Confession Chapter 7


It was almost a week later when I received a text from my brother. “Are you free to chat today?” I was so eager but at the same time, I was nervous. I knew where this was heading and although it turned me on like crazy thinking about it it was still scary. “Yes, I am. I’ll be on in five.” In reality, I was ready about thirty seconds later but I didn’t want to appear too eager. I spent a few minutes organizing which of the photos I wanted to send and I also made the effort to put a t-shirt on. Never mind that I was naked from the waist down. He couldn’t see that and besides if he could do that then so could I. Besides, it made me feel so naughty and so alive to know that my pussy was bare and all but on display. If I so chose, it could be in less than a heartbeat. He sent the request this time and I hit the accept button, again hearing the familiar chime. First thing I noticed was that both his hands were above the table and I didn’t know if that made me happy or sad. There was a slightly strained moment as we were both a little uncertain of ourselves but I noticed Ben was definitely looking at my nipples as they pressed against the material of my t-shirt. “So are you alone again or is Cindy home today?” “Nope, definitely alone again.” “Hmm so have you been watching videos again?” I gave him a cheeky smile and he seemed to relax a bit. “Maybe.” His right hand slipped below the table and my mind went straight to the lovely photo of his hard, dripping cock. I had looked at it so often over the last few days that the image was burned into my mind now. “Hmm well if they are that good you will have to send me some links to them. Might be nice to see what it is that’s getting you so… excited.” I made a point of looking at where his crotch would be if I could see it as I said this last bit. “You’d like that, would you? I thought maybe you weren’t into that type of thing.” “Well, who knows? I never would have thought I would be into bayan escort beylikdüzü spending my days naked, flashing my tits at the delivery driver or taking photos of my naked body either. So obviously things change, don’t they?” It was quite funny to see the way his jaw hung loose as I confessed some of the things I had done over the last week. He recovered fairly quickly though and a huge grin spread across his face. “Well, well, well. Look who’s having fun for a change. I would have loved to have been the delivery driver.” “I’m sure you would have.” I was grinning to myself as I watched the motion of his arm increase in tempo. “So, what exactly did he see?” “Well at first he saw me pretty much as you are seeing me now with just a shirt on, although I was wearing pants then.” I knew that would get him thinking and I was enjoying teasing him. “Oh, so we’re not wearing pants today?” “Nope, not pants.” I knew he was wondering if I meant I was naked from the waist down or if I was wearing something other than pants. I wasn’t going to tell him though, he could agonize over that for a while. “Hmm, so how did you go about flashing the delivery driver?” I told him all that had occurred and how I wanted to do a topless shot and how the thought of someone seeing me was turning me on so I stripped and let him get a peek. “Ooh, the lucky bugger.” “You sound jealous.” “I am. No doubt about it.” “Hmm, that’s unfortunate. So how’s Cindy going?” I could see the agony he was going through and I was loving every moment of it. The tease and the mention of his wife when all he wanted to do was look at my tits and play with his cock. Mind you, I have to admit I was pretty keen to watch him play with his cock too so this was teasing me as much as it was him. “Yeah, she’s alright. Too busy doing her own things to be too concerned with what I’m doing these days.” “Oh really? Does she know what you’re doing escort bayan beylikdüzü with the photography?” “Yes of course she does. She’s the one who has set me up with half the models. It was a bit weird at first but it’s almost like she thinks if I’m doing that then I’m leaving her alone. I even suspect she’s trying to get me to have an affair.” “What? Why?” “Well as it turns out, I have my suspicions but no proof mind you, that she has been having one for a while. Just a few things pointing in that direction and I guess that if she catches me having an affair she won’t feel any guilt for her own.” “Holy crap, Ben. I had no idea. I’m so sorry.” “Don’t worry about it. Truth is it’s kind of liberating you know. I knew she didn’t want me any longer but I had no idea why. Now I know it isn’t something I did, it’s something she’s been doing. Bizarrely, I am now happier than I have been in ages.” “Well, it shows. You’ve certainly been… rambunctious the last few times we have spoken.” He exaggerated his hand movements and gave a small moan. “Oohh, mmmm, I don’t know what you could possibly mean by that.” I laughed but on the inside, my belly was doing flips and I was already beginning to leak onto the leather chair. “Well for what it’s worth things aren’t so great here either.” “Why, what’s happened?” “Nothing has happened and I think that is exactly what the problem is. It’s just become so boring and predictable for us that we have both lost interest. The sad thing is I hadn’t really noticed until the other day when I got so worked up. It seems like forever since I was actually excited.” “Marriage can do that, especially when you have kids. Not that I would know much about that.” “I just took it for granted that everything was okay but I realized just how uninterested in me Geoff has become and to be honest, I just don’t have the same feelings for him that I once had either.” “What are you kayaşehir escort going to do, sis?” “I have no idea. What about you, what are you going to do?” “Same. I have no idea.” This was all becoming a bit depressing and depressed is the last thing I wanted to feel right now, so I quickly changed the subject. I bit the bullet and decided now was the time to send him some of the photos I had taken. “Let’s not talk about that for now.” “Okay.” “So anyway, I took your advice and used it with the photos I took. Would you like to see some of them?” He was so eager it was funny. He was trying not to show it but he forgets I’ve known him since he was born and he looked like he did at six years old on Christmas morning. I attached a few photos, nothing all that exciting, to an e-mail and sent them out. I actually heard the chime as he received them and he went straight to opening them. I watched as he slowly went through them. “These aren’t too bad, you know. I can see where you have been trying to sort out the light and get things right.” “Oh good. Those are some of the first few. I think they improve from there. Do you want to see more?” He smiled straight at me. “You know I do.” I attached a few more and the last of these were the ones I took in my shirt just before the delivery driver arrived. I took a deep breath, here goes nothing, and hit send. Again I heard the chime and watched as Ben went through them. It was so arousing knowing he would be able to clearly make out my nipples in the last few shots. Just watching him look at them and seeing his face get that hungry look was making me so wet and my nipples were getting even harder. I decided to give them a bit of a squeeze, it felt safe because he was so engrossed in the photos and besides, the risk of being caught was definitely giving me a thrill. I reached up slowly with both hands and at first, I just brushed my nails across the very sensitive tips of my nipples. God, it felt so good that before long I was pinching and squeezing them. I had closed my eyes briefly as the ecstasy took hold and when I opened them again Ben was staring straight at me. How I could tell he was no longer looking at the photo’s I couldn’t tell you but I definitely could tell he was looking right at me.