Controllinga reluctant submissive – a 2 part story – part 2


Bag two was larger than the first bag. Eva tentatively opened it whilst she remained in the washroom cubicle. She wasn’t going to risk opening it in public. Who knew what master had packed inside!Once again there was a set of typed instructions, along with a plastic laundry bag like the ones provided in hotels for dirty washing.Submissive,Strip. Place your clothes in the laundry bag. I want you naked.Master.Obediently, Eva found herself removing her tailored business skirt, her shear blouse, her lacy pink bra and the matching panties. The nervous, anticipation started in her stomach again and her satisfied pussy reacted pleasingly. Her juices spread between her thighs as her enlarged clit started to pulsate. Her nipples were hard and protruded obstinately from her large, voluptuous breasts.Eva was thinking about putting the coat on when she remembered she had a third bag. She placed her clothes in the plastic laundry bag, stuffed them into the case and took out the third bag. Inside the bag she found another set of typed instructions, some lube, two plain cardboard boxes and a hotel key card. The instructions read:Submissive,Open each of the boxes, the largest first. Use the lube to insert appropriately.You should put on the coat, go wash your pussy scented hands, leave the washroom and make your way to the car, stopping only to purchase a bottle of water from the kiosk. You will need to drink this on your way to our meet. Bring the case with you.Drive to the Cosmopolitan Hotel on 34th Street. Go to room 502 on the fifth floor. Use the elevator.Be there by 16.00 hours.Master.Eva opened the largest box. She wouldn’t need any lube to insert the rather heavy jiggle balls into her pussy. She was soaked already from her orgasm and from the adrenaline induced, aroused state she was in. She had never used jiggle balls before but she swiftly popped them up inside her cunt. She felt full but was concerned that being so wet, she might struggle to hold them in place as she walked through the service station. She didn’t need to worry. The second box contained a medium sized glass butt plug. She admired the beautifully smooth, coloured glass. She would definitely need lube for this.She placed the butt plug on the cistern of the toilet. Bending over she squeezed a generous amount of lube on the fingers of her right hand. She massaged it round the tight rose of her arse, gently pressing her index finger just inside. It was a really nice feeling. It made her want to masturbate again, but she didn’t have much time and master had said she could have one orgasm so maybe playing again would cause her more problems later on. She took the butt plug, covered it in lube and pressed the smooth, shaped end into her arse. It wasn’t going in very easily and she could feel herself tensing as she tried to push it deeper. Maybe if she squatted it would be easier.Eva squatted, legs open, in the cubicle. It was much easier to push the butt plug up inside her. Although the swell of it made her arse sting as the widest part moved inside, once she breathed slowly, she controlled the panic and took it all the way in. It felt secure but her arse and pussy felt full. There was no way anything was going to fall out, it was very snug and the double penetration was just about bearable, albeit very much a rude situation for her to be in. She was certainly being owned and he wasn’t even there!She put on the coat, packed the remaining things into the case and left the washroom. She purchased a bottle of water on her way out, she would need it to cool her down before the next stage of the meet.Covering the distance easily in the quieter midday traffic, Eva stepped into the lobby at The Cosmopolitan Hotel. It was an Art Deco style establishment and very luxurious and expensive. She giggled to herself as she walked across to the lift in her coat with nothing on underneath, just accompanied by a pair of red, five inch stilettos. The butt plug was comfortably accommodated in her arse and the jiggle balls were more noticeable as she walked, the weight transferring deliciously to stimulate her needy pussy. She was nervous now. She hadn’t showered and she hadn’t shaved that morning and she distinctly remembered the instruction Brad had given her the first time, to be absolutely smooth and bare everywhere. Maybe she would be able to freshen up in the hotel room.She entered the lift where there was a tall, athletic man and a young couple who looked like they were probably on their honeymoon. The young couple moved over so she could fit in with the suitcase. The lift stopped on the third floor and the young couple left, giggling. They