Cheating Sister In-law Ch. 03



There are certain moments in a person’s life when they can actually feel time stop around them. This feeling heightens awareness and causes one to realize the gentle shift from the cool stagnant waters of the everyday mundane, to the warm undercurrent of unknown possibilities.

This was not one of those times.

As Jonathan reached out to pick up the phone, timed definitely stopped, but there was no gentle shift.

It felt like a giant ice cold murderous wave was crashing down on top of my head. The air was washed right out of my lungs, I was sinking fast, and all I could do was sit petrified as Jon took Drake’s call

“Didn’t we just get rid of you?” Jonathan jokingly greeted his brother.

I sat with baited breath, waiting for the eventual fall out. I desperately wished I could hear the other side of the conversation.

“I mean if you miss us that much I guess you and Kitty could always move back in ” Jon laughed. “Well good, because I’ve ran out of allergy medicine.”

He listen for a couple of seconds and laughed again.

My shoulders started to relax a little. It sounded as though Drake was being as equally jovial on his side of the conversation.

“Oh nothing much just sitting on the couch eating dinner.” Jon looked over at me and smiled.

“Chicken parmesan.” Still looking at me he winked. “This is true, she really does make the best, nothing quite like it anywhere else.”

He reached over and and patted my thigh, gave it a squeeze and absent mindedly rubbed it. He continued to listen and I felt his hand freeze.

“Is everything all right?” I looked over at his face. A brief look of concern crossed my husbands face and I could hear my heartbeat starting to drum heavily in my ears.

I slowly pulled myself away and stood up, I grab my empty glass of ice water. I needed to escape the room.

But I didn’t get more than three feet away.


I halted my retreat, but was too afraid to turn around. I held my glass tightly, as though it was the only thing keeping me tethered to this plane of existence.

“Hey sweetie?” he spoke a little louder this time, as though I might have not heard him at first.

I turned my head slightly “Hmmm?” If he was still calling me sweetie then perhaps I could calm down a little. I chose to turn all the away around “What is it hun?”

“Yeah I’ll put her on.” He held out the phone and waved it at me. “Here you go sweetie, Drake wants to talk to you.”

My heart sped up again. This rollercoaster ride was beginning to become too much.

I tried to look unaffected and reached to grab it with my empty hand.

“Hey grab me a soda on your way back.” Jon whispered, he point to my glass. Acknowledging his request with a nod, and with phone in hand I walked towards the kitchen.

Taking a deep breath I held the phone to my ear.

“Hello?” I was going to do my utmost best to be normal. But as soon as I heard Drake’s voice, that plan went out the window.

“Chicken Parmesan, huh?, I would have also accepted Chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes.” His voice was full of mocking. “I’m glad you did what I told you to do, Jon really deserves it, doesn’t he?”

I didn’t know how to respond. I felt frozen. Here I was on the phone with my brother in-law, who just caught me cheating, whom I just masturbated thinking about. Now he calling for god knows what, and to make things even more messed up I could feel my nipples stiffen under my night shirt.

I just needed to play along so we could get to get the point.

“Well he is an amazing husband, of course he deserves the best.” I said as much mock saccharine I could muster.

“Oh I know he is a good husband, just a fucking shit lover right?” The coldness in his tone chilled me to the bone. “But I guess you’ve had your little fun and now you can go back to being the sweet devoted wife you always were.” His voice became lighter as if he was done talking about it.

“So was that all you needed to talk about?” I wanted to end this awkwardness and return to life before all this unwanted unpleasantness.

“Actually I need a favor.”

“Oh?” I wasn’t sure what kind of favor I could provide him.

“Yeah nothing major, I’m going out of town for an overnight trip and I need somebody to come over and check on Kitty tomorrow afternoon.”

I smiled a bit, thinking about Drake’s fat fuzzy cat. Truth was I rather missed the silly little thing this past week.

“Oh sure, yeah I can spend some quality time with Kitty.” I said brightly, glad to get past the other stuff.

“Good, I didn’t think it would be too fucking hard to get you to do me a favor.” The gruffness in his voice returning. “I mean, you kinda owe me one…don’tcha.”

I felt my body go rigid. So much for sweeping things under the rug.

“Look Drake.” I hissed. “I don’t thin….”

