Daddy, Please Ch. 04 Pt. 01


“Wake up sweetheart.”

I mumbled as I buried myself further into my comfortable warmth, desperately trying to avoid the real world. My dreams were too good to let go of. They were full of delicious, sexy times with my Daddy.

“Baby.” The soothing voice grew more stern as the plush blanket was removed from over my head, causing me to wince from the sudden onslaught of blinding light. “It’s time to wake up.”

“Ooooo… slthsd… nah… whkk… ahdther” I couldn’t quite speak properly as my body refused to move, even to withdraw my thumb from my mouth.

Unfortunately, Daddy wouldn’t let it slide. “What was that? And when did you start sucking your thumb again?” He pulled the offending hand from my face.

The irritating sensation of drool strung across my lip and down my chin forced my focus more into the real world around me. I moved to rub at my face as my father still held my hand away from me. It took a moment to fully process what was happening. “You said I didn’t have to wake early after we played harder.”

Damn, I was exhausted. Daddy and I couldn’t get enough of each other. Round after round of him tying my petite frame into all sorts of positions for him to play with. There wasn’t any pain. No whips or even spankings. It was all pure, total, connection. Bare skin to bare skin… finally.

After he filled all of my holes with his cum, he then dropped down to lick it all up from every sensitive opening, bringing me to more climaxes. I honestly lost count by the end. Yet, it was more than I had ever hoped for.

As I passed out from the long night of passion, Daddy massaged my muscles and wrapped me in a fluffy blanket and gave me my dragon before he cuddled in beside me. There was no better way to fall asleep in the world. My head on Daddy’s chest with his arms around me, all warm and soft… and safe.

Well… until he woke me up.

The scolding look I received was proof of his mood. He didn’t like being questioned. “It’s nearly noon, Abigail. I did let you sleep in. However, we have some plans today for more explorations. So, up you go. Five swats before you get your shower, for questioning your Daddy.”


I didn’t mean to disobey. Really, I was only half awake. But I knew there was no use in begging, it only added more to my punishment. I tried to be a good girl. Honestly, I liked to please my Daddy. However, there were times when I would forget or something. Only two or three in the prior few weeks. It looked like luck was not on my side. As I uncovered my nude figure from beneath the blanket, and set my dragon aside, Daddy perched himself on the side of the bed, waiting for me to take my position over his knee.

I trembled with each strike as it landed. However, I was more than grateful when it was over. I knew he was being lenient because I was so tired. However, he couldn’t let it slide entirely. I respected him for that. Perhaps not in the moment, but deep down and afterwards when I was able to think about it on my own in the shower.

Stepping out of the master bathroom, our bathroom… wow, it was so strange to think of the room as ours… I found Daddy opening my toy drawer. I quickly looked down toward the collar I had just put back on after my shower. My key was still there, so it meant he had his own key. Good to know.

Grey eyes swam with mischief as he looked me over from head to toe. “I want to help you get ready this time.” He smiled as he pulled me toward his leather chair in the corner of the room. I followed his lead until I stood naked before him. Then he took out some lotion for my skin and gently massaged it into every inch of my exposed flesh. “You truly are one stunningly perfect woman.” His hands lingered on my ass. “All of the sexy curves of a woman, yet their still soft and supple, showing the innocence of your age play.” He kissed my stomach as I fought to stay standing. He did wicked things to my heart and my head. I wanted to swoon under his attention.

When he finished with the creams, Daddy picked up a white leather garter belt from a pile of fabrics on the table next to him. “Turn around baby. This one ties in the back.” It didn’t escape my notice that the garter belt had several steel rings attached around it, matching my collar; and the belt wasn’t just tied in back, but a small padlock was applied to ensure it wasn’t removed without permission. Wow. Where did he find such things? And he put it on without any panties. I felt so sexy in it. “Raise your foot.” He ordered as then helped me get my feet into white silk stockings which he rolled up my legs slowly and sensually until he connected them to the garter belt. His fingers sliding everywhere but the growing pool of wetness between my thighs.

I whimpered under his touch.

The smirk tugging at those delicious lips told me, he knew what he was doing to me. He was determined to tease me into oblivion.

