Chapter 9: All Play and No Work


All Play and No Work
The evening after her sister and brother-in-law left to return to their home, Nancy felt a need to sit down with Paul to discuss the dramatic and surprising events of the previous two days. She told Paul of how she had been drawn in to not-so-secretly watch her sister and brother-in-law have sex and finally admitted to him that she did feel a thrill of excitement in doing so. In response to his gentle questioning, she told him about Ann making James describe how he wanted to have sex with her and then blurted out that the whole time she watched James having sex with her sister, she imagined he was taking her instead.
Nancy immediately fell silent after that latest revelation, but instead of getting mad or upset with her, Paul explained that he felt very secure in their relationship and equally secure about the relationship between Ann and James. “I’ve known the two of them for quite a while and while Ann is cute, she’s not you. And the last thing I’m worried about is James trying to steal you away from me. As long as I’ve known them, they’ve always been very much in love with each other and not allowed sex outside of their marriage to come between them. They’ve actually managed to make it a supportive part of their marriage instead of something destructive, which is rare accomplishment.”
“It’s not just that. The whole time, it seemed like they were trying to embarrass me over my feelings about sex.”
“No,” Paul answered calmly. “They just wanted to try and break down some of your inhibitions give you a fair chance at considering new experiences. Instead of wanting to embarrass you, they wanted to give you the chance to experience very personal things in a very private way without forcing you. And I think they were right. Let’s face it, you have been a lot more accepting of some of the situations that have come up since then, including being less hung up about nudity and less hesitant about being sexually active around them.”
As she reflected on her actions and feelings during the previous months, Nancy recognized that everything Paul said made sense. In the months following Ann and James’ first visit, the two couples had found more time to spend together and in the process, Nancy became exposed to a lifestyle she had never imagined. She had never been involved with a man outside of her monogamous first marriage and when she first met Paul, she still had never even fantasized about having sex with anyone other than her mate. Paul quickly ignited the sexual feelings she’d suppressed for so many years and it wasn’t long into their relationship that she began to actively embrace her sexuality and rejoice in having sex with him.
As her self-confidence and curiosity grew, she had become more accepting in trying new experiences, but her sister coaxed her over a threshold that Nancy never would have thought about crossing. During a trip that she and Paul made to visit Ann and James, she ended up having sex with her brother-in-law. Afterwards, she felt guilty and ashamed, not because she didn’t physically enjoy mounting James, but because of the expected consequences to her relationship with Paul. Her guilt was short-lived however, by the loving warmth of his reaction (and her sister’s) to her unexpected extramarital encounter.
Nancy eventually realized that Paul was letting her know that he believed they had a strong enough relationship to allow her to explore sex outside of their relationship if that was something she wanted to try. Even so, she didn’t feel any inclination to seek out other men and remained very satisfied with Paul in her life.
The first time she and Paul left town to visit Ann and James, they had all been sitting around that evening enjoying some wine and drinks when the conversation and atmosphere became more sexually charged. Ann brought out a laptop computer with a board game installed on it. It was similar to Monopoly, she explained, but with an “adult” theme that could be tailored to the individual preferences of each of the players. Nancy was already feeling the effects of her wine as she snuggled up against Paul on the love seat and she easily agreed to give the game a try.
Ann programmed the profiles for each player into the game, based on their expressed preferences. As each players turn, they pressed a key on the computer to “roll the dice” and their marker was moved around the board the appropriate number of spaces. Just like Monopoly, some of the squares represented properties that could be purchased as long as the player had sufficient funds in their account, or if the property was already owned by another player, the person would have to “pay rent”. Other squares required the payer to pay a fine or “draw a card” from the virtual deck of interaction cards. As Ann explained, these interactions were controlled primarily by the preferences listed under each players profile and by the overall level of the game which steadily increased as players went around the board.
