Chastity Ch. 05


Chastity’s Difficult, But Necessary Decision

Chastity awoke to a predawn light. She stretched her legs and felt the soreness around her hips and pubic areas. She smiled as she remembered being fucked twice yesterday, once by Joe, and again by her favorite Uncle, John. Then she remembered that her uncle had actually fucked her twice yesterday. The first time was after she returned home from school and Aunt Sara was out shopping. The second time was after they had gone to bed, and John got up from his bed, in the middle of the night, and came into her bedroom, and fucked her again..

She also remembered sitting on the couch with her uncle after dinner. She smiled as she remember him finger fucking her while his wife, my Aunt Sara, was sitting in the same living room knitting and listening to music. It was too much for her to comprehend, and she instinctively began to giggle at the absurdity of it all.

Chastity moved her hand down over her mound and rubbed her sore pussy lightly. She thought to herself, “I need to exercise these muscles so I can walk without looking like I’ve been riding a wild bronco all night.”

Suddenly, Chastity thought she heard a noise outside in the hall. She listened carefully to determine if it was her Aunt Sara or Uncle John that was in the hallway. She knew her aunt was usually the first to rise and go out to the kitchen to make coffee, and to begin preparing breakfast. She continued to lay in her bed listening and trying to determine if it was her aunt or uncle in the hallway. She stopped rubbing her mound, and turned on her side so she could listen more carefully. She was sure it was her uncle. Then the noise stopped. She lay there frozen. She wondered, would John open her bedroom door again and come into her bedroom?

She heard him whispering. Chastity, are you awake?”

“Yes, Uncle John.”

“Can I open your bedroom door?”

“Yes, … b..”

The door opened, and her Uncle John was standing there in his robe. I just wanted to say “Good morning to you, Chastity.”

“Thank you, Uncle John. Good morning to you. Did you sleep well last night?” I couldn’t stop the smile from forming across my face. I was still smiling when I said, “Did you sleep well last night?”

John returned my smile and said, “Absolutely, like a newborn baby.”

“Where’s Aunt Sara?

“She still in her bed. I told her I would go and start brewing the coffee.”

“Uncle John, I need to talk with you privately.

I want you to ask me after we finish eating breakfast, “Can I walk with you, Chastity, to your bus stop? I could use a little exercise.”

I will reply, “I would enjoy that very much.” Will you do that for me, Uncle John. I need to discuss some important things with you. Now, go start the coffee. I need to get up and take a shower and get dressed.”

“Ok, my sweet baby niece, but first let me hug you and give you a morning kiss.”

“Are you sure Aunt Sara is still in her bed?”

“Let me go back and take a quick look.”

“Thank you, Uncle John.”

“She’s still in bed, Chastity.”

“I threw back my covers and lifted my sore nude body out of bed. When I looked at Uncle John he had the biggest smile I’ve ever sent on a man’s face.”

“Oh, my sweet baby. You’re so very beautiful.”

I walked over to where John was standing and threw my arms around his neck, pressed my lips into his, and kissed his mouth hard for several minutes.

Then I released my hug and told him to go make the coffee. I grabbed my robe from the chair and walked quickly across the hall and entered my bathroom. I showered and did my best to look presentable. Then, I remembered I had promised to meet with Roger Evans in the Student Union at 10 a.m. this morning.”

Before I opened the bathroom door, I listened to see if I could hear anything in the hallway. I couldn’t detect any movement, so I opened the door and looked both ways up and down the hall. I heard Uncle John closing a cabinet. He must have heard me opening my bathroom door because he suddenly was looking around the corner from the kitchen.

He smiled and said, “All clean and beautiful?”

I whispered, “All clean, but I don’t feel beautiful.”

I was still standing in the doorway in my birthday suit looking at my lover, in his robe, with a big smile on his face. I wanted him to kiss me again, and hold my breasts in his hands. I whispered, “If Aunt Sara is still in bed, you can hold me and kiss me again, so hurry.”

“He walked briskly past me, opened his bedroom door carefully, and peered inside. He carefully closed the door again and turned around facing me with a huge smile spread across his face. He walked quickly back to where I was standing and placed his arms around me, and pressed his lips into mine. We kissed passionately, and I felt him grabbing my ass and pulling it into his lower body. His robe must have come open, because I felt his flesh against my naked body. He was getting me hot.

