College Daze Ch.. 01


(This story is a product of my imagination, a fiction, a fantasy.)

Junior Colleges are often strange institutions. For some, it’s the only higher education they’ll get, or sometimes, need. For others, it’s a halfway house between high school and college, or the only viable economic option they have for various reasons. We do our best to serve as many as we can as well as we can. Some of the most interesting to work with are the ones we catch that just aren’t emotionally or scholastically ready for a major university. For many of these, junior college or community college is just an extension of high school for the directionless. But we do our best. This also means that we often have a lot more interaction with parents than university people ever have to deal with.

Through a quirk of regs and birth dates, Sandy had graduated high school and started college early. The first part of the term had been rough for her, but she had two things going for her, she actually knew how to study (a small miracle these days), and a very supportive mother. As an environmental sciences major in my intro to geology class, I’d lost track of the number of times she’d wound up in my office blubbering over some assignment or some boy, or often both, as some boy often led to not completing some assignment. The concept of prioritizing was coming slowly to her. When her mom would call me up, we would work through things and sort out the disaster du jour.

Finally, mid terms had come and gone and between her mother and I, Sandy had survived it. She’d also become a legal adult and was now wallowing in that aspect of life. Unfortunately, this meant that I couldn’t just give her mom the information we’d been able to openly share before. Sandy was now a woman.

Sandy was 5’6″, luxurious, thick, shiny brown hair which she kept longish but usually had tied up in some way or another. She was of average build, not skinny but not chubby either, nice broad hips, smooth tummy, curvy bum and magnificently average boobs, just right. Not too big, not too small. She tended to wear snug tops of one variety or another, and alternated randomly between shorts and skirts of varying lengths. She had a pretty roundish face and bright brown eyes.

Just before Thanksgiving, Sandy had another melt down, the first in weeks actually. This particular melt down was extended when I had to explain to her that because of her age, I could no longer freely share info with her mom without forms filled out and signed. In a storm of sniffles and swishing skirt, she marched off to the registrars’ office to find and sign forms.

Sandy was a devious wench. More so than I’d ever expected. She was making sure that I was in semi regular contact with her mother and didn’t want that interrupted. Sandy had a two part plan she’d been working on since some clumsy boy had talked her into having some fun in the janitors closet during a dance. She’d been horribly disappointed in the experience, and wasn’t about to do it again till she was sure it was going to be done right. She was also frustrated at her mother’s constant dodging when it came finding a new man. Sandy wanted a lover for them both.

I’d begun to notice in the days following Thanksgiving break, that she wore skirts more often, and despite the cold, they were on average, getting shorter and shorter. Although her melt downs were getting fewer and further between, she always had a myriad of excuses to be in my classroom, lab, or office. Advising came and went, and I had mixed feelings when I noted that she’d signed up for two of my classes in the next term.

Being in the transitionary position we are for many students’ lives at this level, it’s not unusual at all for us to get assorted holiday greetings from some of the students. For Christmas I got a photo card of her and her mother on a beach, a collage of her and her mom enjoying themselves in some rather stunning swim wear and, in a couple of instances, in some rather indelicate poses. Sandy’s mother Janice was an older, slightly taller, lusciously full figured version of Sandy. Age wasn’t stopping her at all.

For various reasons, I spent the holiday’s home alone that year. I’d been fielding assorted calls from family all day on Christmas day and answered the phone automatically without checking the numbers.

“Hi Doc!” squealed a familiar voice.

“Sandy?” I replied.

“Yup, happy Christmas! Are you having a good day?”

“Yea, Sandy, I am, thanks…”

“Good! Did you get my card?”

“Yea, Sandy, I sure did, thank you.”

“Do you like it?”

“They’re great photos Sandy, looks like you ladies had a great time”

“Which one is your favorite picture?”

“I don’t know, I hadn’t really thought about it that much.”

“I bet it’s the one of mom with her rock hard nipples, that lifeguard was such a hunk but mom wouldn’t talk to him, I kept telling her she should go jump his bones.”

“Um, yea, I guess.”

“Oh! I know which one! That one with me all spread out on the sand, you can see my pussy so well I might Şişli Escort as well not even be wearing the bikini! Huh!?”

“Uh, Sandy, we really shouldn’t be having this kind of discussion.”

“That’s OK Doc, you just have a happy Christmas! Bye!”