Payment kocaeli escort of fines or rent could be made using either virtual cash in the player’s game account, or if the person didn’t have enough money or didn’t want to spend any of his or her funds, payment could be given in terms of performing some sort of act randomly selected by the computer. As the game began, everyone tried to buy up all the property they could, but it didn’t take long before their funds began running low. After several cycles around the board, they began landing on property owned by another player more frequently or landing on squares requiring them to “draw” a random interaction card.
At first, these cards were pretty tame. Early interactions were things like “Down your drink”, “Tell everyone how old you were when you lost your virginity” or “Whisper your most secret sexual fantasy to the person sitting on your right.” The first time someone had to take off an item of clothing for payment, everyone else began hooting and giving cat calls. Nancy was already thinking that the game was just another variant on strip poker, so she joined in the fun with the same enthusiasm as her sister and the two men.
As all the players cycled around the board a few more times, they all ended up nude or nearly so; Nancy still had her panties on while James was somehow still in possession of his underwear and jeans. Nancy noticed the interactions becoming more and more risqué, but had no idea how much more so they would become.
Nancy’s most sexually explicit task up to that point had been performing a 3 minute lap dance for James. Ann and Paul provided plenty of encouragement as Nancy began her dance to the music playing from the computer game while wearing just her panties. She approached him with her body undulating to the music and her hands covering her breasts. Standing just in front of him, she allowed her hands to rub over and around her breasts, never fully exposing them, and offering James her lips in a distant kissing action. Spinning around to face away from him, Nancy moved her bottom around in a figure-eight motion and backed it down until she was over his crotch. She continued to holding her covered breasts up high to the rest of her “audience” and making several suggestive movements with her mouth and tongue in response to their cat calls and shouts for her to “take it all off”.
She felt James’ hands lightly resting over her hips and looking over her shoulder, she could see he was clearly enjoying her show. Enjoying his attention, she bent all the way forward at her waist and moved her hands back to caress the cheeks of her ass which continued its mesmerizing motions in front of James. Before she knew it, the music stopped, signalling the end to her dance. Resuming her place around the table, she blushed in acknowledgement of the cheers she received from the other three players.
The next cycle around the board resulted in the interactions being raised to another level marked by Ann drawing a card which directed her to finger her pussy for two minutes. A short time later, Paul ended up with a card instructing the person to his left (Nancy) to insert a butt plug up his ass and keep it there for 10 minutes.
With some trepidation, he selected the smaller of the two butt plugs and a small bottle of massage oil from a box of objects that Ann had provided for use during the game. Handing them over to Nancy, he stood up, turned around and bent himself over while holding his cheeks wide so she could lubricate and stuff his ass with the plug. She hesitantly applied the oil and then pressed the tip of the toy up against his tight brown hole. Knowing how she felt when he used their anal dildo to fill her ass similarly, she pressed it in slowly and firmly until the broad base of the plug disappeared inside the hard ring of his sphincter and only the small knob of the handle protruded. Ann pressed a key on the computer to start the timer and then Nancy took her game turn, fearing where she might land or be required to do.
Her apprehension subsided slightly as she went around the board two more times which landed her on property squares she already owned or properties that were still unowned that she was able to purchase with her remaining funds. In the meantime, Paul had been able to remove the plug from his ass with a great sense of relief and James managed to lose his remaining clothing.
Everyone was feeling flushed with excitement from a combination of the game and the alcohol and on her next turn, Nancy lost her panties to join the other players in being naked. The frequency of interactions remained high now that all the properties had been purchased, and the players also seemed to landing on the various interaction squares more and more often. As they all cycled around the board another time, the interactions were raised to the second-highest level which began with Nancy being directed to spread her pussy wide for everyone kocaeli escort bayan to view. Despite feeling slightly tipsy, she noticeably reddened in embarrassment as she complied with the card’s directions and suffered through the salacious comments from the other three players.
Ann’s next turn landed her on one of Paul’s properties and even though she had sufficient funds in her account to pay the rent, she opted to draw an interaction card to direct her method of payment.
