Connie’s Kids


Connie Dion was a forty-two year old beautiful French-Canadian woman. She was 5’10, long dark hair with deep brown eyes. She was naturally gifted with a firm set of 36C’s and long legs some said were the most beautiful ever seen.

She was a very successful stockbroker on Wall Street. A reputation of being a smart businesswoman was hers. Well respected by her colleagues.

She had three beautiful children. Adam, her oldest at 20, was in his third year of college and a very successful school athletic. There was a possibility he could go pro as a football player when the time came. He was a handsome lad at 6’2 and had his mother’s dark features.

Then there were the twins, Laura and Lara at 18. Both girls were a carbon of her in every way. The only exception was Laura, nicknamed the ‘oldest’ because she was born three minutes earlier, had a set of 38C’s. The girls were starting their first year of college with the intention to follow her into the world of business.

The children were fiercely loyal to their mother. They often spent weekends together as a loving family. They made her proud.

Yet, with all her good fortunes, Connie was a heartbroken and lonely woman. The only man she ever loved, Ramon Dion, cruelly cheated on her continuously and finally left her for a younger woman. He was her heart and soul.

Connie fell in love with Ramon when they met in college. He was a good-looking post-graduate who stole her away from the beginning. The dark haired beauty had never loved a man more.

There was nothing she wouldn’t do for him. Even after his revealing desires of wanting to be part of the swinging world, Connie went along without question. They did it all, threesomes, foursomes, some S/M and even orgies. It didn’t matter, whatever he wanted, she did.

Yet it was never enough. Ramon was a thrill junkie. Sex had to be dirty and deceitful to be complete for the oversexed husband.

It was irrelevant Connie had never refused any sexual request. It didn’t count she became bisexual for him. She even did a train to please him. It just wasn’t enough.

She still remembered that afternoon when coming home from work finding the envelope lying on the kitchen table. It contained the letter that would shatter the devoted wife’s life forever. It was his announcement of running off with another woman. Their bank accounts where cleaned out and other financial assets liquidated. He and his new love were fleeing to Belize to live with a ‘special family’.

That was five years ago. The children supported their mother and made it clear their father would never be welcome back. Connie managed to stabilize the financial scene quickly and kept them together as a close family.

Still, Ramon was the only man she had loved so dearly. It destroyed her belief in love because of his actions. A strong appearance was kept for the children but many nights were spent crying into a pillow.

Little did she know that Laura, the oldest twin, knew of her mother’s pain. The loyal daughter would often feel the agony of her parent. She wanted, more than anything, for her mother to be happy again.

Laura hoped Connie would find another man. Yet that wasn’t going to happen. The parent was still too deep in love with the man who used her. The idea of her mom being lonely old spinster was just too much for the loving offspring.

Laura wanted to see her mother happy again. She had no idea how until becoming aware of the interaction between her brother and mother. It was more than a parent/child relationship.

The observing daughter first noticed the quick looks given the other. They were not the normal ones that would be exchanged between a parent and child. They were lusting in some ways.

Also their interaction told a lot. They seem to hold hands at every opportunity. The two always sat close together. In public they often were mistaken for a couple.

Laura thought that maybe she was reading more into the relationship between her brother and mother than existed. The girl did have a shaded viewpoint as to what family loving is. She had been having an incestuous love affair with her twin sister for over four years.

Laura and Lara became lovers as early teens. At first it was normal adolescent inquisitiveness of their bodies. Yet, after awhile it become much more. Innocent exploration grew into passionate feelings as time moved on. It wasn’t long before the twins became zealous lovers. The girls eventually de-virginzed the other.

The two sisters engage in sex at every occasion. They lust for the other’s body constantly. It was amazing they were never caught.

Laura’s suspicions became fact after witnessing two separate incidents. One afternoon she had just returned from class. The pretty brunette had come in assuming that no one was home. But when reaching the upstairs hallway sounds were heard emitting from Adam’s bedroom.

Laura moved just close enough to peek into the room. It was Adam he was on the bed naked stroking a very long cock to a picture bursa eskort bayan of Connie! The erotic sight turned on the voyageur sister!

Her brother’s cock was magnificent! It was so long and round. Wetness was felt between her legs. There was immediate realization that a desire for that male tool was growing. She quickly hustled away.

A few nights later when getting up to go to the bathroom she passed the master bedroom. Again sounds attracted the girl. She peered in to see her mother spread eagled and playing with an engorged clit. It was another exciting view.

