College Fun


I was in college the first time I was with a guy. To be honest, it was the first time I had been with anyone. I “enjoyed” the old fashioned porn, with Playboy, Penthouse, and the occasional Penthouse Forum. I was horny all the time, but I thought only about women.

It was winter break and I had to stay on campus to work. The dorms were, for the most part, empty, along with the rest of campus. I decided that on one cold day, it was a good time to go swimming in the indoor campus pool. I was in pretty good shape, not muscular, but trim and fit.

As I was swimming, I noticed one other guy in the pool. He was Gary, an alumni, with a golden tan, barrel chested and hairy, and very muscular. I knew him from events on campus. He swam over on occasion to talk, and he was oddly inviting to me.

On one occasion, he sat on the edge of the pool right in front of me, and as I glanced up, I could see his cock sticking out the side of his trunks. I looked away, but in spite of the cold water, I could see that he was well endowed.

As the open swim time ended, we both went down the steps to the locker rooms to shower. Though there were plenty of communal showers to use, he followed me into the one I was using. I tried not to look over at him, but when I did, he had his back to me. I could see his great tan, other than that on his muscular ass.

I felt a familiar stirring in my cock, so I started to rinse off, turning the shower colder to get rid of my erection. When I turned back to look at him, he was facing me and he had soaped up his gaziantep escort crotch and his huge erection was sticking out the soap. I blushed and turned away, but in spite of the cold water, my dick jumped to attention.

As he started to come towards me, I turned to let him see my 6″ erection, nothing like the 8 or 9 inch that he had. We both smiled, but right at that time, the lifeguard walked through the locker room telling everyone to get out, because lockup would be in 10 minutes.

Quickly I finished rinsing, grabbed my towel off the hook, and went to my locker. I kept my cock covered as I dried and dressed. I was shaking as I grabbed my coat and took off.

I decided to grab a beer and a pizza at the bar next to the athletic facilities, right across the street. As I sat there eating and nursing my beer, Gary sat down beside me with his beer and we sat in silence for a while. When he asked what my plans were, I told him that I really didn’t have any.

He asked if I’d like to come over to his house to watch some tv. He told me that the other guys who lived there were all gone for break. I decided to go. I knew the other guys he lived with and they were cool, so why not.

He drove and when we got to his house, it was a little run down, but a nice enough place for college, primarily because it was cheap. He turned up the heat and we sat on the couch. He turned on the tv and we watched it for a while, then he asked if I’d like to watch some porn. I was certainly up for that, so he put some on.

At first, it was the basic man-on-woman porn, the kind I was accustomed to. I moved uncomfortably on the couch, because my erection was uncomfortable in my jeans. As we watched, the movie changed. The next sex scene, in between brief and plotless conversation, was woman-on-woman. Since the women were great looking, I had no problem watching it. My dick was even more uncomfortable.

Then the movie took a different turn. The next sex scene was between two men. They were in a 69 position, sucking each other’s cocks. I looked at Gary next to me and he had his cock out, masturbating it and it was a full 9 inches.

As I sat there shaking, Gary knelt in front of me on the floor. He undid my belt, undid my pants, and pulled my jeans and my underwear down to the floor. I raised my ass to help him. He scooted me to the front edge of the couch and pushed my knees apart.

He started to suck my cock and since I was so horny, I almost immediately came in his mouth. He swallowed and sucked until it nearly hurt. I was now embarrassed, but he stood up and his massive cock was now at my eye level. I wasn’t sure what to do, and I tried to suck it, but I just couldn’t. He said it was okay, then he masturbated until he came in his hand.

It was late, so he offered for me to stay the night and he would give me a ride back to the dorm in the morning. I was not ready for that, but he offered for me to sleep in a twin bed in one of the bedrooms, the bottom bunk of a bunk bed.

I felt that would be safe enough, with him in another room, so I agreed. I went to sleep fairly quickly, but in the middle of the night, I woke up cold. Apparently the old house had very little heat. It wasn’t long before Gary entered the room, apologizing for the cold.

He crawled into the lower bunk with me, telling me he could help me get warm. Before long, I realized that his erection was pressed up against my ass. Before long, I was erect and he reached around and played with my cock. I was warm enough now. He pulled down my shorts and put his cock back against my ass.

Before I knew it, he had the covers up on his shoulders and he moved between my legs. He had me reach back and I felt his balls and his cock. He had some lube with him and he coated his cock and my tight hole.

He pulled me up onto my knees and slowly put the head of his cock against me. He grabbed my hips and pushed into me. I moaned, first in pain. He was gentle and before long, most of his cock was in me. He pumped my ass and I began meeting every thrust with one of my own. My moans were now in pleasure. He continued to fuck me for what seemed to be hours, when he finally came inside me. I came on the sheets at the same time.

After he went back to bed, I fell asleep. When I woke up, he was still asleep in his bed. I quickly got dressed and ran all the way back to the dorm. We never spoke again, but I saw him a few times on campus.

Every time I saw him, he had a gorgeous girl on his arm. I have never been with a man since then. I got married, and I have only had sex with my wife. However, sometimes, during sex, I still dream of Gary. I still think about sucking a cock like his or getting fucked by one. Maybe someday.