“I wonder what else I could have you do for me.” his voice was filled with dark laughter. “You know I think my truck needs to be washed and waxed.” He chuckled izmir escort a little more, then he grew serious. “Actually you know what I want you to do?”

I remained silent. I was angry. I felt like I was being bullied.

“You there Shannon?” he waited for me to answer.


“I don’t like being ignored Shannon, answer me or I might ask to be handed back over to my brother.”

“I am still here.” This game was starting to make me nervous, how long could I let him treat me like this.

As long as I wanted to keep my marriage intact.

“Are you listening,” he sounded darker and more controlling by the moment.

“Yes Drake.”

“Good, now listen carefully.”

“I am.” my own voice was starting to become a weak whisper.

“I want you to do something for me. I think it might help you and Jon.”

“What?” I wasn’t following

“Now I have known for awhile now, about your sad sex life with my brother. I mean after living with you two for so long I’ve heard everything.”

I could feel my face heat up with embarrassment .

“The problem is Shannon, I don’t think you try hard enough to inspire him, Maybe if you put more effort into pleasing him, he’d be more responsive to you.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Not only did Drake know about how unhappy I was with my sex life, but he was blaming me for it. I wanted to cry.

Actually I was already there. I could feel a small tear slip down my cheek and fall into the corner of my mouth, I didn’t know what to say.

“Shannon I want to try to save you. After seeing what I saw today I realize just how fucking bad things have gotten between you two.” He sounded genuinely concerned. “Just listen to me okay, I’m going to help you, understand?”

“Yes sir.” All I could do was agree, I was willing to agree to anything as long as he kept his mouth shut and ended this embarrassing conversation.

“Okay here it is. After we hang up I want you to go and put on your sexiest bit of lingerie, and I want you to saunter into the living room and then drop to your knees and start giving him a nice sloppy blow job.”

I wasn’t sure I was hearing him correctly.

“What, he’s not going to go for it. He’ll think I’m being crazy and weird.” I was starting to become shrill and had to try to keep my voice in check.

“Don’t make excuses Shannon.” He commanded. “If you can spend the afternoon getting pounded by some client, then a little blow job for your hubby should be a piece of cake.”

“It won’t work, it’s not me it’s him.” I wanted to stomp my feet and throw a very childish tantrum, why couldn’t he realize it wasn’t my fault.

“Just do what I tell you.” There was no mercy in his voice. “Go on and be a good wife, and Shannon I’m gonna fucking know whether you did it or not.”

I scoffed in disbelief. “How are you going to know?”

“Because I’m gonna fucking ask you, and you’re gonna tell me the truth, I will know if you’re lying.” He was becoming louder. “You’re not going to lie to me are you Shannon?”

“No.” More tears trickled down my face.

“Good Girl.”

I hated myself for getting wet at that phrase.

“Now say goodnight and hang up the phone.”

“Good night Drake.” I half way sobbed.

I heard him hang up on the other end and it was over.

I laid the phone down and grabbed the edge of the kitchen counter. I took a few deep breaths and steadied myself.

I had always thought my punishment would come in the after life. But there I was trying to atone for my sins.

To be honest I was only atoning for one of them.

I wasn’t going to be caught next time. I’d definitely make sure of it.

I didn’t want to go through with Drakes request…no his command. It was humiliating I should just ignore it. But I knew he would ask and I knew he wouldn’t be happy if he found out I didn’t take his “advice.”

Who knew maybe just this once Jon would be really into a little spontaneity.

I rolled my neck side to side, trying to relax. Taking the phone in hand and refilling my glass with water I walked back to the living room.

Jon was still on the couch, now engrossed with some game on his cell phone. I went over and put the phone on its charger, and he looked up at me and smiled.

“Well hey babe, what did you and my brother talk about.”

We talked about my infidelity and how its my fault that you can’t get your cock up.

“Oh nothing, I asked him about his new place and if he was getting on okay. Oh, and he asked me to go over and check in on Kitty tomorrow afternoon.”

“Yeah, he said he was going to be away for the night and needed a favor from you, I figured that’s what…” He stopped mid sentence and looked at my hands. “Hey did you forget to grab me a drink?”

I had indeed forgotten, it was easy to forget things when you were being harassed.

