Christmas Party Aftermath With Kelly


Part Two.I had told Roger that I’d leave the garage door open so they could park in the garage. I saw them pull into the driveway and then went to the door and closed the garage door behind them.Camilla jumped out of the car, ran up to me, and gave me a huge hug and a kiss. She was wearing a long suede leather coat and a pair of Uggs. Roger and I shook hands as Camilla skipped inside. I helped him carry food, wine, and a small suitcase inside.I had learned from experience and had the house up to seventy-five degrees. Kelly took Camilla’s coat for her. Camilla was wearing a long sweater. She removed her Ugg’s and Roger helped her strap on her pair of stripper heels. Six-inch heels brought her up to about five foot four. Pervert that I am, I noticed her cute little feet right away.Kelly had taken a quick shower when she got home. Roger and Camilla arrived much sooner than expected (a good sign!) and Kelly was still wearing her big fluffy white bathrobe. She excused herself to go blow-dry her hair.Roger and I set out the food (a beautiful deli platter), opened the wine, and I nodded that I was quite impressed by the box of huge chocolate-covered strawberries. Camilla headed off to hang out with Kelly. Roger had a video camera bag and asked if there was a place we could pop in a tape?We went downstairs to our large rec/tv room and Roger slipped in the tape. I’ll catch you up on a few things before we keep going. Kelly and I were thirty-one then. Roger was thirty-six, Camilla twenty-six. Like Kelly, Camilla began dating her future husband at sixteen, although Roger was twenty-six then, whereas I was also sixteen.Roger had dark hair like mine and was around six feet. I would put his looks in the same category as mine: We were never mistaken for male models, had never been called ugly, and seemed to do okay with women. So, whatever that’s called?Roger was telling me a bunch of stuff as the tape played. He popped Camilla’s cherry on only their second date. While dating, they were fucking several times a day (Camilla basically moved into his apartment for her last two years of high school). Camilla knew Roger’s crew of five close friends (he waved his arm toward the TV) quite well. Roger had always encouraged her to dress sexily, scantily, or hardly at all when his friends were over.It culminated one night when they were all hanging around drinking and smoking a little pot. Camilla was stripped naked and shared by all of the guys for the entire night. That started their ‘group activities.’ The video we were watching was one from a couple of years ago of Camilla being fucked by six guys in about every position and manner possible.Unlike a porno, those guys weren’t standing around jacking off on her face. They were each taking turns having real sex; fucking the hell out of her, cumming in her, taking a break to reload, and then fucking her some more. Camilla seemed to especially enjoy Roger in her butt and a buddy in her pussy. I think all five of the guys got a turn, in various combinations, doing that.Camilla looked sexy as hell. Her boobs were a small B-cup, but as firm, as they could possibly be. She had the dark-brown puffy areola and fairly small nipples that Kelly had graphically described for me. Being Hispanic, Camilla had a black bush but it had clearly been trimmed down to just short hairs for the video.Roger said he had edited six hours of tape from that night down to this two-hour tape we were watching. I couldn’t begin to count how many times Camilla came. She wasn’t really noisy but her legs and ass would shake heavily. The guys all came inside her pussy each time they squirted. I lost count as to how many close-up shots of slippery white splooge we watched ooze from her little slit.Roger and I had been watching the video for about an hour when the girls came downstairs. Kelly’s reaction was “Wow!” Camilla explained that Roger loved to show her off. Making videos to show people, having other guys fuck her, having her dress slutty, and exposing herself in public. “If he had his way, I would never wear clothes and fuck every man who ever saw me, while he watched.”Kelly just winked at me. Yeah, we’ve had a ton of our own fun, but she was making sure that I knew she called it right the previous weekend when she said that these were folks who enjoyed fucking other people.Roger and I were both wearing sweatpants and T-shirts. Kelly had her hair and makeup done up, but was still barefoot and wearing her big fluffy robe. Camilla was