Cross Country Coupling


It was a LONG drive, and Ryan still had three DAYS to go. Two days into his cross country trip, he was already tired of driving, and was not looking forward to three more days of nothing but highway. He was passing through Kansas, and wondering why they ever made it into a state in the first place. Then it dawned on him…
“Kansas! That’s where Diana said she lived!” He slapped the steering wheel as he dug thru his jacket to find his address book, quickly locating it and reaching for his cell phone.
Ok, so they didn’t have a normal relationship. Actually, they hadn’t had much of a relationship at all. They met in a chat room on a swinger site, cyber’d a few times, and that was it. But she passed on her number, in case he ever wanted to try the phone sex thing, and had said she was in KANSAS. Well, she was going to get more than she bargained for, if Ryan had his way.
As he dialed her number, he remembered fondly what she looked like. She was older, about 45 (he was 31) but worked out and kept in shape. She was still attractive, and it was easy to see that she used to be HOT. Ryan got an erection thinking about the last time they had cyber’d (that webcam was a damn good investment!). She had set her camera up in her guest room, where she could avail herself of the bed in the background. At one point, she was buck naked on the bed, jamming a pink vibrator into her pussy and a finger in her ass, howling like a banshee as her hips bucked off the bed, and he got to watch the whole show. It turned him on so much that when she was done, he jerked off right in his computer chair for her to watch.
When she answered the phone, her voice sounded sexier than he expected, though Ryan was pretty sure that it was because he hadn’t gotten any action in a while. Actually, he hadn’t done anything with his prick besides take a piss in about ten days, and that was TOO long.
She was THRILLED to hear from him, and they made plans to meet up later when Ryan stopped for the evening. She told him a hotel that had a good restaurant nearby, and he agreed to call when he got there that night. The way she commented on how much she was looking forward to it made the next 200 miles pass very slowly.
That evening, after he had checked in, Ryan was seated at the bar of the restaurant Diana had told him about. She was late, and he was getting a little annoyed, wondering if the whole thing really was too good to be true. He had already eaten, and was on his second drink, when she walked in. WOW, she had really darıca escort put some effort in this evening, and Ryan immediately forgave her for being late. She was in a blue, low cut dress that showed off her still shapely figure. Her hair was long, over her shoulder, and her makeup looked like it was applied by a Hollywood professional.
She came straight too him, and sat down.
“Sorry I’m late,” she cooed. “I hope you don’t mind.”
Ryan didn’t remember what he said, but he hoped something intelligent came out. He couldn’t stop staring at her cleavage, which looked way better in person than on his computer monitor.
For her part, she didn’t seem to mind his attentions. She actually looked very pleased to see him, and cozied up next to him at the bar. They ordered a drink, then another, and got acquainted. Then she took charge.
“Where’s your hotel room?” she asked, smiling. And with that, it was on. They cleared the tab and took her car to his hotel. Seemingly within seconds of closing the hotel room door, she was in his arms with her tongue down his throat. Clothes were flying everywhere.
Diane dropped to her knees and was soon slurping noisily on Ryan’s erect cock, him leaning up against the hotel room door trying not to fall down. She alternated sucking him deeply with teasing him with her tongue, running it up and down his shaft and flicking the tip. At one point she tilted it up so she could suck his balls. Ryan was in heaven; it was obvious Diane knew what she was doing.
Ryan let the blowjob continue for a while, but then felt the need to taste Diane’s pussy. Leading her to the bed, he quickly lay on his back and pulled her over his face. She accepted his invitation to 69, and was soon grinding happily on his face as she resumed sucking his dick. It was obvious she was enjoying this, as several times moans and once a small scream escaped around his cock from her lips.
Her pussy was exquisite. Neatly trimmed, it was amazingly wet for a mature women, and tasted wonderful. Ryan reached up to her ass cheeks and pulled her down, impaling her on his wiggling tongue. She responded with a long sigh, and sucked him harder. She popped his prick out of her mouth long enough to make a request. “Baby, stick your finger in my ass!”
Ryan complied, excited beyond belief. He slowly lubed up a finger with Diane’s pussy juice and inserted it into her rectum. He felt her resist at first, but then relax and accept him into her dark tunnel. izmit otele gelen escort She moaned in ecstasy before resuming her wonderful sucking, but Ryan could tell she was close to the edge. Suddenly, he wanted this woman to come on his face more than anything else in the world, and he redoubled the motions of his tongue and the wiggling of his finger. She moaned loader, and her hips began bucking faster and faster. She popped his penis out of her mouth and lay on top of him, moaning loadly and jerking him off. “oh yes baby oh yes oh yes,” as she got closer and closer to orgasm.
