Caught in a Storm


I was soaked. My clothes were soaked. I was shivering so bad my teeth chattered. Suddenly the rain let up enough that I spied in the distance a ram shackled decrepit building. It wasn’t much but it would hold off some of the rain and if I were lucky, it might have some source of heat.

I rushed to get inside before the next diamond bright lighting flash or loud clap of thunder. I didn’t stop to think that others might have the same idea.

I knocked him to the earthen floor before I realized I had company. I offered him a hand and he used it, the thunder split the sky and I jumped and screamed. He held me close.

He was young, probably one of the caddies. We both laughed embarrassed at our wet state and at the closeness of our bodies once we realized we were still holding each other.

He leaned down and whispered into my ear. “The lightening can’t get us here, and thunder never killed anyone. Let’s see if we can get a fire started.”

It was only then that I noticed the firepit and the wood next to it. Shakily we separated and looked for kindling. It wasn’t till we were all set to start the fire, I asked “do you have a lighter?”

He laughed, “No but you do.”

I looked down and my soggy cigarettes and lighter could be seen through my almost transparent shirt. “Oh” was all I managed as the blush swept up my face and over it.

“Don’t be embarrassed you actually look quite good soaked, most women look like drowned rats.” Once again, all I could do was blush.

He had the fire going within minutes and the shed started to warm up. He suggested we strip to our underwear and place the clothes closer to the fire then keep each other warm.

I was already getting hot but it had nothing to do with the fire in the pit. He was wearing jeans; tight jeans and the wetness made them tighter. Nothing was hidden from view. He obviously worked out as he was nothing but muscles and his male package clearly extended down the right side of his leg. I shivered again this time in desire.

He smiled that lazy we have all afternoon to get acquainted kind of smile. He bursa escort held out his hand. “I’m Cory and your Missy James; I’ve seen you around the club.” He pulled me to him. “Let’s share some body heat.”

I felt his maleness jump as he held me close and harden as his legs entangled mine. He tilted my head up and looked deep into my eyes. “Stop me if I’m wrong but it seems like you want this as much as I do.” His hands reached for my buttons and I pulled his wet T-shirt over his head.

When my mouth covered his small male nipples, sucked,and teased them he had his answer. I thought. “Damn the conventions and tomorrow, here and now was looking pretty good to me”.

Cory carefully removed my blouse and bra and spread them out with his shirt to dry. He pushed a picnic table into the space around the fire and gently helped me lay on it.

“Now”, he smiled “for the rest of us”. He undressed us and then we were laying together heat pulsing around us and in us.

My hand softly found its way down our bellies to his hardening staff and his cupped my breast as his mouth found and took possession of its nipple. A soft moan from both of us and the smell of arousal told the story of lovers everywhere.

Suddenly the storm was a background noise to the taste, smell, and feel of an aroused man and to my desires. He stood and pulling me to the end of the table knelt sniffing deeply before his tongue found my deepest secrets.

“There is nothing more beautiful then a sexy woman, and one who smells and tastes good to is a real treat.” I laughed and he got even by burying his tongue deep inside me and then rolling my hot button between his thumb and finger setting me off on a long slow gentle very satisfying climax.

Just as I was thinking about returning the favor, he pushed into me and I forgot almost everything. He pushed into my body slowly and carefully, as he entered me he found spots left neglected for too long.

I knew he had felt big when we were still dressed. Now engorged he was bigger than any man I had ever known. I wondered how an average guy would feel bursa escort bayan after today. He started to move and again as I soared into the heavens, I forgot my thoughts. I just wanted to be taken and taken well. I screamed my desires aloud and he joined me his hot juices sending me higher into my pleasure.

“To soon,” I whispered when he came. He laughed and kept stroking and soon he was hard again and working on his second climax.

All I could do was go “Yes oh yes, please yes Cory.” Without withdrawing from me he told me to wrap my legs around his middle, he then pulled me upright. He was taking every inch of me and still there were inches left to go outside. He sat down on the table, with me on his lap.

Once sitting on him, I slowly started moving up and down and somehow inch by inch the rest of him made it inside. I would be sore when this was over. I didn’t care it would be worth it, it was heaven now.

Once his balls were slapping against my female entrance and arse I started to move faster and now it was him crying out in abandonment as once again he filled me with his juices which having no where else to go dripped slowly down our thighs to the floor.

The joys of youth, he was still hard and still buried deep inside me. He moved us to the earthen floor, laying me down, and turning me around on his pulsing heated cock. It was almost enough to send me off again. Now urging me up on my hands and knees he started to move again. His hands found my breasts and my female joy button and busily attacked both with loving caresses. Soon I was climbing the slope to orgasmic nirvana again.

He started to slap my arse gently then when I didn’t object harder, and his thumb well wetted in our juices found my forbidden star of desire.

He pushed gently, I pushed back, and he was inside me. Now stroking both my entrances and teasing my nipples, he had me flying again. I couldn’t think of a time when I had come so often. A finger joined his thumb and he started pulling me open as he gently frigged me back and forth.

When the next finger joined his others escort bursa I knew what my rain soaked lover desired and said “Take me Cory, take my arse and make it your own.”

I felt him shiver and heard him say, “I never have done this, please tell me if I hurt you”.

I promised and gently I felt his head push against my anal star, wet as we were and as relaxed as we were, when I pushed back he was inside without any pain at all. He gasped out in wonder “You’re so tight, I don’t know how long I will last”.

I giggled and holding myself on one hand reached back to encircle his hard cock. “This long I hope.” I had placed my hand around his cock next to his ball sack. I then pushed back forcing several more inches inside.

It seemed to take forever but slowly waiting for him to get under control, inch by inch he sunk inside. My climax started right after the head was in and my whole body shivered and shook and took part in the pleasure as he worked his way to the root of his cock, then slowly out again.

The next stroke took him to the bottom of his cock in one move and that did it he was spewing his treasure and filling me up as he collapsed onto my back. His hands went down to take his weight as he rested there catching his breath. My muscles rippled over his cock through the thin walls that separated us and I reached inside to caress him and feel his heat and his pulsing desire. Neither of us noticed it had quit raining.

It was minutes before we heard voices in the distance. Just far enough away to let us get dressed before they arrived.

Soaking wet, several other golfers arrived in a bunch. “We saw the smoke, Oh God that feels so good they said about the fire” Suddenly reality had arrived. Cory left with several men to see if he could start their golf carts. I walked back to the clubhouse with three other women.

It was several weeks before I got the chance to golf again. I asked about Cory claiming I was thinking of using a caddy and they told me he had gone back to college.

Now on cold rainy days I curl up in my favorite chair, grab an erotic novel and glass of wine then close my eyes and relive one fall afternoon in a thunderstorm when a young muscle bound caddy reminded me that age is only in the mind.

3/23/2002 Copyright No reproduction without Author’s permission