I shrugged my shoulders “Sorry hun, I’m going to go to the bathroom I’ll get it on the way back okay.”

His attention alsancak escort was back on his phone. “Yeah okay, thanks babe.”

As I walked back out and towards our bedroom. I wondered what i should slip on. I decided to go for my white and blue babydoll, with matching panties. It was something that Jon had seen before and had mentioned he liked.

Drake had instructed me to put on my sexiest lingerie. But the truth was my sexiest lingerie was more fit for stippers or other types of “professionals.” I only wore them for taking photos for my future hookups, or a few times I wore them over to for the actual event at the request of the hook up. These were items I hid at the bottom of my dresser. Jon would shit his pants if he ever saw me in them.

I still looked pretty sexy in this little number. White lacy cups with boning pushed up my breast so high that my cleavage formed a crease, there was a blue satin bow that sat nestled between my breast and a white sheer mesh skirt embroidered with blue flowers flared from underneath my chest and stopped just below my hip bones, and below you could see the matching blue thong with a delicate white bow in the center.

I looked yummy and sweet, or at least Jon once said that when I had worn it for him.

I wondered if Drake would approve.

The thought of him seeing me like this, made my body become aware of all my exposed skin. Why was the thought of him turning me on, he was causing me so much trouble, bullying me and taunting me.”

Was I so desperate for a mans attention that even this sort of harassment made me feel hot?

I definitely felt something…a tightness formed in my abdomen and for what seemed like the hundredth time that day my pussy was drenched.

I reached down and caressed my hands over my exposed thighs and travel up over my stomach. I thought about what might have happened if I had worn something like this and had gone into Drake’s room while he had lived here.

Just quietly walked in and shut the door behind me while I sank to my knees in front of him….

Why was I doing this? What made me want to fantasize about my tormentor. He probably just saw me now as the woman who cheated on his brother.

I snapped myself out of it and gave myself another once over. I needed to think about Jon and doing my best to get him aroused. Maybe I could even end up getting a little cock this evening to help take my mind of it everything.

I left the room and made a detour in the kitchen. I grab a glass and filled it soda. I put a sexy smirk on my face and went back to Jon.

“Here you go babe.” I held out the soda for him.

Without really looking up at me he grabbed for his drink and the kept his eyes trained on his phone. “Thank you.”

Feeling a little silly I just stood there and waited for over thirty seconds.

My lingering presence must have been felt. My husband looked at me for a second then back down at his phone. Doing a double take he looked back at me confused.

“Uh hey sweetie what’s going….”

Before he could finish I went to my knees and wiggled myself between his legs.

“I just wanted to have a little fun baby.”

“I don’t think I’m in the mood for this.”

I unzipped his pants and fished out his flaccid cock and gave it a few strokes

“Shhh, just relax and let me make you feel good…”


Thirty minutes later I laid in bed with tears of shame, frustration and humiliation running down my cheeks.

I wasn’t able to “inspire” him at all in fact I had made him quite embarrassed, and angry with me.

“God damn it Shannon learn to control yourself. Not everybody is as obsessed with sex as you.”

I shouldn’t have tried to continue after he objected. I felt no better than some rapist.

As I laid there, I contemplated going to Jon to apologize, before I could even make a move I heard my cell buzz from the night stand. I saw a green light blinking informing me I had a new message.

How did it go?

It was from Drake. He was already checking up on me. I should have just let it go, I wasn’t in the mood to deal with him. Was I?

I decided to text back quickly.

It didn’t, he wasn’t interested.

I waited patiently for him to respond.

What did you wear? Are you Still wearing it? Let me see. Send me a pic.

He wanted pictures of me now? What was this about? Sure I have given pictures out to my hook ups and even a few videos of myself, but this felt so wrong.

But I wanted someone to appreciate my effort.

I went to the mirror and ran my fingers through my hair and wiped the few tear stains away. My eyes were red from crying, but it didn’t matter I position myself on the bed and made sure I got a good angle that highlight my cleavage and showed off my thighs. I took a few shots and sent them to him.

It took him over five minutes to respond.

So that’s your sexiest lingerie? No wonder he couldn’t get hard. Don’t forget to check on Kitty I’ll leave a key buca escort under the mat. Apt B 106. I’d give you directions, but you already know where it’s at. Good night.