His hand reached for a bit of poofy white tuling made into a super short skirt with white lace over it. It Beşiktaş Escort barely covered my ass, but I guess, that was the point. I wasn’t surprised the skirt rested just below the steel rings from the garter belt, letting the rings rest on the skirt.

I thought I was done until I looked at the pile next to Daddy. There were still more items. He buckled white leather cuffs to my wrists… surprise, surprise… they had steel rings and clasps attached. Oh so many uses between those and the garter belt. However, the matching set he secured to my ankles, really started to get my juices to leak onto my thighs.

It was obviously something Daddy noticed as he made his way back to his seat, only to pause and lick at my dripping wetness as it ran down my legs.

Damn it! He didn’t get any closer to my throbbing core. Just the quick lick and a dangerous chuckle.

Finally, he pulled out my new blue toys. First, he stood as he wove my turquoise ribbon along my white leather collar and tied it behind my neck. Then he pulled out the nipple clamps.

I shuddered slightly. My nipples were still sensitive from the aching pain of the night before. Those clamps weren’t too tight, but over time, it was a building pressure. He continued as though he hadn’t noticed, yet I know he did. “Let’s taste those scrumptious tits before we add the clamps.” He pulled me until he sat in his chair with me straddling his lap. However, he gripped my hips, holding me away from his crotch, not letting either of us rub against the other. Sheer torture!

I wiggled and arched as much as I could as he licked and sucked, nibbled and bit at my feminine peaks.

“These are mouth watering.” He mumbled as he moved to suck on the other breast. Far too quickly for my liking, he pulled back and pinched one nipple to apply the clamp, then ran the second through the steel ring of my collar, before pulling my poor, abused nipples up until the other side could be clamped as well. The turquoise bows and jewels dangling bellow, like earrings.

Finally, Daddy ordered me over his knee again, with my skirt raised up to expose my ass. I was confused at first, until I saw him pick up the matching turquoise anal plug. “I would rather be sliding my cock into that tight hole, but for now, I’ll have to take pleasure from stretching you around this little thing.”

I jumped as his fingers finally reached into my pooling moisture and liberally coated two fingers before reaching higher to play around my puckered hole. Dip, play, dip, play… and repeat. He was still teasing the ever loving shit out of me. I was so wound up, I damn near climaxed the moment his finger pressed into my backside and slowly started to fuck me.

There truly was no justice in the world. Or, perhaps my father was the ultimate divine, able to control the world to his every wish. Either way, he only worked me over half a dozen times before he stopped and started the process over again with something bigger, then stopped the moment my ass had eaten the plug for like it was starved for a proper meal.

Helping me up, Daddy smiled at me. A bright and happy smile with barely hidden lust swimming in the depths. “You’re such a good girl.” His hand smoothed my hair out of my face. “Go ahead and finish getting ready with white bows and limited make-up. Then come down stairs for breakfast. I want you to eat well and have time to digest before anything more intense happens.”

It was a wonder I finished styling my hair into the pigtails he loved with white bows over each. Seated with the anal plug and my nipple clamps on, it only heightened my anticipation. What did he have planned?

As I entered the kitchen, I found that Daddy had set my dragon next to my seat. And to my surprise, I found a plate full of my favorite breakfast as a kid… rainbow crepes. My father quickly learned to be creative in getting me to eat at least reasonably healthy. So, he made crepes filled with strawberries and blueberries, but mixed the cream with Fruity Pebbles! As a kid, I was so excited for that touch of sugar and bright colors, that I didn’t even notice that he probably only added a tablespoon of sugar filled cereal to a small amount of cream cheese spread. The actual fruit, side of eggs and turkey sausage were a far more healthy option than a whole bowl of the cereal alone. One of the many reasons I loved him so much. “Thank you Daddy!” I kissed him on the cheek.

“Don’t forget your water.” He said as I sat down. His loving smile was all I needed to be in a good mood.

“Why do you tell me to drink so much water?” I asked as I ate my breakfast. From the beginning of our new relationship, he had insisted on lots of water.

He sat next to me with his own plate of everything but the cereal. “Because it’s good for you. Especially now. When we play, we sweat a lot and that can dehydrate you. For you, it’s even more important as I tie you up. Dehydration can cause muscle cramps. I wouldn’t want you to have cramps.”

