All good things come to an end

Suddenly she push me back, she need it a brake that I refused to gave her one, she then ask me to lay down, and I did, very softly she got a hold of my cock, now she wanted to play some more. I could see her inner thighs still wet from her cum juices, her legs trembling a bit, and as she started to fondle my balls my prick I could not help but feeling great a dream like fantasy was happening to me, she ask me if I like what was happening, I could not say no because I was really enjoying it she bended forward so she could take my prick in her mouth, one could tell she was not comfortable in this area, she was use to do it to please her husband but not to get any joy out if, she didn’t know she could, at first as she grab it, at the same time as she was putting it in her mouth a load of my pre cum came out, pulling back asking me kind of surprise what was that, with out a word gently push her head down, there was no need for answers, she didn’t ask again not stopping until it was hard as a rock she new that much, she knew that’s how she wanted it

Then positioning her self over me she held my cock with one hand holding it steady and slowly letting it in, moving up and down very slow, very gently, with her facial expression I knew that it was good, good for both of us steadily getting more and more of my cock inside of şişli escort her super moist pussy, with a slow steady rhythm until fucking every inch of me, rocking her body back and forth every time she got the whole thing in, she would press down even harder as if there was more cock some where in there, unfortunately my average was all I could offer and she was enjoying it, she was ridding me hard, steady, she was in control, then in her conscious mind she beg me not to come inside of her, but I had not control even so I let her know with a nod that I would, resting her hands in my chest she didn’t lost a beat same steady rhythm her body cover in sweat, the feeling of my prick going in and as she would tighten her muscles around pussy was so awesome it’s hard to explain, I could sense her breathing picking up a at faster pace just like mine almost as if we where synchronize, she was rocking me faster and faster letting it all in, juices running down her pussy, at first she leaned backwards resting her hands on the floor, but as the intensity grew she abruptly move forward not changing the velocity of her strokes, as we held each other my legs started to tremble I could feel it was happening, and I was trying to let her know, but she knew, and looking at my eyes she whisper something I could not understand, everything around us started to spin an amassing feeling it was, I hated what I was about to do, didn’t wanted to pull out I wanted to finish inside of her, then as the orgasm was building up she look in to my eyes and beg me no to pull, she wanted it all, and I wanted to give to her all, she hold me real tight and I did too, and suddenly I could feel like an explosion inside of me, the biggest load that I ever had, as if it was coming out all the way from my legs, my chest, from every inch inside my body
It took me a while to recuperate, after my burst it was her turn, she was not done yet, as she kept on moving her hips back and forward only that this time she was running out energy, and I felt when her entire body started to shriver holding my hands hard as to no letting go a loud moan and various calls to the all mighty she tighten her soaked pussy walls as she let a louder moan. I was better that I had imagined, better than any dream, when we where done she refused to separated, we stood there for some time kissing, caressing, catching up our breath after a while it wasn’t lone before I was the one on top of her, never letting my dick out her well moist pussy not even once. I started to pound her again slowly at first, increasing my pace as we got more exited, her legs could not hold for much longer as they started to shriver again, supporting my self with my hands, sweat dripping down my face, her body had this silky shine that made her look more appealing, as she was biting her lips and pressing hard on her breast, we could hear this particular like splashing sound coming out from her pussy every time I went in and out of her, turning us both on, it wasn’t lone before we came again, as the first time we where left breathless, she was gasping for air, and again she didn’t let me pull out. A mixture of both our juices were dripping running on both of us, her pussy down her ass, my dick down my balls. we took brakes from time to time losing any notion of time, but that morning all we did was fuck as we never did before. weeks later she told me that her husband was very happy because her blow jobs were a lot better that over all their sex life had improve he just didn’t not how.

I wanted to share this story that happen 22 years ago, even though it was one of the most amazing times an fucks in my life we grow apart from each other, we did fuck a few more times going to hotels, in the car, but it wasn’t the same it was fucking delicious but never the same, she did master the art of giving head and I take credit for that. for a few years after I got involved in a series of twisted, bizarre, crazy ass adventures, orgys, swingers clubs, sex, drugs and rock & roll, got to see a lot may be I’ll write about them, may be not, my art skills are not that of a pen and paper,. I’m not a writer