What added to the erotica was mutterings of the self-pleasuring parent. It was the focus of the fantasy that made it surreal. It was Adam’s name she was calling!

To her surprise, as with Adam, Laura found the sight hot. She also felt a wetness occur between her legs at this vision. Her mother’s body was gorgeous. Her parent was even more beautiful lying there and masturbating. Again, a quick departure was done.

The loving daughter knew then it wasn’t an overactive imagination. It was real! The hot son and mother wanted each other! Hell! They morethanlikely were in love and didn’t realize it!

There had to be a way to get these two together. But how was the obstacle. If done right, it would be wonderful. If done wrong, the family could be shattered. Her mother needed no more disappointments.

This needed to be discussed with Lara. Her twin and lover would have to be part of this plot if it was to become real. Besides, her sister had a real kinky streak in that sexy body. Her girl did have a consistent fantasy of being gangbanged by a biker club!

One morning after Connie had left on a short business trip and Adam had headed off to school, Laura decided to reveal the lustful and taboo plan to Lara. She hoped the sibling could like incestuous desires.

Laura sneaks into her sisters’ room. The older twin stands in the doorway for a few moments. A loving stare is given to the sister fast asleep on the bed. The morning sunlight pours into the bedroom. Lara’s gorgeous body is enhanced as the golden rays that caress the athletic body.

Peaceful breathing makes a full chest rise and fall slowly. The sunlight heightens the sibling’s figure. They were identical twins, but when Laura visually scans her sister it is not a mirror image seen. It is a wonder if Lara feels the same way. An involuntary sigh is given at the view. The girl was even beautiful sound asleep.

She crawls onto the bed and stares lovingly at the sexy vixen. Lara recently had a brunette tress darken to where it could be called ‘raven’. It was an effort to prevent them from being mistaken for the other. The sisters were too much of individuals to accept the normal twin identification.

Long fingers softly trace up Lara’s side. Beginning at a firm calf, fingertips leisurely outline the tight muscles of a rounded thigh. Tender circles are made around a slender hip. The older twin then glides loving digits up to a small waist and across a flat abdomen and over a full breast. Laura muses about the delightful feelings created by touching her sister’s face. The loving fingers then run through the raven tress.

She was deeply in love with her sibling. It is impossible to imagine not having such passion for this woman. The stigma of incest long ago had been dismissed once both recognized these feelings.

“Lara,” she softy calls, “Lara, baby, please wake up.”

“Mmmmmmmmh!” the sexy sister stirs stubbornly.

“Come on, girl,” Laura shakes a rounded shoulder, “Git your lazy ass up.”

“It’s early,” she growls, “Why are you fuckin’ with me?”

“I’ve gotta tell ya something,” Laura reveals.

“Okay! Okay!” Lara concedes, “I’m up!”

When a set of brown eyes opens, a pair of scantily covered nicely rounded breasts was inches away. The awaking sister automatically smiles at the vision.

“You might what to put those things away if you want my attention,” she quips.

Laura sits back, smiling at her sister’s irrelevant attitude. That was one of the things that made the sexy twin so lovable. The smile then disappears when remembering why the sibling was awoken.

“Baby, stay with me,” Laura asks seriously, “I have something I really hav’ta tell you.”

The tone of her sister’s voice told Lara a heavy thought was coming. She sat up in the bed. The loose nightshirt opens showing off a nice cleavage.

“I’m sorry, baby,” she said, “Go tell me what’s on your mind.”

“It’s about mom,” Laura spoke slowly, “I’ve been about thinkin’ her alot lately.”

“An’ that would be?” the darker haired sister puzzles.

“I wanna see Mom happy again,” she states.

“What do’ya mean ‘Mom happy again?” Lara quizzes lightly, “We gonna git her a man or somethin’?”

“Sorta,” Laura explains, “But she’s been so man shy since dad left.”

“So you wanna get her a woman?” the raven-haired girl quips, “We both know that’s not such’a bad scene.”

“No,” the faltering bursa merkez escort older twin answers, “Not that either.”

“Then what is it you have in mind?” the now curious Lara wonders.

“Well—, I–,” Laura hedges, “I–, er—, believe—,”

“Girl just spit it out!” the impatience sister orders, “Just say it!”

“Goddamnit, Lara!” she blurts out, “I want Adam to be the one who makes mom happy!”

“Whoa!” the surprised twin jerks back commenting, “Now that’s a plan.” She instinctively wonders, “What made ya come up with that?”

“Because I think this deep love we share is a family trait.” the older sister struggles to explain, “I think incest is somethin’ in the genes!”

