Cops are Tops

Ava Addams

You’ve heard this one before, probably. I know I have. Someone, usually a woman but sometimes a guy, gets stopped by the cops, tries to talk them out of writing a ticket, and ends up saying something like “I’ll do anything you want, just don’t give me a ticket.” Of course, “I’ll do anything you want” means “I’ll have sex with you any way you want it,” and of course, the cops are always agreeable. It wouldn’t be much of a story otherwise.

Well, I know from personal experience that it really does happen, at least sometimes, because I’m the guy in the story. I was driving home from downtown one night from my favorite bar, when I saw flashing lights behind me. I pulled over, a cop came up beside my car, told me to roll down my window, and asked if I’d been drinking. I was tempted to try to lie my way out of it, but I knew it was hopeless. I shouldn’t have been driving, I knew better, and I knew that if I took a breath test they had me dead to rights. After all, I had been arrested for driving drunk the previous year and went through diversion. I knew how the game was played, and I couldn’t win in this situation.

So I started pleading my case, without success. Finally I gave up and said, “Look, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea, I’m not trying to bribe you or anything like that, but if I get another arrest, I’ll lose my job. I’ll do anything you want.”

The officer had me get out of my car and stand next to it on the passenger’s side. He motioned toward the police car, and for the first time I saw that he had a partner. Now the first officer was a veteran, probably around 45 years old, still in good shape but with a little belly starting to show. I’d guess he was about 6 feet tall, maybe 200 pounds give or take a few. His partner, now that I could see him, looked to be in his late 20s or early 30s, good looking and in great shape physically. He wasn’t quite as tall as the older one, and he may have weighed about the same, but on him it was all muscle.

The first officer said, “Tony, listen to this. This guy just told me he’d do anything we want if we don’t write him up. What do you think, community service?”

Tony looked me up and down, openly checking out my body and face. “Sure, Chuck, he looks to me like a perfect candidate for community service.”

The first officer, Chuck, said “OK, here’s how this is going to work. I’ll drive you home in your car, and Tony will follow us in the cruiser. When we get to your place, I’ll let you in and take the keys. You can sleep it off, and we’ll be back tomorrow afternoon around 1:00. In the meantime, don’t leave the house, don’t go anywhere, and don’t call anyone. Just sober up and be ready for action when we get there. We’ll get you started on your community service program then. Understand?”

With gaziantep escort that we got in my car, and Chuck drove me home, with Tony following behind. I don’t really remember much about the ride. I do remember Chuck letting me into my house, reminding me not to go anywhere or call anyone, and telling me, “I’ll call you in the morning, just in case you need a reminder.” I went straight to bed, still in my clothes, and was soon fast asleep.

I woke to the sound of the telephone. It was Chuck, calling to remind me that we had a “date” for that afternoon. With a little coaching from him, I remembered the whole incident, including the part about “community service.” Chuck said “We’ll be there at 1:00, so be sure you’re ready. Clean your ass out real good, get a shower, shave, the whole nine yards. No need to get all dressed up, you’ll be naked soon enough anyway! You’re all set with condoms and lube, right?” I assured him that I had a good supply of both, and that I’d be ready for them when they arrived. What I didn’t tell him, but he probably picked up, was that I was kind of looking forward to spending the afternoon with the two of them, paying my debt to society, so to speak.

At one on the dot, the doorbell rang. I let them in, wearing nothing but my robe, and the first thing Chuck said was, “You won’t be needing the robe. Let’s see what you’ve got.”

I let it drop to the floor and Tony gave a low whistle of approval. “Nice! You cleaned yourself good, right?”

“Clean enough to eat off of, inside and out,” I replied. “What’s next?”

Chuck came closer and ran a hand over my cock and balls, then turned me around and felt my ass. “This is gonna be fun,” he said. “For starters, why don’t you suck Tony’s cock? He’s a horny fucker!” They both laughed, and I got down on my knees.

Tony stepped into position in front of me and let me unbuckle his belt and pull his pants and briefs down. His cock sprang out, fully erect, and I ran my hand up and down the shaft a few times, coaxing out a little precum before I took it into my mouth. “What a beauty!” I exclaimed. His cock was dark, uncut, and about 7 inches long, give or take a half inch. When I took it in my mouth and tasted his precum, I was in heaven. He was warm, and thick, and tasted great. Again I said, “What a beauty! I could suck this all day.”

“Don’t count on it,” he said. “I usually cum pretty quick the first time. Just suck a nice big load out of me, then maybe we can think about going all day.”

