Cross Country Taboo Ch. 03


Hello reader. I sincerely recommend that you read the first two installments of this series or some things will not make sense. I didn’t use an editor this time so I apologize for any mistakes.

Thanks, and enjoy.



Exiting the bathroom at the rest stop, I noticed Mom and Jason sitting on a little wall talking. They were obviously giggling about something, and after what I had witnessed in the car before, I could guess at exactly why they were giggling.

Mom looked up and noticed me. She immediately moved a few inches away from Jason. Mom looked like the cat who just ate the canary, and I smiled to myself as I watched her squirm.

“I know your little secret mom.” I thought.

They each looked down at the ground and pretended to look at their cell phones as I walked over to them.

“So, how’s the trip going for you two? Anything exciting happen while I was asleep?” I asked. Watching them both struggle to answer me I couldn’t help but laugh a little.

“G-good sis.” Jason finally stammered. “N-no nothing exciting in fact mom and I both slept a little too.” He lied.

“Are you sure I thought at one point I heard noises coming from back there. I thought maybe one of you had a stomach ache or is that because you had to pee so bad?” I asked looking at my guilty mother.

I already knew what was going on. Mom and Jason had been up to no good in the back. If they hadn’t fucked, then they had done just about everything else.

What neither of them knew was that I had in fact been up to something naughty with dad in the front. It was only by pure luck that I had noticed something going on between Mom and Jason.

“No. Mom just really had to go to the bathroom room remember?” He said looking at her.

“Oh yeah.” I agreed. Their cover story had worked on dad, but I had seen enough to know better.

Just then dad came out the bathroom. He had changed into shorts, and I admired his muscular legs as he walked over to us. Mom said. “Hon why’d you change clothes?”

“It was hot in the front seat, and I thought this might be more comfortable for me.” He said giving me a little glance.

I smiled realizing that he had changed out of his jeans for me to have better access to his cock. “Yes, daddy another blowjob is definitely in your future.” I thought to myself.

I almost texted Jason and told him that I knew what was going on but decided I wanted to keep my little secret for a little while longer.

What dad and I had was special, and I didn’t want to spoil it with Jason knowing. Besides I wanted to see how far the two of them were going to push things.

I felt incredibly powerful having this knowledge. Every one of us in the car had a secret, but I was the only one who knew about

We all finally climbed back into the car. Dad suggested that we stop to eat just up the road before we pressed on.

I was more than a little disappointed as I had other plans for dinner. But the little rumble in my stomach made me realize I was hungry too.

We stopped at a Burger King that was just off an exit a few miles from the rest area. It was a very awkward dinner.

Dad and Mom sat on one side while Jason and I sat on the other. I watched the two of them have a very strange conversation about absolutely nothing.

It seemed that they each had guilty feelings over what had transpired before and they didn’t know how to talk to each other.

I kicked off my flip flops and began to run my toes up and down dads now bare legs. He squirmed and fidgeted in his seat while still trying to hold a conversation with Mom who was herself distracted.

I glanced over at my brother seeing him fidget in his seat and I saw a pair of painted toes rubbing my brother’s crotch. Mom was doing the same thing I was to Jason.

Something had come over all of us today.

The normal inhibitions that would have prevented us all from acting this way had broken down completely.

The naughty, forbidden nature of what had transpired was making us all horny and acting completely out of character.

Eventually, we did manage to finish our food, and after another quick trip to the bathroom we all climbed back into the beast and were soon underway again.

I glanced over at dad and smiled putting my left hand on his bare leg.

He looked over and smiled at me. We both knew that something was going to happen soon but wanted to wait until everyone settled in for the ride.



After the strange meal at Burger King, we all got back into “The Beast” and settled in for the next leg of our journey before we would stop for the night at a motel. Dad had wanted to drive late into the night before stopping.

He had said that there would be less traffic and he wanted to make good time. Sitting in the back seat once again with mom was very difficult. I glanced over at her perfectly tanned legs and painted toes as she crossed them trying to get comfortable.

I think we both knew we were going to play around escort bayan some more but each of us wanted to wait a bit. Mom pulled out her book and began to read glancing over at me and smiling. I smiled back and put my right hand on her bare thigh.

