Daddy Cop and Daughter


It was shortly after 11 a.m. on a Sunday morning. At that time of the day I’d already had my 10 mile run, ate a full breakfast and just gotten out of the shower when I heard the door bell. In another 15 minutes I’d have been engrossed in work files in an attempt to add 2 and 2 and nail the drug dealers we were after.

Feeling naked with just a towel around me I looked through the peep hole to see who might be interrupting my schedule. Looked like it was worth opening the door regardless of how I was dressed, or not dressed. She was tall, blonde and looked damn good.

I’m a cop, have been for 23 years. Started on desk duty, then patrol, then detective and went to vice when my wife took a hike. I always wanted to work vice, but to try and keep peace in the house I held back. At that point she didn’t want me dead, not so sure the feeling was the same now. Once she was gone I figured what the hell and was living my dream now.

When Helen left she took the kids, Jena was 10 and Mac was 12. Mac ran away from home, his mother’s home that is, and showed up on my door step. When that happened 4 times in 3 years (the last time he covered almost two thousand miles to get to me) the judge finally granted me full custody of him. Jena stayed with her mom. Being that far away and a single dad already I figured she was better off where she was.

I held firm to the towel and opened the door far enough to get a better look at Miss Sex Bomb.

“Yeah?” I was looking into the sun and squinting. Over the years I’d developed the skill of nailing someone’s height and weight within a half inch and about 3 pounds. This chick was 5’8″ and 120 beautifully stacked pounds; looked like about ten of those pounds were stuffed into a bra that was pushing her tits out the top of a fire engine red tank top.

Her smile was brighter than the sun, her lipstick matching the red in her top. I was having a hard time getting my eyes to move from those round globes on her chest up to her face.

In retrospect it’s hard to believe it took me even three seconds to know who she was.

“Oh, my God, Jena?”

“Hi Daddy.”

I reached for her pulling her into the house grabbing her in a bear hug.

Her arms went around my neck pressing her whole body into me. I finally pushed at her shoulders to get another look at her face. When she stepped back the damn towel fell to the floor.

“Oops” she giggled at my naked body.

“Fuck. Oh sorry. Shit.” I bent to pick up the towel rewrapping myself in it.

“Come bursa eve gelen eskort bayan on in, let me get some pants.”

Worse than exposing myself I had half a hard on from looking at those tits. Now I felt like a total perv since I was ogling my own daughter.

Jena went to the living room and I headed for the bedroom. I pulled on some gym shorts and a T-shirt, ran a hand through my wet hair and headed back to see my daughter.

In the 13 years since Helen had left with her I’d seen her twice. The rest of our contact was just phone calls, Face book and promises to visit. The visits never happened, thanks mainly to Helen’s conniving ways. Time just slipped by and here we were face to face.

“You look really good.” She looked at my crotch when she said it and then laughed. God she was a beauty.

“You look damn good yourself,” my eyes again on those tits. Her skirt was about two inches below her hips. Sitting with her long legs crossed hiked it up even higher.

God man, get a grip. “I can’t believe you’re really here.” My nerves were making my palms sweat. I realized the gym shorts were a mistake when I went to wipe my hands on my legs, but too late now.

“I wanted to surprise you. I flew in, rented a car and drove to the house. Thank God for GPS. I hope you’re okay with me showing up like this.” Her voice seemed a little wobbly, nerves I guess.

“Yeah, sure.” Geez I couldn’t even talk. I pulled her to me again and hugged her. “Does your mother know you are here?”

She tipped her head back, showing a long luscious neck, and laughed. “Daddy, I’m23 I don’t tell mom what I’d doing every minute.”

“Oh, well yeah I guess. I just wondered, I mean there’s no love lost there and she did a hellva a job keeping us apart all these years.”

Jean rested her hand on my leg; it felt like it was on fire.

“Every time I planned to come and visit you she always had a reason I couldn’t go. And every time you were going to come to me she came up with some lame brained excuse why you couldn’t visit.” Jena looked almost ready to cry.

I debated telling her I was there on her 15th birthday and got turned away. I cleared my throat, and then pulled her in for another hug. She moved closer on the sofa, pressing those tits into my chest.

“Hey, you thirsty or hungry?” I had to get her off me. My cock was responding to the feel of a female body.

“Got a beer? I could use a long one.” Again bursa eskort bayanlar the glance at my crotch.