were clearly looking forward to getting back to their room. The lift continued it’s ascent and the voice control announced the fifth floor. Eva went to exit the lift and the tall man withdrew a hotel key card from his jacket pocket and left  behind her. Room 502 was to the right. The carpet was so deep she was struggling to walk on it in her heels. The young man was just behind her and he grabbed her elbow as she wobbled slightly. His grip was firm and he didn’t let go when she got her balance back. She turned to speak to him but as she looked round a hood was placed over her head and she was dragged down the corridor.She could tell she had been bundled into a room and she heard the door shut behind her. She was confused and started to panic and scream for help. The man placed his hand firmly over her mouth and muffled her protestations. The coat was ripped from her.’Eva, calm down,’ demanded a voice from the other side of the room.The man holding her loosened his grip a little as she realised this was all part of the plan. She stopped struggling and screaming and started to realise how turned on she was. She couldn’t see a thing. She didn’t know how many people were in the room. And she didn’t know what she had walked into or what to expect. She did know she would be taught some manners though.’On your knees, face on the floor, you know the drill,’ said the man on the other side of the room.Eva was not sure about this. She wasn’t ready and was more than uncomfortable being so visible when she had various toys inserted, hadn’t been able to shower and had a shadow of hair growth in her intimate areas.At Eva’s hesitation, the man muttered something to someone and the next thing Eva knew she was forced onto her knees, her wrists cuffed behind her, her face pushed down into the carpet so as her arse and cunt were exposed. Her legs were forced open so she showed her full indecency to the men in the room, however many of them there were, she didn’t know.’I can smell your sex from here,’ said the man, still on the other side of the room. ‘You have been satisfying yourself as instructed but that sweet aroma has been building throughout the day, hasn’t it?’Eva stayed quiet, unsure what she was meant to do.’I can see from here that you have failed to keep your pussy as trim as I asked and your arse needs to be shaved too. This is not good practice for a submissive. ankara travesti You must keep yourself trim so whenever I call on you, you are ready and presentable,’ he chastised her.Eva tried to close her legs and make her vulnerability less obvious but she couldn’t move her knees closer as someone was fixing her ankles into restraints and spreading her further apart. Maybe this was enough. Maybe she should use her safe word. She was getting more anxious for her safety and she didn’t know if she could take much more humiliation.Then a gentle voice whispered in her right ear, ‘hold still, it’s ok.’She felt cool water trickle between her arse cheeks, down over her labia. Gently a razor skimmed over her arse and pussy till she was totally smooth and bare. Oh my god how undignified, she thought. Yet this intimate act actually gave her some reassurance that the person carrying out master’s instructions was caring enough not to harm her and to help her relax and accept her instruction.’That’s better,’ admired Master.It was a different voice than last time and it was definitely not Brad. She wondered who he was and if Brad was there. She knew better than to ask questions, she had made that mistake last time and received a series of stinging, harsh lashes across her arse that left marks for a couple of days.As Eva was held face down into the carpet, arse in the air, knees forced apart and the butt plug and string on the jiggle balls perfectly clear to all in the room, Master started with his instruction.’You will be referred to as sub in all meets. You will present yourself on your knees, face down, arse up on entering any room I chose to meet you in. You will ensure you shave daily so whenever I request your presence you fulfil my explicit instructions to be smooth, everywhere. You will speak when spoken to and end all communication with the word master. If it is not me instructing you, you will use the name sir,’ he commanded.He paused, the air was still and Eva could feel her heart beating heavily. It made her ears pulsate it was that hard and loud, and she was scared.She heard a moving of air and then, crack, she felt a harsh, stinging stroke of a cane across the cheeks of her arse. It took her breathe away and she cried out.’That was your opportunity to thank me,’ chided Master.’Thank you, master,’ gasped Eva, not recovering quite quick enough from