Devious wench. I couldn’t resist, I dug out the card from the stack, and she was right, they were great pictures.

We weren’t two weeks into the next term when I got a very fancy invitation in the mail. Invitation for one to a fancy dress dinner party for Janice’s birthday. Thinking guiltily about the holiday card, I followed the directions and e-mailed my rsvp according to the included directions.

The next day Sandy flitted into lab like a butterfly, wearing a tight baby doll t-shirt that made it clear she was not wearing a bra and the shortest skirt I’d ever seen on her. It wasn’t a mini, but short enough to put the conservative biddies on the board into a snit. But it was the lacy topped thigh high stockings that made my cock stand at attention all through the lab exercise.

Sandy, as usual, was the last one out, though she’d actually completed her assignment among the first. I’m pretty sure that if it hadn’t been for the massive, heavily reinforced lab table between us (you need super, heavy duty lab tables for geology), she would have launched herself at me for some form of hug. During a light speed conversation, mostly with herself, she assured me that her mom was very excited that I’d be coming to the party and she’d finally get to meet me.

In the middle of the chatter she seated herself on the opposite table in a very un-ladylike manner. In the process of wriggling up onto the table her breasts moved and shifted in that way that only a young woman’s firm, fresh tits can. Her legs were splayed wide and the short skirt rode high on her legs.

She blindsided me with a question. “What are you wearing to the party?”

“Well, the invitation said formal, either a black suit or a tux, what do you think?”

“I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen a real live man in a tux, does it make you look sexier that what you usually wear?” She had a devilish, lopsided grin, the skirt crept higher.

“Um…I suppose it might, the materials are lighter and move nicely. But I haven’t worn mine in some time.”

“Do you think I should wear this outfit?” She sat up straight and leaned slightly forward, thrusting her breasts out, hard nipples showing clearly in the tight shirt.

“It’s a very nice outfit, but do you think it really fits the formal category? After all, you seem to think I should wear the tux.” My eyes hurt, one wanted to look at the stockings, the other at her chest, both checking regularly on the progress of the skirt.

She put one foot on the table between us, leg cocked, knee high, skirt elevated. “You like my stockings, don’t you sir?”

“They’re very nice Sandy.” Damn, I’d smiled, I couldn’t help it.

“You liked the card I sent, didn’t you?” The leg shifted a bit, almost a clear view up the skirt now.

“Um, yea, I suppose so, it was different, that’s for sure.”

“Did you look at mom’s nipples or my pussy more?”

“I really shouldn’t answer that Sandy, definitely not here in the lab.”

“Guess what I did before lab today, its my only class today you know.”

“At this point Sandy, I’m almost afraid to guess much less ask.”

“I gave my pussy a nice fresh shave, I bet you like that, don’t you?” She leaned back a bit on the table, lifting the skirt just enough for a clear view. “Do you like this thong, or my bikini bottoms better?” The thong in question was of the sheerest material I’d ever seen; it met only the barest requirements of modesty. Her slit was clearly visible and there was an obvious spot of moisture on them.

“Should I wear these under my dress for the party, or my bikini bottom?”

“Whatever you prefer Sandy, it’s not like I’ll know either way, is it?”

“OK, then I’ll surprise you!!!” With a giggle she fluttered out the door again. I was beginning to have doubts about the wisdom of accepting that invitation, and wondering what I was going to be in for Saturday evening.

The party was at a new winery in town. Best place in town. In a major metropolitan area it’d probably have gotten four stars, for us it was the classiest place in town. The kind of place you where you didn’t even think about it, you just wore a tie. I went in and was escorted to a small private party room; there were a few other guys. I was very happy to find out I wouldn’t be the only one in a tux.

Standing behind a table, under a banner that read “For the 8th Time Mom, Happy 30th Birthday!!”, were Sandy and Janice. Even though it was January, and cold, Sandy was wearing a white summer dress with yellow flowers, and lacy topped thigh high stockings. She smiled at me, cocked a knee, and winked. Janice was stunning in a lavender dress that accentuated every luscious curve with buttons from her chin to her knees. I’m sure the black stockings were Sandy’s idea.

There was Şişli Escort Bayan just one large table set for maybe 12 people. After much chatting and assorted introductions and having my ass grabbed by Sandy several times, we were seated for dinner. I found myself directly across from Sandy and Janice, thinking how lucky I was that Sandy didn’t wedge me in between them somehow.

