Cop Mom


The idea of this story was brought to you by the demented mind of Amachi. Glad I could bring it to life.


“Ben, it’s not looking good for you,” Detective Molly Tilbits said as she paced in front of her suspect. Glancing at herself in the one-way glass knowing her partner was watching over her. Then to her slim, fit body she worked hard to maintain. Noting how her suspect’s eyes were lingering on her 36D breasts when he thought she wasn’t looking. Her eyes dipped low knowing how her dress slacks contoured to her taut ass that she spent a large amount of time maintaining in the gym that catered to most of the police force. “We have the store’s surveillance footage. If you give up the gunman, I’ll put in a word with the DA. I’m sure you don’t want to go to prison for the rest of your life if the shop clerk dies,” Molly said looking over at the seventeen-year-old boy. “You do know you are being charged as an adult in this case, right? That means no juvie, no getting out when your twenty-one. No,” she said shaking her head, “you won’t be seeing the outside for maybe twenty years. That’s a lot of time for a boy to be around harden criminals. I’m sure that unnerves you.” Molly watched how he nervously looked around. “But if you help us I can speak with the DA to get you charged as a juvenile. Then you won’t have to be dealing with all those kinds of men that won’t hesitate to pounce on you the first day you’re in.”

“You sure you can do that?” Ben asked he had no idea his friend would have pulled a gun, nor that he was planning on robbing the store.

“I’ll try my best, but you have to give us the boy that pulled the gun,” Molly said reassuringly sliding the yellow note pad across the table.

“I want to talk with the DA first and I want it all in writing before I…,” only to be stopped by the knocking on the one-way glass.

“Sorry partner but his mother is here,” Mike said as he exited the observation room.

“Shit!” Molly hissed knowing she almost had him.

Sighing as she pulled into the parking space of her condo’s parking garage. Peering down at the picture of her son that dangled on the end of her keychain. Knowing how difficult it had been raising him when she got pregnant at the age of fourteen. His father didn’t stick around once he learned that she was with child. She couldn’t blame him after all he was fourteen too. She knew how earth-shattering the news was. In her youth she did resent him for leaving her to raise their child. However, Molly had very supportive parents that looked after Timothy when she was in school and when she joined the force and her night schooling when she wanted to make detective. Without them she had no idea how she could have done everything. Now, however, it was her and her son alone in their condo together. Timothy was a good kid, always staying out of trouble as much as any rambunctious boy could; and with her always looking after him that never left a lot of time to date.

Ever since she was twenty-eight she couldn’t keep her mind from seeing how handsome her son was becoming; nor could she stop the thoughts that had been brewing in her mind since then. While she knew it was wrong morally, and legally she just couldn’t stop herself. Placing a spy cam in her son’s room. Pleasuring herself to her son, and when she had caught the first time he masturbated on camera. Her eyes widen in shock as she noted the size of that cock she had pleasured herself to for the past four years. How she came so hard as she watched the recording of her son stroking that nine-inch slung. She nearly bit through her pillow to keep her howl from alerting her son. Sighing in want as she pressed the call down button for the elevator. Wondering if her son was home. While there were plenty of men after her; yet there was already one man in her life that hadn’t disappointed her, and that was her son.

Pressing the button for the twentieth floor waiting for the doors to roll close. Knowing how her son was more into D&D than sports and what not, nevertheless, Timothy did have a well-defined physique not overly muscled yet enough to notice. All because he was a good son always working out with her even though she knew he hated it. How she would daydream what it would be like to run her tongue along those muscles, to feel them moving when Timothy was between her legs thrusting his cock into his mother’s cunt. Wishing she was strong enough to just come out and say everything that was on her mind when her son was around. Yet she was a good mother she kept those dark sinful thoughts to herself and her rubber dildo. Which she had named Timothy in honor of her son. She had lost count of the times she came on that thing. Her fingers tapped against her thigh as she watched the floor numbers fly by. Eager to see what her cameras had picked up in her absence. Molly wasn’t prepared for what greeted her as her key inched towards the key slot in the handle of the door.

“Oh, hi Mom,” Timothy escort bursa said surprisingly as he opened the door, “I’m going to walk Janet home. I should be back soon,” he said not noticing his mother’s stunned look.

“Nice to meet you,” Janet said as she passed.