The card instructed her to suck Paul’s cock to hardness for five minutes without allowing him to cum. She didn’t seem too upset at her payment and as Nancy watched, Ann leaned over to take Paul’s soft cock in her mouth. She worked over it slowly, making moans of delight as she took him completely inside her mouth down to the base of his hard shaft. When the timer signaled the end of the five minutes, she reluctantly pulled away. Nancy felt a bit of uneasiness at watching her sister being so intimate with her boyfriend, but once the interaction was over and everyone resumed their playful banter over the game, she got over it.
Two game turns later, she found herself lying back with both men sucking on her breasts while Ann provided encouraging cheers. She was not the only player to suffer these personal indignities and found herself getting just as carried away with comments from the “peanut gallery” when her sister or the men had to abase themselves in front of everyone. By the time James was directed to insert two fingers inside her ass, she hardly hesitated to turn around and kneel with her bottom presented to him for his action.
Nancy realized that she was getting sexually excited by all the foreplay taking place around her and was hoping the game would hurry up and end so she could get Paul alone in bed. Her arousal was so great, all she thought about was “fucking his brains out” and she no longer cared about her sister or brother-in-law’s presence in the room.
In what turned out to be the last turn of the game, Nancy was directed to sit over Paul’s hard cock and slide it into her pussy for five minutes without allowing him to cum. Wearing a large smile, Paul lay on the floor on his back and watched as Nancy knelt over his waist. She took his turgid member and stroked it several times to reach its full length, then settled herself down over him. She allowed herself to enjoy the feeling of his thickness filling her pussy and then leaned forward over his chest to kiss his lips.
The next thing she felt was James spreading the small cheeks of her ass and his tongue flicking over her tight bung hole. Yelping in surprise, she tried to move away but remained trapped in Paul’s embrace with James firmly holding her hips.
“Oh God! What are you doing to me?” she pleaded. She felt James’ tongue pressing against her tight sphincter and the familiar tingle of pleasure from the sensitive nerve endings surrounding her most private area. After a short minute of tonguing around the rim and just inside her ass, he gently moved one finger inside her. “How does he know I like this so much?” she thought to herself. After Paul introduced her to anal sex months ago, it quickly became one of her favorite experiences, but usually with a dildo because his own cock was too wide to fit inside her comfortably. At one point, she privately lamented not trying it much earlier in her life. She stopped her struggles and began to relax her rear muscles, easing the penetration of the invading digit.
She felt his finger pressed in deeply and could feel it moving inside her as he carefully worked to expand her opening. Glancing backward, she saw her sister alternately kissing her husband deeply and moving down to suck his cock and keep him hard. Nancy felt James kneel up close behind her and guide the tip of his long thin rod against the small opening recently filled by his finger. He skillfully entered her tight ass, taking his time to allow her to adjust to his size. As he entered her, Nancy thought he wasn’t much different from the dildo she often used. She then remembered Ann’s statement long ago about how James was always a favorite for women who enjoyed anal intercourse at the swinger events they enjoyed.
She felt her ass relax completely and after the small head of his cock passed the hard ring that guarded her rear, he was able to slide the rest of his length inside more easily. By now, she had completely forgotten her earlier fears and mortification. She felt Paul’s arms relax their hold around her body, allowing her to rise up a bit. As she looked in his eyes, his hands took her face and gently guided her to his lips for a soft kiss. A moan escaped from her lips as James withdrew his cock almost completely from her ass and then began slowly thrusting it back inside her. She felt nearly overwhelmed by all the new sensations assailing her body. With Paul’s shaft still filling her cunt and James’ pole plundering her ass, she yahya kaptan escort felt like she was being split apart. Paul’s hands moved down to the top of her hips and he began guiding her into a rhythm that synchronized the thrusting movements into her body.
