Co-worker’s Man Ch. 14


“C’mon boy, my cock needs your help.” Frank’s words snapped me out of my trance and I rose to my feet as he handed me the soap. He took his lathered hands and started cleaning his shoulders and armpits while he turned his front to me. I lathered up my hands and set the soap aside. I reached out and took his heavy, tumescent cock into my loving hands. As I let my slippery hands start to slide back and forth, Frank took the opportunity to let loose with his morning load of piss.

The first blast of his acrid piss splashed against my upper thigh. With my hands around his cock I directed it higher until I felt his warming bath flow over my own cock and groin area. With one hand directing his golden nectar onto my body, I cupped my other hand and held it below my own cock as his piss continued to roll off my body into my waiting hand.

“Thataboy,” said Frank as he smiled down at my now overflowing hand. His flow of piss finally ended but not before my whole lower body had been soaked with his golden shower. As the final drops fell directly into my cupped hand, I raised it until I was holding it just below my mouth. The hot acrid smell filled my nostrils and I saw Frank smile as I tipped my hand into my waiting mouth. I felt the hot salty nectar fill my oral cavity and I swirled it around within my mouth before swallowing it. I moaned thru closed eyes as I felt his piss making a warm spot in the pit of my stomach.

“C’mon kid. Let’s finish up and get out of here. I need some real food,” Frank said as he turned fully into the spray at one end of the shower. I washed myself quickly at the other end of the shower and followed him out onto the mat. I grabbed one of the new thick towels and dried Frank first before attending to myself. As I was drying myself Frank was at the sink busy brushing his teeth.

When he finished, he turned to me and said, “I feel like some pancakes and sausages this morning. You’ll find everything in the kitchen. I’ve gotta check my e-mail first and then I’ll be in. But first of all, I want to take a shit in peace so get the hell out of here.”

I left him alone in the bathroom, grabbed the pink robe from the hook on the door again, and made my way to the kitchen. It didn’t take me long to find some breakfast sausages in the meat drawer and get those going. I then searched the cupboards and found a box of instant pancake mix. I found all I needed and got things going along with a pot of coffee and a couple of big glasses of juice.

Frank came in wearing his thick terrycloth robe just as I was finishing up and getting the food onto the table. He had the Sunday paper with him and started to read the sports section first as he dug into his breakfast. I took my place at his side and eagerly dug into a sizable portion myself. The good food and the hot coffee tasted great and I felt a wave of revival wash over me as the nutrients entered my bloodstream. We polished off everything I made until the plates were spotless.

“I need a second cup of coffee, kid.” Frank said as he moved his cup towards me as he continued to read the paper. I quickly rose and stood to pour the steaming black liquid into his cup.

“Go ahead and have the final sausage kid,” he said as he took a drink of his coffee. I looked down at the empty plate that had earlier held the sausages I had brought to the table. Frank never looked up from his reading but must have sensed my confusion. “I think you’ll find the last big sausage is under the table.”

I set the coffee pot down and with the robe swirling around me, pulled my chair out of the way and dropped to my knees beside the table. As I crawled under the table, Frank let his legs drift apart. I turned slightly until I was facing directly towards him and saw his massive dick hanging heavy and loose over the front edge of his chair. Just behind, his huge balls hung low and relaxed in his silky bag. From underneath, I reached up near the edge of the table and undid the knot in the waistband of his robe and let both sides fall away from his lower body. Frank let his legs fall even further apart as I moved forward towards my desired target.

Without using my hands at all, I dropped my mouth and turned it sideways as I let my lips wrap around the large smooth head of his dormant cock. I bathed the taut membranes with a mouthful of saliva as I slowly slid my tongue all around the mushroom crown captured within my mouth. I used just my mouth, tongue and lips on the end of his heavenly cock for a couple of minutes until I felt it start to swell within my mouth.

I reached under with both hands and cupped his massive balls as his cock continued to extend and thicken as I manipulated the crimson head within my salivating mouth. I gently hefted and rolled his testes with my loving hands as my lips started to stretch open even further as his girth increased under my attention. After a couple of minutes more, I had the engorged end of his full 10 ½” pushing upwards against the roof gaziantep escort of my mouth. His powerful cock felt like it was trying to lift me right off the floor!

