Coming Home


I thank you, S, for telling me this story and allowing me to write it.

I was happy to be returning home. I’d been working in Saudi Arabia, for one of the major oil companies, and it felt so good to step on familiar ground. I had been over seas for six months now, and I missed seeing my Mom. I wanted to give her a big hug and sit at the dining room table conversing over a home cooked meal.

Oh by the way, I’m Dan; I’m 23 years old. I’ve been told that I’m not a bad looking guy, standing at six foot one inches tall, weighing in at 230 lbs, and now with a deep tan that you can only get in the desert sun. My light brown hair had turned a sort of ashy blond from the constant bleaching of the sun rays beaming down on me, but enough about me, back to the story.

While I was away, my cousin Debbie was at the house. She had moved in with Mom while I was away, giving my mother company, helping her around the house in my in my absence, and going to the University in the city we lived in. Debbie’s a beautiful 19 year old woman, standing five feet ten inches tall, with long red hair, and a nice pair of 34B tits. She was a very shy girl and would blush from head to toe if she caught anyone staring at her.

Debbie met me at the airport, Mom having to go to a three week training course for her job. I was a little unhappy that I wasn’t going to be able to see Mom right when I got home, but that was fine, she had to work.

I couldn’t believe how beautiful Debbie had become, and I couldn’t stop staring at her the whole ride home. I put it off as to not having many relations while I was overseas. She noticed the staring, but ignored it, trying to find things to talk about, to rid her of the nervousness that my eyes were causing her. She talked about how school was going, asked how I had faired so far away from home, and changed subjects every second to find something that would make me answer in longer sentences, instead of the one word answers I was giving her. She finally gave up and turned her attention to the radio, flipping through the channels until she found something she liked, then turning the radio up so loud that there was no way any one could have a conversation over the music.

When we got to the house, she suggested that I go to my room and rest while she made dinner. It wasn’t a bad idea at all. I hadn’t slept very well on the plane, and jumping into a hot shower, then stretching out on my bed sounded like the best idea in the world. I went straight upstairs when we walked through the door. After the long hot shower I laid down and drifted quickly off to sleep.

I was woken by a light hand shaking my shoulder. My eyes fluttered open, and at first I was confused as to my surroundings. The room had grown semi-dark, my head pounded, and my body still felt very groggy. I heard Debbie’s soft voice.

“Dan, Dan, dinner’s ready, you need to wake up now.”

I groaned and rolled over; I didn’t want to wake up. Her voice became louder with her attempts.

“C’mon Dan! It’s going to get cold.”

I sat up, rubbing my eyes.

“Fine, I’m up.”

She crossed her arms and stood over the bed.

“I said I’m up Deb.”

“Yeah, you say so, but as soon as I walk out that door, you’ll lay back down. I didn’t go through all that hard work cooking you a good dinner for you to spoil it by sleeping all night. Now up with you!”

I rolled my eyes and stretched.

“You have to leave.”


“I’m not wearing any clothes.”

Debbie gave an awkward smile and giggled.

“Okay fine, I’ll leave, but I’ll be standing right outside that door, and if you’re not out here in two minutes, I’m coming back in.”

I shook my head as I watched her walk out the door. “Man, she has a nice ass,” I thought to myself as she went out into the hall.

I got dressed and walked out, in less than two minutes. Debbie was pleased that she didn’t have to come back in and get me, and we headed downstairs to eat.

At dinner we talked a little more, she seemed more comfortable now than she was in the car, and I was happy her mood had loosened up. She asked what I wanted to do after dinner.

“I’m sorry Deb. I’d really like to sit down, watch a movie or something, but I’m just so damn tired, jet lag or something.”

“Oh that’s fine. I have a bunch of homework to do anyway.”

She seemed relieved that I was going to go back to bed. I didn’t know if it was because she actually had a lot of work to do or because she was still uncomfortable in my presence.

I helped her clean up the dinner mess, and still reveled in her beauty. The harshness of the kitchen light beaming down on her made her look even more angelic, watching her wash the dishes, not caring that her shirt was becoming soaked with the warm soapy water made me urn for her even more, and I went to bed with thoughts of her shirt getting more wet than it actually had. Instead of just her middle catching the water, I imagined her entire shirt getting soaked, clinging to her body, the outline of her breasts pressing against bursa escort bayan the tee-shirt, her nipples standing fully erect with the coldness of the air that flowed past them. I drifted off to sleep with these thoughts, and my dreams took over.