Nancy closed her eyes to concentrate on the feeling of two cocks stuffing her ass and pussy. It wasn’t long before she sensed more movement around her and opened her eyes to watch Ann crawl up over Paul’s face and lower her smooth, wet pussy over his mouth as she faced away from Nancy. Nancy had a front row view of his tongue reaching up inside her sister’s pussy and lapping the juices dripping down from it. She could smell her sister’s sex and felt oddly excited by it. Ann moved her hips over Paul’s head, sometimes lowering them until her pussy pressed down completely over his mouth and allowed his tongue to extend as deep as possible inside her. Nancy became more aroused as she saw a small strand of Ann’s pussy juice trail down to Paul’s mouth.
The next two minutes were filled with sporadic moans of pleasure from one or more of the participants before Paul suddenly tensed his entire body and shoved his shaft hard up into Nancy and released his warm load. As the last spasm subsided, he relaxed back down on the floor and tried to catch his breath. Ann, however, had other plans for his mouth and she renewed her grinding over his face, enjoying the feel of his rough chin over her clit and her swollen labia.
With Paul no longer involved in coordination of their combined movements, James increased his pounding into Nancy’s ass which by now, had opened up enough to allow his cock to slide in and out freely. She concentrated fully on his shaft as it filled her rear and consciously tried to grip it and hold it inside her with her sphincter. Within a minute, she felt him slow his thrusting and sensed he was reaching climax. Suddenly, she felt the pulsing of his dick as his cum filled her ass. When the last spurt subsiding, he withdrew his rapidly softening shaft from her reddened ass and moved away from her.
Feeling completely spent, Nancy rolled off of Paul’s supine form to recover. Ann had finished cumming over Paul’s mouth, but still wanted more as she moved off of his face. Ann noticed with disappointment that his cock was completely soft and still covered with the drying remnants his and Nancy’s combined cum as it lay over the inside of his thigh. James left briefly to clean himself up, leaving Ann feeling somewhat frustrated.
As she leaned back against the sofa, Nancy took some time to review her feelings based on the evening’s activities. It was at that moment that she realized she had enjoyed all the play and especially loved the positive attention she received from everyone. Thinking back on the lap dance she had performed for James, she remembered how the admiring looks and comments made by Paul and James made her feel especially sexy and desirable. Even now, as everyone sat about the room casually naked after their brief orgy, she no longer felt self-conscious about her own nudity or sex. She had thoroughly enjoyed being taken by two men and was already looking forward to the next similar encounter. In the meantime, she couldn’t shake the idea of getting Paul alone in bed for the evening and she was sure that Ann harbored similar thoughts about James. Nancy began to understand how her sister came to like this lifestyle.
Deciding to call it a night, Nancy got up and took Paul’s hand to lead him back to their bedroom. As they left, they could both hear Ann giggling as she selected something from her toy box and started to reengage with James. Nancy curled up on the bed with Paul’s arms around her and her bottom rubbing up against his middle. She felt his warm breath on her neck and shoulders and squeezed his arm tightly before taking his hand and guiding it between her legs. Responding to her invitation, he began fingering her wet slit while she opened herself more for him. Minutes later, he tasted her warm juices and she had managed to suck his cock to hardness again.
Turning back around he mounted her and pulled her body up into his arms for a passionate embrace. After all the stimulation earlier that evening, it took him much longer to climax, but neither minded. They remained tightly coupled with their bodies slowly undulating together and their mouths joined in a deep kiss feeling an intensity of love that they had never experienced with another person. Paul’s lips would separate from Nancy’s when he decided to move down her body a little to kiss and suckle her hard little nipples, but he always returned to her hungry mouth. Nancy felt her body tremble and climax twice in his embrace before he finally shuddered and then went still as his cock released it’s warm cream inside her.
They fell asleep together and when Nancy awoke that morning, the sun was already shining full through their window. She kissed Paul lightly, not wishing to disturb him, but he was already half-awake, himself. She whispered that she needed to clean up a little, and then she was going to go on her morning run. Minutes later, she was dressed in her running clothes and walking softly out the door, hearing the deep, slow breathing of her lover as he slept in their bed.