Confronted with Homophobia Pt. 01


I had been friends with Lisa for years, she and I hung out often, we had so much in common. Lisa and I were the same age, she was twenty four when we met, there was an immediate attraction to each other. She was so much fun all the time, Lisa was a very attractive woman, nice breasts, hot body, long legs, and a smile that would light up a room. Her laugh is what got to most people it was so infectious.

Lisa knew from the start I was gay, she was not one to mince words let me tell you. Her first comment to me made me laugh.

“So you must be the little gay boy they are all talking about, I can see why, nice body cute face, great hair, huge package, and a hot ass.” She said slapping my ass.

“You’re not shy are you? and thank you so much no one seems to notice what a great ass I have, thank you for the compliment, Dam you are hot girl, turn around let me see you, dam wish I was straight looking at you girlfriend.” I said to her laughing.

She and I hit it off immediately, she was the ying to my yang, together we had a blast in the bars, she and I would go on Friday nights, okay Saturday’s too sometimes, okay most times. Be it gay or straight we always drew a crowd and had a blast all night always bringing someone home be it her or me. Lisa and I would check out guys in the bar, she would ask who I liked then she would tell me who she liked. She always seemed to pick the butchest guys, hard asses, tough guys, most of them not liking my kind whatsoever.

We were in a straight bar one night, this one guy kept checking out Lisa all night, my first impression of the man I did not like him. He was not really my type, but even across the room the man caught your eye, the dark black hair, the perfectly trimmed beard, his chiselled features, his neck so long and muscular, the leather motorcycle jacket. I would so have sex with the guy, one night of mad passionate sex. He scared me, but I was so atrracted to him at the same time, he was so mean looking, kind of biker, meets serial killer. He sent over a drink for Lisa, she gratuitously accepted, he came over to talk to her, he introduced himself his name was Robert but his close friends called him Junior.

Lisa introduced him to me he kind of gave me this sneer kind of look, not really reaching over to shake my hand but our fists bumped. There was something I did not like about him but yet I was so attracted to this man, his leather jacket covered a manly chest with broad shoulders, down to a perfect V shaped body, his perky gaziantep escort little ass that stuck out just right, his package unmistakable, below his motorcycle logo belt buckle, he seemed shady, I suspected drug dealer. He chatted up Lisa while I talked with others at our table, he continued to shoot looks towards me. The mans eyes were incredible so dark almost black, he ordered himself and Lisa another drink pretending I was invisible, or hoping I would go away, I excused myself and went to the bar, I stood there talking with another woman I had met earlier.

“How come your not with Lisa?” She asked me.

“She is otherwise busy so I made excuses and left the table so they could get aquainted.” I replied to her.

For the life of me I could not remember her name, she and I talked about all kinds of things, family, friends, work. Robert came up and telling me he and Lisa were leaving, and they did not need a chaperone, if I knew what he meant, the man stood there staring at me eye to eye, I could have gotten on my knees and did his bidding right here right now. Lisa came up telling me we were going to another club one Robert liked.

“I’m leaving too, I will head over to the gay club we were at last weekend see if Jimmy is there again.” I told Lisa.

She turned to Robert asking him if he wanted to join us at the gay club I was going too.

“I’m not going to some fag bar, have some fruits trying to touch my ass Fuck that, you and your homo go to your fag club I’m out of here.” Robert told her looking me in the eyes.

“Wow, did that just happen?” I asked Lisa quietly.

“He really is a nice guy, totally my type, I really want to go with him come on Tom come with me.” Lisa begged me.

“Then go I am not hanging around with a guy like him, have a good night.” I said as I waved my hand be gone with you.

Lisa stood there or maybe half a minute, turned and walked out. Was she really going to follow this guy, he calls me derogatory names then she goes with him. I waited for a few minutes then called a cab, I would head over to my fag club and enjoy my homos. Lisa messaged me asking if I was mad at her, I did not reply shutting off my phone.

My cab arrived I got to the bar the place was packed, turns out Jimmy was there and came up to me right away.

“Where is your fag hag? Bitch.” Jimmy asked me.

“She is with some homophobe at a straight bar, who cares.” I said to him smirking.

“Come dance with me Bitch.” Jimmy said to me pulling me on the floor.

Jimmy and I danced all night, he and I going home together at the end of the night. After a nightcap he and I stood up and kissed, dam the man could kiss. I pulled Jimmy in tight our rock hard cocks grinding together, I ran my hands all over Jimmy’s ass, dam the guy had a great ass.