“You’re Beşiktaş Escort Bayan always so good to me. I love you Daddy.”

“I love you too baby.” He kissed the top of my head. “Now finish up. We have a couple visitors coming soon.”

Butterflies erupted in my stomach. It was our first time playing with anyone else. At least, I assumed we would play given the way I was dressed and how he wanted me to eat well and stay hydrated. Daddy wouldn’t let me meet his friends during our first six weeks together. Then, at dinner the night before, I met several. All of them made me nervous. They were more experienced and dominant than Alex had been.

The thought tugged at my heart. I missed her.

I know my best friend tried. She was fascinated by my father’s videos as much as I was, yet she wanted to learn from them, learn how to be in control the way he was with the people in the videos. However, she was under age and could only learn so much.

Since graduation, I hadn’t heard from her much. I hoped she was alright. So many changes happening, and I didn’t want to lose her entirely. Alex had been my only true friend and the one person I trusted to explore my submissive side with until she shared my secret with my Daddy. After that, she simply said she needed to give me time to discover what my new relationship would be like without her in the picture. She promised she would be there if anything happened, but she wanted to give Daddy and I some space.

Best friends forever!

Even her moving away for college wouldn’t diminish my love for her.

Daddy pulled me from my thoughts as I finished my food. “Good girl, now go brush your teeth again, make sure you use mouthwash.” He grabbed my ass for a quick squeeze as I passed him by. Man did I want to stop and let him fondle me more. “Oh, and baby…” He called after me as I reached the door.

“Yes Daddy?”

“Come back here real quick.” The moment I was in arms reach, he pulled me closer and crashed his lips into mine. Hands drifted to my ass once again as his tongue threatened to strangle me with raw passion. The man truly knew how to take my breath away. As he pulled away, my vision was rooted in his steel grey eyes. “I need you to remember, you always have the power to say no. Today is mostly about testing out how we feel about sharing each other with other people. It’s a test with people I know we can trust. But always remember, whatever happens, you are the one sleeping in my bed tonight. Understand?”

“Of course Daddy. You told me from the beginning. I don’t mind having sex with others if it turns you on.”

“What about me having sex with other women or men?

I shrugged slightly. “We’ll find out.”

He smiled as his fingers grazed over my cheek. “I don’t know what I did to get this lucky. You’ve given me a new chance at caring for someone special, in ways I had never imagined. All of this still blows my mind. And I’m still getting used to it being with you. Yet, I find that my instincts to protect you are stronger than ever. I honestly don’t know if I’m ready to share yet.” He kissed me again, slowly and sensually. His shirt brushed against my aching nipples and I couldn’t find it in me to stop the contact for any reason.

Pulling back, he growled at himself in frustration as I gasped for air. “Go brush your teeth before I cancel the whole thing and throw you back in bed like a dragon hoarding his gold, unwilling to let another near it.”

I giggled as I ran to do as he ordered. I loved the fact that I’d gotten under his skin like he had mine.

Once cleaned again, I touched up my make-up and returned to our room.

“Alright baby girl, you need a little time to digest before you get to play. And honestly, it’s best if you just watch for a while. There are a few different goals to today’s events, not just our tests. And getting the others started may require a little more focus before you participate. So…” He opened the door to his special closet. Behind the two way mirror, was a chair bolted to the floor. “I know you’ve seen this when you went sneaking into my closet. Did you ever want to be chained to the chair and watch me?”

I practically drooled while looking at the chair I had fantasized about being in. “Yes Daddy.”

“Perfect. Let me just add a little something.” He pulled out the silicon dildo he had used before, then pressed the base and fake ball sack to the chair. “Come on baby, climb on. Slide down the toy and get comfortable on the chair.”

With a little help, I followed orders. The dildo slid deep into my already soaked cunt, the ball sack was angled toward my ass, pressing on the anal plug still resting there. Such a delicious feeling, to be spread wide in front of Daddy, while filled in both holes. Then, he clipped my ankles to the legs of the chair. There were rings on the sides of the seat which also clipped to my garter belt. Then, my hands were clipped together and connected to the hook above my head.

I Escort Beşiktaş tried to wiggle, or squirm, anything to get some friction or movement with the toys. Unfortunately, the position I was in left almost no room to move.

And the torturous teasing continued.