She kept trying to move it away, but I persisted. I knew this was part of our game now. I too pulled out my book and tried to read, but of course, it was hopeless.

My right hand began to caress her thigh up and down gently, and I could feel her goose bumps on her skin. Then I felt her left hand on my leg. Mom began to work her hand up my leg towards my crotch slowly.

She gently began to work her hand all around my crotch massaging my cock through my pants. My dick instantly began to rise there was soon a gigantic tent in my jeans.

My hand made its way up her leg to her crotch, and I began to work my fingers underneath her shorts. Soon I found what I was looking for.

Mom yelped a little as my fingers began to caress her labia gently. Before long, my fingers were working their way inside her now very wet pussy.

We kept this going for a long while as we sat there in the back seat. Our books were soon forgotten as both of us gave into the foreplay.

Our foreplay went on for a long time. The two of us were gently playing with each other, and the tension was building to a breaking point. By the time I heard the radio volume go up in the front of the car the smell of sex was pungent in the backseat.

My pants had a huge wet spot from the leaking pre cum on my cock and the seat underneath mom was dripping with pussy juice.

Hearing the volume on the radio go up in the front I figured now was our chance. I looked over at mom, and our eyes met. We grabbed each other and kissed passionately.

The hunger we had for each other was uncontrollable, and we kissed not as a mother and son but as true lovers. My tongue explored her mouth, and we pushed into each other hard. I felt both her hands struggling with my fly.

“Oh god I know this is so wrong, but I just have to see it again.” Mom said as she fumbled with my crotch and continued to kiss me.

Soon, mom had my pants unbuttoned, and I heard the zip of my fly going down. I lifted my ass up, and mom quickly pushed my pants down.

My shorts fell to my ankles, and my cock sprung up glistening with pre-cum. We continued to kiss as Mom grabbed my massive cock and began to stroke it.

I grabbed for the bottom of her tank top and began to lift it up.

We broke our kiss only for me to lift her shirt up over her head and pull it off. Mom’s spectacular tits sprung out, and my hands reached for them eagerly.

The two of us stayed that way for a few minutes, mom slowly jerking my cock while I played with her tits both of us still kissing each other hard.

Finally, I broke our kiss and slowly kissed my way down her neck to mom’s fantastic tits. I deliberately swirled my tongue around her nipples taking my time. Licking and sucking on each beautiful nipple I looked up at mom, and our eyes met.

With saliva dripping from my chin and onto her tits I moved my head back up and kissed her deeply once more.

My hands ran up and down her fantastic body. They rubbed her flat belly and massaged her spectacular tits. Finally, mom broke our kiss and looked into my eyes.

“I know I’m going to go to hell for this baby, but I think we have to fuck.” She said. The look in her eyes was one of hunger and lust. The way she said it “we have to fuck.” Was absolutely the truest statement I had ever heard.

Our need for each other had progressed beyond playing around. The insatiable lust we had must be consummated it didn’t matter that we were mother and son.

It didn’t matter that we were riding in a car with my dad, her husband driving the car and only feet away from us.

It didn’t even matter that people could see us. At that moment we became completely lost in one another the rest of the world be damned, we were going to fuck, and we were going to fuck now.



Considering my son’s eyes as he responded to my question with another passionate kiss. I realized exactly what was going to happen.

I knew that everything my son and I had done earlier was wrong. I wrestled with my conscience over the implications of what had happened but in the end, I simply could no longer control myself. Something inside of me had been awakened.

A line had been crossed and I realized as I looked into Jason’s eyes that I couldn’t go back over that line now.

Against everything I knew that was right I realized one thing in that moment. We were going to fuck.

Not make love, but fuck and it was going to feel so good. Breaking every moral code, I could think of and with my conscience telling me to stop I continued to allow Jason to fondle and kiss me knowing the inevitable was happening but unwilling to stop it.

My already dripping pussy tingled with anticipation. Everything we had done before this was taboo but forgivable. altıparmak escort bayan

I began to shake realizing we were nearing the point of no return. Jason’s strong hands were holding me as we embraced, our kiss was unlike anything either one of us had ever felt.