the strike.’It seems you have no manners, sub. You are going to learn how to appreciate your master today. Before we begin, what is your safe word?’ he asked.’Red, Master,’ replied Eva.’Good girl, you are learning quickly,’ he praised her, ‘but unfortunately, the disobedience you demonstrated when you left the house on your first meet has not gone unnoticed, neither has your nonchalant attitude towards replying to Master’s instructions via email.’Eva felt her stomach drop like a heavy weight and her pulse quickened more so. Her pussy twitched and gushed and despite her apprehension she was getting more aroused. The juice from her desperate cunt was spreading between her thighs and she could sense a long, thread of moisture make it’s way from her entrance onto the floor.’I am going to punish you for your misdemeanours and you will be treated harshly so you learn your lesson quickly. I have no desire to be fighting for your obedience, I want to enjoy your body and give you pleasure but you must obey Master,’ he explained.’Yes, Master,’ Eva responded obediently.She was lifted from the floor and the cuffs were released. She stretched her hands out and moved her wrists to free up the movement she had lost. Her ankles were still in the spreader bar and so she was carried to the place he planned to punish her.Eva was bent over a bench. Her wrists were restrained with Velcro fastenings and the spreader bar was clipped onto the bench so her legs were open wide and she had no range of movement at all from the knees down. A large leather strap was secured round her waist and this was also attached to the bench. Eva was still blinded by the hood.She felt a hand run over the cheeks of her arse. It was gentle and she wanted the fingers on her clit and playing with her so she could cum. She was desperate to cum. She could almost make it happen by just thinking about it but she couldn’t do anything to get that hand where she wanted it. She was definitely a sub now.’You will learn to say thank you, Master. With every stroke of the paddle you will thank me. I will strike you fifteen times. If you fail to respond immediately, I will start again from one. Do you understand sub?’ said Master, coldly.’Yes, Master. Thank you, Master.’ Eva quivered.The time between the instructions and the first strike seemed like forever. He was playing with her. She was holding her breathe when the first brutal contact struck her.’Thank you, Master,’ Eva gasped quickly.Another blow made contact perfectly across both cheeks.’Thank you, master,’ she cried out.She couldn’t move an inch to influence where each contact was made, and Master was adept at getting the same spot, over and over.At strike nine Eva was gasping and panicking. Her breathe was short and shallow and her cheeks were red, with vividly marked welts where the paddle had repeatedly struck her.The hesitation was enough. Master stopped.’My sub will do as I instruct. No hesitation, no pause. Thank Master for his attention,’ he demanded.’I can’t, I can’t,’ cried Eva.’You will,’ said Master.’One,’ he counted, as he started his torrent of paddling once again.This time Eva thanked Master each time. Her cheeks were bruising with the persistent abuse he was reigning over her. She could use the safe word but she was defiant. This was making Master very hard and his cock was throbbing as he delivered the last blow, but he wasn’t going to show his lust for her. He breathed calmly, controlling his desire.Eva was sobbing. Tears were dripping from underneath her hood and her breathing was unbalanced and desperate. Her cheeks were on fire and she was confused as to why she was continuing with this meet. He was nothing more than a tyrant who wanted a woman to be powerless to him. Why would she want this? she thought.’How delicious the cheeks of your arse look, all red and bruised from your punishment,’ said Master, now demonstrating his desire by the lustful drawl in his voice.’Thank you, Master,’ said Eva weakly.’Good girl, you are quick to learn your place, Sub,’ he praised.Keeping Eva over the bench, one of the men in the room approached her and rubbed cool gel into her damaged skin. He moved his fingers to the front of her slit and opened her lips to reveal her swollen clit. He rubbed his fingers directly over it, hard and fast. Eva found this direct stimulation almost painful but she was so wet and needy she gave in to his attention and quickly orgasmed, crying out loudly as the pleasure took over from the pain she had just endured.’Thank you, Sir,’ she said obediently.’Oh this is going to be a great afternoon gentlemen,’ said Master, excitedly.Eva was released travesti ankara from the bench. Her ankles were released and her wrists set free and massaged till the circulation came back.’Sub, I am going to remove your hood. You will face forward at all times. You must never make eye contact with Master and you must not try to look around the room. If you fail to follow my instructions the first punishment you received will seem mild in comparison to the belt I will use if I have to put you across my knee. Do you understand?’ said Master.’Yes, Master. Thank you, Master,’ replied Eva.Eva was walked over to the far side of the room. Her hood was removed. She faced forward and bowed her head slightly to ensure she didn’t make eye contact with anyone.’I have a gift for you,’ said Master.He placed a leather collar round Eva’s neck. On it was the word ‘slut’.’I think this will suffice for now,’ he spoke out to the other men in the room.Eva heard words of agreement and sensed the men had become more active.’That’s mine,’ she heard one of them say.She then realised that the men were watching the video she had recorded in the washroom. She glanced behind her briefly, thinking they were all occupied. They were stood wanking their cocks and staring at her wet cunt being stimulated with the vibrator she had been given. It was projected onto the wall of the room and it was graphic when showed as such a large image. Then it showed her mouth sucking her pussy juice off the shaft of the toy, framed by her red lips. She stood still, mouth open, shocked by her own boldness.The men were turning round to look at the real woman in the room. Eva quickly turned to face forward, she thought she had got away with it this time. No instructions from Master to punish her again.Three of the men approached her from behind. One grabbed her long, thick hair and pushed her onto her knees. One stood in front of her with his hard cock in his hand. The other grabbed at her tits and pulled hard on her erect nipples. Eva was pushed onto the hard cock by the man holding her hair. He thrust her face into the other man’s groin so she had to take his thick cock deep in her mouth. She gagged and salivated over his length. She couldn’t breathe.’Suck it,’ he said firmly.She tried to suck at his cock but he was thick and her mouth wasn’t big enough to take him. He pushed into her, she gagged again. Her eyes watered and she tried to withdraw. Her head was thrust forward and back so she had to take his cock in and out of her mouth.The man playing with her tits squirted oil over her chest and gently caressed her nipples. It was amazing. Her pussy reacted more intensely than she usually experienced and she could feel her orgasm building.’I think we can dispense of these,’ said the man still holding her hair, as he pulled the jiggle balls out of her pussy. As they popped out a stream of clear, sweet juice gushed from her slit.No sooner was her pussy void of the stimulating balls than a bare, thick cock was thrust inside her. As much as she tried to protest, the other man thrust his cock in her mouth and any words were unidentifiable as she gulped and gagged on him. With the butt plug up her arse, Eva was full to bursting. These men were incredibly well hung and they stretched her open so she couldn’t tense her muscles or control the build of her orgasm.Grabbing Eva’s sore arse cheeks, the man riding her spread her open so he could see the plug fully inside the rose of her arse. Her clit was being rubbed again and she was losing control.If she could have spoken she wouldn’t have made any sense at all. She was fucked in her cunt and her mouth and her clit was exploding. Then suddenly, just as her climax started to release they withdrew.’Oh, oh, oh, no, please no,’ begged Eva.Her hands were cuffed once again and she was led over to Master. She got that feeling of dread in the pit of her stomach. She was wrong. He had seen her. She should safe word. She couldn’t bear more punishment.Master now had her cuffed and over his knee. Belt in hand he quickly released a stream of delicate lashes across her right cheek. This is okay, thought Eva. And then as the lashes continued she started to writhe. It was burning. Her skin was on fire. He knew this so well.Eva wanted it to stop. She wanted more orgasms and she wanted to please Master so he let her cum. She was still needy and feeling like the slut labelled on the collar she wore.’Thank you, Master, thank you, Master,’ Eva said quickly. Repeating the words over and over, she hoped it would get Master to stop.Just when she thought she was going to pass out, she felt a hand playing with her pussy. It rubbed her clit at the same time as pressing into her and massaging her g spot. She was cumming, she could feel it. Then it stopped.’No, no, no, please, I need to cum, I want to