“What the fuck just happened?!” Molly muttered. In all her years her son never once brought a girl home. Looking back at them her eyes narrowing as that girl’s hand slid into her son’s. “No!” she screamed out in her mind. Her cheeks becoming flaming hot as their sweet innocent chatter finally reached her. Her keys pressed painfully into her palm as her fist tightened. Her son didn’t need some two-bit teenager. He needed an older woman that was in the prime of her sexual peak. An older woman that knew how to take care of an unexperienced boy. She needed to put a stop to this right now! She was the only one Timothy needed. She knew everything about him not that aloof teenager. She was the one that stayed up with him when his favorite science fiction movies were running late at night. It was her that made him laugh so hard at her dumb jokes. “Stop Molly you can’t think like that,” she said aloud as the heel of her foot closed the door, “it’s not like they had sex.”

“Now to see what my son has been up to before that girl got here,” Molly said switching on her flat screen powering up her laptop she hid in her panty drawer after she hooked it up to the HDMI port. Remotely logging onto the wireless hard drive she had stored on the top shelf of her closet that stored all the footage of the cameras in his room. “Now show mama her handsome boy,” Molly purred pulling her shirt tails from the confines of her pants. Glad she had opted for the cameras with microphones built-in. Smirking as she saw her son entering his room. Going about her routine task listening to the rustling that played through her speakers as she slipped her high-heeled boots from her feet. Sitting on her bed in her underwear rubbing lotion into her skin as was her ritual before she indulged herself in her favorite pass time in the late hours of the night. Yet now that her son was out of the house she could partake in her favorite event. Her head snapped towards the tv as her hand hovered over her dildo.

“No!” Molly roared in anger as she saw the half-naked girl on her son’s bed. “No baby don’t do it!” Tears formed in her eyes as she sank to her knees as she watched that girl inhaling her son’s cock.

“God! You have a big cock!” Janet’s voice resounded through the speakers.

“Please baby stop don’t allow that girl to touch you anymore,” Molly pleaded with her on-screen son.

“You don’t mind if we take this further, do you?” Janet asked. Molly’s lip trembled as she watched that girl licking up the back of her son’s cock. A cock that should have been hers to please not that hussy.

“N-no.” Molly couldn’t watch anymore. Her face fell into her hands as she wept at the loss of her son’s innocence. She knew girls like that, they never cared about those they slept with. She saw it far too often in her life.

“Why?! Why her?! Why not me?!” Molly cried out to her empty condo, yet no answer was forth coming.

Moping as she walked into her kitchen in her most baggy sweats she owned. It was her go to wear when life let her down. She would have to say seeing the man she was in love with having sex with another woman did qualify. Taking the small pint of Graeter’s ‘Cheese Crown’ ice cream from the shelf on the freezer door. The utensil drawer opened with the rattling of the silverware. Sniffling as her lip trembled wondering why her son couldn’t see her like that girl.

“Men,” Molly said her voice trembled as she tossed the lid into the trash. Turning on the tv flipping to the lifetime channel something she only watched when her love life had taken the turn for the worst. Regardless if Timothy knew it or not in her mind they had been dating once his eighteenth birthday had come and gone. She knew how attractive she was at thirty-two. Knew how desired she was given how nearly every single male and some married ones wanted her to line their beds. “Hmpf! What does she have I don’t?!” Molly asked the on-screen actress as she spooned a scoop of that cheesecake flavored ice cream into her mouth.

“Mom I’m back!” Timothy called out once he entered their condo. Molly pretended not to hear her son. Right then she didn’t want to see that face she had fallen for. To have those images resurfacing of how that girl looked sucking on the cock she wanted so desperately. “Mom didn’t you hear me?” Timothy asked sticking his head into the living room. “Mom what’s wrong?” he asked seeing what channel was on the tv and those sweats she only wore when something went wrong.

“Go away,” Molly pouted dapping the tissue below her eye.

“Mom come on it’s me, tell me what’s wrong?” Timothy asked seeing the pint of ice cream knowing it had to be bad. Knowing she wouldn’t be eating bursa merkez eskort it on her non-cheat day.

“Hmpf! I don’t wanta!”

“Then I guess I’m sitting here until you do,” Timothy said sitting down on the cushion beside his mother.

