Daddy’s Daughter

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He wasn’t a typical father. He was never a traditional person either. In high school, he was rather quiet and unassuming and shied away from commotion and all the usual outbursts which came with partying and celebrations of any kind. When he met his wife she found out what he liked and didn’t like only because of his softness and also that meekness which seemed to sparkle and that’s why they married and had two children. Nevertheless, their children began to grow up, but unfortunately life took a turn for the worse. The mother died. All grown up now, at almost 45, she came to him, and felt now was the time to ask that question. “Daddy, I have a problem.” “What is it honey?” he said. She was hesitant. She said she wished mommy was still around. He could see the sadness in her face and told her with that same sadness he wished she was too. It had been a year and a half since she had passed away. They hugged and stared at one another but then she decided to say it. “Daddy, it’s about men. I mean guys” she said. “Ohhhhhh” he came back. “Like what honey? All guys are a little different you know.” “Yeah, I thought so” she replied as she looked up from the floor and at him. “Did you and mommy really love each other?” she asked. “Ohhh yes honey. We did. I loved her and I’m pretty sure she loved me too.” Then the daughter said it. “I want to know a few things about uhhh sex and sexual intercourse, daddy.” That had him immediately reeling. I don’t know anything about that. I mean your mommy always seemed to know how to encourage me somehow. She always knew how to make me uhhh, you know, uhhh get uhhh aroused he told himself. I mean, I don’t know. Girls just seem to know how to do those sorts of things or at least your mom did. “Daddy, can you help me with all that?” the daughter asked. “Uhhh, I don’t know honey” he said as his eyes closed and he looked away from his daughter. He swallowed as he looked at his grown 18 year old daughter. His eyes appeared to change a little. He seemed to be baffled on how to explain it all. He paused a moment as if in heavy thought. “Uhhh, what do you want to know honey?” “Well, I don’t know” she replied as she looked away from her shy and quiet like dad. “Maybe everything, daddy?” she said. “Ohhhhhh, everything?” he said. “As in every uhhh little thing?” as if totally surprised. “Well, I’m not sure exactly how to explain it to you. Maybe if you ask me questions, istanbul travesti then I can try and answer them. Okay” he ended telling her. “Well like Mark and I, okay?” she said, now looking right at her father. Gracie, the 18 year old daughter was probably a lot like her dad in that she was shy and a little naïve and so wished she wasn’t but she was. Gracie most definitely had a nice figure with its nice smallish but defined tits and she was slender but with noticeable hips and an ass and sweet shapely thighs as well. Although her personality was much like her fathers her figure was a lot like her moms. Dad always thought so. He answered her and told her to go on and explain. “How did it all happen before we were uhhh, you know, uhhh conceived?” Gracie said. He explained. Both happened to be in good moods. It was a nice night so they decided to take a walk. They talked about their day and week. It happened to be a Friday night too. They laughed about this and that. He joked that they laughed a lot more prior to having kids but that is how it is with kids. Now, or in their case, they split their love up. Some towards one another and the rest was given to Gracie and her brother. He went on. “We got home and sat quietly together and all of a sudden your mom just started to caress my leg. I loved it. I just loved how it felt when she did that and then she looked at me, differently. She smiled at me, differently too.” His daughter sat there listening, intently. He continued. “Her hand moved closer and closer to my” but then he hesitated a moment. He and looked at his daughter. Should I say this part of it to her, he asked himself. He stared at her and smiled half-heartedly. “Honey, I can’t tell you anymore. I’m sorry. I just can’t. It’s all personal. I know you don’t understand this, yet, but you will. I’m sorry dear” and he looked at her sadly but she seemed to understand. “Maybe another time, alright?” he told her. She tried to understand. They hugged and she got up and went to her room. He sat there and thought about it all. Who can she talk to? Who is around that can talk with her on this he asked himself and he knew there wasn’t a soul. They had no close relatives at all or none nearby that he knew of. As he sat there, for nearly an hour or so, he thought about it. He knew he had to talk to her but how and what to say was the question. Thirty istanbul travestileri minutes after that she heard him knock on her door. In