cum, Master, please,’ she begged again.Quick gentle lashes started again on her left cheek. The cycle was unrelenting. And once again the fingers rubbed at her clit and pressed on her g spot. She was there this time, she was going to keep quiet so she could cum. Again, just before she climaxed, the stimulation stopped.’Oh please let me cum, Master, please, please let me cum,’ begged Eva.’Where are your manners you needy whore,’ scolded Master.’Thank you, Master. Thank you for teaching me manners,’ she said pleadingly.’You don’t seem to understand that you are my sub. I say when you cum. I say when you get punished. I say who fucks you and where. I own you and you are grateful for it,’ said Master domineeringly.’Yes, Master. Thank you, Master,’ said Eva, almost crying for her pleasure to start again.’Gentlemen, she is all yours. Make her cum,’ he instructed.Master went to sit over on the other side of the room in a deep, leather chair.There must have been around nine other men in the room. All were well hung and rock hard. They released her cuffs and took her over to the bed. Two men held her down and one man filled her gapping pussy with his large shaft. He fucked her slowly and gently. It wasn’t what she expected. Her orgasm built gradually and she felt every inch of him slide deep inside her.She moaned with pleasure. It made the man press deeper into her, up against her g spot. She was cumming when he pulled out. He hadn’t cum himself so Eva was confused. Another man squirted lube all over her stomach and breasts. He massaged them tenderly and played with her large, stiff nipples. Her orgasm was building again. She was filled again by another cock. It was not as large as the last one but it hammered more persistently on her g spot and she was closing her eyes in anticipation as she was denied her orgasm once again.Eva was getting more frustrated now. She just wanted to cum. She started to struggle and get her fingers on her own clit. She was perfectly capable of giving herself an orgasm. Fuck you all, she thought, I’ll make myself cum.The men wrenched her hands back away from her clit. They flipped her over and dragged her onto the edge of the bed. They ankara travestiler strapped her legs together and held her hands behind her back. Bending her over, another man pushed his hard cock up against her entrance. He teased her with the tip of his bell-end. She tried to thrust back onto him but she couldn’t get any purchase on the floor with her feet as she was too high up off the ground.The man reached round and put his right hand over her mouth. With his other hand he grabbed her hands tightly. He slammed his erect cock deep into her. He fucked her hard and fast. She came instantly. He carried on fucking her drenched, gapping cunt. He had stamina for sure. He slammed into her again and again. She screamed and screamed as she orgasmed over and over. With her legs held together his cock rubbed relentlessly on her clit as well as hammering her g spot. As she came for the fourth time he shot his copious load into her.Another man took over. The same hard fucking. Her cunt was soaked. It squelched and dribbled as he hammered into her. She came, once, twice. Her pussy throbbed and her orgasm came from her swollen clit, causing her muscles to contract and spasm. He carried on fucking her pussy, smashing into her until he shot his hot, thick load up her already saturated cunt.Eva was certainly being made to cum. She was in a mess. Her pussy was flooded with cum and her clit was protruding from her swollen labia.One of the men lifted her head by her hair so she had to look at him.’You happy to carry on sub?’ he asked considerately.Eva could have cried at his kindness. She was hugely turned on but she was getting tired and needed a minute to compose herself.’Yes, thank you, Sir,’ she nodded.He unfastened her legs and moved her onto the bed on her back. He gave her a bottle of water and told her to drink it. Eva gulped the cool liquid down, she hadn’t realised how thirsty she was. A little calmer and composed she lay on the bed where he had placed her. He massaged her breasts and took her responsive nipples one by one in his mouth. It was amazing. She closed her eyes. He was so gentle and she wanted to lie there enjoying his attention forever. He moved her further onto the bed and turned round so his face was in her pussy and his cock was in her mouth. Despite her being full of cum he licked her lips and teased her clit. His cock was so responsive. She felt him go a little softer before he started to swell again. He was cumming. She was going to make him orgasm with her mouth. His spunk shot straight down her throat. He had a massive load and tasted