting to be a turn on. When he entered the bedroom he carried a bottle of lube and a black dildo. My brows rose.

“I picked up a few things on the way home. I figured if you didn’t want to go into business we could always use them” He laughed as he kicked off his shoes.

Once he was undressed he knelt on the bed and ran a finger down my slit. “Shit, Becca. You must be the biggest slut I know. You’re already wet again.” He leaned forward and took a nipple in his mouth and groped the other one with his hand. My tits were d’s so they filled his hand well and had me arching against him. “MMM…your tits are as perfect as your pussy.” He gave an extra hard suck before letting it go and pushing himself back. “I’m going to fuck your tight pussy and get my cock nice and wet, then I want you on all fours and fucking your pussy with that big black dildo.” He instructed.

With a quick thrust I was impaled on his massive piece of meat and he was thrusting in and out of me. My daddy filled me so completely I almost came instantly. He must have sensed how close I was cause he pulled his dick out of my pussy and shook his head. “No you don’t. You aren’t cumming till I’m in your ass little girl. You understand that?” I nodded and he rammed his cock back in my pussy and pumped once more before taking it out and motioning for me to flip over. As I positioned myself and slid the big dildo in my cunt daddy lubed up my ass. I didn’t expect it to feel good, but it did and I found myself pushing my ass back on his hand.

“That’s a girl. You want to feel something in your ass?” He slid a finger in my hole. It felt funny at first Escort Bakırköy but then I was craving more. “Fuck your pussy with that dildo, slut or you don’t get daddy’s cock in your ass.” My hand frantically started pumping the plastic cock in and out my pussy. I could feel my daddy smile. “You want daddy to fuck your tight little ass hole?”

“Oh, yes daddy. Please fuck me in the ass. Fuck your daughter’s ass, get me ready for fucking your friends daddy. I’m daddy’s little whore.”

He smacked my ass. “Damn right you’re daddy’s little whore.” I felt the head of his cock at my ass. “I’m going to fuck your little ass, you whore.” He ground out as he forced the head of his dick in the entrance of my ass. “Your daddy’s going to ravage your ass!!” He slid further and I cried out. It hurt.

“It hurts Daddy!!”

“Relax slut and it won’t hurt!”

I tried to relax. My ass adjusted to the fatness of his cock and I started getting turned on by the image of daddy’s cock in my ass. My hand pumped harder at the dildo and I shoved my ass back on daddy’s cock. I moaned at the unexpected pleasure.

“You like daddy’s cock in your tight ass, whore?”

“Fuck, it feels fucking great daddy!!! Fill my ass with your cock while I fill my ass with this dildo. I want to feel your cum in my ass. I want to be your dirty little whore!!”

“Oh, I’ll make you my dirty little whore.” He said as he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. “Don’t you worry about that.” He started pumping his cock deep into my ass till I thought I was going to rip. The feeling of the dildo in my pussy and my daddy in my ass was unbelievable. “Oh, shit Becca, I’m going to cum in your ass!”

“Yes Daddy!!!! I want your cum deep in my ass. Your cock feels so good fucking my ass!! Fuck my ass harder daddy!!! I’m gonna cum!!” Daddy fucked my ass harder. I felt my pussy squeeze around the dildo in my cunt. “Oh damn, daddy…I’m cumming’…I’m cumming so fucking hard…don’t stop, rape my ass daddy while I cum!! Oh FUCK!!!!!”

Daddy rammed me as hard as he could and his cum exploded in my ass as I came on the dildo. I thought I was going to die. He fell to the bed beside me as cum oozed out of my ass and pussy. “That was so fucking good.” I could barely breath.

“I think you’re gonna bring us in a lot of money sweetheart. A lot of money.”

I smiled and closed my eyes. I was as tired as I was sore.