I took one hand and drew the skin of his bag away from his body until it was tight and then took the fingernails of my other hand and scratched them teasingly over the taut surface.

“Oh fuck…..that’s perfect kid. Just keep doing that for a bit.”

As I kept up the light scratching, I worked up a mouthful of saliva and then pushed it to the front of my mouth and along the edges of my full lips. Using the saliva to ease the way, I angled my head slightly and slid forwards. I kept going and had my eyes locked on the pubic hair at his groin as I continued to let inch after inch fill my throat. As his thick flared head pushed past the entrance to my throat, my eyes bugged open as I felt it distend the sensitive tissues of my throat. I suppressed my gag reflex and pushed forward as the remaining inches slid into my yearning mouth. As I made my way further forward, my lips bumped into my hand that was holding his sack and then I felt his pubic hair tickle my face as my lips locked down on his tremendous girth at the base of his weapon of love. I had taken his whole massive 10 ½ thick inches in one fell swoop.

“OH SHIT KID! THAT’S GREAT!” Frank shouted from above the table as my face was impaled on his rigid dick.

I responded by swallowing which caused the muscles around the lining of my throat to send a massaging tremor down the length of his virile manhood. I felt his throbbing cock pulsate within my mouth as the hammering blood coursed thru the length of him to make it feel even more rigid. I backed fully off his cock and gasped for air. As it cleared my lips, it sprang instantly upwards, brushing past my nose to slap audibly against the underside of the table above.

“Easy now, kid. You better kiss it better,” said Frank with an admonishing laugh.

I reached forward with my hand and drew his throbbing rod down until it once more pointed directly in line with my mouth. I spotted a gleaming morsel of precum at the end of his dick and quickly lapped that up before pursing my lips and covering his engorged crimson cockhead with soft kisses.

“That’s nice and sweet kid……now take the whole thing again,” he commanded.

I took a deep breath, stretched my lips around the thick head, and thrust myself forward. His rigid cock powered its way to the depths of my throat as I slid my full lips all the way to the base of his gnarled shaft in one motion.

“Uhhnnnnnnn,” I moaned against his shaft as I surrendered myself to the pleasure of his powerful cock filling my throat. I backed off but this time kept the mushroom crown locked within my lips. I slammed myself forward again, swallowing repeatedly when my lips nuzzled against his groin.

“Oh yeah…..that’s beautiful kid,” Frank said and once more I glowed under the praise of his words. I started a back and forth rhythm as I continued to fully impale myself on his thick 10 ½”. I kept this up for a few minutes as I kept rolling and cradling his large balls in my cupping hands.

“C’mon with me kid,” I heard Frank say as he backed away from the table and quickly pulled his cock from my gaping mouth. I crawled out from under the table and followed him out of the kitchen to one of the spare rooms off the hallway. The room was set up as a combination guest room/study with a double bed and a large desk containing their computer. As I followed Frank into the room, I noticed the computer was running and could see some text running across the over-sized monitor. Frank reached over and pulled the big leather desk chair back from the computer.

“Get under the desk, kid,” he said pointing to the darkened area beneath the large wood desk. “I want to read some erotic stories I found on this website and you’re gonna finish blowing me while I do it.”

I dropped to my knees again and backed myself into the area beneath the desk. Frank sat in the chair and spread his legs on either side of me as he rolled the chair closer to the computer. His heavy pulsating cock was inches from my waiting mouth again. I wrapped my hand around his gnarled shaft and drew it down until I had it pointing straight forwards again. I opened wide and slid my full swollen lips over the head. I placed both hands back on his silken bag as I once again launched myself forward to deep-throat his massive member.

I heard Frank clicking with the mouse occasionally from above me as I worked up a mouthful of saliva and slid my gripping lips back and forth over the throbbing veins that stood out in bold relief along his tremendous shaft.

“Oh yeah. This is a good one. It’s about a cocksucker like you that meets up with a trucker who hasn’t gotten off in a week. They spend the night at sleazy motel where the trucker keeps pumpin’ loads into the cocksucker. Wish you were him, kid?”

