Commandments Part 1


I walk into a dark room with the only light coming from the candles that are lit all around. I’m dressed as instructed: a blood red corset that gently cups my 38C breasts, a black miniskirt, white stockings and a pair of black kitten heel shoes with no bra or panties. My blonde hair down and laying around my shoulders. The wrist and ankle cuffs I’m wearing complete the outfit gleaming in the candlelight. The first thing I notice in the centre of the room is a padded bench complete with chains. There is a tray beside it with an assortment of items that are covered with a silk cloth. I look around searching for Sir and notice a willowy redhead lounging on a loveseat in one of the dark corners. She can’t be any older than 30. She is naked with long red curly hair laying over her shoulders covering her breasts. She is breathtakingly stunning with fair skin covered with a dusting of freckles, nice perky breasts with large nipples and is completely shaved. Her large bright green eyes look me up and down slowly as she licks her bright red lips. I blush and lower my head so my hair falls and hides me from her heated gaze and I can no longer see her face. I’m not used to such female attention. She stands up and walks escort over to me and runs her hands over my shoulders and down my body. She is a few inches taller than my 5’5” even with my shoes on and she is barefoot. Leaning over she kisses my neck, takes my hand and leads me over to the bench. She undoes the lacing on my corset and removes it. Pulling my skirt and shoes off, she leaves the stockings in place. She notices I am completely shaved as well and smiles wickedly. At her urging I climb up on the table and lay down on my back. She starts kissing at the left side of my neck moving to my shoulder then down my arm connecting a chain to the left cuff. Kissing back up my arm, shoulder, neck, she moves to the right side and does the same to that side connecting the chain to the right cuff. Moving back up that arm, shoulder, neck, she moves down my body and pays special attention to my nipples. She flicks at them with her tongue and nips at them with her teeth. She pulls them in her mouth, sucks them in deep and suckles at them. She alternates between both breasts and nipples before she moves further down my body. She kisses and nips at each thigh, knee, calf and ankle before connecting the bayan escort chains to both ankle cuffs. She runs her hands up my body gently barely touching my skin causing goosebumps to rise and I shiver in response. With the chains attached my legs are spread and I can’t close them no matter how much I try. She runs her nails up the inside of my thighs and runs them around my labia and clit before continuing across my hips and ribcage. The sensations cause me to shiver and arch my back. Using her hands she pushes my breasts together and puts her mouth over both nipples at the same time and sucks hard. She raises up and kisses me passionately while pinching and tweaking my nipples with her hands. She climbs up on the table and straddles my face. I try to raise my hands to touch her skin but the chains stop me. She laughs and orders me to lick her pussy before she returns her mouth to my breasts. She grinds her pussy against my face as I lick and suck on her swelling clit. “Lick my pussy and make me cum slut.” I lick at her wet hole using my tongue to plunge in and out, nibble at her clit, then use my tongue to flick it. Her juices start flowing faster and her clit is like a fat bud. I speed escort bayan up the tongue flickers and she rocks her pussy and starts to breathe heavier. “I’m going to cum all over your face bitch and you better lick it all up,” she states, before letting out a scream and juices start flooding out of her pussy. I struggle to keep up with her pussy juices and use my tongue to lick her clean. She gives my nipples a kiss, slides off my face and gives me a deep kiss tasting herself on me. She smiles then reaches down my body with one hand and begins caressing my damp pussy. Using two fingers she plunges them deep and rubs my clit with her thumb. I start to moan and try rocking against her hand but the restraints limit how much I can move. In a soft and sultry voice she says, “Hold still slut or you will be punished.” Her voice sounds familiar and I start racking my brain to figure out where I know it from. It dawns on me that she sounds an awful lot like a cousin I was extremely close to when we were teenagers. Something must have shown on my face because she stops what she was doing and starts to laugh saying, “You don’t even recognize me do you?” I shake my head no and she smiles brightly and states, “It’s your cousin Samantha, silly girl.” I stare at her in shock and say, “You can’t be my cousin Samantha. Last I heard, she was married to a sheep farmer in Europe.” She gave me a sly grin and replied, “Oh yes, my sweet cousin, it is me Samantha.