Daddy’s Boy Ch. 05: More to Come


*I feel like now is a good time to relay that I, and no one else, should ever condone non-consensual sexual activity OR even reluctance in any way shape or form. It should strictly be kept as a completely fake, fantasy situation. Furthermore, if you don’t like, simply don’t read. Easy.*


Daddy had to do some work from home while I cleaned the house. I had to keep my harness on, and only my harness on that note. It was irritating to feel constantly stimulation on my asshole as the leather rubbed against me while a scrubbed the floors and surfaces of the house. I wasn’t horny in the slightest though- not after Kyle and Daddy both ravaged my cock earlier. I still shuddered thinking about the intensity of that orgasm. I wanted no part of anything like it again anytime soon though. Unfortunately, I knew Daddy wasn’t done with me. He had made it clear that making me cum was a punishment today, and I was starting to really realize how. If one thing was for sure, I’m never masturbating without his permission again.

I’m never doing anything without Daddy’s permission ever again.

“Max!” Dad yelled at some point from inside his office. I dropped to my hands and knees and crawled into his den, approaching his desk chair where he sat on the phone. He had it on speaker and mute at the same time as some guy spoke on the other end about finances.

“Up. Knee.” He said, scooting his chair back so that I could climb onto his knee, straddling his thigh before starting to hump him.

“Mm…” I moaned softly in pain, everything sore.

“Shush. Not a word.” He ordered angrily, reaching up to my chest and twisting my nipple to teach me a lesson. I gritted my teeth and used all of my power to refrain from crying out. I quietly nodded instead, letting my legs dangle as I ground myself into Daddy’s leg. I gripped the edge of his desk for support, leaning slightly forward and arching my back to get a better angle. Sometimes, Daddy would bounce his leg and make my body bounce up and down on top of him. He continued to play with my nipples while speaking with his coworkers on the phone casually.

“Well our projections are sound for this year. Yeah. No. Bill, we’re on track. Right, and with the new arrivals…” Daddy was saying as he gripped my harness’s waistband, tugging it back and forth to manually knead my balls and ass into his knee. I gritted my teeth and arched my back as he forcibly ground me against him harder. The contact started to turn from pain to pleasure, and soon I realized that I might be able to cum again after all.

“Well let’s sit down when I get back. We’ll go over everything again just in case.” Daddy kept speaking. He unraveled his fingers from my harness and pressed down on my back, forcing me forward until my chest was pressed over the surface of his desk. My balls pressed into his knee and my cock very slowly grew in front of me. My ass was raised up towards him like this, at his mercy.

Daddy reached forward past me and picked up a large pen from his desk. I thought he was writing something down until I felt cool metal push the leather strap in my ass aside. The rounded pen probed my entrance, prodding my sphincter. My arms flew up to grip the opposite edge of the desk, my fingernails gaziantep escort digging into the wood in anticipation. I squeezed my eyes shut just in time for Daddy to shove the pen inside of me. It was cold and smooth, easy for Daddy to gyrate around. I tensed on his knee, my hole clenching around the foreign item.

“Good boy.” Daddy whispered while the man named Bill talked and talked and talked over the phone. I took a deep breath as Daddy casually probed the pen in and out of me until I started to feel comfortable enough to rub my ass back into it, meeting Daddy’s pace. I could sense that he was pleased with this. It made my heart flutter. After being in such hot water with Daddy, making him happy made me extra excited.

“Touch yourself.” Daddy muttered quietly. My shoulders sagged. I couldn’t make myself cum again! Daddy shoved the pen into my ass hard when I didn’t listen immediately. I gasped quietly and hurried to let go of the desk with one hand, reaching down between my legs and starting to stroke my half-hard penis.

It took a while, but with Daddy violating my hole and my balls rubbing up against his leg, I got myself to spasm an orgasm out in his lap all over again, feeling even more spent afterwards than before.

I was hoping that’d be the last time. Three times was still a lot, right?


For TV-time, Daddy called me in. I thought we might keep our ritual of him masturbating onto my back underneath a blanket while watching reality TV, but today was already different. When I crawled into the room, my dick tired and limp between my legs, there was something new on the TV- Porn.

“Up.” Daddy commanded, patting his lap. I obediently climbed into Daddy’s lap, scooting back and positioning myself as I always did. My legs spread wide and Daddy’s hardening bulge pressed against my entrance. “I want you to really watch. Understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

The man on the TV was strong- even more muscular than Daddy. He was carrying some boy that seemed a little older than me- 19 like Kyle. The boy was small like me though, and the man could carry him with one arm. He was dragging the boy into a shop filled with waiting people, all half or fully naked. The boy was tied to the ground and people started to abuse him as their sex toy.

Daddy started to grind into me like the other times before. I let him grab my hips and hungrily thrust his bulge against me while I watched the porn. A man was positioning his cock above the boy’s mouth as he laid on the ground, sliding his penis past his pink lips and fucking the boy’s head into the floor. Meanwhile, a woman positioned her face between the boys legs that two men helped keep spread apart. She stuck out her tongue and started in on the boy’s ass. The boy moaned, his eyes rolling back.

Daddy grunted and gripped my waist so hard it hurt, bouncing me aggressively up and down in his lap. I braced my hands on his thighs and let him do as he pleased.

“Good Maxie. Good Maxie.” He kept grunting softly. But suddenly, I was much too shocked by what was on the TV. The man that brought the boy in had flipped him over onto his stomach and was fingering his ass. The boy was gasping and trying to get away, but a bunch of helping hands pinned him to the floor. Eventually, the boy started to moan and press back into the man’s hand.

That’s when the man positioned his cock at the boy’s entrance, slowly pushing his tip past his ring of muscle and keeping it there for a bit. The boy cried out, his whole body freezing in pain. I watched with wide eyes.

