Daddy’s Girl


Hello, Lit fans! Back with another submission that is a lot smaller than my usual offerings (don’t worry, The Morrison stories are coming). All characters in this story are over 18. Please enjoy!


He was deep into it. His ballsack slapped thunderously against her round ass as he bottomed out again and again. Roderick was giving it his all, pressing ahead to make his lover cum. Marlene bucked up against her ebony stallion. Enjoying the feel and girth of her lover’s rock hard piston filling her love tunnel over and over again. There it was, the sensation she had waited for. Rod’s last thrust had smashed her clit just right, sending a shockwave of pleasure throughout her body. Reflexively, her head craned backward to ride out what she knew came next.

Rod didn’t miss the cue. He had waited for Marlene to throw her head back. That meant she was nearing one of her monstrous orgasms. Raising himself into a push-up position, he lifted her legs and pinned them back in the crooks of his arms. Leaning upon his tiptoes and hands, he began to slam mercilessly into Marlene’s wet pussy, driving his cock like a hammer.

“Oh fuck baby! That’s it!! Oh, God…Right THERE!! Oh, SHIT!! FUCK ME, DADDY!! FUCK ME HARDER!! OH GOD…OH, DADDY!!”

Rod complied. Spurred on by his ebony Goddess, he forged ahead, looking to either make her cum or impale her womb altogether. In the heat of their passion, Rod could feel it coming on. Muscles tightening, breathing a staccato rhythm, Rod and Marlene ran headlong, closer to the abyss.

“Oh Fuck…Marlene…I’m going to…”

“Yes, Daddy…give me your hot cum! Fill me up!! Oh God Daddy I’m cumming!!”

One more strenuous heave and Rod blasted his seed into Marlene’s tight, greedy hole. They both exploded at the same time. Reaching nirvana hand in hand.

Spent, both lovers collapsed on the bed. Their bodies covered head to toe with sweat and awash in the delicious afterglow of the moment.

Softly, gingerly; Marlene rolled off the bed and padded naked out the door. A couple of minutes later, she returned holding a tray of goodies. The first was a warm wash rag, sopping wet with soap and water. Carefully, she wiped her lover’s sweaty brow and face. Following that up by rubbing over his chest, arms and finally his cock and balls. Rod loved the attention she paid to his body. Her soft caring manner making his decision the perfect one. The next item was a dray towel, which she used to dab clean the spots she had made wet. Not an inch was overlooked, her labor of love, unhurried. Finally, she offered him a nice, cool glass of Passion fruit juice. Taking the glass in his hand, Rod sucked the glass half empty before he spoke again.

“Thank you, Mrs. Costner,” He said in his low tone.

“No…Thank YOU, Mr. Costner.” Marlene replied with a satisfied grin on her face.

Roderick Costner met Marlene Duckworth 4 years ago at Southern Carolina A only to find that his battery had died again. Not knowing anything better to do, Rod fished a blanket out of the back of his car and offered to wait for the storm out with her in his back seat. No funny business, on his word. Marlene accepted and the two talked the night away through the storm. After the water stopped pouring, Rod walked her back to her dorm. Hoping that they might meet up again sometime. The next day, Marlene tracked him down, bought him a new battery for his car, and they never were separate again. Right before graduation, Rod knew he had to make their friendship permanent. 2 weeks later, Marlene stood with her man in front of a Justice of the Peace and became Mrs. Costner.

Rod looked at his beautiful wife in the dim light of their bedroom. Her long, braided hair, her slightly upturned nose, her thin waist that flared into wide, luscious hips. Her flat stomach, nice, rounded cheekbones, infectious smile, little hands, and beautifully bronzed ebony complexion, to him, she was the most beautiful woman in the world. Yet…there was one thing gnawing at his gut.

Catching her husband staring at her, Marlene blushed. “What?”

“Just thinking how lucky I am. That’s all.”

Marlene broke into a smile, turning her head she said; “liar.”

Rod frowned. He wasn’t a very good liar. Especially when it came to the love of his life.

“Sweetie…I love you as I have never loved another before. But one thing bothers me.”

“Rod…honey…please don’t. I’m sorry. It just…pops out.”

“But baby…I just want to know why…”


Marlene rolled off the bed and stomped a beeline out of the room. Roderick was confused (if not a little bit peeved). He had given Marlene his all in everything he did. Yet one area of her life was a closed book. An area of taboo that drove a wedge into their perfect love affair. Laying his head back down, he concentrated on his breathing and just waited.

