Daddy Loves Alana


My name is Alana. My Dad calls me Al, which pisses my mother off something fierce. She says it makes me sound like I’m a boy. I’m twenty pounds overweight, according to my doctor. My mother says I’m twenty-five pounds overweight. The whole thing, whether twenty or twenty-five pounds also pisses her off royally.

I’m 20 years old and out of high school for two years. Between my junior and senior year I worked at my Dad’s financial brokerage firm. That too pissed her off, not too much…but she wasn’t happy about it. She said I wasn’t ‘preparing for my future’, which meant I wasn’t working toward what the good doctor wanted me to do with my life.

Guess when it comes right down to it, she’s not happy about much. I call her “the good doctor” when I’m talking about her. I don’t call her anything when I’m talking to her. She’s a surgeon and a pain in the ass. I told Daddy once I thought she chose to be a surgeon so she could slice and dice on people and be in control. He chastised me for the comment, but I could see he had a hard time trying not to laugh.

After graduation I went back to the brokerage firm. The good doctor was riding my ass for the past three years of high school to take the right classes so I could go to medical school. I have as much interest in being a doctor as I do in raising hogs only to send them off to become bacon for someone’s breakfast.

Every day Daddy and I ride to work together and home again. I don’t see a lot of him during the day. Basically I do data entry crap and try to stay out of people’s way. I’ve lived my whole life like that. Being fat and none to energetic I didn’t do much of anything other that go to class and get the hell out of there for twelve years of school.

Once in my junior year a boy asked me on a date. I went because I figured I should have the experience. Later I found out he lost a bet and had to ask me out, and then had to kiss me good night. The boy that was kind of my counter part in my senior year, meaning fat and a social misfit, asked me to the prom. I fought that tooth and nail, but wound up going to shut the good doctor the hell up. That boy kissed me good night. I came in the house and threw up!

About three days of every week the good doctor doesn’t come home from the hospital at all. Some nights she showed up somewhere past midnight. In the past two years she was gone more than home. Daddy never complained, at least that I heard.

Daddy had one of the blue tooth things so his phone was a part of his ear almost 24/7. Coming home from the office one night I was day dreaming, when he started talking. I’d always look at him and figure if he was talking to me or to someone in his ear.

This time his jaw set, his knuckles on the steering wheel turned white and his voice was really tense.

“The good doctor isn’t coming home is she?”


“Emergency surgery, complications from the last surgery of the day, has to keep close watch on a particular patient or she has a seven a.m. surgery scheduled so she’ll save the hour drive each Bahçeşehir Escort way. Which is it this time?”

Daddy didn’t answer. He kept his eyes on the road and the jaw set with the death grip on the steering wheel.

“Hey, let up on that wheel or it’s gonna break in half and we’ll end up getting killed.”

He did loosen his grip and relaxed his jaw.

“The good doctor is having an affair isn’t she?”


“Well. She is, you know it and so do I.” I waited but he stayed silent.

Suddenly he took a right turn, way too fast.

“Holy crap Dad, whadda ya doing?”

His entire demeanor changed in a flash. “It’s you and me kid. How about the Grub Pub for dinner?”

Well that perked me right up. The Grub Pub was kind of a dive. The good doctor would have sawed off her own legs rather than cross that threshold. They served grilled steak or burgers, fully loaded baked potatoes and the best strawberry short cake you could find in America.

“Yeah! Now you’re talking. Dad?”


“I just want ta tell ya, if you wanted to get a divorce and you were running down a list of why you shouldn’t; like image, your work, and that kinda thing. Well, if I’m on that list, scratch me off. I’d rather you got a divorce and were happy than keep up this sham.”

He didn’t say anything, but the look on his face spoke volumes. I knew he had been thinking they shouldn’t break up because of me.

We were within a block of the Grub Pub so I snapped my seat belt off and threw myself across the console to kiss his cheek, I felt so bad for him.

I’m a little less than graceful so apparently it startled him when I moved so fast cause he turned his head to see what the hell was coming at him. My kiss landed fully on his lips.

He kissed back, I think reflexively. We were both more that surprised at that point.

Daddy pulled into the Grub Pub and parked the car. We both sat in silence for a few seconds.

“Well, they aren’t gonna bring the food out here! Let’s go in and make pigs of ourselves.”

Daddy was trying hard to be jovial so I went along with it. I made a pig snorting kinda sound and we both laughed. He held my hand walking in, we held hands a lot, I liked it, always made me feel special.

We both got the large T-bone and fully loaded baked potato. We also loaded up at the salad bar. Besides the fact that the place was old dark wood floors, chucky wood tables and heavy wood chairs the salad bar was the good doctors’ major complaint. Unsanitary she would say.

Daddy ordered a pitcher of beer. The waitress raised an eyebrow when she looked at me, but didn’t ask for ID. The mugs were frosted and the beer tasted really good with the steak. We drained the pitcher and were both feeling okay when we left the place.

We had our two orders of strawberry short cake in a take out. Daddy said he’d make espresso when we got home and could change out of clothes that suddenly felt two sizes too small.

When we got in the car Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan to go home Daddy leaned over and kissed me right on the lips.

“Thanks for being the best date I’ve had in over twenty years.”

