Dad Was A Kansas Farmer Ch. 03



During the months of August and September things began to pick up considerably around the farm. The usual groups of immigrant farm workers began to filter into the area. All of the farms in the area were beehives of activity harvesting the various crops. Dad worked from sunup to sundown and I did what little I could in the fields to help, plus helping my mother around the house. I even put the two boys to work whenever it was possible.

Dad and I managed to eke out a meager amount of sex play.

The first Sunday in October found us attending a church picnic. It was a beautiful, sunny clear day but there was a nip in the air that required sweaters or a light coat. Life on the farm was beginning to wind down.

Returning home, dad and mom went to their rooms as usual for a Sunday nap before supper.

At the north end of the long hall upstairs, I convinced the boys that they too should take a nap. I headed downstairs to the kitchen to take out meat from the freezer for Sunday dinner. Climbing the stairs once more to take my nap, I peeked in on the boys and they were sound asleep. My bedroom was next to the bathroom just across from the stairs. Dad and mom’s bedroom was at the south end.

Reaching my bedroom door, I stopped to listened. I heard a strange sound emanating near my parents room or from their room. I patted barefoot down the hall, nearing their door, stopping to listen once more.

The sound that I heard could only be bedsprings. Dad and mom were fucking. I was mesmerized by the sound and the thought of my parents having sex and then I felt anger swell from deep within me. Dad had told me it was more than a year since he and my mother and had sex!

I stood there for many minutes until I heard my mother moan in a manner that could only be a woman in orgasm. The sound of the bedsprings increased in rhythm and could only mean that my dad was working his way to orgasm. I tiptoed away from the door and entered my bedroom. I was not interested in a nap anymore.


The new medicines the doctor had prescribed were making me feel much better. I had even bit the bullet and mentioned to him that my sex drive was down a bit. He had a prescription for that too.

The picnic, the beautiful day and the fun we had the picnic just put me in the mood, I suppose. I asked Thomas if we could snuggle a little bit. Snuggling, always led to us having sex. I had forgotten what a good cock Thomas had!


As I mentioned earlier, things seemed to be a little better between mom and dad, after dad and I started our little sexual escapades. I would see them hugging often and even kissing occasionally. But, dad never mentioned anything about them having sex, when I would ask about their warmer behavior towards each other.

Life on the farm had not slowed down enough for dad and me to get a regular schedule going again. Didn’t look like he needed a schedule! Damn him!

Monday morning, seeing the boys getting onto the bus, I noticed dad heading for the barn. I promptly followed him.

“How are you and mom getting along?” I asked, after greeting him with a kiss on the cheek.

“Fine I guess!” He replied. “She seems to be feeling a little bit better.”

“From what I heard yesterday afternoon,” I said sharply. “She must be feeling a whole lot better. Who’s bed were y’all in, yours are hers?

I saw his “deer in the headlights” expression. My volume increased a notch or two!

“You didn’t think it was important to tell me mom was fucking you again!” I ranted.

“Calm down, Ella!” It’s just as much a surprise to me as it is to you.” He replied. “I sure as hell wasn’t going to turn down pussy. She is my wife! And, you sure as hell are not giving me any!”

Sure, all his words made sense, but the feeling of being cheated on had a strong hold on me. I tried to slap him but he leaned out of the way. All I could do was get in the last word and stomp out of the barn.

“You incestuous bastard! You’re never going to fuck me!


A man gets a little pussy and all hell breaks loose. I want to fuck her so bad I can taste it. Taste it! I’ve been afraid to even suggest that.

How in hell can she be jealous of me fucking her mother, my wife! I just don’t understand women.


For near three weeks, I avoided dad like the plague, making sure we were never alone together. His asked for help in the barn fell on deaf ears.

My solitary masturbation did little to satisfy me.

Then, I arrived home, after making the long drive to buy groceries, to found an ambulance in the driveway. Mom was being taken to the hospital. I left a note for the boys and jumped in the truck with dad to follow the ambulance to the hospital. We rode in silence for a long time.

“Dad, I apologize for flying off the handle.” I said breaking the silent. “It was stupid of me to be jealous of mom. I guess, it was just that you and I were spending so little time together.”

“Ella, it was the first time in however long.” He explained. “I bursa otele gelen escort don’t think it’s ever going to happen again.”