still in her sweater and sex hikaye stripper heels (Lucite sandals with about a two-inch platform and six-inch stiletto heel).The girls stood in front of the television, watching and talking. It bounced from a running commentary of the video (Kelly would ooh and aah at what she liked, and Camilla would describe in detail how that had felt) to both of the girls sharing stories of their exploitsThe wine was flowing. The stories were each wilder than the last. That was the night when I learned that sixteen-year-old Kelly had fucked six guys from the Ford dealership at a friend’s party while I was out of town. We also all found out that not long after, Kelly had fucked a high school teacher with a nine-inch long cock.I looked down at my sweat pants, they were gray and I was without boxers. I had a wet spot from pre-cum more than three inches across. My cock was past hard. It was a steel pipe with a serious leaking problem.The way Kelly told the story about the teacher was just beyond. I mean beyond. We were all panting. Camilla had sat on the floor. She leaned back against a chair and nonchalantly started to rub her clit. We couldn’t see anything, as her sweater was that long, but it was pretty obvious she was unencumbered by panties. Kelly was only halfway through her story.Roger stood up and stripped naked. We could see strings of pre-cum stuck to his thighs. His five-plus-inch cock was pointing straight up. Kelly drooled. Roger sat back down, looked at Kelly, and said “Come here and sit on my cock.” Kelly did exactly what he said.She straddled him, facing him. He opened her robe, and of course, she was naked. Kelly pushed her robe off. She slammed up and down. He bucked strongly beneath her. Roger had her gripped tightly with his arms around her waist. His face was in her boobs and his mouth was attacking them.Camilla interrupted; “Your wife has the most beautiful boobs I’ve ever seen. I’d give anything to have boobs that look like that.”Kelly screamed out her first orgasm within only minutes. Roger fucked her to another one five minutes later. As soon as it passed he ordered her to “get down and suck my cock.”Kelly attacked his dick. Roger held her head smashed into his groin until he erupted into her mouth a couple of minutes later. Camilla got herself off and her legs raised into the air and shook wildly. Kelly swallowed Roger’s load and licked his dick clean. “So, tell us the rest of that thing about you and the big dick teacher…”The wet spot on my pants was twice as large. Kelly picked up her story without skipping a beat. Camilla took off her sweater and was wearing a very tight open-tipped see-through bra on her perky B-cup boobs. Her nips looked delicious.Camilla stood in front of me and peeled off my T-shirt. Then she tugged me to stand up, tugged off my sweat pants and she then pushed me back onto the couch. She held my pants up to show the other two what a massive wet spot I’d made. “Camilla, relieve that man,” was Roger’s order.Camilla tugged me forward on the couch and went to town licking my balls and tugging my dick, alternating with deep-throating my cock and fondling my balls.Kelly was describing the feeling of taking a nine-inch cock inside of her. Roger’s cock was done shrinking and had started to twitch around. The young, perky, and beautiful on-screen Camilla was sitting on an average-sized cock, being bounced up and down as she smiled for the camera. Then a cock appeared from the side of the screen and fucked her mouth.Kelly described the violent pounding her cunt took from the teacher’s ball-bat-sized cock. Extreme detail of how he sounded as he came, what his massive, hard, slick cock looked like as it was pulled from her sheath. Her description of the enormous load that slid out from her cunt as soon as she’d gotten her panties on had Camilla moaning. By the time the teacher had dropped her off at her home her panties were beyond drenched and she had left a huge cum spot on his car seat.Kelly explained that he was, at that point in her life, the only guy to have pumped a load as large as mine. Camilla perked up immediately. Roger chimed in, “Yeah, you’ve got yourself a little cum queen here. Have fun!”Camilla made clear that she was going to get me off with her mouth and that I was going to cum on her tits “so I can watch you squirt!”Kelly had finished her story. Roger’s cock was hard again. On-screen Camilla was sucking a different cock. Roger laid Kelly on the floor and mounted seks hikaye her missionary-style and slow fucked her. Kelly was