Daddy Was Waiting


This is my story – of how I became a real Daddy’s girl.

I live alone with my father and mother in a quiet suburb of central Italy, I’m 19 years old, I’m a curvy female, I have pink pouty lips, perky DD breasts and long red hair. I’m what you would consider “petite”.

One evening, after being thoroughly fucked by my family’s barber and having lost track of time – I arrived home at a few minutes shy of 3 AM, Believing that my father was asleep, as his shifts had changed to the wee hours of the morning. I tried my best to sneak in but the door to the house has the nasty habit of jamming the key inside the lock creating loud metallic noises that ring through the bottom floor.

As I entered I heard what sounded to be a glass being placed back on a table – It was my Daddy, he had remained awake…and I would soon find out why.

He leapt out of his seat, grabbed me by the hair and, despite my protests, without uttering one word he threw me over the arm of the leather couch in our sitting room. In one swift movement he ripped my dimpy skirt and panties off and to my surprise I hear a loud slap and feel my ass burning.

“Daddy, no! Please stop! Why are you doing this!? I’m sorry, I won’t ever stay out this late again!” I pleaded, sobbing through words.

“I’m doing this to you to teach you that you are MY girl. And no girl of mine is going to dress like a slut and come home 3 hours past their curfew!” – he spits, almost in disgust.

I drop my head in surrender and accept the spanking, sobbing like a child… Slap…Slap…Slap… I look back, wondering why my Daddy has interrupted the spanks… I see a look in his eye, one I have never seen before.

He moves closer to me, I can feel his heat on my back, almost to himself. Next I feel warm finger-tips, slithering their way down my back…down to my ass… he whispers something inaudible, but the tone insinuates something sinister. I feel them guide expertly between my ass cheeks… and continue until he reaches my puffy pink cunt lips.

I gasp, realizing what is happening “Daddy, no! Please, you can’t do this! It’s wrong! I promise I’ll be a good girl!” I pant.

My mind is screaming – saying this is wrong, that bursa escort bayanlar I should fight back with everything left in me but my body betrays me and pushes back towards his touch. I feel him grinning, his eye burning into me.

“well, well… It seems my thoughts of you are correct… look how wet you are for Daddy…you ARE just a little slut…But you’re going to be Daddy’s little slut…Isn’t that right?” he whispers hoarsely, quietly, almost to himself.

I drop my head in shame, feeling the first tears sting my eyes and wet my cheeks. He proceeds to slowly insert a finger, curling it – hitting my sweet spot. I can’t help but groan, his touch is like fire. He continues to finger-fuck my poor little cunt savagely, adding another finger then two. He presses his lips against my ear, telling me how wet I am and how hard he’s going to fuck me – I cum almost immediately, causing my legs to give way. He props me up against the side of the couch, he unzips his pants and frees his monster cock, I gasp, astounded by the width of my Daddy’s fuck meat.

“Suck your Daddy’s cock, slut!” he says.

I hesitate a little.. he grabs me by the back of the head and plunges his rock hard cock down my throat savagely fucking my face.

“Open wide, slut! If I feel teeth it’s not just your pussy that is going to get fucked tonight!” he spits.

I groan and nod my compliance, which only makes him fuck my throat that much harder, grunting his pleasure like an animal every time he thrusts down my throat. I’m covered with my own spit and tears – yet my cunt only gets wetter and wetter. Suddenly he pulls his cock from my throat and lifts me up with his hands under my armpits.

“Take your shirt and bra off… I wanna see my tits.” He demands.

I look down and start unbuttoning my shirt, he pulls me by the back of head, my hair entwined between his fingers.

“What was that, slut? I didn’t hear “Yes Daddy” coming from your whorish lips” – he sneers.

I nod and sniffle “Yes, Daddy…” I Whisper meekly.

I finish unbuttoning my shirt and removing my bra… I stand sheepishly in the centre of the room, with only a rag hanging from one hip, bayan sarisin escort bursa a reminder of the cotton panties that used to be there.