My dreams took the image even further, now Debbie was on her knees in the kitchen, her wet shirt still clinging to her body, as she pulled my hard cock out of my pants. I watched her as she took me into her mouth. I placed my hand on the back of her head, and moaned as I felt her hot mouth engulf my throbbing member. I gently moved her head back and forth, thrusting my hips, as she moved her tongue around the shaft of my cock, her soft lips sucking a little harder, her throat squeezing tight around the head. I knew I wasn’t going to last long, and my thrust became harder, she moaned, as my cock swelled in her mouth.

“I’m going to come Debbie. You ready for it?”

She nodded her head and sucked even harder.

“Here it comes baby.”

She moaned loudly.

“Drink all my cum Debbie!”

I awoke with a start, had I yelled that out loud? I must have, I wouldn’t have woken up like that if I hadn’t. My head turn to the door when I heard a gasp. I noticed that it was slightly opened, and I saw the figure of Debbie moving away from it. I felt so bad, and I got up to go find her and apologize. I coaxed her into the kitchen, and we sat at the table.

“I heard you moaning. That’s why I was at the door. I thought maybe you weren’t feeling well, and I went to go make sure you were okay. I didn’t mean, I mean, I didn’t know….”

Tears of embarrassment swelled in her eyes, and I placed my hand lightly on top of hers.

“Deb. Debbie, look at me. There you go. Don’t cry. It’s okay. I wasn’t masturbating. I was dreaming; I woke up yelling.”

It was my turn to blush. Debbie stared at me, her eyes wide and she whispered to me.

“What were you dreaming about, Dan?”

“Oh, I don’t know if…”

“Please, tell me.”

She looked around as though she didn’t want anyone to over-hear our conversation, but there was no one here but us. I took a deep breath and related my dream to her. Her eyes went from shocked, to embarrassed, and finally ended up with a hint of desire in them.

“I’ve never done that.”

She looked down, as though it was wrong that she’d never given head before. I laughed a little and shook my head.

“Well, it’s okay that you haven’t. You are still young.”

“I mean, I’ve never done any of it Dan. I’ve never had sex. Sure, I’ve let men touch me, but I’ve never gone all the way. I always get too shy.”

“There’s nothing to be shy about Debbie. You’re a beautiful girl. I’m not trying to say that you should go out and have sex with everyone you meet, now. There’s just nothing to be shy about, and if you think you’ve met a guy that you want to do it with then you should.”

“I have.”

Her eyes went back down to the table, and she played with her fingers.

“Really? Who?”


I was silent. I didn’t know what to say. I stared at her in disbelief. She looked up and then back down, tears coming to her eyes again.

“I’ve wanted to have sex with you for a really long time. Every time I’ve let a man touch me, I imagined it was you, but when they began to talk, or I opened my eyes for a minute and saw that it wasn’t you, I couldn’t do it anymore. I’d become shy and wished for you. I know you’d treat me right, you always have.”

I stared at her just a second longer, and then moved, pressing my lips against hers. She gave a startled sound, but soon began to kiss me back. I stood up, scooped her up in my arms and took her into my room.

I laid her down on my bed, and looked at her again. She was so beautiful; her breasts moved quickly up and down with her desire, her cheeks flushed, and her lips quivered with unsaid words. I kissed her again, breathing in deep, taking her smell into me, as my hands moved to unbutton her shirt.

She moaned softly as my lips found her erect nipple. Her hand went lightly to my head as I moved to give equal attention to the other breast. I kissed down her belly, and hooked my fingers into her pajama pants. As I brought my lips further down, I pulled her pants off. I moaned as I caught a glance of her mound. She wasn’t bare, but she kept the hair trimmed shortly, and I could see her wetness glistening from the hair. I moved, lapping softly at the wetness on her swollen lips. She cooed, spreading her legs more.

“That feels so good Dan. Please don’t stop!”

I smiled, and moved move tongue, flicking it across her clit. Her hips bucked, and her hand pressed down on my head, trying to keep me there. I wasn’t ready for her to come yet. I moved my tongue back to her lips kissing, licking, and sucking them gently until she began to beg.

“Please Dan! Please let me come! I need to so badly!”