I hummed in agreement into his cock as I kept pistoning myself back and forth along his full length. I kept this up for about fifteen minutes as Frank continued to read from the computer screen. I took one of my hands and started scratching around the base of his cock as I knew he liked, the other hand still cupping his cum-swollen balls.

“Oh fuck yeah……..that’s good kid. I’m getting’ close,” Frank warned from above. I noticed his balls starting to draw up in their sack and his cock got that little bit firmer just before the onslaught of his orgasm. I scratched again around the taut skin at the base of his cock as I slammed my face into his groin one more time.

“OH JESUS! HERE IT COMES KID!” he bellowed as his cum raced up the length of his pulsating cock to spew forth deep into my throat. I felt the first blast seem to shoot directly into my stomach and I quickly swallowed as I backed off to catch as much of his load as possible right in my mouth. The second rope-like gob spewed forth against the roof of my mouth as I kept my lips tight behind the flared ridge. I took my hand off his bag and wrapped it around his thick shaft and started pumping the outer sheath of skin quickly back and forth. His erupting cockhead continued to fill my mouth with his potent cream as I savored the musky taste of his milky semen on my tongue before swallowing it. I moaned out loud as he continued to paste his thick creamy seed against the walls of my mouth. I swallowed and swallowed as my pumping hand milked as much cum out of him as I could. His load was finally reduced to a few dwindling drops which I lapped up from his gaping piss-slit.

“Oh fuck, kid. That’s quite the throat you’ve got there. I think I’ll be making use of that a lot from now on,” he said as I continued to nurse at his deflating cock. I had no complaints about that. He could use my mouth or ass whenever he wanted.

“Well boy, I’m gonna take you home pretty soon. I’ve gotta pick up Lori at the airport in awhile. Right now, you’ve got some work to do. I want you get that kitchen all cleaned up and then put on a load of laundry. Do the sheets and put some new ones on the bed. And hey, don’t forget to throw in that robe you’re wearing too. There’s cum all over it.”

He rolled the chair back from the desk and I crawled out and stood up. I looked down at the robe and he was right. There were fresh flecks of saliva and cum and older dried stains of the same everywhere! I wondered what Lori would think if she saw her robe in that condition.

I left Frank working on the computer and went back to the kitchen where I cleaned off the table and then washed up all the frying pans, plates and everything else we had used. I gathered up all the other plates and glasses from the bedroom and basement that we had left and got everything washed up and back fully in place in the kitchen.

Once I felt the kitchen would pass inspection, I made my way back into the bedroom. I looked down at the messed up bed and could see stains of semen and saliva everywhere on the sheets. It sure hadn’t taken long for this second set to get fucked up! I stripped the bed and pillowcases and pulled another clean set from the linen closet. I made up the bed good as new and then took off the pink robe. It had served me well this weekend and I was actually sad to be taking it off. I threw it on the pile of dirty linen and grabbed my overnight bag and pulled on my own jeans. I took the dirty stuff to the laundry room and got everything going in the washing machine.

I returned to the bedroom and went into the bathroom and got out my own toiletry bag. After washing my face at the sink, I brushed my teeth and combed my hair. I went back into the bedroom and threw on my polo shirt I had taken out and tidied up the rest of my stuff.

I couldn’t believe my weekend was coming to an end. It was around noon on Sunday and I had never felt so exhausted and yet so exhilarated in my whole life! Frank had been absolutely fantastic. He had lovingly taken my virginity and taught me how to open up my throat for his massive cock. I could never thank him enough. I could only hope he would allow me to keep “thanking” him in ways we both loved. He had fed me a continuous supply of his thick creamy delicious semen and taught me the pleasure of washing that down with an occasional drink of his steaming piss. I felt like I could never get enough of his cum. I loved the feeling of it filling my mouth; the milky thick texture was incredibly sensual as I savored it on my tongue. I loved the feel of it rolling down my throat. It was like a soothing balm as it coated the raw lining of my stretched throat. And on top of all that, I’d also had the chance to meet Claudia and Evan.

“Well, you ready to go kid?” Frank’s words snapped me out of my thoughts. I looked up and saw Frank standing at the entrance to the room with his robe hanging open. His large pendulous cock was hanging low and heavy in front of him. I simple nodded but the sad look on my face must have spoke volumes.