I pulled back, and said, “I need to get some clothes on, and you need izmir escort to tie your robe together. I whispered, “Don’t forget to say to Aunt Sara that you’re going to walk Chastity to her bus stop this morning,. John, we must talk!”

“Ok, Sweetie. Thank for the morning hugs and kisses. You have a beautiful body Chastity.”

“Thank you Uncle John. I think you have a lovely cock, and I like having it inside my throbbing pussy.” I smiled, told him to leave my room. Then I closed my bedroom door and walked over to my closet.

I couldn’t help but smile. “I said to myself, “My Uncle John is as much a sex addict as I am. We definitely need to be separated, It’s just a matter of time before Aunt Sara sees us or figures it out on her own. I definitely need to move to another location. I hope I see Carolyn on the bus this morning. I definitely need to rent her apartment, and move my stuff there.”

As I looked through my wardrobe, I heard Aunt Sara walking down the hall toward the kitchen. I heard her speaking to Uncle John, “Thank you darling for starting the coffee.” Her sweet words gave me a moment of guilt.

I returned to my task of finding the perfect outfit for seducing a horny man. I saw another short skirt hanging in my closet. I released it from the hanger and placed it in front of my nude body.

I smiled. I really like this skirt, it was so light and comfortable to wear, but it could easily lift and move with the slightest breeze. I’ve seen men stumble over themselves as they walk, waiting for the wind to lift my skirt high enough for them to see my panties underneath. The skirt had a lot of red in it, so I decided to wear my dark red panties underneath. I could only imagine the joy George would have sitting across from me, and feasting on on these dark red silk panties.

I quickly dressed, ran a brush through my hair, and went out to the kitchen to hug my Aunt Sara. “Did you have a restful sleep last night Aunt Sara?”

“Good morning Chastity. Yes, I did Chastity, after your Uncle John finally stopped fidgeting. I thought he was never going to settle down and go to sleep.”

I couldn’t help but smile and giggle. I look out into the living room and saw John looking at us as he held the morning newspaper in his hands.

I said, “Aunt Sara, I’m going to go greet Uncle John, your fidgeting husband.”

“Maybe you can get him settled down, Chastity. I don’t know what’s got over him lately.”

I walked to the living room smiling at Uncle John. I said, “What’s got you so fidgety Uncle John?” I started smiling and it turned into a giggle.

“Probably, a change in the weather, Chastity.” Good morning to you Chastity. I hope you had a comfortable night’s rest.”

I bent down toward John and said, “I had a wonderful night’s rest, Uncle John,” and I kissed him hard on his mouth.” I whispered in his ear, “I even dreamed that a man came into my bedroom and violated me sexually.”

He appeared startled.

I looked toward the kitchen and Aunt Sara still had her back to us. I looked at John again. “Did I scare you, Uncle John?” He looked around me, and then he pulled me toward him, and he kissed me hard.. “A little bit, maybe,” he replied. Did you enjoy the dream you had last night, even if you felt violated?”

I smiled, “Of course I did.”

I’m going to help Aunt Sara with breakfast. You sit here and remember how you violated me early this morning.” I smiled, rolling my tongue across my lips like I’ve seen some loose women do to attract a man they want to have sex with.

I finally told John that breakfast was ready to be served. He got up, and as he was approaching the kitchen table, I starred at the place his penis would be. When he sat down, he whispered, “I saw where you were looking little naughty little girl,” and then he smiled.

Aunt Sara said, “Well, this is going to be a big day for you Chastity. I remember you telling me were going to have all four of your subjects today.”

You’re right Aunt Sara. I’ll be in, English Essay at 10 a.m., Geology at 11 a.m., Pre Cal. At 1 p.m. & U.S. History at 2 p.m.”

“Wow! That’s a big load you’re carrying, dear.”

Yes, but I enjoy all those subjects. I’m sure I can handle the content.”

All of a sudden it occurred to Chastity that she couldn’t meet Roger Edwards at the Student Union at 10 a.m. because she had an English Essay that hour.

She told Aunt Sara she was sorry but she needed to leave the house earlier this morning because she made an appointment to meet someone at the Student Union at 10 a.m., forgetting she had English Easy at that same time. I needed to go and catch my bus as soon as I brush my teeth and fetched my jacket. I hope he gets to the Student Union before 10 a.m.”

Uncle John said, “I’ll walk with you to your bus stop. I need to get out and get some exercise. Is that ok with you Chastity, that I walk with you to the bus stop?”

“Of course it is, I would like to have your company, Uncle John.”