The need we each felt was so strong. Stronger even than even earlier when we had screwed around in the backseat. I felt Jason reach down and grab my shorts as we kissed.

I looked into his eyes and realized this had to happen and it had to happen now.

I felt his hands grab my shorts before I could stop him he ripped open my shorts sending the button flying.

Jason continued to push my shorts down, and I lifted my ass up so they could fall to the floor. I wasn’t even worried about the button at that moment.

All that mattered to me was my son. His pants already down around his ankles I grabbed his shirt and pulled it off of him, I needed to see and feel his hard muscles.

Now Jason and I were both naked once again in the backseat. Our wanton need for each other had made us completely oblivious to where we were or the implications of what we were doing.

I pushed him back onto the seat and climbed into his lap. I was straddling him with my knees on the seat with my bare feet, and ass facing towards the front.

We continued to kiss our hands running up and down each other’s bodies. Finally, I broke our kiss and looked down at his massive cock. I placed both of my bare feet up on the seat and rose above him.

My head must have been slightly above the seat, and if anybody looked back now, there would be questions, but none of that mattered now the only thing that mattered to us was our need for each other.

Jason looked at me and grabbed his cock with his right hand holding it in place for me as I looked into his eyes my dripping pussy perched just inches from the huge mushroom head of his engorged cock.

I realized this was it; this was the instant if I continued there would be no going back. This was the moment of truth.

My entire body shaking and my eyes completely locked on Jason’s I slowly lowered my pussy onto his waiting cock and committed full blown incest.

Electricity went through my body as I felt the tip of his engorged penis touch my pussy. Continuing to drop I felt the tip enter and move further inside of my soaking cunt.

My eyes rolled back with pure ecstasy as I felt my son’s cock slide deeper into my pussy.

Finally, my cunt completely engulfed his cock.

The incredible feeling of his dick all the way to the back of my pussy almost made me cum right then.

I could feel the waves of pleasure building, and I knew it wouldn’t take long before I had my first cum. We again kissed each other passionately his cock all the way up my dripping cunt.

Before long Jason began to thrust upward into my pussy. The first thrust made me cry out. I had a sudden wave of concern as I realized what I had just done and I looked back towards the front of the car.

Only hearing the radio blasting, I smiled satisfied that neither my daughter or my husband had heard my cry of pleasure. Looking back at Jason I once again rose up but not as high as before. I never let his cock escape my pussy.

Then I sat back down on his dick. After about a minute or so I began to find a rhythm, and soon we were fucking like rabbits. Jason sat back placing his hands on either side of my now sweaty body.

I kept up the motion for a few more minutes picking up speed as I felt my orgasm coming. He grabbed me once more and kissed me hard as I rode him like a bull.

My legs began to hurt as I continued to ride him harder and faster up and down. I was so close to cumming, and there was no stopping me now. I pushed myself to continue knowing that pure bliss was only moments away.

Finally, my orgasm hit. It was like a tidal wave of pleasure, and once again I cried out loudly. Even louder than before. I felt my cum explode and as I lifted up, it squirted out of my pussy and all over Jason’s naked stomach and cock.

Feeling my orgasm crash over my body, I faintly heard my husband call out from the front seat. “Everything okay back there?” His voice sounded strained but concerned.

I simply couldn’t respond at that second. I tried to reply but could only manage a whimper as I came all over my son’s cock. I heard Jason reply.

“It’s okay dad; mom just bumped her knee on the seat. She’s okay.”

There was a pause then. “Y-you sure you’re okay Liz?” Dad said again.

Finally, I could respond weakly. “Y-yes honey. I-I’m fine just hit my knee on a piece of metal on the seat. I’m okay.” I was still breathing heavily from orgasm, and I collapsed onto my son’s naked chest.

“Okay.” My husband said, and the music immediately went back up. He seemed to drop the issue quickly, but at that moment I didn’t care.

I looked up at Jason and kissed him laughing as I did. Our incestuous fucking had just given me one of nilüfer eskort the best orgasms I had ever felt. I looked down at his wet stomach then back up at him.

“Sorry” I said with a smile.

He smiled back brushing my hair from my sweaty forehead.

“It’s okay mum I remember from before that you’re a squirter.”