“You are welcome kind sir. Thanks for a great meal, a wonderful night, and the best date ever.”

I kissed him back and this kiss lasted way longer than before. When we finally broke apart the look in his eyes was something I’d never seen before. I also felt something inside me I’d never felt before. I wanted more kissing, but was afraid to go for it.

On the drive home Daddy rested his hand on my knee, rubbing it and talking about places he’d like to travel. He’d never done either of those things before.

I was squirming around trying to get his hand higher on my leg. I don’t know if he realized I was doing it on purpose, but it worked to a degree. By the time we pulled into the garage his hand was half way up my thigh. God it felt so warm and strong and just really, really good.

When we got in the house Daddy put the dessert in the fridge and said he’d start the coffee.

“Al, why don’t you go get into your pj’s?”

I started for the stairs and he called after me, “Wear that pale yellow nightgown honey.”

Whoa, I stopped dead in my tracks. That gown was way too short for me. I had it for about three years and it was worn thread bare, but I loved it cause it was soft and cool. I had no clue he’d ever noticed it.

That’s the fastest I ever went up the stairs. I stripped down to nothing, and then pulled the nightgown over my head. The neck line was really low so you could see the top third of my tits. I looked in the mirror and saw the arm holes were large enough that you could see the sides of my tits. I had a 36 DD pair of knockers. Mostly I tried not to let people notice them, but right now I’d have liked to pull them out into full view.

When I raised my arms you could just see my bush below the hem. I turned and looked over my shoulder and raising my arms you could see the curve of the bottom of my ass. My puss was tingling.

I went downstairs feeling pretty nervous. Daddy was sitting in his old recliner in a pair of boxer shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt. The two servings of strawberry short cake with mounds of real whipped cream were on the end table beside him. He had them on a meat platter and I started laughing.


“Really, dessert on a meat platter?”

He smiled at me and waved me over. His recliner was another sore spot with the good doctor. It was wide wale corduroy and huge. She’d wanted it thrown out for years but Daddy stood his ground on that one issue, he was keeping it. Two people fit in it just fine.

When I sat down he pushed the recliner back and pulled the dessert over onto our laps.


“Yeah Daddy.”

“I love you honey. Thank you for tonight, it was really special.”

“I love you too Daddy and this is the best night of my life.”

We were eating the dessert. Escort Bahçeşehir He slide his hand under the platter and rubbed the inside of my leg. Out of nervousness I shoved a huge bite of cake, strawberry and whipped cream in my mouth.

Daddy leaned into me and licked the corner of my mouth.

“Whipped cream.” he said.

I closed my eyes and kissed him; dropping my fork on the platter I put my hand behind his neck and opened my mouth. His tongue probed into my mouth and I moaned.

He moved the platter to the table and rolled slightly over me.

“Oh God Al, I love you so much.”

“Yes, Daddy. Please love me.”

His hands went under my ass and he pulled me to the middle of the chair, now lying on top of me. I spread my legs open and felt his hard cock press against me.

I shoved my hands under his shorts pushing them down and grabbing his ass pulling him tighter against me.

His cock was free, pressing into my belly. I pulled my legs way back; bending my knees I opened myself up to him.

He was pulling up on my gown. I raised my arms and the gown came off. He flung it away then pulled his shirt off.

“Daddy, go in me. Now!”

He reached down taking a hold of his cock, running it up and down my puss to find my hole. When he was on it I pushed up to meet his thrust.

In one swift second I was no longer a virgin. My Daddy had entered me totally. We both moaned as we felt the sensation of hot throbbing cock entering a tight wet cunt.

“Al sweet, sweet baby. I’ve wanted this for so long. I love you baby.”

“Yes, Daddy. I love you too. Please fuck your baby girl.”

He growled long and low, pushing in and out. Our kisses were like we were trying to swallow each other. I couldn’t get him deep enough inside of me or kiss him hard enough.

His hands were mauling my tits, pulling on the nipples and trying to grab the fullness of them into his hands.

He pulled back looking at my tits, “I’ve dreamed of these tits so many times. What they looked like, what they would feel like in my hands. And,” he looked up at me, “what they would taste like, what the hard nipples would feel like in my mouth.”

He pushed up on my tits and sucked a nipple into his mouth, flicking his tongue over it and biting down on the hard swollen nipple.

My hips responded to the feeling of my tits being sucked, they were pumping up and down.

“Al, baby, we’re fucking. Oh sweetheart I can’t believe it’s finally happening.”

“Fuck me Daddy, hard, please. Hard!”

He stood, pulling out of me.

“Come baby.” He pulled me from the chair.

“Lay on the floor sweetheart. Daddy wants to mount you.”

I lay down, raising my legs up, pulling my knees up toward my chest. He knelt between my legs, smiled down at me; taking his cock in his hand he guided it to my open hole.

He pushed the cockhead in, and then leaned down to kiss my tits, then up my neck to my mouth. As he kissed me he pushed his entire cock into my eager waiting cunt.

“Do you want it hard baby, do you want me to pound into you?”

I nodded, “Oh Daddy, take me. Use my pussy to make your cock feel good. I love you so much Daddy.”

“Just you and me now baby. I’ll divorce her, and we can be together, just you and me.”

Daddy took me, hard and long and deep.