Everyone chatted politely over dinner. I was actually expecting it when I felt a foot exploring my leg from Sandy’s direction. She’d slipped off her flats under the table and was lifting the hem of my pants up with her foot so she could rub my leg. A slight tingle went through me, I loved the feel of the material of her stocking.

Under the table, a dance began. She would caress my leg a bit, then once in a while, she’d try to hook my foot and drag it Janice’s direction. Once I knew the steps to this dance I started watching their body language. Sandy was regularly trying to drag Janice’s foot my direction. At some point, with a slight smile not aimed at either of us, she relented. Sandy guided her mother’s foot to my leg and we all began a two step with six feet.

Deserts and drinks came as the subtle music in the room changed. Sandy announced that it was time to dance, and hauled her mom to the middle of the room. They were outrageously funny as Sandy guided the dance. With Sandy doing the driving they managed to crash into pretty much everyone, though I seemed to get hit every third time or so. I noticed their dresses showed them both off very nicely.

The song came to an end and Sandy grabbed Janice’s dad, determined that he dance with her next, then Sandy latched onto me and announced everyone had to grab someone and dance. In the chaos that resulted from that many people dancing in that small a space, Sandy guided my hands to her hips and ass. There was a whisper in my ear, “Surprised?” I was. She’d found a third option for what to wear under her dress, nothing.

Have I mentioned that Sandy was a devious little wench? She kept the dancing going on for over an hour even though the older folks tried to wind it down sooner. She also insured that I almost never danced with anyone but her and Janice, and that if I was dancing with Janice, we were regularly and firmly mashed together. By the time everyone else had managed to escape from Sandy’s imperial dance direction, I knew that Sandy was nude under her summer dress, and Janice wasn’t wearing much under hers, and what there was, was surely very lacy and silky.

I knew every curve of their breasts, hips, and butts, and they knew my cock was rock hard. While Janice was showing the last guests out, Sandy finally got a lip lock on me that damn near made me cream my pants. Sandy was demonstrating her aggressive tonsil hockey game when a hand slipped around me from behind and got a grip on my cock, rubbing it though my pants. I was humping the hand while firming up my grip on Sandy, biting her lower lip.

“I can see why she’s been after you for months now.” Came a whisper in my ear. I reached around behind me and caught a handful of hip and ass. I slipped my other hand under Sandy’s dress and got a grip on her naked butt.

“Years ago I told her that when she was old enough, I’d help her get the man of her choice into bed for her true first time.” She managed to get my fly open and was stroking me like a pro. “When her dad just up and vanished on us, she started trying to hook me up with various guys. I always knew what she had in mind, a man for us both.”

I moaned a vague reply. I couldn’t actually say anything, Sandy was busy sucking on my tongue.

“She’s chosen well, will you make love to us Doc?” Janice guided my hand through an opening in her buttons, coming to rest in a hot, moist, lace covered valley. There was no hint of hair as my fingers sought to penetrate deeper.

“She told me what she did in lab, that you definitely like a shaved pussy, was she right?”

I finally managed to break the intense kissing. “Are you ladies planning to rape me here, or shall we adjourn to your house?”

Janice looked around, “Sandy, close the door dear, I still haven’t had my desert.”

She sank to her knees and extracted my cock from my pants as her daughter closed the door and pulled a chair in front of it. As Janice licked my cock I watched Sandy pull up her dress and sit in the chair with her legs spread wide, her freshly shaven pussy glistening with her juices.

I began running my fingers through Janice’s hair as she took in my cock, deeper and deeper. Her tongue explored my cock head. She was sucking and slurping away when Sandy suddenly stood up. With a look of resolve she waltzed over and kneeled behind her mother, slid her hands around, and began unbuttoning her dress from the top.

Janice began swallowing my cock deep as Sandy kneaded her mother’s tits. The scene was blowing my mind and I hadn’t been with a woman since the previous summer. I was fucking Janice’s sweet mouth when Sandy shrugged off the shoulder straps of the summer Escort Şişli dress, giving me a view of her perfect, firm tits. I couldn’t take it anymore. My cock exploded in Janice’s mouth and she swallowed every drop.