I moved again, going back to engorged clit. I sucked it into my mouth, nibbling softly, as I flicked my tongue hard against gorukle escort it. Her moans turned into screams, and her hips bucked again, harder, making me have to grab them to keep her stable.

“Oh yes! Just like that! Don’t stop. Oh God, Dan, I’m coming! My God it feels so good!”

Her words were lost and replaced with unintelligent mumbling as her orgasm hit her body full force. She began to pull on my hair, telling me she’d had enough, and I moved.

I laid on top of her, and kissed her. She moaned at the taste of herself on my lips, but she broke the kiss shortly.

“Fuck me Dan. Please, I need to feel your cock in me now!”

I smiled and obliged, slipping my pants off, and gently moving my cock inside of her. She was so tight that it took all the control I had not to come the minute my entire length slipped in her. She gasped, and ran her nails down my back. I went as slowly as I could, and even though she was completely soaked, there was still a little discomfort as she took a cock in her pussy for the first time.

I stopped as soon as I got all of myself into her.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, please keep going.”

“Doesn’t hurt too much does it?”

“No! Just do it!”

I began to thrust, rocking our bodies back and forth at a slow pace. Her legs wrapped around my waist, and she began to moan. A slight smile crossing her face as she wrapped her arms around my neck.

Even at this slow pace, I was going to come very quickly. I tried to hold off as long as I could, but Debbie was so wet, so tight, and hot that it was impossible to hold off any longer.

“I’m going to come Debbie.”

There was no answer from her as I began to empty my load deep inside of her. She began to scream, the feel of my orgasm setting off her own.

We lay there afterwards, catching our breath, as she snuggled in my arms. I was almost a sleep again when I heard her voice.

“Don’t worry Dan. I’m on the pill.”


“You came inside of me, and I just wanted to let you know that there is no chance of me getting pregnant.”

“Oh, okay.”

“I’ve been on it since I was sixteen. I’ve always had problems with my period. So, my doctor decided the best thing to do was regulated it with the pill.”

“Honestly, Debbie, I hadn’t even thought of it. But now I’m glad you told me.”

She shrugged but said nothing more. I kissed the back of her head and was soon asleep.

A week later, I had to go to New Orleans for my job. Debbie asked if she could go with me. She had a week off of college, and didn’t want to stay at home alone while Mom was still attending her training courses. I said it was just fine, of course, I was quite happy that Deb would be going with me.

During the day, Deb would view the sites of New Orleans while I was at work. One night upon returning back to the hotel, Deb jumped me. She kissed me passionately on the lips as we fell onto the big bed.

“Wow! What’s got into you?”

“I saw something today.”

“Oh yeah, what was it?”

“I was in the park, and I had gone off to a pretty secluded place, and I walked right into two people fucking. I don’t think they ever saw me, or maybe they did, I don’t know. But I couldn’t stop watching them, and guess what?”

I shook my head, she was talking a mile a minute and I was having a hard time registering all the words amid her excitement.

“What?” “He was getting her up the ass!”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah, and oh Dan, it looked sooo good! The lady looked like she was enjoying it so much! She was screaming, and commanding him to fuck her harder, and I want to do it.”

“Do what?”

She rolled her eyes and gave my chest a playful slap.

“I want you to fuck me in the ass.”

“Are you sure?”


“But Deb, there’s more involved than just it feeling good.”

“I don’t care I want it!”

She slipped off of me, and knelt on the floor. Quickly, she had my cock out of my pants and was lazily moving her tongue up and down the shaft. I sat up, and gave a little moan as she took me between her lips. She lifted her head and smiled.

“Please, Dan. Please fuck me in the ass.”

“Deb, you have to….”

She swallowed my cock down, causing me to moan loudly and forget what I was saying.

“I want it Dan. I want it so bad, just like you’d probably like for me to finish this blow job or fuck you right now. You wouldn’t want me to stop would you?”


“No, you wouldn’t. You want to come now don’t you?”


“Then come in my ass Dan, please!”

I grabbed her under her armpits and threw her on the bed. She squealed with delight as I turned her over on her hands and knees. I pulled up the skirt she had on and gave her ass a playful slap before ramming my cock in her pussy.

“You’re very wet, little girl.”

“That scene in the park today had me going.”

She moaned loudly.

“Oh yeah? You liked watching them fuck?”


“And bursa merkez escort bayan now you want me to do you like that man was doing to that woman in the park?”

“Yes, yes, please!”