I suppose, dad realized the implication of his last words and began to cry.

“Mom is going to be all right!” I comforted, near tears myself. “She’ll be back home before you know it.”

The doctor told us that mom would be in the hospital for at least a week, while they ran test. The doctor figured all of the medicines she was taking had to be sorted out and reformulated.

Dad and I made our way back home. I made supper, let the kids stay up a little bit later than usual and then put them to bed. I showered and was standing at the mirror, over the two sinks, putting moisture cream on my breasts when there was a knock on the door and the door cracked a bit.

“I have to pee.” I heard my father whisper.

“Come on in.” I replied, paying little attention to my nudity as he had seen it all before. I noticed that he took it all in, meaning me, as he passed by to get to the toilet. He wore only briefs.

It had been a long, difficult day and I hesitated, but I thought I might comfort dad and take his mind off of mom. In a good way, of course!

“Would you like to help me with this.” I offered, as he started by me to leave. “Run your hands under the warm water first.”

I put some clean on both of dad’s hands and he stood behind me began to rub the cream over my breasts.

“You could put some on the nipples. It’s good for them too!” I instructed.

“That feels real good, dad. It’s been a while since I’ve felt your hands on me. I love your hands.”

In short order, I felt dad’s bulging crotch against my butt.

“You think we should go to my bedroom in case one of the boys wakes up?” I suggested, as the cream had ceased to exist.

We entered by bedroom and I turned the ever-present, antiquated skeleton key to lock the door. He was standing in the middle of the room and I passed him to enter and stretch out on my bed.


Things turned out as I had hoped. It would do us both good to get the pent up sexual desire, and the anxiety over Amy, out of our systems.

I removed my briefs as I was thinking of my earlier thoughts of “tasting it”. Her bed was more modern with no foot-board and I kneed onto the bed thinking, “fresh out of the shower, don’t ask for permission, just go for it”.

I pushed her legs apart, scooped them up and put my face to her pussy.


I actually thought dad was going to try and fuck me right off the bat. No foreplay, just right to it. I didn’t even have time to make a decision as to whether I would let him or not. My mind had been in turmoil the last couple weeks on that point. Three weeks earlier, I would have fought him every inch of the way for what he was doing this second. I probably would have gave in grudgingly, hating myself, and him.

“That’s good, dad!” I whispered, feeling his tongue exploring my pussy. “I’m going to suck your cock like you’ve never had it sucked it for!”

I felt like I was on fire! Dad had his hands under my ass, his tongue on my pussy, what more could a woman want. I found out as dad lifted my ass and stuck his tongue into my pussy. Rather then revolt, as I would have done in the past, I thrust my ass into his face to get his tongue deeper into me. I had never been tongue fucked before and I couldn’t get enough of it.

“You sweet, sweet man!” I moaned deliriously. “Don’t stop!

But he did stop…….. tongue fucking me………..only to place his middle finger to my hole. He hesitated.

“Do it!” I demanded.

My defenses crumbled as dad pushed his finger into me and began slowly to finger fuck me. I was losing all sense of reality and modesty.

“Dad, turn around!” I instructed in a low whisper, maneuvering to put us in a 69 position.

I didn’t know if dad was acquainted with such a position, but he did what came natural, I suppose, as he quickly continued eating my pussy and fingering me.

He was positioned on his right side, me on my left with my back nearly against the wall and window. My mouth latched onto his cock and began to suck as if I wanted to devour it. My hands were gripping his buttocks. I was not intending to release him when he came.

We sexually feasted one another for a long time, but all wonderful things must come to an end. When dad started fucking me with both his forefinger and middle finger, it was the beginning of the end. His tongue on my clit, two fingers pumping into me, I don’t know how he was doing it all, but he was.

When the orgasm gripped me, I wanted to cry out like a wounded animal. I moaned as best I could and my ass gyrated as it tried to beat my father’s face.

Then, I was free to concentrate on the job at hand. It took less than two minutes and dad did moan like a wounded animal. The first intense squirt of his come gagged me. I had no other choice but to remove my mouth and quickly grab his cock and continue squeezing bursa eve gelen eskort and pumping. The seamen shot all over my face.

You would think that all the energy we expended would deplete us. Dad continued nibbling at my pussy and I was soon aroused and moaning once more.