Was Daddy going to do that to me?

“Bend over.” Daddy suddenly panted, ceasing his movements. I kicked myself into gear, still disturbed by the man that was pushing his big penis into the boy’s asshole. He pushed in a little more, gripping the boy by the hips. I kept my eyes glued to the TV as I laid myself across Daddy’s lap. I let my penis fall between his legs as my ass stuck up in to the air.

“That’s called anal, Max. That’s truly fucking and owning someone. Soon, you’ll be ready to be completely taken.”

I gulped and didn’t say anything. Daddy smacked my ass and I jumped at the surprise contact.

“Uh- Yes, Sir. Yes, Master.” I stuttered out, watching the man ruthlessly fuck the boy on the TV. He grabbed the boy’s shoulders and pounded into him, his ridiculously built body rippling as he thrust over and over again into the guy’s ass.

“Then, you’ll truly be my property. My little fucktoy. Huh, Maxie?”

“Y-Yes, Daddy.”

I didn’t like the idea of that. I wanted to belong to Daddy and make him happy, but I didn’t know if I could have someone’s cock in my hole. I could barely handle all of Daddy’s huge dick in my mouth.

Still, the image of the boy being degraded and fucked hard on the screen was making my penis twitch between my legs, even if it was getting harder and harder to get me aroused with all the events of today.

Then, I heard the sound of something buzzing start up from above me. I instinctively turned to glance back, seeing Daddy holding a large egg-shaped toy that seemed to be vibrating. Daddy grabbed my head and forced it to turn forwards again. I swallowed nervously.

“Relax.” Daddy instructed. “Thattaboy.”

I felt the smooth toy at my asshole’s entrance. I fidgeted uncomfortably on Daddy’s lap. He gave me a slap on the ass. I went back to being still. Daddy firmly pressed the object against me and I felt the vibrations course into my ass, stimulating parts of me that I didn’t know existed. I watched the boy on the TV get spit-roasted by two guys while a women jerked him off. Meanwhile, Daddy pushed the egg into my ass so that it sat inside my ring of muscle. I gritted my teeth and groaned.

“Eeeeeerrrr…” I squeezed my eyes shut and felt the object stretch me open. The vibrations on my sphincter made it feel like my entire being was vibrating. I wheezed in quick, panicked breaths through my teeth, my cock twitching. Suddenly, the vibrations were just pure pleasure and I couldn’t get enough of them. I purposefully clenched and unclenched around the egg, needing more contact. Daddy rubbed my ass comfortingly before he pressed a finger to the egg and eased it all the way inside of me. I gasped and writhed on Daddy’s feeling my inner walls be stimulated by the vibrator. I could hear the hum of the toy inside of me, filling my mind with nothing but thoughts of what my daddy was doing to me. “Feels… So… Good… Daddy…” I breathed, not able to help the words from slipping out. Daddy spanked me again and I cried out, but in pleasure. The smack drove the egg deeper into me, vibrating against a part inside of me that felt extra good when stimulated.

“Daddy!” I groaned in pleasure as he spanked me repeatedly, the both of us still watching porn simultaneously. Daddy hit me over and over again while I wiggled myself around in his lap, trying to get my dick to rub against the insides of Daddy’s leg for more stimulation. He obliged. I just wasn’t ready for him to reach around and grip my hanging penis in his hand and start stroking me while spanking my butt. My penis was still sore and the more he stroked, the more painful it was as I felt a climax coming on… again.

“Daddy… Daddy, please… I can’t. I can’t cum again.”

Daddy squeezed my dick and I arched my back away in pain. He kept my cock locked tightly in his fist.

“Is that complaining I hear?”

“I- I’m sorry, sir.” I gasped, the egg still defiling my insides. “I- I want to come for you, Daddy. Please.”

Daddy let go of my cock and resumed stroking me. I fell back so that my head was lying on the couch again, my body relaxing back into my mix of pain and pleasure. I tried to focus on the pleasure.

When I came, there was definitely more pain than before. I was sexually exhausted, my cock spent. Afterwards, I never wanted to touch myself ever again. I slumped on Daddy’s lap. He turned off the egg and pulled it out of my ass with a pop. He stood up, dumping my used body to the floor.

“Clean this up.” He said, turning off the TV. “And put some clothes on over your harness. We are going to go get a few things.”

With that, he left me to clean up my own mess on the floor, my body still throbbing. I groaned and pushed myself up on all fours, grateful for crawling for the first time ever. I didn’t think I’d be able to walk all too well.

I first headed to the coat closet where my few shirts and pants were kept. I pulled on a t-shirt and sports shorts before returning to the living room.

I stared at the TV that was off, but I still remembered the first time I saw someone fuck someone else’s ass.

It sent shivers down my spine. And that was the point when I would completely belong to Daddy too. Was I ready for that? Would I ever be? Is that what it took to be Daddy’s good little boy like I always so desperately wanted to be?

I cringed every time I moved. My punishment for the day was worse than I thought. If he forced me to cum one more time, I thought I might pass out.

All of this in mind- my fear from what was still to come from Daddy’s ownership of me and the agony of being used all day today- Well, that backdoor was looking really friendly. I envisioned the path in my mind. All I had to do was get out quickly enough and climb over the fence before Daddy could come get me. For sure, he’d hear the door opening, so it was a matter of how quick I could be.

And then what? All I knew was serving Daddy. Heck, that’s all I WANTED to do.

But something took over me- an impulse, I guess. Before I knew what I was doing, I was gripping the door handle and sliding the door open. My legs moved without my permission and despite the fact that I begged myself to stop, my body was just too spooked.

I ran.