looking right at me and blowing kisses.On-screen Camilla had a guy finish in her pussy, a big load slid out, slid down her little butt crack, and then puddled on the sheets. I pushed cock-sucking Camilla’s head back. She sat back on her haunches and squeezed her tits together. Kelly pushed Roger off and they both took up a viewing position.ONE! TWO! Three! Four, five, five and a half. Six.! My first two shots hit her chest so hard they splattered out and Kelly and Roger both got some side splash. Camilla was coated. I was so fucking drained.I slumped back into the couch. Kelly and Roger rubbed their splatters in and rolled back down to their fuck. Camilla played with my cum for a few minutes but realized she had far too much to rub in like hand lotion. “I’ll be back!” and she bounded upstairs and a minute later I heard our shower run.The Camilla tape ended. Kelly and Roger were still slow fucking. I popped out Roger’s tape and put in one of our own. It was a video that a couple of different friends had taken of Kelly fucking other men plus some of me fucking Yvonne, who had been part of our long-term foursome when we were younger.Camilla returned twenty minutes later. I noticed that her five o’clock beaver shadow had disappeared and she was slick. She groaned when she saw we had moved onto a Kelly tape and insisted that we rewind to the beginning so she could see it all. Throughout the entire tape, she commented on how beautiful Kelly’s boobs were.Camilla sat next to me and pulled her feet onto the couch. I slipped onto the floor and began nibbling her pussy. Her pussy was the exact opposite of Kelly’s. Camilla’s had a short little slit that was so tight as to almost not be noticeable. Her skin was a beautiful shade of brown and she had very short little legs.Kelly’s pussy on the other hand has a long slit that is always wide open, with full lips, inside and out. Her pussy is always wet. And, if she stands just right, if you’re kneeling in front of her you can clearly see her clit. Kelly had kept her pussy hairless pretty much since she was in high school.I had to flat tongue Camilla to loosen up her locked little slit. I used my fingers to peel her tiny fruit open. Her clit was a teeny little bump. As Camilla started to moisten up I slipped my middle finger into her slit. Her G-spot was easily identifiable by its bumpy ridges. Between rubbing that spot and lip-nibbling her clit, Camilla started to take off. A minute later she grabbed my hair with both fists, moaned and her feet rose from the couch as her legs shook violently.Camilla lurched forward with her body over my head and roared “My fucking hell!” and squirted a small amount of liquid into my mouth as she came. Then she was the one to slump back into the couch. Kelly and Roger had paused to watch her cum.“Rewind! I missed that part,” Camilla exclaimed as she recovered. I sat down next to her and my cock was raging.“So, you’re a squirter?”Camilla seemed honestly confused. I explained what happened. Roger was extremely interested. That led to a conversation and the outing of Kelly as a major league squirter. Roger got that wild, lustful look again. “I have to see this!”Kelly pushed Roger off, rolled him over, and sat on his cock. She bounced, and he humped. Together they got her close to another orgasm. Kelly sat still, leaned back on one hand, and frigged her clit at a million miles per hour. She came with a huge string of screaming “Oh, fuck!” exclamations and sprayed Roger with a sprinkler that rained lady cum on him from his face to his waist.Roger was the next one to scream out. He flipped Kelly over, kneeled beside her chest, and jerked his load onto her tits. For a second shot, it was a very respectable load.While they were cumming, I pulled Camilla onto my lap. She was facing away from me with her knees bent and feet beside me. We had taken a bit to work my cock into her twat. As she started to slide up and down, her grip was so tight I knew I wouldn’t have a problem cumming a second time.I moved Camilla’s tiny size five feet onto my thighs, which worked better with her short little legs. We bounced her to a good cum. She dropped deep onto my cock with her legs shaking. Her smooth little brown butt was so fucking sexy to watch. I grabbed a boob in each hand and thrust myself up from the seat cushion. With a loud groan, I injected her twat with my second load of the night.Camilla took her time. When she was ready she slowly lifted off of my dick. My load spilled out onto the base of my cock. She got down