I did learn something about the 59-year-old man. Dad was only good for one good orgasm. Not that his only orgasm wasn’t the “top of the mountain” of orgasms! I sucked on a lengthy but limp cock as dad ate my pussy, bringing me to orgasm once more.

“That’s enough, dad.” I whispered, as he still continued to nibble and lick at my pussy. “I’m worn out!”

My mind was clear again and I had kept my pledge of “no intercourse” by the skin of my teeth.

By the skin of my teeth, frightened me to make a visit to the doctor for a prescription for a “day after” pill. That, plus a can of spermicidal foam made me feel a little more secure.

Dr. Jones knew every farmer, and their families within 50 miles and I felt compelled to tell him I was seeing someone and was taking precautions in case it became serious.

As the doctor had advised, mom was home in a week. The weeks passed and winter was starting to take a grip. We got our first light snow the first week of November.

Dad and I finally fell into a regular schedule. It was too cold in the barn for my usual disrobement. We were relegated to a small bathroom in the corner of the barn, with a window facing the house for security. We would heat the tiny room up with an electric heater prior to our meeting. I would jerk off dad, me refusing to get cum all over me from sucking him, and he would finger or eat my pussy. It was not comfortable, convenient or spontaneous, but it was all we had.

I was lying in bed one morning, near 2 AM, unable to sleep and watching a crescent moon disappeared behind the tree line.

I heard by door open and the figure of my father’s slip in, turning the skeleton key and approach the bed.

“Dad! What the hell!” I challenged. “What are you doing here?”

“I couldn’t sleep, baby.” He offered. “I thought we could talk a minute?”

Wide-eyed, mouth open in disbelief, I allowed my father to lift the covers, displacing me, as he took a position lying beside me with his back against the wall and window.

“No!” I seethed, controlling the volume and pointed towards the door in a determined manner.

“Can I at least have a hug!”

“A quick hug and that’s all!” I said, rolling towards him, embracing him.

Now, I’d been sleeping nude for a long time. And when my father slipped his right knee between my legs I did not react quick enough to prevent it. He lifted his thigh to come in contact with my pussy. He began to pressure my crotch. I melted like butter!

“Dammit, dad!” I moaned more than said. “What if we get caught!”

Slowly, I began to hump my dad’s leg. He did nothing more than hold me tight.


I smiled at how easy Ella had given up. Her arousal threshold was low indeed. I guess, I can only blame my genes for her sexual appetite.

I remember when Amy was more than willing to spread her legs for me. Before Ella came along and after she left home, Amy was much more sexually accommodated.

Lying here holding Ella, putting slight pressure against her pussy as she pulsed against me, I was intoxicated by her, under the blanket warmness, her softness and her soft moans as she snuggled her face against my chest. I let her have her reign, setting her own rhythm.

I felt Ella’s body still momentarily as the orgasm gripped her. She pushed her face hard into my chest, squelching her moan as her body shook uncontrollably.


I felt like I was in a cocoon. It was warm, my daddy smelled good and I was seeking the feeling that I loved the most, the feeling of orgasm.

It gripped me hard and it left me depleted, but I had things to do!

I groped to release my father’s erection, gripping it in my hand with the domed head pointed towards my wrist. I placed it on my thigh and pushed my thigh between my father’s legs. Quite naturally, he began to hump my leg much the same as I did his. I reached to grip his buttock to pull him close. His labored breathing was close to my ear.

As dad ejaculated, his hot breath was cascading down my neck. As usual, two strong eruptions soiled my thigh and mound, now, with a considerable amount of new growth. The two less eruptive spurts covered my wrist. I cared little for the inconvenience of having to get up afterwards and wash.

We lay there for long minutes, my hand gripping his limp cock, his right hand rubbing cum over my thigh and mound.

“Time to go! I have to go wash.” I instructed. “Maybe now, we can both sleep.”

Thanksgiving day was a joy of great feast and family time. After dinner, the boys went out to play. Mom, dad and I watched TV and napped. Later that evening, mom made a few dinners that dad and I delivered to the local retirement home to bayan escort bursa folk we knew.

On the way home, we stopped at one of our “back in the woods” tracks for a bit of playtime. A deer looked into the truck as dad was eating my pussy, causing me to scream.

Christmas was another grand day, of Christian reflection, believe that or not, cooking, eating and opening of presence. Santa was entirely too good to the boys.