Jimmy pulled me to his bedroom, I slowly undressed him while he undressed me, he and I kissing every chance we had. Once naked I laid Jimmy down, looking at him laid there naked vulnerable, I got on top of him, his body incredible, not a body builder more of a regular guy, his chest hairless, his nipples huge and pointy, his armpits trimmed short with redish brown hair.

A treasure trail that went from his navel to his well trimmed pubes, his cock rock hard and dripping precum, I would say six by five, perfect for sucking. His legs dusted with more of that brownish hair, I ran my hands across his chest, pinching his nipples, rolling them between my thumb and index finger, my hands sliding down his sides to his butt cheeks.

My hands stopped at his knees, I pulled up his legs to get a look at his beautiful ass, his ass was pure perfection, trimmed but not shaved, his hole a pinkish brown, tight he was opening it up, it was winking at me. I folded him up and got in position, my tongue lapping his ass crack, my tongue pressing his hole as I slid over it. My tongue was in overdrive, I rimmed him till he was begging me to put it in.

“Come on Tom your driving me crazy here, I may shove something in myself if you don’t fuck me right now.” Jimmy yelled at me.”

“Poor Jimmy so horny, does he want my cock?” I asked him.

“Come on Tom, my dildo will soon be out if you don’t.” Jimmy told me handing me the lube.

I slicked up my cock, then slid my lubed up middle finger deep inside of him, he caught his breath, moaning out loud.

I put my cock to his hole, applied gentle pressure his ass swallowed me whole, my cock buried deep in his cavern. I pulled out till only my knob was in then slammed it in him, over and over, then I would slow it down, nice gentle stroke, then wham slap it in him again. I lubed up my hand and grabbed his cock.

“Wait Tom Oh No I Can’t You’re going to make me Cum.” Jimmy screamed at me.

My cock pistoned his hole while my hand stroked his cock, His cock blew hitting him in his face, across the bridge of his nose, to his forehead, the next one hit his neck to his chin, the third one across his chest. His ass clamped down on my cock, my balls tightened, I filled Jimmy full of my white cream, I pounded him till my orgasm subsided.

I licked the cum off of his face and fed it to him, he swallowed it up, I was spent, I was done, I collapsed on the bed next to Jimmy, we laid there for a few minutes. Jimmy turned to me.

“Want to spend the night?” Jimmy asked me.

I really did not have to be anywhere, I was off work the next day, and Lisa was no where to be found. Jimmy cuddled up to me within minutes we were both out. I woke at seven am, I was confused as to where I was, I looked over at Jimmy his head on my chest. Oh yes now I remember, I pulled Jimmy in closer, he snuggled in to me, dozing back off.

I woke at nine my bladder may burst if I did not get up and pee, Jimmy was still cuddled in close to me, I slid my arm out from under him, went in the washroom, my cock like a a firehose, the stream so powerful. Once drained I looked in the mirror, dam I looked like hell, I ran some water in my hands splashing my face. I fixed up my hair then went back in to Jimmy’s bedroom.

He was spread out like a porn star ready for his next shoot, his legs spread, his cock semi erect, still sound asleep. I grabbed the lube and stroked my cock hard, I grabbed Jimmy by the ankles and pulled him to the edge of the bed. I folded the guy up like a pretzel, my cock pointing at his pretty cum soaked hole. I pressed my cock to his hole, he slowly engulfed my cock, my balls on his butt cheeks.

I held my cock there thinking he would wake up anytime now, not so much, I grabbed the lube squirted some on his rock hard cock, I put his ankles on my shoulders, my hand a firm grip on his cock. I pounded Jimmy my cock slamming his tight cum soaked ass.

“Oh yes Tom Fuck me good, shove it in there, make me your bitch.” Jimmy urged me.

My cock had only one thought and that was cumming, I rammed Jimmy’s ass making it my pleasure tool for my cock. I squeezed his cock harder, his ass clamped down, my cock exploded in his hole. Jimmy soon shot himself in the chest and abs, his orgasm not as big as last nights but still so much cum from one guy.

I leaned in and kissed him smearing the cum all over us both, my chest hair coated in Jimmy’s cum. My cock deflated, my balls drained, I needed a shower so badly, Jimmy’s ass dripping my cum down his leg as he stood to pull me into a shower. He and I made out in the shower, he and I taking turns sucking each other off.

Once showered we had coffee and I was on my way, I had forgot I shut off my phone, I got a million messages from Lisa.