Twenty Esenyurt Escort minutes later, Marlene reappeared. Though still beautiful, her face was covered with tracks of the obvious tears she had shed.

“Baby…Rod. We need to talk.” She started.

“I’m here for you love. You can tell me as much or as little as you want…I just…want to know.”

Marlene brushed her husband’s face with the palm of her tiny hand. What had she done to deserve such a loving, thoughtful man?

“Baby…before I begin, I’m sorry I have put you through this. It’s just…it’s just something I’ve had to hold onto for so long. Besides…I made a promise to never reveal my secret.”

“Baby…If it causes you that much pain…nevermind. I don’t need to…”

“You are such a horrible liar.” She said with tears in her eyes. “No…you are my husband and I should hold nothing and no one above you. Just…bear with me a second.”

Rod held his wife’s hands, “No judgment.” he stated.

Taking a deep breath, Marlene began:

“I told you I was from a very small town in North Carolina. But, I guess you have no real idea how small. My town only has about 900 people in the whole place. It’s one of those places where if a baby is born or someone dies; EVERYBODY knows it. Well, my parents divorced when I was about 13. Over the years, I had to trek between my Mom and my Dad’s house to live. It was stressful. Eventually, my Mom and I began to argue all the time. I mean…ALLL the time. It got so bad because I was getting in trouble in school. My once straight A’s were slipping, and well…I kind of discovered boys.”

“Doesn’t sound so bad so far,” Rod interjected. “Hell…sounds exactly like my Mom and sisters, to be honest.”

“Did your mom call the cops on them?!” Marlene asked.

“Nope. Just knocked each other through a couple of walls fighting is all.”

“That’s not funny dear.” Marlene scolded.

“It’s only funny if I’m making it up,” Rod replied, a serious look on his face.

“Anyway; the cops came and arrested me for assault and mischief. I had no other choice but to call my Dad to bail me out. When he got there, I explained everything and he got the cops to let me go ONLY if I was under his supervision. Dad agreed and took me to his house. The next day he convinced my mother to just let me stay with him until I graduated from school. It was a long, drawn-out argument, but she eventually agreed and daddy packed all my things and let me move in with him.”

“Before too long, I switched schools and tried my best to fit in. It was really difficult at first because many of them thought I was “bougie,” because I went to a mixed, urban school. They ragged me all the time. The girls thought I wanted all their boyfriends, and the guys just wanted to preen around acting like “country thugs.” Even though they were in my age group…they just never compared to my Dad.”

“Not so surprising,” Rod said comfortingly. ” But you have to remember, they were all kids. Your Dad is…well…older; he’s your Dad.”

“I know that sweetie. Please let me finish.”

“Ok…I’m sorry. Please continue.”

“Anyway…the longer I stayed with my Dad…my grades got better. But…I was constantly frustrated.”

Rod had an idea of where this was going. Deep down, he wasn’t sure he wanted to know the rest.

“My Senior year, Dad wanted to get back in the dating scene. So he was starting to work out. You know…lifting weights at home and running as if farm work didn’t work him out enough. One day, I had to talk to him about something. When I went into his workout room, I saw him lifting weights. His arms were so big. His t-shirt was covered in sweat. But it was his pants that caught my attention. I saw the outline of his dick. It was huge. I don’t know how or why…but it made me horny just looking at it.”

“Oh my God, Marlene. You mean…”

“Yes, sweetie…I had a thing for my dad.”

Marlene’s eyes began to cry silent tears. The burden she held so tight. Immediately, her husband wrapped her up in his arms. The feeling of security returned. A feeling she once knew so well from another.

“I know it was wrong. But, I just couldn’t help it. Every time I saw him from that day on…I would almost wet my panties. He made me so hot. That’s when…I guess I changed.”

“What do you mean?” Rod pressed.

“I started wearing little of nothing around the house. Instead of pajamas, I started just wearing t-shirts and panties. I started walking around in front of him almost naked. I would deliberately bend over in front of him, or make my nipples hard under my shirt.”

“But for a long time…he ignored me. He wouldn’t say or do anything to show he knew what I was doing. I wanted him so bad. Finally, after I graduated, went for broke.”

Marlene began to let loose more tears. Rod held her tighter. From what he Esenyurt Escort Bayan was hearing, I knew the pain must have been a lot to carry.

“Baby…I’m sorry. I had no idea that’s what you held onto. Your dad should be ashamed of himself.”

Marlene broke away and looked at her husband. “No…it wasn’t like that.” She corrected.