The first week in January I found mom on the kitchen floor. Mom was conscious, but just barely. Me in the boys watched for the ambulance as dad sat on the floor next to mom talking and making her as comfortable as possible.

She passed away on the way to the hospital. We knew this, as the ambulance driver had shut off his emergency lights halfway to the hospital. Both dad and I began to cry uncontrollably. He almost had to stop.

Dad hollered unmercifully at the two paramedics, their only excuse being “we weren’t thinking”.

We were up to our ass in snow during the wake and funeral. I spent a lot of time consoling the boys, while trying to console dad. I gave out a lot of thanks and phrases to the ladies in our area for their help in cooking, serving and cleaning up.

I put the boys to bed early and dad and I sat in the kitchen. He talked for a long time about life with mom, their years before I was born and after I had left home. He patted my hand many times and told me how happy he was to have me at home. Those comments opened up a lot of paths for pondering.

Mom’s funeral was on a Thursday. Saturday I dropped the kids off at a friend’s house about 7 miles away for the weekend.

Saturday evening I made dad and I dinner and again dad spent a lot of time talking about mom.

I retired around 11 o’clock, hearing dad preparing to bed shortly after. I couldn’t sleep, spending a good amount of time crying. Finally, around 1 AM I just couldn’t take being by myself anymore.

Without giving a thought to my nakedness, I walked down the long hall to dad’s room. I turned the knob and opened the door slightly.

“Dad, are you sleeping?” I whispered.

“No, Ella.” He replied. “Come in.”

“I’m feeling so sad. I don’t want to be alone. Can we snuggle a while?” I queried, moving towards the bed.

His answer was to lift up the covers on his left and I slipped into the bed, cuddling up close to him, my head resting on his outstretched arm.

He was laying on his back and I on my right side. We both drifted off to sleep.

I woke up feeling a hand, my dad’s hand, caressing my ass. The bedroom was brightly lighted with an orange glow behind the tree line. I rolled to my back.

Dad instantly maneuvered atop me. I allowed him to slid between my legs, spreading and lifting them to accept him. It felt like the natural thing to do. I reached to get hold of this cock and placed it where it needed to be. He pushed into me and I pushed back. With coupling, I pulled my legs back as far as I could, my torso being cradled in his arms.

I can’t really say there was a feeling of pleasure as dad pushed into me. I just knew I had to let him do it. I suppose, I was not fully awake yet. He pumped into me for long, long minutes, and then began crying, slowing to a stop.

“It’s all right dad.” I comforted, beginning to cry a little myself, not knowing why. “It’s going to be okay. I’m here for you. I’m not going anywhere.”

“I’m so fortunate to have you here, Ella.” He sobbed. “I love you, you know?”

“I know, dad! I know.” I assured him.

After a few moments, his crying ceased and he began to stroke inside me again.

“You like my pussy, don’t you? I can tell.” I whispered. “Your cock is like a hot, steel rod pumping inside of me.”

I began to feel warmth in my crotch. I was determined to make our first real intercourse something to remember. For me, it wasn’t really going to be that difficult.

“When my pussy gets finished with you, you are never going to want me to suck your cock again.” I cooed. “You’re going to want to stick your cock in my pussy everyday. I’m going to want it everyday.”

My words were beginning to take affect and dad’s rhythm was increasing, as was his breathing. My words were beginning to get me a bit flushed too. I was no longer breathing through my nose and it was becoming a quick.

Dad raised himself above me, supporting himself on his outstretched arms. I raised my head to view our coupling, which only added to my arousal.

“Look dad! Isn’t it wonderful! It is wonderful!” I exclaimed lustfully. “We’re fucking, dad!”

Dad abruptly pulled out of me and flopped to his back drawing me atop him. I scrambled to straddle him, groping for his cock to put it back in me. I completed the task, slowing only as I let myself down on his shaft. My torso upright, my hands on my thighs, I began to rotate my hips on dad’s cock, keeping it embedded deep in my pussy.


On waking, it took me a moment to remember when Ella had joined me. I lifted the covers and gazed on her nude form. Lying on her left side sleeping, her only womanly attribute facing me was her ass. And Ella had a gorgeous ass! I scooted closer to her and began to caress that gorgeous ass. My hopeful intention was for her to awake and I would beg her to lift her leg for me to enter her. It did not work out that way but she did allow me to enter her.