“Good girl…” He coos, circling me, gazing and taking in every detail on my body – his prize.

I shiver, my body hung in suspense and shame, wondering what is going to happen next. His fingers trail down from my hair, down my neck and pause at my breast where I feel a cool moist pair of lips clamp around my nipple then a hand covers my lips, stifling my surprised cry.

“Shhh…babygirl… We wouldn’t want mommy to come in and see us like this, would we?” He whispers.

I nod and he pinches my nipple , making my jaw clench and my toes curl. He moves to the other breast and pinches, replacing his fingers with his warm, wet lips on the other breast while continuing to kneed the other. I moan softly, rolling my head back – finally giving in to these taboo sensations . He takes my hand and leads me into the kitchen and bends me over the counter, the cool touch of the marble surface sends chills down my spine.

I groan and pant, my mind and body anticipating what is going to happen next. He grasps a handful of hair and pulls back, exposing my neck and ear –

“Daddy is going to fuck his little girl now… Would you like that?” he whispers huskily.

“Yes, Daddy. Please…”

I hesitate finishing my quiet response, the barriers in my mind still resisting this assault. He presses his hips hard against my ass and I gasp.

“What was that, slut? “Please” what, slut?”

He presses even harder against me, I can feel his cock rub against the soft, pink folds of my cunt.

“Please Daddy… Fuck me! Fuck my pussy hard! Make me your slut, PLEASE DADDY!” I speak the words shamelessly.

I feel his lips curl into a satisfied grin and Without warning or hesitation, he plunges his cock deep inside of me, filling me to the breaking point. My cunt clamps down hard, accepting the sudden and brutal force of my Daddy’s lust, I can feel every bulge and vein.

He doesn’t permit my cunt time to adjust before savagely fucking me, slamming me down hard on the table top, the sounds bursa eve gelen eskort of our flesh beating against each other, the wet sloppy sounds of my pussy lips being forced out and in with every stroke of his monstrous cock – finally pushing me over the edge.

He pulls my hair back once more and bites down hard on my neck, challenging me to cry out. I bite down hard on my bottom lip, the pain made numb by the pleasure of my Daddy’s cock, pounding inside me.

“oh God, baby… your sweet little cunt feels so good around Daddy’s cock…” He grunts, continuing to pound me with everything he’s got.

“oh Daddy, please don’t stop! Please! I’m cumming! Fuck me harder, Daddy! Fuck your little slut” I pant with a sense of urgency.

Hearing these words elicit louder grunts and harder thrusts from Daddy, his lust fired up the max. I can’t hold back anymore and my body explodes with sensations, I clamp my own hand over my mouth, preventing me from becoming too loud and alerting my mother to the incestuous happenings going on under her nose. My pussy clamps down hard on Daddy’s cock, squeezing him, milking him for all he’s worth. That pushes him over the edge,

“Ugh, I’m gonna cum baby! Do you want Daddy’s cum inside of you?” he grunts in my ear.

“Yes, Daddy! Please fill my cunt, ugh, I need it!” I beg.

He grabs my hips with both hands and buries himself ball-deep inside of me and I feel it. I feel his hot, juicy cum hit my cervix and it sends me over the edge once more, sending my body into another fit of ecstasy, my hand clamping down hard on my mouth. He slumps down, half lying on my back, I can feel is cock soften inside of me and our wetness, slick, running down my thighs. We’re both breathing hard, panting, Our skins slippery with beads of sweat.

After a few moments he stands up, turning me around with his hands on my hips and places a soft kiss on my lips, tucking away loose strands of hair behind my ear.

“You should be heading to bed, baby girl… You will need the rest for what I plan on teaching you tomorrow, when your mother is out with her Friends. You are Mine, now. Do you understand, My little slut?” I look up at him, with half closed eyes and I slowly nod.

“Yes, Daddy…”

I can barely stand now, my knees quivering with the assault. I slowly walk back to the living room and collect my clothes before heading up the stairs- lying in my bed, I feel content and warm, even though my mind is still trying to work out what is happening and above all… What will happen tomorrow?