“You want it in your ass, baby?”

“You know I do!”

“Say it one more time for me.”

“I want you to fuck me in the ass!”

I wrapped my finger around to her mouth and pressed down on her lips.

“Suck it. Get that finger nice and wet for me.”

She took it into her mouth and sucked on it just like she would my cock. I moved it and placed it on her ass. She moaned as I rubbed the tight hole and began to push my finger inside.

“Oooo..yes, that feels good!”

I began to move my finger in and out, in the same rhythm that I plunged my cock into her.

“Oh fuck! Your cock! Dan please put your cock in it!”

I moved my finger and pulled my cock out. I looked down and decided that she had gotten my cock wet enough. I rubbed the head against her rosebud and slowly began to insert it. She gasped and wiggled under me.

“Shhh…now! It’s going to be a little painful at first.”

She just nodded her head and whimpered. I kept pushing, giving her a little at a time, until my cock would no longer move inside her virgin hole.

“I’m going to keep it right there. When you’re ready you start moving, okay?”

She only nodded again.

We stayed in that position for a few minutes and then she began to rock back and forth, whimpering as she did so. She took deep breaths, and I moved my hand around to play with her clit as she moved my cock further into her ass.

Soon enough, she had the entire length inside of her. She stopped moving and I began, at a slow pace. I moved my hand and placed hers on her pussy, and after awhile, she began to buck hard against me. Her hand moved quickly on her clit as her moans began to get louder.

“Oh my fucking God! Yes, fuck me! Mmmm…that’s so good! Harder! Fuck me harder!”

I grabbed hold of her hips and slammed my cock harder into her. She screamed and laughed, her body convulsed and bucked against me.

“I’m going to come!”

Her ass tightened even more around me and her screams ripped through the air in the room. I couldn’t hold back either, and began to release into her. She laughed again, as she felt me filling her up.

She collapsed on the bed after we were both spent, and I laid beside her. It was several minutes before she spoke. She turned around, her eyes wide, and she giggled.

“Oh wow. That was amazing! That was like the best orgasm ever!”

I laughed at her excitement.

“I’m glad you liked it Honey.”

“I did! Now, I’m going to go clean up. I’m hungry.”

I watched her as she walked into the bathroom, and smiled as the swing in her hips was more prominent than it ever had been.

We left a couple of days later, and upon returning home, I saw mom for the first time. She was happy to see me, and we got all caught up on what we had been doing, though, I excluded the part about me and Debbie becoming lovers.

Debbie seemed depressed when we got back, and we talked about what was wrong. She was afraid that now mom was home we would have to stop our affair. I laughed and shook my head.

“No, we just have to be more careful.”

“Yeah, but if Aunt Diane catches us, she might just send me packing.”

“That’s why we don’t get caught.”

I tweaked her chin and the conversation ended.

We were careful, waiting till late night to have sex, and we thought we were home free, but we would be in for a surprise.

Debbie and I had just finished, when the door to my room opened, and there stood mom. She didn’t have a stitch of clothing on, and she sauntered into the room with a wicked smile on her face. Debbie was so scared that at first she didn’t notice that mom was naked.

“Aunt Diane! I can explain!”

“Shut up!”

“But please!”

“I said to shut up.”

Debbie started crying and I elbowed her. She looked at me, and then to mom and her eyes widened as she noticed now that mom had no clothes on.

“I’ve been watching you two for the past week now. I thought it was my turn to get in on the action.”

I tried to say something, but all thoughts were cut off when mom spread Debbie’s legs and immediately started lapping at the mingled juices leaking from her pussy. She pulled up and looked at me.

“Mmmm…so sweet! Dan why don’t you get behind me and stick that cock in my pussy.”

I was shocked, but I couldn’t help but oblige.

Mom was so tight, and her orgasming just seconds after I thrust my cock into her didn’t help with it. I fucked her hard, making her come several times before I emptied my seed into her. She had made Debbie come several times as well, the last so hard that Debbie passed out.

Mom and I broke from each other, and quietly left the room to let Debbie sleep.

At the dining room table, mom and I talked. She told me that since Dad had died she’d really not been with anybody. She told me that she’d been with a few girls, but never any men. When she saw me and Debbie a week ago, she knew that she had to fuck me.

Mom, Debbie, and I kept our relationship when I was home, and from the letters and phone calls I got, Debbie and Mom kept each other busy while I was away.