and licked my pecker clean. She made me rewind the tape some more and then we all sat on the couch watching, mostly, Kelly getting fucked. Kelly narrated, introduced all of the men, explained how we met, and described other fun times she had fucking each of them.At some point, Camilla crawled onto my lap and cuddled in. The heat was blasting and Kelly and Roger were splayed out trying to cool off. I was quite surprised when I realized that Camilla had fallen asleep. Roger laughed. “Fucking does it to her. After that night I showed you earlier, she slept the entire next day, straight through.”We’d watched probably a hundred minutes of Kelly’s tape. I’d forgotten that it included her very first video, with Patrick and Yvonne, toward the end of the tape. Kelly still had her extremely long hair. Roger freaking loved it. I wasn’t surprised. It had been quite clear that he was enamored with Kelly. He had one hand playing with Kelly’s nipple as the other was stroking his cock.“I can help you with that,” as Kelly turned on the couch and sucked down Roger’s cock. He used both hands to play with her swaying knockers. I leaned over and got a few quick licks of her slit while trying to not crush Camilla.Roger was a damn fuck machine. He was hard in no time. Kelly lay on her tummy on the floor and told Roger to sit on her hips and slip it in. He missed on his first shot and got halfway into her butt. He quickly apologized. Kelly used her hand to swat at his leg telling him to calm the fuck down.“You’re already in. Don’t pull out. Just give me a second.” Kelly reached behind and spread her butt cheeks wide open. Roger took over and kept them spread. After Kelly had relaxed her sphincter she said, “Okay, go all the way in. Wait a few seconds for me to take it and then start to fuck me slowly.”Roger followed directions to the letter and was soon enough fucking Kelly’s ass, sitting on her like a cowboy on a horse. Always at Kelly’s direction, their fuck kept getting faster and with harder thrusts. Kelly came a couple of times and Roger fucked her right through them.On Kelly’s third cum, Roger fell flat onto her back as Kelly was squirting up the carpet. He humped his ass up and down a few times and dumped his third load into her pooper. They did a circus act as Roger pulled Kelly up with him as he sat back between her legs, with her on his lap. He slowly lifted her up and we watched his load spill out onto his lap. That guy had to be hiding a second jizz tank someplace!Soon after Roger swapped the tapes, so we could again watch Camilla getting nailed, he and Kelly both headed upstairs to take a quick shower. Well, it wasn’t quick at all. Roger knelt down and ate Kelly out as she cleaned up. When he stood up his cock was hard again and he fucked her from behind as she leaned onto the wall. He didn’t cum, but after she did, he slid his stiff cock out of her hole. Kelly scrubbed him down and finished up by giving his cock a tongue bath.By the time they had finished in the bathroom, it was quite late and I’d heard them go to bed in our bedroom. I fell asleep at some point while watching Camilla’s video.I was stirred awake by noises coming from upstairs. There was a vigorous fuck session going on that was shaking our bed. I heard Kelly do her best to suppress her orgasm noises three different times. They had been fucking for at least half an hour when the bed suddenly stopped shaking.Camilla’s tape had long-since finished, rewound, and turned off the VCR. She was still a dead-to-life naked brown pile on my lap. I got her picked up and carried her off to the spare bedroom down the hall.Again, the sound of fucking woke me up. There was light coming through the guest bedroom window, but it was barely past dawn. Kelly shared with me later that Roger was just a machine. Even though he didn’t cum on every fuck, he got it hard and screwed her three times overnight. I had, thankfully, slept through one of them.By breakfast time Kelly’s cunt was a tad sore and she had to turn Roger down for a round. I had woken up and come upstairs very shortly after that happened. Camilla was still in bed and dead to the world.Roger headed downstairs. After a few minutes, Kelly and I listened from the top of the stairs. Roger was fucking the hell out of Camilla. Kelly got soaking wet. I hugged her from behind and gently fingered her pussy as we listened. She wiggled her buns at me, trapping my hard-on in her ass crack. We both snickered and fully admitted to being perverts that loved listening to other people fuck.