“Incest in the genes?” the facetious sister remarks, “You mean there’s a DNA cell that brings families closer?” she adds tritely, “Is this the one like a lesbian or gay gene?”

“Damnit, baby! I’m serious!” the annoyed sister declares in almost a shout, “I wanna see our brother become our mother’s lover!” She quickly concludes, “An’ I believe they’ll do it!”

“How can you be so sure?” the intrigued Lara wonders, “What makes you think it can happen between ’em?”

For the next hour Laura conveys the growing suspicions. Revealed is the masturbating scenes witness. She then tells how it hurts to see their mother so broken hearted and how it is time for her to be happy again.

“So if Mom is jackin’ off callin’ Adam’s name, an’ Adam is jackin’ off lookin’ at Mom’s picture,” Laura challenges, “How hard would it be to turn them into lovers?”

“An’ that makes ya think Mom will let Adam between her legs?” Lara honestly poses. “After all watchin’ ain’t doin’.”

“Because I just know she wants to,” Laura insists.

The sexy younger twin knew her sibling well. Something wasn’t quite ringing true in the statement. Laura was hiding why she was so sure of their mother’s desires.

“How can’ya be so sure?”

“Because I am.”

“That’s notta answer,” the raven-haired vixen prods, “You have another reason why you think mom will spread for Adam.” Leaning into her sister, she urges, “Come on baby. Spit it out. Why do’ya believe she’ll let ‘im do it?”

Laura remains mute. There had been no secrets between them, especially after they became lovers. But this was the one the older twin kept quiet about.

“Laura?” Lara prods.

“Promise me you’ll never tell anyone,” she finally says in a nervous voice.

The raven-haired sibling found the request to be ludicrous considering everything that has happened between them. Lara faces Laura. They are only inches from apart.

She takes hold of her sister’s face in two soft hands. The younger twin leans forward and kisses Laura. An anxious tongue eagerly seeks out her sister’s. The kiss becomes passionate. The twins are lost in the embrace.

“I love you,” Laura breathes reluctantly breaking free from Lara’s mouth. With a sullen look she reveals, “Because I would let Adam do me.”

Lara stares expressionlessly. The raven-haired minx remains still. It is obvious she is taken by surprise the revelation.

Laura places three fingers over a set of ruby lips. She was stunned that the admission of lust was actually spoken! An expression of embarrassment is given.

Lara returns an expression of surprise. A set of dark eyes suddenly sparkles. The younger twin explodes in a merry laugh.

She gives Laura a brief kiss. Lara then hugs her tightly. They sit like that for a minute.

“What’s so wrong with that?” Lara chuckles placing kisses on a soft neck. “I’ve love our brother’s dick between my legs!” she happily admits stroking Laura’s long mane. “Besides I’m sure Adam wants our Mom!”

“What makes you say that!?” Laura puzzles sitting up.

“Because I’ve also seen Adam secretly jack off watchin’ mom!” The sexy younger sister specifies, “Whenever she’s in the shower he peeks at her through a tiny hole in the door!” She speculates, “I think he put a small prick in the door.” With a sigh Lara comments, “An’ that’s the only small prick associated with ‘im! He’s gotta nice, big cock!”

“Lara!” the surprise Laura yaps, “Are’ya meanin’ what you just said?

“Where you serious about gettin’ our mother laid by ‘im?” she asks back, still chuckling.

“You really, really mean that?” the surprised sibling again asks to assure the seriousness of the statement.

“Yes,” Lara stops laughing, admitting, “Yes I’m very serious. I wouldn’t shit you on something like this, sis.”

“I love Mom so much,” the confessing twin says in a more sober tone, “I’m tired hearin’ mom cry herself to sleep.” She states flatly, “I want her to be happy again an’ I believe Adam can make her happy again.” Laura sincerely asks, “I really believe that gettin’ them to cross over into this taboo world is the way to make her happy again.” She wonders little girl-like, “I’m I bad to want that?”

“No you’re not, baby,” Lara assures slowly stroking a long brunette bursa sınırsız escort bayan mane, “Why should wantin’ your mother an’ brother to know family love be so bad?” She reminds, “You make love to your sister just about every night an’ it’s wonderful.”

“True.” She tells, “I just want mom to get over dad an’ be alive again.”

“Forget that old bastard!” Lara snarls, “What he did doesn’t deserve any consideration from us!” In a more hostile voice, she says, “He fucked every cunt that he could when married to mom! He lied an’ used her to the point of almost abrusin’ her!” she adds meanly, “Forget ‘im! He’s gone now!”