“Don’t worry kid. We’ll be getting together again before you even know it. I’ll make sure you’re well fed from now on,” he said as he hefted his cock and shook it towards me. He shucked off his robe and stepped into a pair of worn jeans and then pulled on a tight fitting white t-shirt. The t-shirt pulled nicely across his broad muscular chest. He pulled on a pair of socks and headed out of the room. I grabbed my bag and followed obediently as we left the house, got into his truck and started to back out onto the street.

I didn’t know when the next time would be when I would get to service him so I decided to be a little bold. Before we had even gotten out of the driveway, I reached over and slid down his zipper. I reached into the opening and wrapped my hand around the thick base of his cock. I watched as the head slid up the inside of his pant leg as I drew his cock up and out of the opening. I looked up at Frank with pleading eyes as I leaned slightly over towards him.

“Can’t get enough, eh kid.” Again, it was one of those questions that was more like a statement. “Alright, go ahead,” he said as he put his right hand on the back of my head and pulled my face into his lap. He didn’t have to pull too hard as I eagerly lay across the bench seat and rolled his rubbery cock all over my face. He put his hands back on the steering wheel and headed out towards my place.

I licked my lips to slicken them with saliva and then slipped them over the spongy head of his cock. I swirled my tongue over the taut membranes of his crown and used my hands to massage the shaft below. After a couple of minutes, I started to feel the tell-tale thickening of his cock start. As it extended, my head rose higher over his stomach. As it hardened, I started to bob my head further up and down his strengthening shaft. I got one hand as far around his shaft as his tremendous girth would allow. With that hand wrapped just around the base, I started to shuck the outside layer of loose skin up and down into my waiting mouth. I heard the sounds of traffic around us as I continued to use all my talents to pleasure him. I felt my own cock hardening in my pants.

“Oh fuck kid. You are good at that,” he said as he brought the truck to a halt. From the corner of my eye, I could see that we were stopped in front of my apartment. I took my mouth off his cock and I knew he was watching me as I held his turgid shaft in the palm of my hand and with closed eyes, ran my salivating tongue from the base of his thick cock slowly up the entire shaft. When I reached the V on the underside of his engorged head, I pushed my tongue teasingly against the sensitive skin there and then wrapped my tongue around the head and finished by delving it deeply into a creamy milky gob of precum that had pulsed to the surface of his piss-slit. He watched intently as I pulled that tasty morsel into my mouth and I moaned out loud as I swallowed.

“Oh shit! C’mon kid, I’ve got a few extra minutes. But this one’s gotta be fast,” he said as he stuffed his rigid cock down his pant leg and zipped up. He quickly hopped out of the truck and I grabbed my bag and followed.

It took only a minute or so to get to my apartment. As soon as he closed the door behind us, I watched as Frank kicked off his shoes and tore off his jeans. He looked amazingly sexy looming over me in just his tight t-shirt and white socks, his magnificent cock jutting out in front of him.

“C’mere kid,” he said as moved over towards my couch, his cock bobbing heavily with each step he took. “Lay down here and let your head hang over the arm of the couch.”

I quickly complied with his instructions and opened my mouth wide as I laid on my back and let my head hang over the end. I looked up as he stepped forward and with his feet about shoulder width apart, he used his hand to push down on the top of his stallion-like cock. He drew the dripping end around my cheeks and chin before sliding it from side to side across my pouting lips. I extended my tongue as I tried to capture his loving nectar and he finally slid the end fully into my yearning mouth.

I swirled my tongue all around the tight membranes of the head as he held it there for a moment. He adjusted his stance slightly and I quickly covered his cock in saliva in preparation for the forthcoming onslaught. I felt him flex back slightly and then he drove his rigid cock forward, impaling me on the full length of his cock. I moaned with pleasure as his full 10 ½” filled my distended throat. I swallowed around his pulsating member as his balls slapped against my face.

He quickly withdrew and then powered it fully back into me. His hands were resting on my chest as he levered his magnificent weapon back and forth within me. I continued to moan around his thick cock as he pounded it into me. This was a face-fuck….pure and simple. He needed to get off and I wanted his cum.

After about five minutes, Frank pulled fully out of my gasping mouth. His dripping cock sprang up to slap against his stomach.