“No…he was…everything I hoped for. One night, he went out on a date and left me at home. All night…I waited for him. Hoping his date would go bad. It did. He came home angry. Slamming doors and things about the house. I felt terrible. All night, I hoped his date would go bad so he could be with me. But when I saw him…I saw how hurt he was. How much he felt so lonely. So…I went and hugged him. Held him so tight. I told him all the things he told me when I was hurting.

My God…he smelled so good. I could feel his strong body as he held me tighter. But…he pushed me away. Said I should go to bed. I was crushed. I did as he asked and went to my room. I heard him in the shower. I couldn’t wait He told me to go to bed, but he didn’t specify which bed. I took off my clothes, got in his bed and waited. Sure enough, he came to his room and saw me naked. He flipped!! He was so angry! He yelled at me!! He told me I was wrong!! Asking me what kind of man did he think he was?!! He knew what I was doing all along and he told me to stop it!! He told me to get out of his room and that in the morning, we would come up with some other living arrangement.”

“I cried. I had never cried so hard. I thought he didn’t love me. That I was unworthy…a bad daughter. I couldn’t help it I wanted him so badly. I went to my bed and cried some more. Lying there in the dark. After a while…I heard my door open. I knew it was him. He sat on the edge of my bed and rubbed my back. He said he was sorry and wanted a hug. I turned over and hugged him so tight. That’s when…I felt his body. Dad wasn’t wearing a shirt. He looked in my eyes and asked if this was what I wanted. I said: “More than anything in the world.”

Marlene looked at her husband. She saw the same look in his eyes as she saw that night. Grabbing his hand, she guided it to her breast.

“My Dad touched my tits. He rubbed them just like this.” Marlene moved Rod’s hands over her breasts. “Touching my nipples and making them hard. You know how sensitive they are.”

“Then…he touched me all over my body…making me crave him. I was so hot.”

Marlene threw her head back. Her body heating up at her husband’s touch. Making her squirm on the bed. Rod was getting hot too. His once flaccid cock reigniting as he heard the tale. Moving his hand lower, his fingers found her pussy. It was sopping wet.

“Did he touch you right here?”

“Yeeesss.” Marlene answered. Her breath coming raggedly. Reaching down, she grabbed Rod’s throbbing cock. Reality and memory colliding into one.

“I took his cock…and I did what I dreamed of doing for so long.”

Without another word, Rod felt Marlene suck his cock into her warm mouth.

“Oh, shit baby…that feels so fucking good.”

Marlene took her time. Running her tongue all over Rod’s tool. Paying attention to flick her tongue over the hole in it. Grabbing his balls and lightly playing them. Squeezing and kneading them in her tiny hands. Taking it back in her mouth, she tried once, twice, three times to get it further in her throat. Finally, she succeeded. Leaving Rod’s cock covered in saliva.

“Oh, shit…oh baby…you’re going to make me bust!!”

Rod pulled his wife away from his cock. He had to gain control again. Marlene locked her lips to his. A slightly salty taste came through…no doubt a bit of the pre-cum that she sucked before.

The kiss was magnetic. A bolt of electricity that flowed through her very soul. Rod sat her back on the bed, determined to fulfill his wife’s desires.

“Did you like when Daddy kissed you like this?” He asked. Leaving a trail of soft kisses, licks and sucks to her nipples as he ventured further South.

“Oh fuck…yes baby…shit!! Oh, Daddy…”

Rod finally reached her pussy. The lips of her labia were slick with her arousal. Her strong, musky scent filling his nostrils. Lightly, slowly, Rod licked her steamy cunt. A jolt of pure pleasure shot through Marlene light a bullet.

“Ooohhh baby…SHIT!! Oh Daddy…you know that’s what I like.”

Rod continued to lather his wife’s pussy with his tongue. driving it forward like a snake…building the sensation a little at a time. Marlene bucked her hips. Grabbing her husband’s head and pulling him closer. But she needed more. Her memories kicking in to finish the tale.

“Oooohhhh…baby…you don’t understand; 2hen daddy sucked my clit…OOH, SHIT!! H-H-He stuck his…oh fuck…fingers…ooohhhhhh…inside my…”

Rod didn’t let her finish. The next syllables stuck Escort Esenyurt in her throat as he encircled Merlene’s little pink pearl in his warm mouth, and slowly jammed two of his fat fingers in her dripping hole.