No sooner was I fully tied down, then the front door rang.

Daddy started to shut the closet door on me, when he paused and chuckled. ” I almost forgot the gag.” He held up a turquoise gag to match my toys. It was a ball with holes in it. Fastening it around my head, he looked me over and smirked. “So fucking sexy. Now, don’t make a sound until I let you out.”

Daddy shut the closet door and left the room. I was left to sit in the dark alone. However, I had a great view of the bedroom on the other side of the glass. I quickly appreciated the little holes in the ball. I was able to breath and mostly close my mouth. However, I couldn’t do it completely. I could already feel the drool drip from the corner of my lips and on to my sensitive breast.

It only heightened my awareness of my situation. I tried to move, to do something to find relief for the growing itch I felt in my core. Yet nothing helped and I didn’t want to try harder, only to make a bunch of noise. Damn it.

It didn’t take too long before my father returned with another man. He was well built man, like he was in the military or something that required physical work. His short black hair added to the impression.

As he walked in, he whistled at the layout. “Damn nice set up you have here Ben.” His eyes raked over the tracks and pulleys above the bed. I could already see a growing lump in his pants, just standing around and talking to Daddy. What was he told would happen? “So, where are the girls?”

Wait, girls? How many?

Daddy grinned. “My baby will join us a little later. I wanted us to start with the other one. She should be here soon.” Just then, the doorbell rang again. “Speak of the little vixen. I’ll be back.”

I watched as the new guy kept looking around the room, periodically stroking himself for a moment or two before letting go. He was a handsome man in his own way; strong, rugged, very intimidating and dominant. However, I still only craved my Daddy. Perhaps it would be fun to try things out with others, however, I didn’t think I’d ever crave it.

Then walked in my father and the only other person I trusted.


She was there… and blushing… and looking submissive… what in the hell?

“Well now.” The new man said. “Ben, you said the girls were young and sexy, but damn, that didn’t do this one justice.”

He was right.

Alex was fucking sexy as hell. She stood in a tight, black leather corset which cut under her naked breasts and parted to create something like my garter belt holding up black silk stockings and no panties. The ties up the back of the corset were red to match her high heels and the red lipstick on her lips. Black leather collar, wrist and ankle cuffs looked like mine with the steel rings. Her long blonde hair was pulled up into a tight ponytail and she wore heavy eye make-up.

It was clear that Daddy had somehow played a role in choosing her outfit. Too much of it was so similar to my style, yet, it all gave such a drastic difference of image. My outfit and style portrayed young innocence. Alex looked all sexed up, kinky, adult woman.

“So, you’re the one who wants to learn about being a dom?” The new man asked her.

Alex nodded. “I’m not good at this submissive stuff. I like the control and power.”

The man huffed. “But you agreed to this? Knowing you would have to submit?”

“Yes, sir.”

He looked over at Daddy. “How in the hell Ben? Seriously, how did you find her?”

Daddy shrugged. “It’s all her fault really. I’ll tell you the story later. Ronin, this is Alex. Alex, this is Ronin. He’s the dom I told you about. He lives about ten miles from your university. So, if things go well today and you find you’re compatible, he can help to introduce you to the community there and teach you the ropes.”

So that was what it was all about? Daddy was helping Alex learn? Since when? And why didn’t she tell me?

I watched in fascination as Ronin reached for Alex by the collar and pulled her to him. She whimpered in fear for a moment before she took a breath and calmed herself. “First lesson and the most important one you need to know. This lifestyle is about trust. If you have it, you can push boundaries and explore new things neither of you had ever thought of before. Without it, you have nothing and pushing past that lack of trust is abuse. Pure and simple.”

“Yes sir.” Her eyes dropped.

He grinned, lust filled his eyes as he watched her fight to submit. “Everything you emailed to Ben, it was correct? Your lack of experience with men? The preference for pussy? The restraint for seven weeks and testing? Your boundaries and interests?” Intense brown eyes watched for any indication of dishonesty.

“It’s all true. I prefer girls, but even then, I’ve only been with one.” Alex smiled as her eyes flickered towards the closet. Did she know I was in there? Or was she hoping? “I’m not a virgin, technically. I mean, I’ve used a dildo and stuff.” Her cheeks turned more red at the confession.