Once again I felt humiliated. I removed my baby doll and cramed it back into the drawer. I went to the bed and laid down letting myself be comforted by the warmth of the soft pillows and blankets

All I could think was that I needed something to erase this awful day. I could feel the “itch” already starting to take over my mind and body.

I told myself wouldn’t get caught this next time.

But maybe that wasn’t the lesson I should have learned.


I didn’t know why I was being such an asshole. It really wasn’t like me. I also couldn’t figure out why I was enjoying it so much. What was it that I was getting out of this?

If none of this would have happened I would be at my computer looking at regular amature porn and quickly blowing my load before bed time.

Instead I was reviewing every photo of Shannon and every message and video for the third time. Somewhere around the second and talking to her on the phone, My dick had become uncontrollable.

I had been stroking it over my pants the whole phone conversation. I knew she was frightened that I was going to tell Jon what I had seen. As soon as I had heard she had done what I had told her to do and went home and made Jon dinner, I wanted to test out what other things I could have her do.

I couldn’t say why I asked her to go and give my brother a blow job except to say that after seeing her pictures and videos and reading the messages I knew she enjoyed sucking cock.

I knew I would enjoy her sucking my cock.

There was one video where she was dressed in a skin tight fishnet bodysuit with with her breast exposed and she was face fucking a dildo. She sucking it with so much enthusiasm, and so much lust in her eyes, it looked like she was some fucking high dollar whore.

This was the REAL Shannon. This was who was hiding underneath those big eyes and all those sweet smiles. I had known her for over a decade.

Turns out I hadn’t known her at all.

I looked at my phone again and looked the pic she had sent. I could see that she had been crying. It made me feel like an ass, it made me turned on too. She still did as she was told even though it was embarrassing for her. I looked at the lingerie she was wearing and she was sexy in it, but is was nothing like what she wore in her photos. She looked like a virgin bride awaiting her first time with her husband in that frilly white thing. Almost angelic.

She was definitely nobody’s fucking angel She was a wanton and devilish.

I wanted to tame her, to make her be good, to make her be bad. I wanted to take all that sexual energy and make her focus it on one man.


I knew it was wrong to want to mess around with my brothers wife, but I ever since I moved in there it was in my mind constantly. This plan of mine would just be taking it a little farther.

I couldn’t wait to reveal to her exactly what I knew. Couldn’t wait to see the expression on her face when she saw that I knew just how bad she had been.

God thinking about it made want to shove my cock into something.

It wasn’t enough to stroke myself over my pants anymore. I wanted to cum. I pulled my pants down and sat at my desk. I turned on one of my new favorite videos.

There she was in a pink latex bodysuit. It was clinging to every curve and it looked like she was practically naked. She was in front of the camera teasing who ever would watch on the other side.

Running her hand over the shiny material.

“Do you like the way I look?” she giggled. “Don’t you wish you could touch me?” She slid a finger between her latex clad pussy lips. “Mmm, I want you to touch me, I want you to make me cum.”

She then laid out on the bed spread eagle and took out a rather large vibrator. I had recognized it from a few porn videos I had seen, I think it was called a “magic wand.”

She placed it right where her clit laid under the suit and turned it on. The loud buzzing sound was familiar. And judging by the look on Shannon’s face I could see why the massager was called “magic”.

The had her eyes squeezed tight and her mouth was forming that lewd O shape. The sound of her moaning in ecstasy was almost enough to send me over edge. Then she started talking again.

“Oohhh Fuck yeah, that feels good.” She hit a button on the wand and the buzzing got louder. This action caused her legs to shoot straight out for a second and her moans became wild. “So good MMM….I wish I had cock in me.” She bucked her hips against vibrator. “I need a big fat cock in my slutty pussy.” She started shaking the handle and she her breath become more labored. “Please put your cock in me, I want it so BAAAaaadd!!!” I could see the sheets under her become wet as she pushed herself to a squirting orgasm.

My hand was stroking my cock faster and faster wishing I could break through the screen and give her what she begging for. Then I closed my eyes and pictured her looking so innocent in that white outfit and, bam, my own climax followed.

My hand was covered, I paused the last few seconds of the video and wiped a streak of jizz over the image of Shannon laying there with a tired but satisfied look on her face.