“Oh yeah, that,” I said looking at the leather seat where I had cum earlier. It occurred to me that we never did clean up from all the playing earlier and I noticed dried spots all over the seat from my son’s cum.

Jason grabbed my face and pulled it back up to his and kissed me again.

“Okay, mom you ready for my turn now?” He said looking at me with lust and want.

I smiled and reached my hand down to his very wet and still very hard cock. “Sorry baby I forgot,” I said giving his cock a little squeeze and a tug.

Then I moved my body back towards the passenger side of the car and laid down on the seat belly first.

“Let me make it up to you baby,” I said motioning and pushing him back towards the driver’s side as he had been earlier.

He smiled and placed his right leg up onto the seat while I made my up to his crotch. I felt wetness on my tits as they brushed the seat and I crawled up into his crotch watching Jason as he slowly stroked his massive cock.

Beginning just underneath his balls I licked the skin just below, and he jumped a little with pleasure as I began to take each testicle into my mouth. I licked and sucked each of them slowly and methodically savoring the feeling of his balls in my mouth and letting each one go with a pop.

Jason leaned back against the side of the car and closed his eyes as I let my tongue find the bottom of his glistening cock. I worked my way up the veiny shaft of his enormous cock tasting my own pussy juices as I went.

I smiled to myself. “This is so depraved Liz.” I thought as my tongue continued upward and finally found the engorged purple mushroom tip of my son’s cock. My son again jumped a little as I swirled my tongue around the tip of his dick.

Kissing and licking the huge head of his dick I made him squirm with pleasure as I worked. Finally, I lifted my head up took a deep breath and impaled myself on his huge cock.

Jason let out a little cry of pleasure as I felt his cock slide over my tongue and to the back of my throat. I kept pushing my head further and further down loving the feeling of his cock literally choking me.

I held my head for a few seconds and tried to breathe through my nose. At last, I came up for air and released his cock from my mouth. Gagging and spitting I continued to jerk his cock like a porn star. I opened my mouth took another deep breath and again gagged myself upon his massive dick.

This time I felt hands on the back of my head pushing me further down than before. Jason said. “Try to hold it, mom. You feel fantastic.” I did my best to oblige. Desperately trying to breathe through my nose I held my son’s dick inside of my throat.

Instinctually I began to try and pull back, but my son held me down. I wasn’t alarmed. A big part of me never wanted to release his cock. I loved the full feeling of dick all the way down my throat.

But I was beginning to see star’s as my oxygen was diminishing.

Jason finally let go of me and allowed me to come up for air. I released his cock and coughed and spat saliva everywhere.

Spit was running down my chin and dripping onto my tits now. He looked at me. “I’m sorry mom are you okay?” he asked worriedly.

I smiled weakly. “I’m fine baby,” I said and to show him I once again forced his huge cock down my throat taking every inch of his massive cock. I held it again at the back of my throat and Jason once again pushed his cock even further down my throat.

Every instinct in my body told me to pull back, but I fought myself pushing my body to the limit. I thought to myself if I died now choking on my son’s cock nothing could be better.

Finally, I pushed back, and Jason let me go I liberated his cock from my mouth and took a huge breath. Coughing and spitting I almost passed out.

Swaying for a second, I looked up again at my son with pure lust in my eyes. Never in my life had I been this naughty, this uninhibited. Here in the back seat of a moving car with my husband driving and my mouth around my son’s cock, I became a complete and total slut.

I wanted to be a nasty dirty whore for my son. Something inside of me had was unleashed, and I knew then that I would never go back to the woman I was before today.

With slobber and pre-cum dripping from my chin I kissed my son again. My tits were completely covered in saliva, and as I pressed up against Jason, his bare chest got wet from it. He reached down and pinched my bare ass causing me to yelp again.

Nobody seemed to notice as the music continued to blare up front.

Grabbing me and flipping me over Jason set me down onto the seat forcing my head up against the driver’s side door. He placed both of his knees up onto the seat and pulled me towards him a few inches.

Without much room, he lifted my legs and placed them on his shoulders. No doubt anybody looking from the front of the car would now see the top of his head and the tips of my bare feet as my son once again prepared to enter my waiting pussy.