only her bra and gym like shorts, she threw on a top and sat on her bed. She told him to come in. He smiled and softly said hello to her. She smiled and said hi back to him. “Can I sit down?” he asked and she said yes. “Can we try all this again?” “Let me tell you something” he told her. “Sex can be one of two things. It can be personal or it can be simply sex. As in well” and he paused a moment and then added “some guys and girls just do it for the sex part because well, you know, they are uhhh how do I say this? They are uhhh” and he closed his eyes and said it. “They are simply horny. Lots and lots of guys, and girls too, get horny when they are young, like you might be.” They looked at each other. He asked himself that question. Is she horny lately? However he told her “Others honey, love one another, but they still want it all. Your mother and I, and your mom was great at this, wanted it all with each other and nobody else. Your mom was a, and I’m not sure how to say this, but she was a great lover.” “Really, mom was?” Gracie asked. He said yes. “She was always, when she was in need of it, all over me. And you look like your mother soooo much lately” he replied. He looked at her, up and down. “Like how, daddy?” she asked. How do you answer that, he asked himself. “Well” he said as he finished studying her all over “your eyes, your face, and your uhhh well your figure too.” “My figure?” she said. “Can I ask you something?” she said and he said yes. “Are my boobs like hers too?” He was stunned by her question but he knew they were and said yes and then she smiled at his answer. “Really, my boobs are like hers were?” Gracie said. That made him blush a little because although he didn’t want to let her down, these questions did seem to need to be answered, or so he thought they did. He looked at her boobs for some odd reason but she noticed he looked at them. “What are you doing?” he asked her as she stood up. “Showing you something” she said as she pulled off her top to show him her figure. “What about the rest of me?” she said. He told her he didn’t want to see her body but she asked “But what about here and down here” and she turned around as he watched her shapely slim figure turn. “And what about my thighs travesti as well, daddy?” He liked his daughter’s body. It certainly had very nice features many men would like. For whatever reason he said “Will you d that again for me?” and so she did. She turned around but this time she took off the gym shorts. “Holy shit” he said accidentally as he ogled her nice shapely although smaller ass. “What daddy what?” she said. “Oh uh nothing sweetheart” he said knowing he already made a mistake but something was occurring he didn’t expect. He felt something odd. He felt an ever so slight tingling within his body. He shook his head and closed his eyes momentarily. “I was just thinking about something dear.” “What’s that daddy?” she said and then thought of something. “So why did mommy find you attractive daddy?” Was he going to tell her the truth or lie to her? Lie, he told himself. Just simply lie to his daughter. That was something he never did in his life to her or her brother. It was a rule in their house. They would never ever lie to their kids. They would always tell the truth. “Well now” he started to say “that is an interesting question. It is a very, very interesting question indeed, honey.” She asked why and he tried smiling as he looked at his daughter before answering the question. “See, well, there is something about me that she found out about that seriously attracted your mother to me.” “What’s that daddy?” she asked sincerely. “I can’t tell you honey. I just can’t tell you why” he said. “But why not daddy?” she asked again, seriously. “It’s just something about me uhhh physically which gravely, if I may use that word, fascinated your mother to me” he told her. “I mean, there is something about me that she was fascinated about and” and he used quotation marks as he said “she had to see it for herself, first off.” “What daddy what?” asked Gracie in a serious tone of voice. She was as naïve as they came or so it appeared and had no idea. “Tell me daddy” she went on to demand, almost. “Okay, but just this once. Please do not overreact, alright?” he said. She agreed and he stood up and she watched but was surprised as he undid his slacks. She asked him what he was doing and he told her to be patient. She quieted down as she watched the slacks drop to the floor. He told her to close her eyes. She closed them. He pulled down his underwear. It was huge! It was, for a white man, thick and long and manlier then anyone who knew this human being could ever imagine, ever. “Ohhhhhh my god, daddy” she cried out. “Your uhhh penis is” and she stopped as she stared at it. “That is huge daddy! It is really big, daddy!” He pulled up his underwear. “No, don’t” she said noisily.