How Molly wished he hadn’t. Her eyes just wouldn’t heed her mind’s command not to peak at her son from the corner of her eye. Seeing how the soft lamp light highlighted his sandy brown hair. To those same soft brown eyes she had. To the dark blue tint of his freshly shaven face. To those lips that had haunted her sexual dreams. Watching how his thumbs tapped waiting on her to speak first.

“Timmy,” Molly said noticing that slight frown when she used his childhood nickname. Yet she was his mother she could use it all she wanted, and he couldn’t say a word about it.


“I’m I not pretty?” Molly asked ominously placing the empty container on the table to her left. Resting her head on her son’s shoulder, her right and left hand ran down his forearm before her hands cupped Timothy’s.

“Is that what this is all about?” Timothy asked perplexed that anyone would think his mother wasn’t pretty.

“Yes,” Molly said weakly, “the man I am interested in doesn’t even see me,” she said cuddling closer to her son.

“Then he’s a damn fool,” Timothy nodded, “Mom you are…,” he stopped himself feeling his cheeks heat unsure if it was right to call his own mother beautiful. That was why he had started seeing Janet, because she had a slight semblance to his own mother.

“Go on,” Molly said poking her son in the ribs.

“You’re a beautiful woman. If this guy can’t even see that then he is either blind, stupid, or on drugs,” Timothy said looking away in embarrassment.

“So, what are you trying to say?” Molly asked innocently keeping her smile from showing. She had waited for years to hear those words pass his lips.

“I’m saying,” Timothy said rubbing the back of his neck, “is that I guess try to show this guy what he is missing before leaving him high and dry. Then you find someone that appreciates you,” he said patting her hand.

“Oh? But what if he tries to take liberties with me if I show off the goods?” Molly asked mercilessly teasing her son even if he didn’t know it. Now that her son had given her the go ahead albeit in a roundabout manner, Molly wasn’t about to allow this chance to passed her up. No sir. Not anymore. It was high pass time that her son learned that he only needed her, and she was going to show him that very truth. There wasn’t going to be anymore girls taking what she had longed for years now. Whether her son knew it or not he was going to become her live-in boyfriend. She just had to make her son see that only she could give him what he needed.

“Mom, I’ve seen you flip a three-hundred-pound dude before. I think you can handle whatever this guy throws at you. If he gets a little to handsy then you do have that taser,” Timothy said with a cruel smirk.

“Oh, I don’t think it will come to that, but I’ll keep that in mind,” Molly said with an amused smirk as her chin rested on Timothy’s shoulder. Placing his hand in-between her thighs as she has always done, this time his hand sat inches away from her eager peach. “Why don’t you see if they’re any of those old sci-fi movies are on tonight,” she said pressing her body closer to his. Hoping that since now that Timothy has experienced sex then his mind will start to notice the curves of her body. The way her breasts felt like pressed against him, the way the heat from her mound radiated off of it. The smell of her lotion as it clung lightly to her body.

“You mind if we watch this instead?” Timothy asked as he highlighted the newest Ancient Alien episode on the tv guide.

“Of course not, you know I’m more than willing to watch whatever you want,” Molly said her breath hot in his ear, “all to spend time with my sweet darling son.”

“M-mom,” Timothy groaned blushing hard.

“What it’s true, I’m not going to lie about that. That I raised a sweet,” Molly said placing a kiss on his cheek, “caring,” another kiss inching closer to the corner of his mouth, “thoughtful young man,” she said her last kiss barely touching those lips of his. Giggling as her son rolled his eyes yet didn’t move away from her. “Baby?” Molly said yawning as the clock struck eleven. “It’s late, time for us to turn in,” she said rubbing her cheek on his shoulder. “Soon you won’t be sleeping in that room anymore, soon you be joining me in my bed. Where I’ll be showing you things that I haven’t done in years,” she quickly thought to herself as her son shut the tv off. “See you in the morning,” Molly said blowing her son a kiss before she shut her door.

“Wake up sleepy head!” Molly said shaking Timothy’s shoulder as she stood over him in a tight blue sports bra and matching yoga pants.

“Go away,” Timothy grumbled throwing bursa sınırsız escort his covers over his head.

“Come on Timmy,” Molly said throwing his covers off, “up and at ’em,” she said standing over her son, her hands squarely on her hips accentuating her breasts.