We went through four beers each as we talked. I had us sitting at the kitchen table, that sofa thing was too close for comfort for a guy unaccustomed to a woman rubbing up against him.

She said she had been going to school and had gotten her bachelors degree. Now was trying to decide what to do with her life. We talked for about three hours when she stood up to stretch.

“Yikes, I’ve been sitting all day. Where’s the restroom?” When she raised her arms over her head to stretch her skirt hiked up revealing a tiny hint of a red satin crotch.

“Down the hall on the left.” My voice came out in a strangled high pitch. “Ah, let me go ahead of you, I just got out of the shower when you came, want to make sure the place is presentable.”

She turned just as I walked by her and her tits rubbed my arm. While I made a few adjustments to the bathroom my cop mind was spinning. There was more to coming to see dear old Dad here; I just had to figure out what it was.

She went into the bathroom and I made a dash for my room to get long pants on. Maybe if I put on jeans it’d help hold down my overactive dick.

I was at the fridge looking to see what I could pull together for a meal for us when I felt her arms go around my waist. She pulled herself tight against me, laying her head on my shoulder.

“I’m so happy to be here, to talk to you and touch you. To know you are real.” She kissed my neck and goose bumps popped up all over my body.

“This is the best surprised I’ve had in a long, long time.” I twisted around pushing the fridge door closed. I rested my hands on her hips thinking I could move her back a little. Instead she pushed forward smashing those tits against me again.

“Hey, how about we go out and get some food? What are you hungry for?” If I got her out of the house maybe she’d cool off.

She moaned and breathed out warm moist air on my neck. “Whatever you want is good with me. Anything you want is good with me.” She leaned back from the waist up giving me a seductive smile. While it took her tits off my chest it pressed her crotch firmly into mine.

I’m 6’1″ and with her at 5’8″ and what looked like four inch high heals, red come fuck me strap heals to boot, we lined up pretty well.

I cleared my throat, “Okay. How about we head over to Gino’s? It’s great Italian food.”

“Yummy”, she licked görükle escort bayanlar her lips while lowering her eyes lids a little.

My jeans were skin tight, and the only thing they were doing now was making my hard on very uncomfortable.

Honest to God, I tried my level best to sit across the table from her, but she got up and moved once our order was placed.

“I can’t hear you way over there. Besides, I want to be closer to you Daddy.” She smiled such an innocent little girl smile all I could say was, ‘yeah’.

When we finished eating, half of the time with her hand on my leg, she leaned into me whispering in my ear; “Gonna go to the little girls room for a sec. Save my place.” She squeezed my leg higher up now and kissed my ear.

Most people’s motivation in this world is money. Then comes power, and then comes revenge. I was betting on money first or her mothers put her up to seeing if she could seduce me and then hang me out to dry.

She walked behind my chair when she came back to the table, dragging her hand over my shoulders.

“Want dessert? They’ve got killer tiramisu. “

“Ummm, why don’t we have dessert at home Daddy? This skirt is getting tight after all that pasta, I wanta get out of it.”

Okay, that tears it! We’re going home for some serious cop type questioning.

I ordered the tiramisu to go and we headed for home. I’ve got a Corvette and her long legs raised her knees so high the dash lights were playing games with her legs and my mind.

“I’ll make some coffee to go with dessert.”

“Sounds good Daddy. I’m gonna get out of these clothes, I’ve been in them way too long.” She hugged me, kissing my cheek. “Thanks for dinner Daddy. It was really good.”

I chickened out, okay? I couldn’t find a way to say ‘what the hell’s with the come on, I’m your fucking father’.

Besides, the fact that she came back to eat dessert in a baby blue see through, way too short night gown had all the blood that should have been keeping my brain working flowing to my cock. Her tits were as pert and perky as they were when confined to a bra.

As we ate, sitting on the sofa, she found ways to brush against me, making her nipples stand at attention.

“Baby, it’s been a great day and night, but I have to be up at five in the morning, so I’m gonna have to turn in.”

“Ummm, okay Daddy. I’m tired too.” She blatantly ran her hand from my knee to damn near my balls. She stood bending over to pick up the plates sticking her ass out at me. Taking the dishes to the kitchen I watched that nice round ass sway with each step.

When I closed my bedroom door I groaned so loud I was afraid she’d hear me. I’ll admit what a perv I am, I jacked off like at 13 year old boy looking at his first porn. Shot a huge fucking load into a hand towel I keep in my room just for that purpose.