We both left alsancak escort the house. As we walked I told Uncle John I had to move. I couldn’t live this double life under his roof. It wasn’t fair for any of us, especially Aunt Sara.” Uncle John listened.

“I met this woman on the bus. Her name is Carolyn Baker. She and her husband have an apartment for rent above their two-car garage. I haven’t seen it yet, but Carolyn said they would rent it to me for fifty dollars a month.

I called my dad and he thought it was a fair price, but told me to

Have you go with me and check out the house, and see if it would be comfortable for you to live there for a year or two.”

“I’m going to really miss you Chastity.”

“I know you will Uncle John, and I’ll miss living in the same house with you too, but you can come see me anytime you want.”

“Thank you, Chastity. I appreciate that offer.”

“Uncle John, I want to ask you a personal question.”

“Ask your question, Chastity.”

“How often do you and Aunt Sara enjoy intercourse together?”

“Maybe six times a month,”

“Uncle John, I want you to double that amount next month. She deserves your love. She a beautiful woman and I want you to fuck her often. Promise me you will make love to her more often. I love you John, and I want us to continue to have intercourse together, but you need to love your wife as well.

I fell in love with you when I was thirteen years old, Uncle John, and I cried my eyes out for months after you married, and moved with Aunt Sara to Columbus. I’m glad we made love together yesterday afternoon, and early this morning, but I couldn’t live with myself if Aunt Sara every knew we had intercourse together. I hope you will come up and visit me a couple of times a week, and we can make love often to one another. Do you think that is possible Uncle John?”

“Yes, I do, Chastity. She meets with other women every week who enjoying knitting together. She’ also involved in the United Methodist Women group. She enjoys going to town to shop. Yes, I will have many opportunities to come up to your place, Chastity.”

“Good, Uncle John. I love you so much. I need your intimacy. I feel one with you, John. I really would love to fuck you right now, if you really want to know the truth.”

“I feel the same way about you, Chastity. I would love to be inside of you right now.” He smiled, and I returned his smile.

We got to High Street, and I saw my bus approaching. We kissed one another passionately, and I thanked him for walking me to the bus stop. He stood there until I got on the bus. I looked for Carolyn Baker. I didn’t see her immediately, but then I saw a hand waving, she said to me, “Chastity, I’m back here, and you can sit next to me.”

After I sat next to her, I asked, “Can my Uncle and I come see the apartment today?”

“What time would you be able to come to see it, Chastity?”

“Probably not before 4 p.m. I’m going to bring my uncle with me to see it, too. My dad said, “If I like the apartment and if I feel I would enjoy living there, he would pay the rent for me.”

“Good. I would enjoy having you as my neighbor, Chastity.”

“I would enjoy having you as a neighbor too, Carolyn.”

I told her I had made an appointment with a fellow student at 10 a.m., forgetting I had my English Essay class at the same hour. I said, “I hope he’s there ahead of time, so I can tell him why I can’t meet with him this morning.”

“I’ve made that mistake several times myself, Chastity. I hope he’s there too. Is he cute?”

“He’s very cute. He’s in my Speech Class.”

“I hope it goes well for you. It’s always nice to have a guy in your life.”

“Well, I’m doing pretty good so far. I have met, and been with three different guys, and I’m stalking two others, and this is only my second week of being here in Columbus.”

“I can understand why you’re so successful. You dress sexy, and men love sex. You’re like a magnet. They can’t help themselves, replied Carolyn.”

“I agree. It’s almost too easy sometimes to attract them and catch them. Sometimes you don’t even have to use bait.”

Both Chastity and Carolyn laughed and smiled at one another.

Carolyn said, “I got the man I wanted, but I sure miss fishing for young fresh cock.”

Chastity smiled broadly. “I know we’ll get along great together, Carolyn. I love fishing for cock too. I hooked my academic advisor the first day I was on campus. That evening we parked together along the Olentangy River, but I would only allow hime to caress my breasts, and suck on my tits.”

“How long before you had him in bed with you?”

“We had intercourse the next day in his apartment off-campus, Carolyn.”

“Wow! That must have been nice. Was he a good fuck?”

“Yes, he was, but he pissed me off the next afternoon when I went to his office. I wanted him to fuck me as I leaned over his big cherry desk. He wouldn’t do it.

I went to see him, buca escort Carolyn, because I really had a strong need to be fucked, and he refused me. I told him, “If you wouldn’t fuck me, I’ll go and find someone who will fuck me. I stormed out of his office slamming his door, as his ‘Tidy & Nice’, secretary rushed into his office to see if I had hurt him.”