“Aww come on Mom, it’s Saturday,” Timothy groaned.

“No excuse,” Molly said shaking her head, “plus you know I don’t like to work out alone,” she whispered into his ear as the tips of her cinnamon brown hair brushed along his shoulder. “You know that you are the only one I want as my spotter.”

“Fine…,” Timothy’s words died in his throat as his eyes focused on his mother’s groin. Noting how her yoga pants showed off her labia, pondering how they could look better than Janet’s by the slight detailing he could see. His eyes inching up along her six-pack abs, to how her bra hugged her breasts. Quickly bringing his knees to his chest to hide his morning wood. “I-I’ll be out in a moment,” he stammered.

“Okay baby,” Molly said hiding her smirk. She had seen that hard cock of his, and she couldn’t wait for the days where she could just roll over and slowly insert that lovely tool into her welcoming cunt.

“Fuck!” Timothy hissed softly as he peered down at his boxer-briefs. He knew he was going to have to take care of it before he could join his mother.

“Yes baby take it out. Show mama that delicious cock,” Molly purred her eyes hungrily watching the tv as she sat on her bed with her yoga pants around her knees. Her fingers slightly dancing along her moist lips as she watched Timothy quickly pulled down his underwear. She knew he would have to take care of that hard rod before they left to go down to the condo’s gym. It wasn’t as nice as the gym she used during the week; nor did it have an indoor track, yet it did give her privacy with her son and not bothered by the guys that visited that commercial gym. Plus this early in the morning she knew they would have the gym pretty much to themselves at least she hoped. If they did she could show off her body and not get those judgmental looks. “Yes that’s it baby.” Molly bit on her lip as Timothy squirted some lotion onto the palm of his hand. “Baby you know if you let mama suck on it you won’t be needing that anymore, right?” she cooed softly. Gently parting her lips, the tip of her index finger circling around her entrance, sucking in a breath as she inched that appendage into her hot channel. “That’s it stroke it for mama!” she growled hungrily as her tongue ran along her upper lip as her left hand squeezed her breast. “Faster baby, you won’t be shooting that hot load if you don’t hurry,” Molly said her breathing starting to quicken as she laid back onto her bed. Placing her heels on the edge, adding another finger to her already exploring one, turning her head so she could watch her son’s performance. “God, why don’t you just plunge that beast inside your mother? You know I’ll be so willing to please that cock baby,” she pleaded with the tv as she matched her son’s pace. “I bet you I’m even tighter than that hussy you allowed to fuck you,” Molly hissed as she rubbed her clit. Lifting her hips off the bed as she neared her climax. Her hand was a blur as she rubbed that bud, biting her lower lip to contain her squeal as she came along with her son. Her hand flew to her mouth to keep her shock from escaping her lips as – “Oh Mom!” – came through her speakers.

“So…” Timothy said coming out of his room. His eyes downcast ashamed of what he had just said while he came. He knew he shouldn’t have done that, yet that was all his groggy mind could think of was that image of his mother’s crotch in his mind. “We going to be using the treadmills or are we jogging the path today?” he asked flipping his towel over his shoulder.

“Treadmills I think, it looks like it’s going to rain,” Molly said trying to sound like she hadn’t heard her son call out to her as he sprayed his chest in that hot white seed. All the while in the back of her mind she played that scene over and over again. Hoping that soon she could get him to say those same words when he was deep inside of her. “Well, come on, I want to get down there before all the machines get taken,” Molly said turning on her heel. Knowing how her yoga pants were showing off her ass as it lifted with each step she took.

Molly’s eyes darted around the gym the condo complex had installed as she entered smiling when she and her son were going to have it all to themselves. She wondered if she could get her son to see her as a woman and not his mother. Was he always thinking about her when he masturbated or was that the first time? If it was the first time could she get him to do it again? If so then how?

“How about we start off with the free weights first?” Molly asked looking over to her son. Pondering on how far she could peek up his shorts? Wondering if she could get it to rise for her? “You’ll be my spotter, right?” she asked taking off the heavy weights that the last person had used. She didn’t want bulky muscles; the numerous reps of the low weights gave her the definition she wanted. While her son went a little heavier than she did, yet he agreed with her. They just didn’t like how bulky muscles looked at least on their bodies.