“OH FUCK!! OH DADDY! OH, DADDY, THAT’S IT!! OH MY GOD, DADDY…you’re going to make your little girl…Make your little girl…MAKE YOUR LITTLE GIRL…!”

Marlene shook like a leaf caught in a hurricane. Completely helpless against the ravages of her orgasm as it crashed over her body from head to toe. Muscles tightening, joints locking, senses overloading from the intense release of sexual pleasure. The convulsions so strong, her legs kicked Rod in the shoulders, propelling him away from her core. But his fingers were still stuck inside her hotbox. The muscles having clamped her walls into a vice around his digits. Worse still, they had made contact with her spot. Rod wiggled his fingers. Once, twice, three times. Beginning the process all over again.


Marlene’s lithe body flailed anew with Rod’s continued assault. Before she realized it, her pussy began to spasm. Letting tiny streams of cum flow from her hole. Her husband knelt on the bed in amazement. In all their years together, this was the most turned on he had ever seen his wife. She had never squirted before. It was trick he didn’t believe her capable of. More importantly…it turned him on as well.

Trying to ride out the rest of her orgasms, Marlene turned over and scooted away from Rod’s invading digits. Giving him a beautiful view of her lovely, round, quivering ass.

“Seems my little girl has been bad,” Rod said with a devilish sneer. “Looks like you’ll have to take your punishment.”

“No daddy.” Marlene whimpered in a soft voice barely above a whisper. “I won’t do it again…I swear I’ll be good.”

“Come on…get that ass up here.”

Rod slapped an ass cheek making it ripple and quiver.

“Ooooh Daddy…noooo.” Marlene pleaded.

SLAP!! The left ass cheek received the same treatment.


By now Marlene’s ebony cheeks glowed red. Slight handprints rising to the surface of her glowing skin.

“Oooohhhh, Daddy…”

Finally, she rose up on her hands and knees. Her ass propped up for the punishment she knew came next.

“Is this what you wanted your Dad to do to you?” Rod asked in his husky voice.

“Yes…I wanted him to take me. Make me a woman. Make me his woman. But slowly. I wanted to make love to him.”

Grabbing his throbbing cock, Rod pushed the fat head into her wet, quivering hole.

Marlene took a huge gulp of air into her lungs as Rod’s thick, fat, black pole stabbed into her sore walls.

“Aaaaaaahhhh…Oh my God…baby…I don’t think your dick…oooohhh…has ever felt so fat before.”

“Do you like Daddy’s cock on you?!”

“Oh fuck…YES!! Oh God, Daddy, it feels so good.”

SLAP!! “Ride it baby…ride Daddy’s cock like you want to.”

Marlene began to rock back and forth. Flexing and relaxing her pussy to accommodate the thick spear inside her. Droplets of her juices began to seep out of her sopping wet sex. Dripping down her thigh with every inch of hard cock invading her womb.

Sweat began to form all over her body. Her breath became ragged. Her nipples fully engorged and sensitive to touch.

“Unnnggg, Daddy…do you love me? Daddy…you’re making me a bad girl. Look at my little titties.”

Rod knew what that meant. Marlene always had sensitive titties. Sometimes just playing with them alone was enough to send her over the edge. Reaching around, he found her right breast (the more sensitive of the two) and clamped the nipple between his middle and ring finger. The new sensation causing his muse to buck and hiss.

With his other hand, Rod grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled back. Marlene arched her back as she rose up on her knees. Her orgasm only moments away.


Rod began to slam his dick home. Filling her pussy with animalistic abandon.

“Do you like Daddy’s dick inside you?!”

Marlene grunted wildly. The sensation of being impaled, again and again, was soul-stirring. Between ragged breathes, she finally screamed her passionate response:

“YES!! OH GOD YES!! I want it like this forever…I WANT TO BE A DADDY’S GIRL FOREVER!!”

Rod couldn’t withhold his fury any longer. One more Herculean shove of his hips and his body released its contents. Rope after thick, sticky, white rope exploded like a volcano; dumping copious amounts of his seed into Marlene’s hot, wet pussy. Her intense orgasm sapping all her energy. Together, they collapsed on the bed. Her husband’s sweaty, heavy frame smashing her I to the soft, damp mattress. But Marlene didn’t care. Although his body weight left her short of breath, his hot, wet skin, his musky, masculine scent, and yes, even his immense weight made her feel safe, warm, comforted…loved.

The room returned to its tomb-like silence. The only sounds, the labored breathing of two people who just shared a mind-numbing, body rocking experience. The most intimate of them all.