“You wanna help me make this happen?” Laura solicits, “Do’ya think such an act would be beautiful?”

“We?” Lara quips, still stroking her sister’s hair, “You think I would help you get mom laid by our brother?”

“I know you, baby,” Laura states placing a hand on a soft cheek, “I know you are a sexual explorer! You like all forms of it!” She adds unashamedly, “I’m bettin’ that such a vision has your pussy already wet.”

“You think so?” the darker haired twin coyly quizzes.

“Let me check your cunny,” she offers. “Let’s see how wet it is.”

Laura runs a hand up a curvy leg to a bald pussy. It was wet. Her sister was extremely hot.

“Sweet jezzus,” she amazes, “You are more turned on than I expected.”

“Yes I am,” Lara confesses, “I’ve thought of gettin’ Adam into our mother’s pussy is hot.”

“So ya think he might like three pussies from the family?” Laura huskily queries.

“Omi sissy, you’re such’a cunt,” the darker haired twin admires, “You’ve been really thinkin’ deep on this.”

“Well, let’s not forget it is you who’s been pushin’ for a threesome with a guy lately,” Laura happily states, “It would be a fantastic if Adam was that guy.”

“I can’t wait to see mother’s gorgeous body being plummeted by Adam,” the sexy Lara huskily declares, “An’ I don’t care if it’s soggy seconds, or even soakin’ thirds, the thought of gettin’ our brother’s dickie hard an’ deep is excitin’.”

Laura grins. This was more then expected. She pulls Lara into loving arms. A hot tongue slides into the sister’s mouth. A passionate French kiss is given.

Lara reaches behind her sister’s back. Experienced fingers slips the catch on the too small pastel bra. Rounded, firm breasts jiggle free. A pair of dark pink, erect buds were erect.

Without hesitation, a hot mouth captures one of the orbs. It goes just enough to lick aureole flicking the nipple fully. The teasing tongue washes it gently.

The two women lain in the bed caressing lovingly. Laura runs fingers through Lara’s soft mane. Her sister’s body was as exquisite as ever.

“I can’t ever imagine you not bein’ my lover, honey,” the raven-haired sister pants.

“Neither can I ever vision not havin’ your pussy at my beck ‘n call,” Laura responds just as breathlessly.

A set of small fingers goes into the pastel, lace panties. One quick jerk brings them down over slender thighs. Lara sees her twin’s shinny pink pussy as a beautiful instrument of love. The vision is always a hot one.

It was covered with a thin brunette bush. A full protruding clit was glistening with moisture. The pale pink cunt was delicious looking.

“Don’t just look, baby,” Laura opens wider, “That’s a playground for ya.”

Lara smiles. A loving finger starts rubbing the wet pussy. It feels wonderful.

“This plan has gotten me really hot, sis.” She huskily states, “I gotta have some pussy now.”

“Go for it, baby,” the twin encourages as a nightshirt goes flying.

A pair of rounded beasts wiggles to the freedom. A very lustfilled look is given to the sister. Both women were now naked and very hot.

“It’s time to rock an’ roll, baby,” Lara states in a hiss.

She moves sexily to Laura. The older twin is gently pushed back. A set of long, curvy legs widens.

“You’re really hot-to-trot now,” Lara happily quires, “Aren’t ya, baby?”

The turned on sister reaches underneath the smooth thighs gripping hands onto a rounded ass. Cradling each cheek she edges closer to a forbidden pretty cunt.

Laura watches lovingly as Lara presses soft lips against the wet pussy. A probing tongue drops between the glistening lips. Her whole body shakes as a warm tongue begins long, slow strokes.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” Laura moans as an anxious tongue slowly explores the quavering vagina flesh, “Ohmygod! Ooooooooooh!”

Laura’s head falls back. The lusting sister began to focus on the sensation of having Lara eat her cunt. The tall brunette was always surprised how wonderful it felt to have the twin lick her.

Pleasure thrills made it impossible to say anything. A young body shimmers with excitement with each stroke of the forbidden tongue. Warm flesh ripples with goose pimples.

It was an indescribable feeling. It was like nothing ever done before. It was nothing the older twin had ever felt before. She had no idea how horny the younger sister had gotten.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh, baby,” Laura groans, “Adam’s gonna love that mouth over his ragin’ cock!”

Hearing the erotic words, Lara quickens the pace. Soon a hot nervous tongue was fluttering and circling all over an engorged clit. It moves up and down furiously licking up the leaking warm fluids.