incredible. As he withdrew his cock from her mouth he rubbed her clit and hooked two fingers up inside her, just to the front of her cunt.He probed persistently and she felt like she needed to pee.’Sub, get on your knees,’ he instructed her.’Yes, sir,’ she said, moving carefully so her face was down as before and her pussy was open for him.With his left hand he rubbed her swollen, tender clit and with his right hand he massaged inside her cunt, persistently. He built up speed and pressure and Eva felt heat and wetness. She tried to tense her muscles to stop it but she was too damaged to do anything. One more thrust and a stream of ejaculation shot out of her pussy, across the room, drenching one of the guys who had fucked her previously.’Thank you, sir,’ said Eva collapsing onto the bed.’Oh, we’re not done yet,’ said the man.Eva was near exhausted. A slender, black man came to lay on his back on the bed. He couldn’t be much older than twenty, she was sure. His cock was long and had less girth than the others.’Straddle him, sub,’ a man instructed her.Eva did as she was told. As she slide down onto him, taking his full length inside her used pussy, she concentrated and managed to grip him with the muscles she had failed to use when she squirted. She looked him seductively in the eyes. She lifted her butt up and rested on her toes to give her movement more height and depth.’You are a naughty sub today,’ scolded one of the men.Eva realised her mistake. She had looked the young man in the eye. Her face was pressed down into his chest and three firm slaps were released across her arse. Each of the nine men in the room, excluding Master and the young man whose cock she was straddled, lined up and delivered three firm slaps each. Each time Eva thanked them.The last guy opened up her cheeks. They were many distinct red handprints on her otherwise pale skin. He reached between her cheeks and pulled the butt plug swiftly out. A syringe full of lube was inserted and released. At least the butt plug had opened her up so it didn’t hurt so much. Eva had never had a double penetration before. She had often tried to imagine what it would feel like to be filled and owned like that and it always made her cum as she masturbated, rubbing her clit, when she was alone. Well now she would find out if it was as horny as she imagined.Considerately, the guy taking her arse eased in slowly. He gave her instructions as he penetrated her that helped her relax and take his full length.’You ok, sub?’ asked the guy in her arse.’Yes, thank you, sir,’ replied Eva.With a nod of his head two of the other men swiftly gagged her and put the hood back over her face. Never could she have imagined what it would feel like to be ridden like she experienced next. She had always thought it would be swift and the men would cum quickly. She was very wrong. They were in and out of her arse and her pussy for a good ten minutes. They didn’t withdraw or swap over. They just fucked and hammered into her while she screamed. She came over and over. She was both turned on yet felt violated at the same time. As the two men continued fucking her she felt wet liquid on her back, on her arse cheeks and on her feet. The other men in the room were wanking over her and emptying their loads again on her damaged body.As the man up her arse delivered his cum up her passage the young guy withdrew from her pussy. He flipped her onto her back, lifted her legs above her head and rammed his long length up her butt. He thrust furiously, she took his cock as deep as she could. Finally, he delivered his spunk up her now slack and seeping arse.Eva lay totally used and exhausted on the bed.’Manners, sub?’ Master questioned.’Thank you, Master. Thank you, sirs,’ she said subserviently, albeit it was barely distinguishable behind her gagged mouth.Eva lay still waiting for her next instructions and to be released from her hood and gag. When Master eventually addressed her, he said,’Well done today. You have pleased Master very much. I will send you further instructions when I am ready to meet with you again. Do not ignore me this time. You know what I am capable of. Now once you hear the click of the door you can remove your hood and gag. The hotel room is yours until eleven tomorrow morning. I suggest you take a long soak in the bath and order food to be delivered to the room. You are not fit to be seen in public today. Breakfast is served from seven. Make sure you eat well. You really need to build up your stamina. Till next time Eva. The collar suits you, by the way. Keep hold of it, till next time.’And Eva was left sore, bruised, ridden and violated and despite the exhaustion she felt amazing. A proper little deviant.