“Did you find someone to fuck you, Chastity?”

“Absolutely. I went over to the Thompson Library and went into the periodical room to look at some women magazines I was angry and feeling sorry for myself. I wasn’t paying much attention to my surroundings. I just sat in a nice leather chair that was big and wonderful to lounge in.

I wasn’t really paying much attention to how I might look to others. I was just sitting there when I looked up and saw this boy sitting across from me looking straight at my exposed panties. I looked down and saw that my skirt was halfway up my thigh and my legs were spread wide, and he had a straight view of my white panties. I decided to give him some different views as I moved around in that big leather chair. I played with him and enhanced his lust. Then I devised a plan. I would walk by him and accidentally drop my lipstick.”

He scrambled out of his chair and said “Miss! Miss! You dropped this.”

I confronted him, saying, “Did you enjoy the show?”

He was very honest and said, “Yes, I did.”

“I teased him and asked him, “If you had the chance would you like to see what’s under my white panties?”

He said, “Yes.”

I asked him if he would walk me to my bus stop because it was getting dark.

He said, “Yes.” He was very eager to please me.

On the way to High Street I asked him where he lived, and if he had a roommate, etc.

He said, “I live on the other side of High Street. Maybe a block or two further. I have my own apartment and I live alone.”

‘I asked him , “Would like to see my pussy right now?


Carolyn, you should have seen his eyes pop out.

I told him, “Yes, tonight. Why not? Let’s go to your apartment and fuck.”

He took me to his apartment, and he fucked my eyes out. He was a good fuck for sure.”

“Will you fuck him again.”


“Did your academic advisor ask you later if you found someone to fuck you after you stormed out of his office?”

“Yes. I unloaded on him, Carolyn. I said something like this: “Yes, I did. I find a boy in the library. I was really upset with you so I threw myself into one of those wonderful leather chairs in the periodical room and began to read a magazine.

I looked up after a while and realize I had been putting on a damn good show for this young man who was staring hard at my white panties. I finally confronted him, and we talked for a while. Then I asked him to walk me to my bus stop. He told me he lived close to High Street and that he had an apartment. He also told me he didn’t share his apartment with anyone. So, of course, I offered to fuck him if he wanted to see more of me than my white panties.

The boy accepted my offer, and he gave me a great fuck. I said to my academic advisor, “You could have had that fuck Joe, but you were to scared to take it. Do you know what Joe? After I fucked him, George rode the bus with me to Acton Road, and then he walked me up the hill to my Aunt’s house, because he knew I didn’t like to walk alone in the dark. I didn’t ask him to do that, he just did it. Yes, I’ll be fucking George a lot. He’s a good boy.”

“Wow! What did he say back to you!”


“Is he going to see you again?”

“He already has. He fucked me yesterday after I got out of my Speech Class. He’s under my control now. He’ll do anything I ask from him from now on. Of course, I’ll test him again, to make sure. My ultimate goal Carolyn is that I’m going to get him to fuck me in his big fancy office. I’m going to bend over his big beautiful cherry desk with my ass exposed, and tell him to bury his dick deep inside of my pussy, knowing his secretary is sitting on the other side of his office door.” I smiled triumphantly!

I’ll bet you right now, Carolyn, that he will fuck me in his office.”

Carolyn said, “Knowing you, Chastity, I’m not going to take that bet, but I’m going to love having you live next to me. I think we’re woven from the same cloth, Chastity. Your my kind of girlfriend.”

The bus stopped, and Chastity said, “See you later in the day.”

“I’ll alert my husband that you’re coming up to see the apartment. Now remember Chastity, he’s married to me. I might loan him out to you sometimes, but let’s wait a while, and make him really hot for you.”

Chastity was still standing in line, waiting to exit the bus, when she heard what Carolyn just said to her. She looked back at Carolyn and said, “You’re kidding me, right?”

Carolyn just smiled, and watch Chastity depart the bus. Carolyn looked out the window and saw Chastity standing there, looking up at her from the curb with a questioning look.

Chastity hurried into the Student Union and went directly to the cafeteria. Her eyes were searching for her classmate, Roger Edwards. She spotted him sitting over next to the windows. She rushed up to him and said, “Roger, I’m so sorry. I wasn’t thinking when I made this date with you. I have my English Essay class right now.”