With my cock still hanging out I helped the ladies stand and kissed them both. We quickly arranged ourselves and I followed the ladies to their house. As soon as the door closed we were all over each other. A confusing mass of hands and kisses. In moments we had our outer clothes off and the ladies had stripped off my boxers.

Sandy stood before me in nothing but those magnificent stockings, and Janice’s curves were threatening to burst the seams of the sheer lace teddy and black stockings. Some form of unspoken communication passed between us and moments later Sandy and I were slowly stripping the teddy off Janice as we kissed her all over. In what seemed to be only an instant we had Janice on the sofa, spread wide. Sandy attacked her mother’s nipples while I dove into her muff. I shoved two fingers into Janice’s sopping wet hole and began driving them in and out while I licked and sucked her clit. After several minutes of our combined attacks, Janice’s body began to convulse and buck under us. With a throaty growl the orgasm washed over her.

Janice’s back was arched as I kneeled between her legs and drove my cock into her streaming wet pussy. The growl turned into a low pitched scream. I began fucking the beautiful woman for all I was worth. The clenched muscles of her body never let up, her pussy gripped my cock, squeezing me tight. I fucked her in wild abandon till my poor cock had finally had enough, shooting streams of jizz into her hot womb.

I was too weak to stand and collapsed with her on the sofa, entangled in her limbs. A gleam in her eye, Sandy swooped upon us, licking my cock clean. Then, with a wink, began licking my cum out of her mother’s freshly fucked twat.

Eventually we caught our breath. With kisses and coaxing, and by using my cock as they’re new pull toy, we moved into Janice’s spacious bedroom. The kissing and touching and snuggling went on for what seemed to be hours. Eventually Janice began murmuring in my ear.

“Doc, we have a surprise for you. Sandy has only ever experience a cock once, and it was a most unsatisfactory experience. I’ve promised her since, that when we found the right man for the job, I would help her with it. You’ve been selected. Will you make her a woman with me?”

I was stunned. Somehow, even though she was one of the most beautiful girls in her classes, and reveled in the parties common to being a college freshman, she was still a virgin in all the ways that counted. I turned and looked at Sandy who was smiling a very naughty smile.

“Where and how do you want this my dear?” I asked her.

“I want you to do me in my own bed Doc, please?” She said it in a way that was both determined and a bit frightened.

I worked my way out of the tangle of their bodies and offered her my hand. She took it and stood. I told her to lead the way. The bedroom we entered was obviously freshly cleaned and organized. The large bed looked to be fairly new and the sheets and all were bold and brightly colored.

I turned her to face me and kissed her, long and deep. My cock was nestled against her tummy as we kissed and caressed, hands exploring each other. Our passion mounted, my cock began to grow. It slid and squished against her smooth skin, wet with my cum and her mother’s pussy juices.

Another pair of hands joined us, exploring our bodies. Kissing and caressing I maneuvered Sandy against the bed. With delight I noted that it seemed to be just the right height. Gripping her fresh, firm ass in my hands, I lifted her against my body. Her breathing quickened when she felt my balls against her tender shaven mound. Finally, her legs parted naturally as I lowered her, seating her on the bed.

Our kiss finally broke. Caressing her stocking sheathed legs I knelt and kissed her mound, then her pussy lips, circling her pussy with small teasing kisses. Another weight moved the bed as Janice settled herself next to her daughter and began kissing and caressing Sandy’s fresh body.

Sandy’s pussy was dripping wet as I slid my tongue down her slit, over her clit and into her labia. Her back arched, plastering her firm tit into her mother’s mouth and she let out a little squeal as my tongue came back up to her clit. She writhed and squirmed for several minutes as I licked and teased and sucked on her clit. Pulling gently on her clit with my lips I shoved a finger deep into her womanhood. Her body arched, she gasped and tried to cry out, but couldn’t. Her legs grabbed my head so tightly I couldn’t move, but Janice continued her oral assault on Sandy’s hard, sensitive nipples.

With a huge gasp and a sigh, her body finally released, she collapsed like a wet noodle on the bed. I lavished small gentle kisses all over her pussy, avoiding her clit now as I began to finger fuck her fresh hot twat. So tight, so hot. She whimpered softly as I added a second finger. She was so wet her pussy had almost no friction. I plunged my fingers into her faster and faster, deeper and deeper. Every now and then I’d stop and just wiggle my fingers against her inner walls and feel around for her G spot, making her shudder.