Fine with me! I went back to sucking him, running my lips up and down his cock, one hand on his balls and the other on his ass. I gradually was able to take him deeper, until at last I had him all the way down my throat and my lips were buried in his bush. I pressed my tongue against the thick vein along the underside of his shaft and started giving him long, deep strokes. When he put a hand on my head, thrusting his hips forward and fucking my face, I knew he was getting close. I tightened my lips around his shaft and sucked him harder, and he began to shoot his load. The first couple of shots landed on my tongue, so I got a good taste of him, then my mouth was flooded and I swallowed as fast as I could. I took him into my throat and felt his cock throbbing as I continued to drain his balls.

He pulled out of my mouth and said, “Good job, man. Chuck was right, this is gonna be fun!”

Jeez, I almost forgot about Chuck! Looking in his direction, I saw that he had taken off his clothes while I was busy with Tony. Now he said, “Let’s take this party to the bedroom. Don’t worry, Tony will be ready to go again in about 5 minutes!”

I led the way to the bedroom, opened the nightstand and pulled out a handful of condoms and the lube. “Good man,” Chuck said, and laid back on the bed. “Come show me what you were doing to Tony that made him so happy!”

I pushed his legs apart and knelt between them, leaning over for my first taste of his cock. He wasn’t hard yet, so I was able to take it all the way to the base immediately. I tightened my lips around his shaft and slowly pulled back to the head, feeling him grow harder. When he was fully erect I pulled away and looked him over. No surprise, I liked what I saw. His cock wasn’t quite as long as Tony’s, but close, and it was just as thick. He was cut, his pubes were nicely trimmed, even his balls were shaved. All in all, an excellent package.

He didn’t seem to be in any hurry, so I took my time. I explored his cock thoroughly, top to bottom, and then sucked and licked his balls. That got him squirming and moaning. I ran the tip of my tongue from his balls all the way up to the head of his cock, then took him all the way down my throat in one motion. He was nowhere close to cumming, I was sure, but he was definitely headed in that direction. It would be hard to say who was enjoying himself more, Chuck or me.

About that time, Tony started to get back into action. He ran both hands lightly over my ass, down the back of my thighs, then back up on the inside, brushing against my balls and gently stroking my cock. I felt his fingers tracing the crack in my ass, then a finger tip touched my tightly puckered asshole and I moaned softly. I was trying my hardest to keep Chuck happy, but Tony was a major distraction. He took the lube and drizzled some into my crack, then spread it around and into my hole. He slipped a finger into my ass, then pulled out, got more lube, and gave me two fingers at once, twisting them around to loosen me up. In the process he found my prostate, and reflexively my sphincter squeezed around his fingers.

Again he pulled out and got more lube, and a condom. I felt the head of his cock, some light pressure, then I opened up to him and he slid in a couple of inches. He waited a minute until I was ready for more, then pushed in until his cock was buried all the way to the balls. He pulled all the way out and then entered me again, falling into an easy, steady rhythm. “God, Chuck, you’re going to love this. You won’t believe how tight he is.” Having Tony’s cock in my ass and Chuck’s in my mouth at the same time was an amazing sensation. I tightened my sphincter around Tony’s cock, and he said, “Fuck, I don’t think I can go much longer. You ready?”

In response, Chuck pulled out of my mouth and watched as Tony fucked me hard and fast, building toward his climax. He let out a roar and I felt the spasms in his cock as he shot his load inside me. When he was done he pulled out, reluctantly I thought, and went to the bathroom to clean up. Then it was Chuck’s turn.

He turned me onto my back and put my legs up over his shoulders, then got a condom, lubed up, and pushed his cock into me until I felt his balls pressed against my ass. He fucked me in quick, shallow strokes, with an occasional thrust as deep as he could go. In just a few minutes I could tell he was about to cum. Suddenly he stopped moving, held completely still, and began running his hand up and down the shaft of my cock. I hadn’t realized how close I was, but it only took a few strokes and I started to shoot all over myself. With that, Chuck pulled out of my ass, stripped off the condom, and stroked himself to a truly impressive climax. His semen was flying all over the place, on my chest, on the sheets, even a good amount in my mouth.

I was sort of delirious for a bit, I guess. Anyway, when I came back to my senses I saw that Tony was hard again. Chuck said to him, “Sorry, man, we need to leave now. You’ll have to save that for the next time.”

“Next time?” I asked. “Are you serious?”

They both laughed, and Chuck said, “Look, it usually takes 100 hours to work off your community service obligation. We’ve only been here a little over 2 hours, but I’m going to credit you with 5. You’ve been very cooperative, and we appreciate that. But this is just the beginning. Basically, I’d say don’t make any plans for the next several weekends without checking with me or Tony first. You’ve got the number, right?”

“Right,” I said, my head swimming. Well, it could be a lot worse. I don’t have a partner right now, and I have to admit Chuck and Tony were a lot of fun. I said, “You’re serious, 100 hours?”

“Absolutely,” Chuck answered, “but don’t worry, we’ll take good care of you, with a little help from some of the other officers. In a few months you’ll be well acquainted with the whole force!”