She folded his cock against his stomach so she could tongue his balls, still jerking his rod. Then she slowly worked her way under his ball sac, and began to lightly rim his asshole, giving him a taste of the anal pleasure she was receiving. Ryan could barely control himself as he concentrated on making her cum.
He again grabbed her ass cheeks and impaled her cunt on his tongue, at the same time jamming his finger further up her rectum. She gasped loudly, and came, grinding down so hard on his face he wasn’t sure he could breath. Her pert asshole spasmed wildly on his finger. “OHHHHHHHH…” she screamed, riding his face and her orgasm to ecstasy.
The feeling of this beautiful stranger cumming on his face was more than he could take, especially since the entire time she came she was jerking him off. With her legs still wrapped in a vice grip on his face, his cock began to spurt wildly in her hand. She rubbed his dickhead against her cheek, feeling two bursts on her face, before devouring the still spurting cock in her mouth, catching the last two deep in her throat.
They lay there for a long time, both catching their breath and coming back to earth from powerful climaxes. Eventually, they rolled off each other, and got cleaned up and cozy in the bed, and Ryan began to doze.
He awoke with a smile on his face, however, when he was brought out of sleep by the wonderful sensation of Diane sucking his cock back to hardness.
“C’mon, big boy, you aren’t done yet,” she said between deep mouthfuls of his rod. She was an expert cocksucker, and by the time he was fully awake his erection was well on its way to fullness. The very act of sucking him off got her wet, and she required no foreplay as she began riding him almost immediately after his hard-on returned. For an older woman, Ryan was amazed at how amazingly wet and tight she was. She was an experienced izmit merkez escort lover, and she used her whole body as she fucked him, moaning with passion as she kissed and lightly bit him. It felt so good for him, and at the same time he knew he wasn’t going to cum soon, still relishing the release onto her face earlier.
They fucked for quite a while like that, both enjoying the moment. Then Ryan rolled her off of him, and positioned her on all fours, her ass in the air propped on some pillows. He knew what he wanted to do, but was going to make her wait first. He dove into her backside with his tongue, probing her pussy and asshole, working first one, and then the other. The way she was whimpering let him know that she was enjoying it. He began to concentrate more on her ass with his tongue, while inserting two fingers up her cunt. She responded by grinding back onto his face, obviously enjoying such attention.
“Baby, I want your ass,” he whispered.
“Oh, YES,” she moaned. “Fuck my ass, baby, PLEASE.”
Ryan spit into her butthole for lube, and also rubbed juices from her heated pussy onto her back door. Moving into position, he pushed his cockhead against her anus slowly, but with increasing pressure.
“Oh, YEEESSSSSSS,” she moaned in ecstasy as his dick penetrated her backdoor slowly. She felt every inch as it slid into her, and she loved it. She hadn’t been assfucked in a long time, and was dying for it.
Ryan was enjoying the sensation too, as her tight sphincter gripped him. As he pushed his length into her, he couldn’t believe how great it felt. And when he was inside, he stopped for just a moment to relish the feeling before withdrawing almost all the way out. And then he was moving back in again.
Diane was in heaven, and began thrusting her ass at him, coaxing him to go faster. “Pound my asshole, baby!” she encouraged, and Ryan began to pick up the pace. Soon his rapid fire pace was pinning her beneath him, and she was literally screaming as he fucked her for all he was worth.
“ohyeahohyeah hereitcomes hereitcomes” was all the warning Ryan got before she shrieked loudly and every muscle in her body tensed on him as she came HARD. Her asshole gripped him like a strong fist as she bucked and rode the throws of her orgasm. The feeling was amazing for Ryan, and he knew that in that instant he was over the edge. With a final thrust, he unloaded his balls deep into her ass, and she came again as she felt her back door fill with sperm.
He collapsed on top of her, and they lay there for a long time, cum and sweat dripping from them. He eventually rolled off of her and fell into a deep sleep, and when he awoke, she was gone. All that was left was a note. “Thanks for a great time! Make SURE you let me know the next time you are in town.”